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  2. It takes a while for the 12 Mile system to clear up after strong southerly winds muck up L.Erie . Gibson holds a lot of water to clear up first before Dalhousie clears up . Martindale ponds are clearing up more when I fished there Friday.....
  3. Lots of people on east side. That's usually a good sign. Either that or they have nothing else to do. 😀
  4. Haven’t heard anything but hopefully the water has cleared up since the last time I was there. I’m sure there’s fish around.
  5. How’s the brown trout fishing been?
  6. Where is this and what’s he doing?
  7. Last week
  8. I spent the day indoors organizing all my fishing stuff after my move to Fergus. Even walking the dog was brutal in the wind.
  9. Made it out for a couple hours and managed one cat fish. Good day to cancel the meet up it was windy,cold and small snow storms rolling through evenly Hf hour.
  10. Thank you for the suggestions I am just going to not bother with this person. Fellow fisherman who fish with me have said the same thing about the situation.
  11. I did try for copper yesterday at Rennie since it was still open water , but the copper heads didn't want to play with me .... Warmer temps all next week .....ice should be gone by Thurs/Fri ....
  12. Sounds like a plan to me. I’m off to Lasalle for some copper now. It won’t freeze till it’s -20 for a week or two.
  13. Ack...seems to be the word today....like Smerchmiester shared and most of the reason for postponing the get together today....might have to change tactics from copper to chrome 😎
  14. Saddest day ever 😭😭😭..... went to my local carp spot and it’s completely frozen over. Time to start a new thread “winter carping”
  15. He may be mentally unstable ...... best to ignore or ....
  16. Empire? A bunch of their homes in the Falls blew over.
  17. Not the first post about this....the perp has been talked too....and busted in the past...and just doesn't care...you guys are beating a dead horse
  18. Depends what he's doing. You can ask nicely for him to stop doing what is bothering you. He may not even be aware he is making you frustrated.
  19. Next week would be good for me as well, I am probably gonna need a ride if it is outside of the St.Catharines area.
  20. I’d just leave buddy alone. If he’s fishing illegally then he’ll get busted one day. Why stress over something you can’t control. There’s a ton of water to fish in niagara just pick a new spot.
  21. Minding my own business and just fishing has been working for years for me
  22. I didn't want to start another forum topic but whats the best way to ignore someone or not be bothered by someone who gets on your nerves while fishing the same spot as yourself. I ask because i could really use the help as I want to enjoy fishing i's nice to get out of the house and do.
  23. Yes congrats verado and also to the group members that shot the deer its nice to get in on the action and contribute and experience success.
  24. Congrats verado nice to hear you had a good hunt
  25. Just checked my pms (ha) Jack .....my mail box (ha) was at 100% full duhhhh !!! And I was just asking Tyler if his mail was full !! 🤐
  26. That's awesome...and great to have a butcher near by so your harvest can be processed and all ready to go for you....and yum venison pepperettes are great...a buddy of mine like 25 years ago had an uncle who processed alot of game up in the soo .... he would make us some great Italian style moose sausage in a bunch of flavors from honey garlic to extra hot..!!!!...thanks for sharing in the tradition and great to hear of the old timers getting in on the action .
  27. Wierd I messaged you this morning bill.. but I dont think it went through...no worries you answered my questions in your post..lol
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