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  2. Lake Huron. It's about all you have available for a 26 footer. I follow a few Michigan fishing sites and the area where Huron drains near Sarnia seems to be a good area to fish for walleye. I have no first hand experience in this area. But I've read many reports of limits on bottom bouncers with worm harnesses.
  3. Nobody ever fished that area
  4. No but sometimes there's more defined contour lines and sometimes lakes that weren't on their before get added
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  6. Silly question by do you need updates. I doubt that the lake depths change.
  7. Navionics plus is good . Gives 1 foot depth changes . And you can pick whatever areas you want . You'll be able to fit greats lakes and all northern lakes . You get updates for 1 year with the chip and can change the areas you have selected. If you can find a cheap card that someone is selling you can buy a navionics update card which will basically be a navionics + card once you update . Believe they run about $130 and gives you one year of freshest data updates as well
  8. So which one do I get! Fish mostly Erie. But also Simcoe,Kawarthas,Nippissing ect! What do you have? All responses greatly appreciated! Thanx!
  9. This mag has good reads for us outdoor types .....including fishing articles . Scroll down ,,,,check it out ....some new info on the Asian carp issues .....
  10. Last week
  11. Been pulling my hair out trying to get it back to "normal" I must have hit a wrong key & all I can get is the road map satellite image . They say to go to "Menu" to change it , but I can't find it. Been trying for many hours , so gave it up finally . Been using Google maps , but not as clear as G.Earth . I have windows 7 - Firefox .......any advice will be appreciated .
  12. That's a smart carp .....knew something "fishy" was going on ..... So she followed the line & saw the rods ...... and ....."no thanks" I'm sure that's what happened to me yesterday .......didn't get a bite all morning !
  13. Good luck genec.
  14. They're there...between netherby and fe
  15. .....happens to the best of us Ryann.....
  16. I saw one yesterday swimming around the shallows it had a big gut on it but it couldn't have been more than a half foot long. Strange how things grow sometimes.
  17. Hi Everyone, Just a quick note to say that all our fishing kayak models are now at end of season clearance pricing. We've also got a few "blems" which are boats that sustained scratches in shipping to us. These are reduced further, and you're probably going to put more scratches in them anyways! To see the models click the following link, the blems aren't listed on the website, so stop on by if interested.
  18. I'd like to run into some minnows, too......................Haven't seen any yet, in the Niagara River........................
  19. Found minnows this morning on the Upper in Fort Erie. Scooped up several hundred in one shot with my bass net. Took a hand full for bait and put the rest back. Caught about 30 perch on them. All under 8 inches though. Nothing worth keeping. Minnows were all small under an inch and a half.
  20. Was thinking of taking my kayak to Gravelly Bay on Monday. has anyone fished the bay lately? Any luck?
  21. Does look strange for sure...
  22. One of the carp I caught today didn't look so good .....I have caught them with bad eyes , or mouths ripped from previous "fishermen" . This one put out a good fight , with the current partly helping .....but the belly is flat ,except for a bulge in front . May be some obstruction from something it ate ..... Slow bite today .....maybe give it a go tomorrow ..... I tossed about a cup of corn chum before starting .....maybe it ate it all ......
  23. Also, I'm not sure where you're from, but if you're near Welland you're more than welcome to meet me at the river if you'd want to try my kayak out.
  24. Generally, a sit on top is more stable, has more storage space for gear and is easier to get in and out of. Sit-ins are lighter, more nimble and paddle easier. I fished out of a 9.5 foot sit-in for over a decade before upgrading to a sit on top about 4 years ago. If you're wanting to fish out of it I'd strongly suggest a sit on top. They are generally more comfortable which would allow you more time to fish.
  25. the rec canal in welland is a nice spot .
  26. YUP ...I fished the 20 near St.Anns , many moons ago (many eclipses too) ..... Hook , line , & sinker to catch a variety of fish with some nice cats & of course , carp . The old Walker Quarry dump has a quarry with lots of cats (I have heard) and maybe some other species as well ..... The GRT is pannie territory , & some big "surprises" have taken a worm or minnow there , including a fat insane carp !
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