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  3. We fished 1.1km straight outta gilford. Didn’t move all day. Got on the ice around 5:30 and had two in the bucket before sun up. Bite was pretty steady. Bigger fish cam on lures, mostly slab grabber. Post some pic shortly
  4. Anyone fish Couch ? We drove up Rama Rd to Airport Rd. & fished straight out in 22 -24 fow (March/April) I marked my line at 22 ft. ( no electronics then ) . Three of us would cut a 6" Finbore hole about 75 to 100 yds apart and see who got the most perch ....then all fish together to gab'n fish ! If the bite was slow we would take a short run to Lake St.John , just passed the airport . The perch there were mostly wormy which just adds more protein ......
  5. Go out from Gilford Rd. and go south. Fairly close to shore in about 9' of water. The Riley brothers fish there and usually catch. They also catch a lot of pike there to. In years previous they always had the catch of the day and swear that shallow this time of the year is the ticket!!!
  6. 28 fow , Using bigger minnows with just the head on small slabgrabber type spoon and a berkly power nymph on dropshot hook
  7. Yep Boogs .....saving the gunk for flavouring my cheese cloth sardine combo for the kitties .
  8. Wait what?? You still have some of the gunk in the freezer Bill???? LOL............................Daniel
  9. Nice pics. Hopefully I’ll have the same luck tomorrow on cooks.
  10. Last week
  11. Yellow Perch is definitely better for eating than Walleye, which are still ok.
  12. And "white perch" are good eating , but be sure to remove the gunk tissue at the lateral lines . I still have some in the freezer .
  13. perch hands down is way better eating than eyes. imo.
  14. I guess the bite is on at simcoe.. with the cold snap ice will be thick enough to get out there.. Perch is awesome
  15. Nice clean good size perch , lots of great eats there ! To me , perch are just as tasty as eyes , even better than large eyes over 3 lbs. Considering the long drive to Nip and the slot size for eyes , I would settle for a catch like that from Simcoe , and you might get lucky catching pike & eyes too.
  16. Got a hut booked for 26th. Hut operators are putting them out slowly.
  17. Nice haul....nothing like a fresh fry with fish from cold water.. looks like you lucked out with some decent sized ones in the mix
  18. I had the battery knocked out of the tray of my camry and car would not start after hitting a massive pot hole in Canadian Tire parking lot. I boosted car and it started, and got it home. Checked and it was not charging. So I bought a new alternator $450 and $190 for a new battery. Then next day I went and took pictures of the pot holes almost 8" deep. I sent the claim to Canadian Tire to the place they instructed me to, and they sent me complete amount I paid. I had to send back a dispute settled form to them was all. Then about 2 weeks later they re-paved half of the parking lot. I told some friends, you can thank me for getting the Can Tire parking lot paved...lol. The person I spoke with on the phone was telling me that the people hired to look after maintenance on the lot was being notified of not properly maintaining the property. I hear most cities will pay for reasonable damages from road work of its a tire, rim or suspension..in fact Ive even heard Cambridge mayor advertise it on the radio if your car has suffered damages from neglected road repair to submit a claim. A lot of it is the regions responsibility. I doubt they get many claims, so Im sure youll get paid for damages...I think it cracked your fishing rod too, and damaged the bearings in your reel no? haha
  19. smerchly

    Lower today

    Can't seem to get away from the Lake Erie winds mucking up the water Jack .... You would be catching more if the lake would freeze over ......and then use longer leads . Have you tried the round weights ....they use them in the current at Port Dal .
  20. Jwl1

    Lower today

    My time been super limited this winter...I'm used to having the whole winter off....only spent a few casts a couple times from shore so far this winter...and at that only an hour or 2 at a time...only 1 skunk day though...lol...and that was last week in the chocolate milk....haven't had a day yet when conditions where good on the river....but still managed to pick a couple off....its been slow though and gotta work for them..I pick and choose my casts according to current flow....and break down the drifts a bit instead of running my bait super far....avoids slot of snags that way....I also find in the murkiness I have way more success running a short lead ...they ain't going to chase or get spooked from something they cant see...lol
  21. Hi my buddy gave me this rod and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it? I'd like to use it as a float rod. Its 11'6 made in Japan I belive. It's called sengsun vonguard. Thank you.
  22. Jeez that seemed bad enough, other side must've been a mess.
  23. Tony

    Lower today

    Beauty fish, Jack.....................Nice going''''
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