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  2. Yes, thank you for passing on that info D. No FB for me either. Is the location yet to be announced, or is it at Canada Center For Inland Waters again?
  3. The river is like chocolate milk and so high and fast.
  4. Today
  5. Sweet. Now just need the rain to stop.
  6. Lots of time Tyler. Looking at the fishing log book we get them in numbers into June.
  7. Yup. June 15 7am start. 2nd annual Lorne Morley Memorial Fish in. 25$ entry Biggest 4 Carp will win. The entry fee will be a 50/50 pay out 50% will go to the event winner (biggest 4 Carp) and the other 50% will be donated to the ALS Society of Canada. Prizes and sponsors to be announced. Registration starts at 7am can pre bait after registering lines in water at 8am ( a whistle will blow to announce its time to start fishing) this will be a semi competitive friendly fish-in event to remember Lorne and all he did for canadian carp fishing. There will be no pegs or peg draw. Just show up, find a spot, fish and talk with your neighbour. If its full , then just come and show your support. lets remember why this event is happening. 25$ entry , biggest 4 Carp will win. Additional prizes and raffles will be announced as they become available. All proceeds from raffles, Donations etc will be going to the ALS Society of Canada www.als.ca **rain date for inclement weather will be the following Saturday(June 22nd) ** pulled the info off fb
  8. Holy catfish !! That's the kind of cats to use whole chickens for bait !
  9. https://m.theepochtimes.com/280-pound-catfish_2885577.html?fbclid=IwAR1PqAABpfXSiUfpeDV0jrxSVZdSRZAVKTbISmOQMdG4Z8qq9tkxbiCgrQQ
  10. Jwl1


    I have a 40 year old Harley that loves to eat gas....guess I will just have to siphon it from gf's car every time she isn't looking this summer😲
  11. I feel for you guys who must pay much more to run your vehicles , unlike some who can write off gas costs in other businesses . The prices of everything we buy will go up ....great for the government hst , etc. My little van is 22 years old ..... did my own oil change yesterday ....hoping to keep it going another 22 years ....or until I run out of gas ......
  12. Try havin a work truck that you pull a big trailer with and cost 180$ a week in fuel ! .i run my own business and believe me the fuel is all included in my price!
  13. JW ....you are cruisin for a bruisin .....hope you don't eat those words..... Jerry Jerry !!
  14. Well ...it was nice while it lasted ...... Gas prices have gone up 3 times in the last 3 days . Can.Tire at Grantham just went to 1.31 today , a long way from .85 cents . It would cost me over $40 more to fill up my "mini" van when about 1/4 tank left......that's a lot of "tackle" !
  15. That is a pretty cool article...I caught a big version of a white aquarium type catfish out lake st Clair when I was a kid and my grandparents had a summer place there.....unfortunately some people think nothing of dumping thier unwanted pets into the water.....there was a point in time way back when goldfish where popular bass bait......I'm sure many of us have seen a koi or 2 in some pretty wierd places........might be interesting to try out a bait mixture from the list of preferred items they say carp eat in the article......and give the wife a big surprise in the fridge when you have all the Tupperware filled up with bugs and slugs...ect....😁 or the look on her face when she walks in on you whipping up a batch of bait in her new $300 kitchenaid 😲🤣
  16. Nice to see a project on track to finish in time and within the budget. But 2021 come on work double time hahah.
  17. Went to fish the grand last night in brantford but said screw it. Pouring rain the the river was raging. Hopefully I’ll get out soon.
  18. I've been watching them from the east side of the harbour ....amazing to see those steel plates driven 30' into the river bed ! Still wondering what they will do to fill the gaps under the concrete piers where the old rotted cribs are.....
  19. Sitting at work watching hammy harbour carp videos, wishing I was fishing. Hoping to get out this week.
  20. I've been getting a couple out of lake Ontario. Check my YouTube for a monster kitty caught a couple days ago. Close to 20 pounds maybe a bit less.It's FishinNiagara thanks for watching and more to come.
  21. https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9292524-port-dalhousie-piers-repairs-ahead-of-schedule/?fbclid=iwar1q90yr6l3pmpjkqduzsziihfz-hskyoj50zq9i8zvut-obdkwth69fuxg
  22. Interesting read. I didn’t think the common carp was invasive ? I thought it was one of the species that were always here. Hmm
  23. Just read this in the Review ..... these fish can survive in low oxygen waters very well . Hoping they can't reproduce well in cold water.... https://www.niagarafallsreview.ca/news-story/9293024-goldfish-are-replacing-carp-as-the-scourge-of-hamilton-harbour/
  24. Is about time! Was at Pt. Colborne yesterday, and the canal in Port was still chock full of ice.
  25. Yesterday
  26. smerchly

    Cat fish?

    JW .....y'all can use a bait runner reel for those 20#+ channels . You don't need the carp gear ....great for shore fishing for the big cat girls as well .
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