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  2. Steelies should be on the redds starting soon all through may in the pool. Not gonna get much of a break unless whirlpool stairs are shut down too...
  3. I was wondering if the shoulder to shoulder smelt crew would appear during this pandemic ..... How about the ramp at Jordan ?
  4. Got the news yesterday....in these times that's not such a bad thing..its been more than a zoo all winter....got me lots of fish out of there...but none the less...the only spot I would go that is that busy ever and only because its winter fun...haha...sucks that it's the only boat access on our side.....guess the steelies get a break for the end of the run...and the smelt hoarde gets to keep all thier fancy wooden contraptions at home and not dirty the place up any more than it already is....lol.....there's always next season 🎣🎣🎣
  5. Queenston ramp closed from Princess street, sorry I cann't upload pics.
  6. Smerchly, your canoe looks almost identical to mine that I’ve had since the early 1970’s! i bought mine new from Harbourcraft in Ft Erie as a “second” also - a 16ft freighter that weighs around 118 Lbs., but is unflippable in any waves!! mine is all painted cameo, as we used to do a lot of duck hunting from it in Erie every fall, and I too used to run an electric on it. Had to have 4 cracks welded on it after crashing into shore rocks one duck hunt! I put a pair of seats in it to give better back support for fishing outings.
  7. Can always be patched up Mark . The bottom of my canoe has many dents and scrapes ....a 3" crack was welded up , and a couple of nuts & bolts used to close small holes . This tank is 90 lbs . and never tipped over ....flat bottom and beveled sides make it very stable . Bought it at Nichols Marina for $150 as a "second"... brand new. I ran a 3 hp Evinrude on the back for going up rivers ., have an electric now. I'll show the van extension trailer adapter for using it locally after it's painted ......may follow you some day !
  8. Ya..just a prank to keep people in line at home....so they are directed from the kitchen out the back door..haha....gotta entertain myself around here so I bug the crap out of my family...lol
  9. My canoe is a Coleman. Hard plastic. I've gouged the bottom on a lot of rocks over the years and still no holes. Knock on wood.
  10. ..and the pic between beers and the sauce ...is that distancing markers in the kitchen? I’m stumped! FF
  11. Another feast ...WTG ! Is your canoe glass or aluminum ? I've had my old canoe for 40+ years . ....mostly for moose hunts (with some fishing time) . I'm putting new wood on the transom and have a few rivets to fix.....then I'd like to paint it up nice and pretty . some here will remember her from the BIG cleanup we did at Jordan , years ago .
  12. The latest on Port is that the ramp, Game and Fish property, and surrounding area are now closed by city order.
  13. I was mainly joking on discount fishing licenses. Considering carbon taxes still have gone up. If MNR is making a statement, then there must be bigger plan in the works for everybody getting shafted on all levels. The world never shut down over MUCH deadlier influenza, H1N1, zika or tuberculosis.
  14. Yesterday
  15. In theory, you going fishing is safer than anything else especially if you plan to make it just yourself and shying away from others. There are too many idiots though and that will eventually lead to a no fishing/hunting thing. It is all about how the signage reads, but if you need to walk around a fence/gate ... you will get a trespassing ding probably. It will also be city/region to city/region. At the end of the day, with how vague some of the statements have been, it leaves plenty of room for interpretation and that will lead to fines. The question on a discount on your license ... the MNR had it on their facebook page and their response seemed to make it seem like it might be considered depending on the duration this runs.
  16. Got back out today and they were still biting. Only thing was the dink ratio was about 7:1 today where yesterday was more like 3:1. Thirty years now I've had that canoe and I still love fishing out of it. Wish I could avoid the sore butt though lol.
  17. Do we get discount on fishing licenses?
  18. Haldimand County has prohibited access to all public spaces to recreational activities, meaning no shore fishing unless you own the land. I suspect that other municipalities will do the same.
  19. Tyler0420

    some cats

    Some nice fat kitties.
  20. Yesterday (sunday) there was 4 boats on the river. Pretty quiet. Port dalhousie has been shut down by order of city of st catharines. See game and fish website.
  21. Green Ribbon Trail parking lot has been blocked by the city, was open yesterday as when we fished. I wonder if they closed port D?
  22. pauly

    some cats

    My son and I decided to take a break from trout and pike. Got into some cats about 2 weeks ago. Caught some fat chubs for bait.
  23. Anyone around queenston,scg&f boat ramps. Just wondering how busy they have been or if ppl are staying home?
  24. Drove past Sugarloaf in Port Colborne today (Monday Apr 6) and they are closing the ramp. One side was blocked and there was city a truck blocking the other side. There were trucks and trailers in the lot so I think he was waiting for them to return before blocking the other side.
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