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  2. Yes Dan , could it be some garages will make as much money as possible before the etest is cancelled ? After the second etest and drive to Beamsville , they just put the code reader on outside and showed me the 3 codes that were not ready , one being the cat.converter ....maybe just a poor connection . I should have went to my reg. mechanic who has a guy down the road do his etests . It's not just the money , it's all the time spent getting it done . A farce from day one . There was nothing wrong with the car ....everything in good working order ,,,,no lights , car running fine . New battery installed a month ago ($225.) and all fluids checked .
  3. You will still need an etest Bill. I asked the person at the MOT when I had the jeep plated a few weeks back. The other vehicle was not ready per my omb2 scanner. I mentioned the scanner to you a few years back. I actually had many more codes then you have mentioned, but with the net and talking to a testing garage, I was able to prepare the vehicle and it passed no problem. Also, it really depends on where one goes for the test. Some places are just after the $$$ and won't educate one on the simplicity on getting a vehicle ready for said etest. Regardless, the useless test is now done, less one is running a small business with commercial plates. Some garages are about making money, while others are actually about doing the best for their customers.
  4. It sure is a joke . I must drive for many miles & BURN gas to pass an ELECTRONIC etest . If I stopped driving the car for 3 weeks & then applied for my sticker after April 1 ....would I still need the etest ?? I can drive my van in that time span ....no etest required this year . I drove for many more miles today ,both city & hwy speeds up to 105 km.as requested & will do the same again Thurs. morning ,then doing the 3rd test . If it fails again I'll call the mto & ask about waiting till April to get the sticker which costs go up every year automatically. Ya Snags , the carbon tax is just another tax added to our hst and other "green" taxes .....will they tax mary jane for the smoke going into our atmosphere ?
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  6. The e-test is an absolute joke, while I am not a fan of the Doug Ford politics, this is one of the items I enjoyed with it being eliminated shortly. Mind you if the Federalies have their way none of us will be driving with what they plan on doing to the prices of life with their carbon tax in a few years times.
  7. Yeh , the Beacon has always been a "sketchy" place to ice fish . A good N.W. wind can quickly bust up the ice . Sometimes I just fish from the docks .....or check out the "other" side ...
  8. Is anyone winter fly fishing or is it not a thing? Last year was pretty much my first season fly fishing so I’m looking forward to this year.
  9. Was this monday you lost it ? I saw a guy found and auger on hwy 3 Saturday on Facebook
  10. Last week
  11. Is that why there were a lot of huts out there this afternoon/evening? There was a weird hole between where the huts were and the open water. Looked like someone went through.
  12. Beacon, when I checked this morning, was only populated with waterfowl. The ice there this year has been very sketchy and seems to change every few days from ok to almost non existent. Even at the pier I heard somebody broke through. Don't know where exactly.
  13. That's it.. tell the wife you have to take them for walk
  14. I thought that might be you ... where we met last time . I was walking the sidewalk back to Ontario St. Another guy near the point close to shore ...(weed beds) Busy busy place down there with all that heavy equipment ....west wall is pooched ! I can't decide on where to fish next ....maybe give the Beacon a go ....(checking out the winds ).... My minnows look bored .....
  15. I was there from 11 am - 1 pm. Three small pike for me today. No perch!!! Even these pike were fussy and had to tease them.
  16. Went to Port Dal. to snoop & do an etest while there (S & W). ...Got the 06 G6 4 banger in right away ! NICE !! I see a guy take a couple pictures , one of the v.i.n. no. & he says they can't get hooked up to the gov't computers....another test & I must now pay . Second test failed ....something in the car's wiring shows a short to the computer . ...they find & fix it . So I walked to Port & checked out the big rigs & machines fixing the wall , then had a coffee there . Walked back about 1 km to get the car ...... Now I have to drive to Beamsville to reset the computer .....recheck ...still 3 codes not ready . I'm now up to $220.00 & no certificate . Take it back Thursday for another test , hoping the codes are loaded . The car has be running great , only 65 km., no issues or lights , everything works good . What a P>I>T>A !! A few years ago I had the same problem with my 02 F-150 ....used a FULL tank of gas to reset the codes after 3 tests ! ( really helped stop emissions ) It was the cat.converter not getting hot enough in the -10C weather ! In both cases a new battery was installed just weeks before the test . Saw 2 guys ice fishing Rennie but only had my walking shoes on .....looked like a good day to wet a line !!!!
  17. I knew a couple older fellas that took him trolling on ontario for kings and they told me hes a riot and loves his booze lol
  18. Wowzer ! Beauty ! ..... worthy for a great mount ! Congrats ! I like the shape of that pickerel C.R. ...very streamlined , beautiful specimen ! That fish would surely be the winner back when we had derbies there !
  19. Nice... that's a beauty hard water walleye!
  20. The "Cronz" was living down here for a little while. We chatted a couple of times here and there. He's up in the Kawarthas now i believe
  21. Got this tank last night, she went 32" long x 19" girth, little over 12lbs
  22. Throw a streamer on ..done got fish
  23. Sorry members for the delays and down time.. I had many upgrads to do as well as cjanging all 4 DNS servers.. Good to go now Cliff
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