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    Yes it would have been a nice mount only 2 mounts so far did some real nice bucks from some bow hunters i get busy with yotes more so after most of the other season are done but get a few around deer season
  3. I might have posted this before, But old funny fishing stories never dies. Dumb and Dumber! I have never bothered seeing the great Niagara falls during the first 8 years I had became a landed immigrant. I just focused on establishing my life and career in Toronto area.(the city was not yet called GTA), Until I heard of whirlpool fishing, where someone could catch a big trout called steelhead. My impression of trout was just a small one lber fish that people caught while fly fishing. Internet was very primitive back in the early 90's, still no GPS technology available. I only read from the first Original fishing forum founded by UofT Zoology student, about fishing Niagara region. the forum was just a one liner chat primitive fishing board that works on AOL, a privilege to those who have a dial up account, they could access the fishing forum. Some anglers tip/mentioned about big trout being caught at Niagara region, and warned that it was challenging area to get to. Kawarthas lake used to be flooded with fish, so I never bothered venturing out farther than an hour drive, still not much traffic back those days. Getting to places was by Mapping. Mapping was using a magnifying glass to read from a paper map, then we need to jot down all the street to know when and where to turn. So I told one of my friend that we should stay overnight at the Brand new Redroof Inn (cost $35/night back then and was promoted at Toronto Star paper) visit Niagara falls with our family on Victoria Day, then fish whirlpool when our family was still asleep early next morning. Then after we had fished, we can take them to the famous Flying Saucer restaurant and have our cheap 99 cents breakfast meal (also advertised off Toronto Star) What could you get for 99 cents back then? Two toasted bread and two eggs cooked at our preference, and decent amount of home fries. unlimited Coffee was $1 extra. Who said only cheap people go there.,we always give a 50% tip! My friend and I woke up by 7am, then drove to the whirlpool parking lot. As the leader, I excitedly head straight across the parking lot, with my friend cautiously tagged along not too far behind. After standing at the edge and speculated the hill's steepness . I told my friend "This is doable, we just have to slide down with our butt when it gets really steep." He replied, "Are you sure?" I then insistently replied "How else could anyone get down there?". So with one hand holding our small tackle box and our 6'rod, while another hand , we tried to grab whatever small tree or branches we can get a hold of, we nervously went down, mostly slid down with our butt off the dried leaves. After 15 minutes, we finally got to the helicopter platform. I told my friend that we got lucky that day , since it was not a rainy day , where the leaves were dry and were there to cushion our butt. My butt was somewhat sore, but our pants were not dirty and we got there safely, was my big sigh of relief! We only saw 3 other guys and one kid fishing that morning by 8am , i realized the limited amount of people was all due to the steep hill to get down, and Kids were natural in sliding on anything Everyone was catching fish, including the kid, who had used a worm as bait on white cheap/red round bobber. I never forgotten many big fish swam just beside the clear water shoreline in front of us. I cast with a mini size one spinner, after few cast, ....Fish ON! I landed the steelhead very fast since I was using a mitchel combo graphite rod and reel combo bought from CA tire, it was made in USA, with original 15lb mono line,(no braided line then) and zero drag, the line I never bothered to replaced in years, the line seemed strong, could last forever and had landed lots of fish. I did not even know the importance of the reel drag system. Tight drag for me meant the line would be strong to ensure fish could not go too far from where I caught it. After I landed the fish, and took some pictures before I released it. I told myself this Niagara place is a gem. Then I told my friend that his lure was not effective so I gave him another mini spinner. After few cast, he also landed as well, with his 20lb mono, and no drag fishing equipment. With contented feeling, we were forced to quit by 9am, we never seriously imagined we would actually caught a fish that morning, especially, we promised our wives to be back at the motel by 9am. When I was about to finished packing up , I noticed my pliers went missing, so I confronted the guy if he had seen it, and just felt someone had stole it. I did not know that time, the water rises due to city released more water during daytime. So my pliers got buried from the rising water after all . I then asked one of the angler if there were other faster trail for us to get back up..........He replied, "There is only one trail , and the stairway is also there." I felt so stupid grinning at my friend, and said .........." At least we both caught fish!" We went back to our family and took them to the Flying saucer restaurant. They originally did not believe we had caught fish , then I told them, we will have proof after the film gets developed. I then told my friend that we should do this more often. He did not respond that moment, .............All I remembered was that was the first and the last time we fished together! Since that first great adventurous experience fishing Niagara , I never stopped going to Niagara often, even if it felt a tedious chores having to face traffic congestion coming from Toronto area. When someone or a foreign guest asked me what else to do at Niagara Falls, I always insisted of Fishing and Hiking! ................but I ensure i excluded Butt sliding activity!
  4. Yesterday
  5. Not that expensive at all. Go to hobbyking.com, look at the drones. What you need is a camera drone, and if you're not experienced at flying drones, it would help to have some more safety features. Under $200 you can get a nice drone with live view camera and GPS tracking (can program to return back safely). Most would have an altitude meter too, so can be programmed to keep a certain altitude and never go below unless at predefined landing site. For fish-line release, a simple downrigger clip if you want to let the line go after the fish bites. Or just for casting distance/location----some wire as an almost right-angled hook, then and you can maneuver the drone to tilt and the line will just drop down. I've seen other videos before, including some that went wrong I'd totally try it, but here the conditions are different, it makes sense to do that from the beach instead of surf fishing. Update: here's one that will do the job and is relatively cheap: https://hobbyking.com/en_us/nova-pro-main-body-esc-radio-receiver-rtf-lite-mode-1.html?___store=en_us
  6. I can't wait till the cheaper version comes out, and I want one too! A $5000 fish where Japanese are willing to pay for fresh Sashimi, ...............Could be worth that using that gadget Without a drone , it is hard to spot the fish from shore.
  7. I started with almost similar reel I paid $65CA , and another $25 Ukrainian reel 8 years back. For niagara river and similar to Mississuaga river flow current speed application, these type of reel is more than enough to use, where line does come out even at 4g float. When I was still new at using the Ukrainian made Centerpin reel , to prevent a birdnest while casting. I had to improvised ,cut and add a slim leather piece material that came off an old wallet, add it to the screw knob, just to add slight drag during casting . Then I could release or tighten to add drag as I please. The draw back was the center screw knob can potentially come loose, as fishing time passes . Some minor aggravation, but it helped control the over spinning. Finding where the fish are hiding, and less crowded spot is the toughest part in a fishing success these days. Back more than 15 years ago, when Centerpin reel was costing $300 to $500. Many of us were using spinning and baitcasting reel to float fish or bottom bounce. There were also way more fish and less anglers before then these days. The next gadget to advance fishing gear for the Elite ...........will be Drone fishing!
  8. Fraud Squad

