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  2. In the Standard ...... https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9815223-one-injured-driver-sought-by-police-after-car-crashes-into-canal/ good thing the canal was drained or it could have been much worse . Also....A fireman had his foot run over by a car that refused to obey the crew at the scene and drove through the police-fire crew after a roll over in Wainfleet and took off ..hope they caught him . People leaving the scene is getting to be the "normal" thing to do these days . ....probably because the driver is drunk or stoned and don't want to lose his/her license .
  3. https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/driver-flees-after-audi-believed-to-be-carrying-6-people-crashes-into-welland-canal/ar-BBZb5oE?li=AAggFp5
  4. Last week
  5. Maybe for Simcoe the large perch numbers are down , but there's plenty of dinks that should replenish the jumbos .....and of course the jumbos are packed with roe. Lake Erie has tons of perch and eyes this year , but of course is a tad larger than Simcoe . I agree that some limits are more than the average angler needs and can be repeated every day . If the mnr deems the fish population is taking a hit , like Lake Nip. , they can easily adjust the numbers . Most pan fish are better in the pan . It's a toss up which is better , perch or crappies .
  6. Smerch, I often think about that too. Is that perch fishery doomed soon? I know people fish for other species in there(Lakers, whities etc.) but it would seem most are perching. I know lake Simcoe has been there forever and this has been going on forever but there’s definitely much more pressure and gets worse every year. Does something have to change? Time will tell I suppose but imo 50 perch/day is too many. Captain
  7. Back in those good ol' days , 4 guys taking 50 jumbos per day = 200 perch ....X 1000 people on Simcoe = 16 tons of perch on a platter . Today's people are tough ! 👍
  8. I fish to get out for the peace and quiet. I rarely keep fish. I take picture of biggest one and am happy with that. Perch is good eating fish though. Better than walleye.
  9. Need to run and gun if you wanna find the jumbos. They gotta be out there. Leave the minnows at the tackle shop and use lures instead. Some quiet back lakes would be nice to fish, I could care less about the perch I hate cleaning them, I just needed to get out.
  10. Besides the weather it was a pretty good trip. Can’t believe I made it home without stopping. 5 vehicles in the ditch’s but didn’t slow traffic. Sure it wasn’t 120km/h home but it was a solid 80km. I was one of the first on the ice and when I looked out around 10:00 couldn’t believe how many people braved the storm and came out.
  11. I could not believe the amount of people out in the storm. I thought it would've kept the crowds away. There is no where close to park anymore and I got there pretty early. Its a long way to go to catch a couple jumbos and 100 dinks while having to work so hard for them. No more cooks bay for me. Quieter back lakes are more appealing now. Im scared to see what it would've looked like if it was a nice day... The good old days of catching 50 jumbos are gone lol
  12. Nice haul too Tyler..at least you guys been getting out..haven't fished any hardwater for a few years
  13. We also hit gilford on Saturday,prob 205 m north of tyler0420...didn’t get to him though as the comforts of a warm hut where too tempting for visiting or running and gunning..kept the heater on nonstop...that wind was mean!They must have been another 998 huts besides ours eh Tyler?!? 2 of us caught 100 but nearly all where dinks,kept 7. A fun day...survived the ride home,scratched the itch..mission accomplished 👍 Im still hoping for Erie, SurfandTurf 🤞 ...next weekend local ice for sure! FF
  14. I have been diving near the jet boat docks. Lots of big fish
  15. Nice catch. Looking pretty hopeless for Erie ice this year, so will have to make the trek to Simcoe for sure this year.
  16. Slab Grabber is good lure to scope out a new hole. If you get hit in 10 minutes, chances are it will be a busy hole to set up on.
  17. We fished 1.1km straight outta gilford. Didn’t move all day. Got on the ice around 5:30 and had two in the bucket before sun up. Bite was pretty steady. Bigger fish cam on lures, mostly slab grabber. Post some pic shortly
  18. Anyone fish Couch ? We drove up Rama Rd to Airport Rd. & fished straight out in 22 -24 fow (March/April) I marked my line at 22 ft. ( no electronics then ) . Three of us would cut a 6" Finbore hole about 75 to 100 yds apart and see who got the most perch ....then all fish together to gab'n fish ! If the bite was slow we would take a short run to Lake St.John , just passed the airport . The perch there were mostly wormy which just adds more protein ......
  19. Go out from Gilford Rd. and go south. Fairly close to shore in about 9' of water. The Riley brothers fish there and usually catch. They also catch a lot of pike there to. In years previous they always had the catch of the day and swear that shallow this time of the year is the ticket!!!
  20. 28 fow , Using bigger minnows with just the head on small slabgrabber type spoon and a berkly power nymph on dropshot hook
  21. Yep Boogs .....saving the gunk for flavouring my cheese cloth sardine combo for the kitties .
  22. Wait what?? You still have some of the gunk in the freezer Bill???? LOL............................Daniel
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