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  3. I saw the same type of things a few years back at Beaverdams......................Made me sick to my stomach.........Hard to believe how ignorant some people are.......................
  4. That stick chucked your corn a good distance Ty , and your wide super scooper worked well for broadcasting a larger load as well . I bought the sling shot and it puts the corn out there nicely but the funnel shaped corn holder has to pass through the sling shot posts dead center ....many times it hits one side and half the corn ends up on my feet ! (practice , practice) I can fire out chunks of frozen maize 3 miles ....
  5. https://www.carpkit.com/gardner-skorpion-throwing-sticks/ i bought one of these you can chuck corn pretty far.
  6. I have more concern and respect for the birds and animals ....including domestic animals than I have for the human entitled slobs that sadly , inhabit this planet . The reg. book should note this issue with BOLD print !! ( in 10 languages )
  7. I always check for fishing line, for the sake of my dogs and other animals, and move it out of the way. I'm not there to clean up someone's else 's mess.
  8. I picked up a pile of broken glass from a booze bottle last year . I didn't want to have little kids being cut as the glass was under a shade tree where I set my chair to fish there . It took ten minutes to carefully pick up all the little shards of glass . Trashidiots !
  9. Watched some kids throw all their fast food garbage out of their car window at port weller trail.
  10. That is good attitude, but I don't have the patience to keep it going.
  11. Always. There has been many times that all I do is clean up while the rod and tackle stay in the truck......................Daniel
  12. I don't shore fish either so I don't normally see much of this but I have picked up line and bait containers while out on the lake. One thing I am seeing more of is people who have cleaned their catch then dumping all the heads and guts in the garbage pail at the launch ramp. These pails are in a high traffic area and they soon stink to high heaven and attract swarms of wasps. I would think it would be better to dump them in the lake away from used areas and let the crabs, fish and gulls take care of them. As for myself, I use my own garbage disposal, but this fall when we go to once every two week garbage pick up, I just might package them up and drop them in the can at the steps of city hall.
  13. If you think the garbage dumping is bad now, wait till the fall when you are allowed garbage service every other week. The winter won't be a big deal, but I can tell you in the summer I don't want stuff sitting in my garage for two weeks.
  14. I'm with you Smerch....I'd maybe pick up some line so an animal, pet or child doesn't get caught in it but that's as far as it goes for me. I haven't shore fished in years so I don't get to see the shore mess like others do. However, when i am fishing in the boat and reel up a rats nest of someone else's line, I will bunch it up to throw out later.
  15. Most of our garbage comes from plastic materials ....single serve containers, etc., .. and yes, butts too . There are some who don't toss their butts anywhere they please and the others should not complain about the garbage .It would help to make all cigs without filters .... My two kids wore cloth diapers and their crap went down the toilet . How many millions of crappy "disposable" ones go to the dump now every day ?....just one example of the garbage produced in today's mass produced throw away society . I'll pick up line and that's about it .....cannot reason with pigs .
  16. Tried that spot yesterday in the middle of the afternoon at Rene park for about 30 min, had to get out of the house with the kids even though it was hot. Forgot to bring treats for kids and caught them eating my freshly cooked Maze I need to buy a sling shot to chum further, couldn't chum far since with my pasta spoon....
  17. I fish a few rivers in the states and most of them river have garbage cans around and not overflowing. The states do a few things better then we do when it comes to fishing but that’s about it.
  18. They should put a deposit on timmies cups....then the shopping cart pushing...bicycle riding trailer pulling overnight cleanup crew can line up in the morning and cash them in.. 🤣🤪...the government can cash in on it if they let them sort them all out in the beer store parkinglot🤔😂
  19. Public park parking lots have trash on them. Garbage cans are there, but piggies open their car door and put garbage on ground. Too lazy and selfish to walk over. These are same type who bring in coffee cups into store and leave on shelf. Noticing more face masks and gloves in shoreline garbage too. 😕🤢
  20. Too many entitled slobs out there .....society in general had gone downhill over the decades . Hire as many people as needed to keep places clean , add to the tax bill ....I'd rather pay more than see our environment turned into a dump site . Anyone know what the trash situation is like in New York State , e,g, ? I hear their parks are kept clean ....(chain gangs lol) ?
  21. I usually go down with a coffee. I go home with that empty coffee filled with fishing line.
  22. I always bring my carp bait in grocery bags, usually empty them chumming and clean up my site I’m setup at. Sometimes its really frustrating to see that if I fish the same spots few nights apart the garbage appears in abundance that I just can’t seem to keep up.
  23. Don't get me started .... ....???...rest of my post disappeared .... watch for needles.... Maybe we need to buy a bunch of these things and hire some people to clean up our cities and parks . https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news/niagara-region/2020/07/09/photo-cleaning-up-wellands-recreational-canal-trail.html
  24. I will clean up others fishing line. That I don't like for birds and animals.
  25. Last week
  26. Always pick up after myself and then some....have often brought garbage bags when fishing the Niagara glen and took some time on the way back up the path to clean up....biggest culprits...timmies cups and water bottles...I'm also a smoker but my butts go in my pocket...a little effort goes a long way for sure
  27. They need cameras in these remote areas to actually catch idiots in the process and fine them heavily!
  28. a local lake i fish for carp is on a back road with some run down factories, people pull off the side of the road empty their cars out. i know the lake is a $h%t hole but we don't have to make it worse. the one time there was 20 large timmies cups double cupped with probably 20 of the same smoke packs, that's one long outing or someone cleaned their car out.
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