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  2. They sure have a lot of spunk in faster water ....maybe they are more "fit" ...lean & mean ! I have had a riot catching them at the local 12 Mile Creek .They use the current to their advantage and sometimes I can't budge them . The same spots also have some nice channels & drums that can beak an arm !
  3. That’s awesome. Might have to try the grand for some carp then.
  4. Today
  5. UFished local for a few hours and caught a scrappy 4-5lber. Fought better then the 19lb one I got last night took me all over the river. The two best fights have been from the grand Their much stronger then lake fish.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Ventured out with a friend for some post-work Lake Erie bass. We fished a breakwall and managed to get into some smaller smallmouth and some huge sheepshead. Hoping to get some bigger ones next time out. Enjoy!
  8. Real nice of those sponsors to help ! Great way to give kids the fishing disease lol ! We had a derby here at Camp Grenada last Saturday .... 1st & 2nd biggest eye was caught by a woman ....can you believe it ??? she was giving me some good tips ..... I hope you have a nice day for the event !
  9. Nice job ...and 11 to go ! ha ! Channel cats are good eating , from clean waters .....Cajuun style . I used to pick some up at Tops , U.S.A. I was thinking about my pineapple scented maize last night while we were eating Hawaiian pizza with lots of pineapple & ham ....with a cold one ! Lots of big carp , channel cats and drum in these waters but everyone is after the eyes that can't hold a candle to any of them in the "ring"
  10. Fished last night from 7:00-1:00am. Caught my new PB at 19lbs and 4catts one channel about 4-5lbs. Using pineapple flavoured pop up boilie with a stick bait mix. 9FED8468-56BD-46E9-A836-8F82FBCA4937.MOV
  11. Yes we were there also, we were trolling from the the 2 mile marker to the ship and back again. Lots of marks down at the bottom. Also picked up 2 silver bass so could have been what we were marking.
  12. August 10, 8 am. to 12 noon. Kids 12 and under get a free Rod & Reel and also get into the derby Free. Lots of prizes to be won.
  13. Last week
  14. We were near each other. I picked up three small ones just south of the big freighter with the cranes.
  15. The fog had pretty much lifted by time we went out, we ended up with 6. Stayed right in front of port colborne and trolled from 57 fow to 72.
  16. No report as I was out fishing. It was very foggy but calm. Wind is now starting to pick up from the SW.
  17. Wondering if our buddy Chrisb could give us a unofficial weather report this morning? thanks!
  18. Those little foam beads they use inside roe bags could make a meatball float ....so there should be no problem keeping baits afloat.
  19. I’ve tried the pop up floating corn and I’m not sure it pulls it off the bottom enough. I prefer pop ups to be honest.
  20. Haven't you tried one yet ? They can go on the hair or hook , I just push a pin through them to slide them on the hair ... need to check them about 15 minutes when in current (gobies, cats, ect.) & they get soft & soggy after 5 minutes under the water .They will pop up to the surface if they come off the hook . Go get them !
  21. I still have the puff corn you gave me. Yes there’s definitely carp in there. Seen other people catch them over the years and the guy I was fishing with has caught them up to 22lbs.
  22. Yep , they were good about it AFTER they saw your rod propped up high and spooked your swim ..... ....but good to see they saw their "error" and gave you some elbow room .... As I mention from time to (after) time ....we need some etiquette "guidance" in the fishing reg.book with garbage , etc included on the FIRST page ....then write a test to make sure it was read ....then $$$ FAT FINES$$ for those who did "no comprende" I like using the puff corn for rocky bottoms since it floats over the rocks and doesn't get lost between the rocks or picks up debris from the bottom....also can use the rubber floating corn as well . I think there's carp in there ? ...any sightings Tyler ? .....not sure who sells the puff corn ....got mine a few years ago at bulk barn (no gots now) Maybe a health food store has some ......
  23. Definitely a Rocky bottom. Probably 5fow. Not too strong of current. Using 1.5oz method feeder and it’s staying in place. Two guys in a canoe launched right beside and and anchored on our baits. So my next cast I asked them to move over and no problem they did. Glad they were good about it.
  24. Looks like a beauty spot ! ....gravel bottom , current , deep ? ....reminds me of the Whirlpool at Niagara where some lunkers lunk ! Good luck !
  25. Going to put some time into the grand river in brantford. Fished this evening from 330-715 with no takes. Going to keep at it though. Fished with two other guys that will hopefully join the forum.
  26. Always great to share an outdoor adventure with the family
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