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  2. Nice pics. Wish I could catch an accidental musky. Never caught one before.
  3. I think that where thundermist lures records his catfish videos.
  4. ...pretty high plant .....
  5. smerchly


    Yes , larger boats come in from the lake to fish or explore . Be aware of the water depth under the bridges . Boats keep close to the east bridge pillars where the channel is deeper . Thanks Bruce . I know you have first hand knowledge on this .
  6. Hey Tyler this is the top 18 inches of it!!
  7. The same day we caught this small tiger musky and had this third on for while but you can see the line in its mouth and it broke off. We caught more musky than walleye that weekend!!!
  8. I spend some time fishing walleye at Rice Lake. At least once a year we hook a musky by accident. This fish was caught on 10 lb. braid, no leader. Using a rapala TD 7 perch color. The first picture was right beside the boat and the second was 1 minute later during a jump after it ran about 130 feet away. It took half an hour to net it. It was approximately 53 inches and was released from the net. Musky were out of season and we didn't want it in the boat.
  9. I can’t even find the dam parking lot on google maps. I’ve fished from the dam down stream to a small walking bridge and just below it and from the bridge at the mouth up stream to where the house is. Not much to fish really bring your ice rod to fish it or your tip will be across the creek in the trees. Haha. Haven’t heard anything good from there. I’m sure there’s some fish. I’d fish another creek instead, maybe big creek or something.
  10. Thank you for the information.
  11. bigugli


    The breakwaters were built as part of the small harbour development program in the early 90's Federal and provincial monies that was spent rejuvenating the waterfront from Toronto to Niagara. Much of that work included LaSalle, Pier 4 Bayfront, Port D, the Beacon, the initial development of the Lakeshore trail to Burlington, and a number of other projects. I did a number of subcontract jobs at various locations of the projects. Staff at the Beacon had been given warnings from the MNR in the past.
  12. I promise to behave Tyler. Thx for the invite to this fishing forum!!!
  13. @Tyler0420 do you mean from the dam up to the next bridge? Or even past the 1st bridge from the dam
  14. I sure hope that walleye was 18". If not we will have to get the ministry to track down the bad bird who kept it!!!
  15. Tyler0420


    You can run gas motors in the harbour though right? I’ve seen plenty.
  16. Yesterday
  17. smerchly


    Yes , you can launch at the Beacon ramp and go under the 3 bridges to the harbour , but if the lake kicks up you may have a rough time getting back to the marina . You could then go to the conservation park to get off the water & if the park is closed in early spring , carry your canoe or yak about 150 yds. to the road (21st St.) The park allows electric motors , no gas .
  18. Never fished there. Can you launch at the Beacon and go under the road? I hear there are monster cats in there in the spring. Someone told me you can launch a canoe or small boat at the conservation area but not venture electric motors are allowed. Anyone know if there is any truth to that?
  19. I don’t have to worry much. I Fish at night. No boats to fight with and probably no other anglers. More fish for me
  20. The Rooker's Rd.area is still open to the dam fence line and as far south to the Game & Fish ramp , then open from the white club house to the lighthouse .Lots of room for boats on weekends on the west side . During the week the barges are working the west side , wear ear muffs .
  21. Isent therr still a small section on the east side that shore guys can fish? It was open two weeks ago when I was there
  22. The lead bullets were flying from east to west . No change this year as the east wall is still armed ......may have to use your cannon balls ,,,
  23. deetch

    Port D Circus

    Cliff, finally us boat guys can fish Port D without getting harassed or lead thrown at us.
  24. Tyler0420


    If it’s private property then don’t think we can fish it. Do they really own the rock piles though? Probably not. And if your in a boat you can fish the marina they don’t own the water. I’ve seen plenty of videos of encounters where boats are fishing marinas and the owners are getting all pissed And once it’s winter who’s going to be there to stop 50 fisherman?
  25. God......now I have to listen to all this for the next year. I have to admit though he does a lot of prep work, scouting, archery practice...he earns his animals. Now if he could just work on his modesty.
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