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  2. If you going that early, its always a good ide to bring a fishing partner, I am sure many guys would love to go on a boat with someone for a morning of fishing. I remember my fishing buddies would always ask me to go fishing with them on the boat since its much safer with two people...
  3. I went back there tonight around 6:30 pm with the kids and we got three fish, all over 10 lbs and lost another one, all close in to shore. I noticed that the carp here are very line shy, I was only able to get fish using my fenwick spinning rod equipped with 8lb main (8lb floro leader) and a home made hair rig with a size #10 hook. My other rod rigged with 25 lbs braided line and a Pete's hair rig got zero hits in two days. I chummed for about 45 min in one spot with the sling shot, about 2lbs of cooked maize. Then around 7:30 pm the fish started to surface and bite....On the hair I put three pieces of cured corn from a jar bought at Pete's. I used to fish for carp a lot back in Windsor, we used light steelhead noodle rods with 6lb test to target the fish. Ten years ago, when I lived in Cornwall, we used to night fish for carp with our bass flipping sticks at night below the dam, lol....That was a blast!
  4. My bad, wasnt me personally. Just sharing so everyone is aware. the comments about how the police handled the situation go on for days...
  5. Unbelievable ...sorry u had to go through that ....geez I wouldn't think twice but to defend myself with a weapon ...u tell someone to back off and they keep coming it's game on🤬
  6. Keep your wits about you. People with cerb $ are doing some crazy things. https://www.spoonpullers.com/forums/index.php/topic,38169.0.html
  7. Well .....the 12 was HIGH and muddy today ..must have got heavy rain upstream somewhere !! Went to Port and was fishing by 10:30 at your spot steelshady . I was hoping for a cloudy day but not to be ....it was soon getting hot . I was getting bites steady ...nips & bumps but couldn't hook up ....don't know what they were but they were pecking pieces of the maize off the hair . By 11:15 I hooked the first carp ....scrappy fella near 10 lbs. & had a chunk of its gill missing ....and a smaller one 30 minutes later . I used up my chum (maize) & saved a handful to try another spot in the shade of that skimp tree ....no chum ,but landed 2 more carp , one of which had a "different" scale pattern .....don't know if it could be classified as a mirror or not ?? Enjoyable day !
  8. Yesterday
  9. Chemong probably the most overfished of the trilakes....lots of pan fish that will attack your baits before anything else has a chance to get at it....lol....flipping some docks sometimes puts out the odd decent largie...but lots of small ones.....near the narrows can put out some decent walleye this time of year.
  10. Where about do you dive out of sheer curiosity. And does the boat traffic hinder your dive? Anytime I’ve seen boats on the Niagara seems like a zoo. Great video non the less thanks for sharing.
  11. Tommyboy

    Erie bass

    We tried once before, didn’t go well, but I think we’re going to try again, just not filets, maybe some fish dip or something. If we can find a good use for the meat it will be great cause we catch lots of them out there
  12. Trolling cranks would be fun. It’s nice just to get out.
  13. Tyler0420

    Erie bass

    Nice haul of smallies. You didn’t keep the sheep? I ate them once they were pretty good.
  14. Tommyboy

    Erie bass

    Hi all we ended going out of Maitland, and fished the bank for a while, then in 7 feet of water found huge schools of bass feeding on everything. Some of the most fun bass fishing on Erie we’ve had in a while. Nothing huge but lots of fun
  15. I have fished it twice and found it over fished and very weedy. Not a very productive lake for me other then the panfish.
  16. I know I know... it's not Niagara but a buddy of mine got a place up on Chemong and we set out for the first time to explore. The lake is known as a panfish lake and yes, it is a panfish lake. We spent probably 3 hours of the day trolling with cranks, just flatlining and to our complete suprise, sunfish and bluegill were hammering the cranks. We probably caught 40-50 panfish in total while trolling cranks. I have never had that before. We did a lot of testing as well. He has young children so we had to make sure we found spots and methods that would keep the kids busy. We did some testing in weeds and found that worms, no matter how they were rigged would catch fish, pretty obvious. I ran a jig on the bottom and he ran a dropshot. With the jig, if it caught the eye of a fish on the way down I could generally seal the deal with a plastic on the jig. If the jig with plastic was down for more than 30 seconds it was not getting hit ever. On his dropshot with the hook up a foot or so the fish would grab almost any plastic. It was sunfish galore. We spent a bunch of time casting various lures looking for better fish and other than a small walleye which released itself 8 feet from the boat on me there was nothing. We were basically casting some weedy bays at that point trying to find "quality" fish. We didn't have enough time to explore the shorelines for traditional bass cover, that will be for another day. It was our first time on Chemong and was great to get out for a day. No pics as nothing photoworthy was caught.
  17. Beauty fish Tim. Your kid looks pumped.
  18. I just picked 15 worms to try a couple spots tomorrow ....the 12 was at low tide today , maybe try for carp first & try the worms if no carp action (if the water is still down) . Plan 2 will be Port Dal .for carp & toss a few worms with light tackle for bass and ??? . Looks like a fine day to roll the dice......
  19. Actually we were fishing a group of smaller lakes about 1 1/2 hrs from Tobin and a 1/2 hr off the #16. Biggest was Fishing L.
  20. Great video ...thanks for posting
  21. Last week
  22. Yup, thanks.My son actually was reeling all the fish and I was the net man, lol.
  23. Nice going steelshady !... she's a fatty ! Can't beat smercho's home cooking ! Your son is saying "Yeahhhh " !! I have caught many carp there ....nice current with weed beds close by . That bag of maize should give you about 70 lbs. of bait after it's cooked ! I find the best time to fish there is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ,then the bite tapers off . I'll try an evening fish there in the future .
  24. What lake were you on? I fished Tobin lake in Saskatchewan about 10 years ago. Some of the largest pike I have ever caught. Looks like you had an awesome time! Great pics.
  25. Bought a sling shot yesterday at Pete's and a jar of cured corn for todays outing. Was using home made maize as per Smerchly recipe, bought the corn at TSC (25kg) lol... Started chumming at 11:30 am and about 30 min carp were jumping around our baited area. Results, 1/3 in 1 hour, fish stopped biting after we ren our of chum.
  26. I heard about the collision. I didn't link the picture to the collision. There are two different videos on facebook. The story is that one of the ships lost steering. The two ships were in contact with each other.
  27. One of the ships lost steering control. The Florence spirit (black n white) was parked in docking area by my house. Lots of spectators down the seaway rd off Ontario rd.
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