    Same here .....we answer about 10% of the phone calls we get which are names or numbers we know . They all have the option to leave a message . The "fraud squaders" did leave a message ....too bad we can't set them up for the police to nab . So much fraud & thievery going on & the courts seem to have no interest . Another truck stolen yesterday , & we know where most end up , but your told to call your insurance & we all pay higher premiums for that . But the governments get to collect all the taxes on that new vehicle from insurance money !
  9. I'm somewhat in agreement with deech on this. However, learning on poor equipment can be very frustrating as well. Learning to cast, especially BC, or Wallis, can be difficult with great reels, and terrible with a reel that doesn't spin well. Fishing slow water or back eddies is tough with a reel that doesn't spin easily. Feeding line by hand to allow a perfect drift is much harder than feathering the rotation with your finger to apply the correct amount of tension to trot the line correctly. Ralph Field was right on the mark when he mentioned line getting in behind the spool on reels with large tolerances. (The original Stantons were terrible for this). So my take also is buy the best you can afford, and as deetch says, upgrade if you like it. If I were to suggest where to spend the money first, I'd opt for the reel every time. A cheap wimpy 13-14' stick will help forgive mistakes on learning how to apply drag, but a reel that constantly causes aggravation while learning will drive you back to your level wind, IMO.
  10. Fraud Squad

    That is exactly what we do
  11. Fraud Squad

    This is why I'm so glad we have call display and call answer. We've gotten to the point that ANY calls from a long distance number that we don't recognize we just ignore. I have call answer, so if someone really legitimately wants to get ahold of us, they can leave a message.
  12. Pool

