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  2. How many of those calls were more important than fishing ?
  3. that’s the funniest thing I’ve ever read. So true.
  4. Yesterday
  5. I had a quick ten minutes to fish today while my gf got her eyebrows done. I fished by pier 8 in the corner by where the police boats are or opp/minestry or whoever they are. 5mins In I get a screaming run, pick up the rod, couple head shakes and it’s gone. Set back up and sit in my truck. Look at my phone and 7 missed calls from the gf. Packed up quick and headed out.
  6. Don't know why they have that reg. 1km away you can almost guarantee they'll come back. I was told by an mnr co its to prevent spread of disease .?????????????
  7. That would mean I would have to release a coon or skunk in someones yard 500 meters down the street ..... I'll make sure I'm wearing my new Covid 2020 mask ......
  8. When I need to float my corn off the bottom I add a piece of fake floating corn. Works for me and actually worked today.
  9. I have some concerns about chumming .....at this time of the year I wonder if the chum (maize or pack baits ) is disappearing into silt/algae/weeds on the bottom . Some of the spots are 30 ft. deep ,some with current , some have rocky bottoms where the chum may be lost in the rocks . Having the bait elevated a couple inches seems to help catch more fish . I remember Lorne Morley (hammercarp) liked using corn puffs which float and caught many carp on them . Those yellow glow mallows look like corn and may be good for night fishing ......
  10. Last week
  11. I just started using pop up boilies lots this year. I had no confidence in them before. The hi vis yellow pineapple flavor has been working.
  12. Absurd or not I believe the law states they must be released no more than 1 km from where they were trapped. Makes no sense to me
  13. To be honest I always found corn flavoured pop ups / boilies mixed with whatever scent I use in my maize works the best for me. In a pinch I’ll use frozen corn but if I know a few days out that I’m going, it’s either a corn meal pack bait and a boilie / pop up for the hook bait, or the boilie / pop up as hook bait and maize as chum. Haven’t fished solo corn mixture probably since i first started carping. Thanks for the info though. Very insightful !
  14. 2 months ago every morning i would go out side clean up my garbage we have cats running around but thought to myself this is not a cat so put up a trail cam checked it in the morning after picking up my garbage can it was a coon this years offspring i put out my live trap had caught took it out of town and released him no more messes i sit out back early morning and watch the squirrels and the birds and sip on my coffee
  15. Those Mitchell’s had a great drag
  16. We have lots of critters roaming at night , and plenty of birds and bugs by day . I've been watching the sparrows busily taking material to build their "home" in my birdhouse ....then taking turns sitting on the eggs .....then collecting food to feed the young , back & forth hundreds of times feeding the young ...watching their heads sticking out anticipating the next bug or worm . Finally ....one takes its first flight ....to the ground ! My little dog saw it ...ran to it in 5 seconds .......chewed it up & swallowed it !! I was pi$$ed at my dog , but as my wife said it could have been a hawk that visits us periodically .... Mother nature at Work ?? Something has been getting into our garbage pail & the neighbours trash too ....I set the trap last night ....caught a young possum , let it go at 4 a.m. , their good to have for ticks etc. and are quite harmless . The skunks and cats also get into the garbage , not sure if I caught the "culprit" ! The humming birds are visiting our tall canna flowers , bats after sunset , and the cicadas are now playing their tunes ..... it's a slow day ........
  17. I’m sure it will work smerch. Take it to the pond and I’m sure you’ll hook up.
  18. Ok smerch ,so what's the plan ? Well .....I went to C.T. to pay my bill & grab a few things ,then checked out the "carp food" , nothing much to offer , but this bright yellow stuff caught my eye .....Trout Bait ! and I thought ..... Carp Bait !! ....Bright yellow , but can't see it out of the jar ....only 5 bucks ,so I got one ....rigged a piece of this very soft "spongy" like material on a hair rig with 2 pieces of maize .....let it sit in water for 30 minutes ,still intact ,a little slimy but it kept the corn afloat . It's delicate so I need to see how it stands up to casting into water . It is close to using puffed corn which also gets soft and mushy , thus better to put it directly on the hook . .....or put it on the hair between 2 pieces of maize ..... Experiment to begin when the temps drop a few degrees......
  19. I also have my Mitchell, along with Grampa's Luxor, in a glass case These finds will now join them
  20. I still have my Mitchell 300 from way back as a young teen. It just sits in my fishing/hunting room on a shelf. Caught many fish with that old reel.
  21. Great tackle for the "Display Cabinet" in the play/fishing room.
  22. No..... name is Mike ......just a coincidence same year trailer . ...found out today it went to Huntsville , Ontario . 5th wheels are nicer to pull on trips , but harder to sell later....we gave ours to the kids after not selling....They are really enjoying it ! 👍
  23. I like the sweet can corn...(nibblets) the best for attracting /catching carp ....but I find the gobies & other small fish can strip it off without a peep from the alarm . I will check the bait every 15-20 minutes to see if I have been robbed . My pineapple scented maize worked fine on the hair rig & sometimes caught 3 carp on the same corn/rig . I'm using vanilla scent lately but the bite seems slower ....need to use 2 rods for "testing" ?? .... 🥕🍎🍒🌶️... I see more scum/slime/weeds , etc. on the bottom now , so I'm going to try elevating my baits with floating corn & boilies ,etc. about 2-3" off bottom . I can also use a corn puff directly on the hook which becomes very soft & soggy in minutes and elevates the maize , but the gobies ,etc, can inhale that puff up their nostril without a blip on the line ! We need to get smarter ......
  24. It already does smerch anyone that has these phones will never give them up and go back to a flip phone it's funny that you talk about these kids staring at there phone adults are just as bad i call them tech zombies i was talking to my neighbor as he pulled out his phone as i was talking to him when i was finished talking to him he did not hear a word i said now if i'm talking to him and he pulls out his phone i walk away i don't understand what power these phones have over people and i guess i never will
  25. I think the "rec" will be a very busy waterway ..... https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news/niagara-region/2020/08/10/work-underway-at-wellands-lincoln-street-docks-boat-rental-program-moving-there.html
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