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  2. Hey guys, just a reminder that Friday is the deadline to enter into the antlerless deer draw. Hate to see anyone "Antlerless Deerless" this coming season!
  3. Kudos to the bait runner reel ! I went back today ...very slow bite ...water mucked up a bit from torrential rains . After about 90 min, the reel was peeling out line & after about 10 seconds I was hooked on bottom ! I gave it a good tug & the fish was still there . I scooped the small carp up in my net to set it on some thick grass .....and noticed another hook in it's mouth ....and a 1.5 oz sinker hanging down ......and about 25' of line ! Nope was not the fish I lost there ! This rig was a very good custom carp rig .....the kind you see in carp web sites ....from Europe ! The line was mono ,about 20# , and the hair rig was done by a pro ....MIKE...did you lose a carp there ?? That was it for the day ......will give it time to settle down and WARM UP a tad before going back ....maybe get MY rig back ! Here's a pic of the nice rig and line I took from the happy carp today ......familiar to anyone ?
  4. Looks like a great spot to take the young kids and get into some good fighting fish .....that will get them "hooked" !
  5. Got out Saturday morning for a couple hours, caught about 8, chucking lures only. Jerk baits, spinners baits, rattle baits and top water were all working, Most luck on the Jerk baits, top water fun first thing but lots of misses .
  6. Definitely nice size bass. I still need to get out.
  7. Got out a bit Saturday Morning for bass opener and again last night after work for a couple hours. Been itching to fish smallmouth since December! Got about 30 smallies 12 inches and up on Saturday morning. And just 3 last night but they were good ones! Most fish were caught on tubes or swimbaits. Caught a few on jerkbaits and stickbaits too.
  8. Yesterday
  9. Thank you. I'm not very optimistic about that, I always wanted to drift up the niagara bar, like a drift you would take while laker fishing. The weather this season has been particularly poor , not just for diving, but for boating in general. We did some walleye fishing today between the lake and Peace Bridge. We caught some, but took quite a beating from wind and wave. The visibility was poor, and will be worse after the winds forecast for the next few days.
  10. Great dive films as always Jim K , any chance you ever dive the Lower river this year ?
  11. The current 0n the bottom is usually a good bit less than what it is in the middle of the water column, where it is the strongest. the terrain has a great impact on current speed though. Let me explain how this is done. Three of us head out for some diving. 2 dive at a time, and the third guy runs the boat. Everyone does two 30-35 minute dives, so you drive once and dive twice. We pick a drift with good terrain and roll in. The line you see goes up to a divers float and flag on the surface. It's just to mark where we are. It's actually a hinderance as the current tugs on it. We descend in the water column by letting air out of our vests until we reach the river bottom. Once there, I do not try to achieve neutral buoyancy like most divers, but remain negative. I wear extra lead, in fact, to assure it. then we slowly let the current take us downstream headfirst. I push off the bottom with one hand holding the camera with the other. I go as slow as possible, only swimming to catch up to the guy with the float. I want the fish to come to me, i don't chase them. it is ideal if I can stop by just sinking to the bottom. without silting out the shot. That, of course, doesn't always happen and I wind up drifting right into the fish i am trying to film. The river dictates almost everything. You can only work back upstream against it a couple of meters at best, with a lot of effort. I hope this answers your question.
  12. Jim, How strong is the current drag towards your body when you were taking videos? Can you just swim without holding on to the rope? Is the current less stronger underneath compared to on the surface of the river?
  13. If you noticed the direction of those fish eyes , they are staring at the camera. They want a Selfie too!
  14. And good eating ( fresh water cod.....also called eel pout )
  15. Got out Saturday while 444 was on .got 1 six pound smallie while trolling dipsey and walleye and got blown off the lake after couple hours.

  16. Last week
  17. that's a beast
  18. Cool video , wouldn't want to get sucked up in one of those ! I've seen a couple good ones UpNorth years ago and they come out of nowhere ,scary !
  20. That's wild! Just what you don't want to see when you're out fishing!
  21. I'm trying to figure out why it won't embed. It is set to public. It should work now. It needed to be published even though I thought I had done that. Not the best shots. It got better after my battery died.
  22. I had to log into my google address...and then still couldn't open the youtube video.......
  23. Water spouts south of Port Colborne today. A second one is forming on the right near the end of the video. My camera battery died so I did not catch it all.
  24. Awesome time tell one of those Muskies to bite my lure
  25. I'll be around all next weekend if anyone wants to pair up. Experienced paddler here.
  26. Nice pike man. Looks like you almost need a bigger net 😄
  27. NIce! Thanks for sharing!
  28. Great video ! Keep them coming
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