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  2. I'll get that penny back when I buy more peanuts at the Bulk Barn . If I buy 10 lbs. of salted peanuts @ $2 per lb. they charge 13% hst ......so I buy unsalted (no tax) & add a little salt ( .0001 cent) at home ! It pays to be a math genius ! 😉
  3. Thanks for that info Fishguy . I don't know how some can get away with snubbing the regs so much ...With my luck I would get nabbed for having 121 minnows ...... "Not worth the stress" .....exactly !
  4. Beautiful deer. Good luck to you
  5. The guy is a newcomer to Canada a couple years ago he had the ministry called on him for being over the limit of minnows as well keeping fish out of season they're keeping an eye on him. I'm just going to leave it be and try to enjoy some fishing eventually he'll get caught. Its not worth the stress.
  6. Good luck to all the deer hunters on here..be safe and shoot straight and post some pics of your harvest...I will be working hard to get my 16 yr old daughter her first buck with her compound bow...she's picked one particular buck we have on camera she would like at shot at and here he is in velvet (only a 3 yr old )
  7. I read a thread about a guy using a bow to shoot salmon while others were tossing lures beside him....turns out the guy is aboriginal & has rights to use a bow ... We have no way of knowing , and of course , it would be a waste of time for the MNR ....the guy doesn't need to show his status card to anyone other then the MNR. Maybe the minnows will be salted down for chum bait , etc. ($$$)
  8. Unless you called the tips line you did do nothing . Take pics, call the line and report him MNR tips 1-877-847-7667
  9. The last time I was out fishing we saw the guy I have talked about before on here he was fishing on the rock formation near the customs dock. My father and I seen him getting minnows in a bucket and bringing the bucket back to his vehicle and then would go back and get more buckets of minnows. We weren't sure if this was suspicious but he then parked in front of a driveway nearby and was hiding the bucket in a back yard. I then made it look like I was taking photos and the guy aggressively came over and started yelling at me. Lesson learned its best to not to do anything and hopefully one da
  10. Yesterday
  11. It's a "before and after" picture of a carp Tony ..... I didn't release it fast enough.... After browsing the www ,skeletal images of carp , I'm quite sure that "UGLIness"s is a regular carp ..... I'll ask Bruce .......
  12. Nice looking carp, Bill.....................That skeleton is ugly, whatever it is..................... 😬
  13. Lots of bait fish in there , maybe the carp are feasting on them . Funny how clear the eye is on that fish which is probably a carp , but the bottom jaw seemed a little too high , reminding me of a grass carp . An older gent walking his dog saw it and also thought it may be a grass carp . He fishes there all year and likes carp fishing as well . Mike Pike ......hope you are still with us .....
  14. Last week
  15. Nice looking carp smerch. Not sure about the skeleton but maybe you can put it on your front porch for Halloween.
  16. It was so nice to fish today without the blazing heat ! I packed up the carp gear & headed to Rennie . First spot ...2 hrs. and no action (zero) ! Moved to another spot ...chummed with oat/cream corn/maize packbait with some scatterings of maize ....4o minutes later , the alarm screemed & away we go !! It went way over to my right into weeds ...couldn't budge it ...let off a little slack ....it came out & headed to the center ...felt like a whopper ....strong fish ! Wanted to weigh it but my scale flunked out ....some where in the double digits between 10 & 99 lbs . It wa
  17. Good job smerch. I’m sure the world will be saved now. Thank god for the eco tax.......
  18. Hit up the Dollar Store for some cheapo goodies .....tons of Halloween stuff as usual ....got a scary plastic jack-o-lantern and some tea lights . ....no summer yard stuff left , no cheap corn , no cheap coffee .....but I got my oatmeal cookies !! After checking out my bill slip , I noticed I was charged an eco fee on the tea lights because they have a small flat battery ..... it cost me an extra 1 cent !! I'm so happy I helped clean up the planet today ! .....that fee is just the baby toe in the doorway ....next will be the big toe , then the foot .....then .....along came
  19. Absolutely. I hear it's a good work out !
  20. This happened (on a smaller scale) to my step father.. a 45 gal barrel of wine in the basement (new house) blew out one of the stringer boards because a grape skin plugged the plastic air exhaust hose that went into a jar of water . He was at work when he got the call that wine was running across the basement into the drain .....He "flew" home from work ( 10 minutes) and was able to save about 30 gal. ....put into demi-johns . ....sweetest smelling basement in town !
  21. I suggest you go with someone that knows the pool. It can be dangerous if your not aware of the hazards. Also, prepare for a fun hike back up..LOL.
  22. Fruit flies and yellow jackets will love it.
  23. About 10,000 people showed up ....crawling on their bellies ...helping with the clean up ....
  24. Just said above...at two clubs...Dunnville DHA and our club in. ft. Erie.
  25. Anyone have a taxidermied raccoon? Anyone no longer need such a stupid thing? Or know where one could be found for cheap?
  26. I have never fished the whirlpool but would love to try it out this fall when my boat goes away for the winter. Great pics .
  27. Should’ve grabbed a glass or two and filled them. looks like the work day was over anyways.
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