    Hey fella's! Does anyone happen to know if the whirlpool is starting to flow clockwise? The levels have been a little lower of late. Any info would be greatly appreciated, Thanks
  13. I've seen to many fishermen with the best of the best and it doesn't make them any better then anyone else. Learn with this reel, it will be fine and if you enjoy this way of fishing then progress according to your financial situation.
  14. As of today there is nearly 3" of ice on the lake, if the weather cooperates Valens Lake should be open in a week or so! We require 6" of clear ice before we can open for ice fishing. Check here for updates or visit our website www.conservationhamilton.ca Day entry fee is $10.00, if there aren't staff at the gate please use the automated gate system, it accepts bills, coins and credit cards. We do not have bait or and fishing supplies. Valens Lake is hosting its annual ice fishing derby on February 17, sunrise till 2:00PM. $25 per person children 12 and under are $15, top prizes for the largest pan fish caught (bluegill, crappie and perch are the only fish accepted), senior and junior division. Lots of great prizes and many door prizes, so even if you don't catch a fish you have a chance to win something. There will be hotdogs and sausage available on the BBQ as well as coffee and hot chocolate. Paul Karbusicky Valens Lake CA Superintendent
  15. Yote down

    Good job with the bow. How far away was the yote when you shot it? Nice to see some hunting pics.
  16. Yote down

    I have the first one I got with the bow tanned and on the wall. Was really tempted to do this one because it is darker than usual, and called a friend who does taxidermy and he is busy so I didn't. I think that's the 4th one with bow.
  17. Fraud Squad

    My girlfriend was part of the equifax hack all of her info was stolen. Credit cards, loans, 12cell phones were made all under her name. Her credit went from absolutely perfect to not even being able to switch cell phone companies anymore. She never once got a call about any missed payments for any of it. Then just a month ago she got a call from her credit card saying it wasused in Quebec (which wasn’t her). They caught that the same day because all her accounts are on lockdown now and being watched. There’s nothing anyone can do right now to fix it either. It’s going to take over a year to get things fixed. Good thing she doesn’t have to renew her mortgage anytime soon.
  18. Looked pretty good to me but I'm not a centre pin guy. Maybe a thin washer would help on what little play it has. Like you say just starting out and only centre pining once in awhile, who cares if it's $50 or $1000.00, you'd fool me. You're only going fishing to have fun, not to impress is the way I look at it.
  19. Fraud Squad

    We get a scam call at least once a month with the same generic voice message played from different phone numbers.
  20. Yote down

    Congrats, that is a good looking yote for sure. Yes it would make a nice mount for sure. I saw a big black one during the November deer hunt and plan to try for him over the holidays.
  21. Yote down

    Congrats Mooseslayer....a fine specimen yote ! It looks like a larger than average one ...maybe the yotes have been having more luck than the deer hunters ! Gunner....it has a nice fur coat ....would make a fine mount ! I'll bet your getting busy with the yote mounts ....
  22. Fraud Squad

    Anyone else get calls from the "Tax Man" saying they owe money to the government ? A woman called us today saying they have investigated our taxes and we need to call them as soon as possible about tax fraud . She spoke clearly in English , so I don't think this call came from India or Siberia ..... Maybe they know our status as seniors and we would be an easy target to scam us . It's a crime that these scammers are allowed to exist and thrive with impunity in this country . I suppose it's one of the negatives in this age of technology . The door knockers got us ONCE ....but they will never get 2 words out of their mouth before the door slams in their face . We have their message on the phone with the phone number we "need" to call back . ...but I'm sure they know how to protect themselves from being traced..... ....dirt bags....
  23. Last week
  24. Yote down

    Good job nice looking yote I have seen a few this season but nothing close to take deer season this year has been no good so i moved to a new spot see how it pans out i have talked to a few hunters on the November hunt and the December hunt [shot gun hunt ] and they did bad one was a big group of 15 and only 2 deer only one group i had talked to did ok with 5 deer but still a lot of unspent tags now i know it's not every were but the MNR should be paying a little more attention to these areas but if they are selling tags thats all that matters
  25. Yote down

    One less fawn killer out there. Have seen and heard more than usual hunting deer this year. Going to try and get out with rifle after deer season but bow does the job as well.
  26. Baitcasters and float fishing

    Corsara check your pm's
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