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  2. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    Definitely no need for the apology mate, we found it in the end, I just mentioned it because like you said, others might have thought they'd got the wrong venue or date
  3. Last week
  4. Ice out carping

    I bet after a few times baiting your spot things will pic up keep at it i think there will be a fish in your near future good luck keep us posted
  5. Ice out carping

    Do the carp smell like root beer there Tyler ? We have some of them here in St.Kitts that are probably catch-able now. I'll wait for a while to try Gibson again after the canal opens up next week for the water to rise and dirty up a bit. I have a few shallow "brown water" spots to try in the mean time . Hope you nail your first one soon .
  6. Ice out carping

    Anyone cruising through brantford and wants to do some carp fishing messaged me and I’ll give ya a location. Nothing special just a polluted lake full of carp.
  7. Ice out carping

    A sure sign of good times ahead!!
  8. Ice out carping

    Me thinks your baiting campaign is working, Tyler. Musta been exciting to see them in your swim, especially being March!
  9. Port Dalhousie

    Launch ramp docks are in at Port Dalhousie! Free to use now at your own risk. We will begin staffing it Easter weekend. Much thanks to our volunteers and to Gilbert @ Rankin Construction. Property clean up day will be Sat March 24 10am. BBQ lunch to follow. All are welcome to help... please bring work gloves and a rake or shovel. Next general meeting is Mon March 7pm at the Rib Crib 106 Lakeport Rd we are excited to have Jocelyn Leung from Angling Outfitters as our guest speaker. He is well know for his in-depth knowledge of marine electronics and will be giving a seminar on making sure your all set up properly regardless of your make/model. Spring Salmon Derby begins Sat April 7, dont forget to get your tickets by March 26 to qualify for the early bird draw for the Scotty Downrigger! www.scgfa.ca
  10. Ice out carping

    Fished for an hour this evening. Finally started seeing carp in my area. Seen 5-6 before the wind picked up and rippled the water. So I baited it some more and I’ll be back.
  11. Ice out carping

    I always think of ice out fishing for carp as a new frontier in fishing. We see that carp can, in fact, be caught 12 months of the year, even though their metabolism slows during the colder months. Another challenge, of course, is finding open water. I Hamilton, there are a few spots that are fishable in winter due to warm water discharge coming from water treatment plants but, to be honest, they're places I prefer to avoid. But, now that we're into March it's great to see the rivers( and river mouths in particular )opening up. I shall be out there myself soon!
  12. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    ...my bad. I looked for the sign I've used for years at the turn into the venue. It was not in my good shed. I think it's in my back shed. Can't get into that one because of the snow (door). Sorry about the inconvenience. There will be one there, next year. Thanx for letting me know. If it happened to you, it probably happened to someone else.
  13. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    A broken toe can be real painful ....kicked a few coffee tables & chairs in the night ....hope it heals quickly Bruce . I remember the gashed forehead .....another nice "son" job ...lol Looks like he has finally got even with you ....from head to toe !
  14. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    I got a bonus at the end of the show as we were packing up. My son gave me a broken toe when he dropped a display board square across my foot. Could have been worse, and it's not the first time famiy has tried to cripple me
  15. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    To be honest we couldn't really see it signposted at all on the way in, we ended up in the hockey rinks, maybe stick a poster in the arena window to go around to side door or something? Not having a go obviously as we found it in the end, great show though mate.
  16. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    Well, fifteen years under our belts. Content was as good as it's ever been. We get all kinds of comments (day before/day of and after). I attempt to provide a local event that includes outdoor content and education. It's not easy to get vendors and exhibitors to come to Fort Erie. We're kinda at the end of the road but I applaud their effort. I will try to get more vendors involved in 2019. Attendance was down a bit and we'll work on that. The Leisureplex (Town of Fort Erie) and its staff were a pleasure to work with, as always. Thank-you to everyone who made this happen!
  17. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    Congratulations to our Winners!...Phil Panetta - One Night Stay for Two (breakfast incl.) at the Cairn Croft Hotel Best Western Plus and Molson Gear.....Nathan Wiles - Quantum Aztec 30 spinning reel plus Molson gear plus $50 Doc Magilligan's Pub Voucher (Cairn Croft).....Nicole Comeau - Quantum Spinning Combo (rod and reel) plus Molson Gear.....One Year Adult OFAH membership to Mark St.Jean plus Outdoor Gear (courtesy Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters).....Two 1 year subscriptions to Bob Izumi's Real Fishing Magazine (courtesy Ontario Lures) go to Ian Caughey and Don Conron. Two rod and reel combos are awarded to Sophie and Ethan for participating in Casting Kids. I will be in touch with everyone by tomorrow.
  18. Ice out carping

    Yes Mike , that wall looks like steel & runs about 100 to120' long . When the water level rises it will not be clear &, the wall can't be seen . If you hook any large fish that hugs bottom of the wall , your line will be raked & the fish gone . It would be interesting to don a wet suit and have a look at the fishing store at that wall ! Anyone have a sub-drone we could send for a wall trip ?
  19. Ice out carping

    Wow, I can just imagine how may lures are on the other side of that wall, Smerch! And glad you got your rod hold back Tyler. Good luck with your baiting campaign.
  20. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    Thanx, guys. Glad you could make it AND find some deals!
  21. It's almost here.

    Robt dropped a sheet of display panel on my foot as we were packing up. I get to wear an air cast for a few weeks.
  22. It's almost here.

    BRUCE ! I heard you busted your foot there today ! I hope you are doing okay !
  23. Ice out carping

    Took advantage of the hour of light I have after work now. Fished for 30-45mins no luck. Really I just went to bait the area.
  24. Any of you gents have eyes on the grand in Dunnville

    It's was blahhh. Got fish but not many. We also got out late!
  25. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    I'll second exactly what bubba said!
  26. It's almost here.

    Wish I'd have taken more money with me, nice to meet you though mate, can't wait to try out my buys
  27. Ice out carping

    I gave it another go for a few hours today , using roe bags & oat/corn chum . ...not a frigging touch mates ! Some ice remains in spots , water very clear and COLD ....like my hands & face ....brrr . The drop offs were easy to spot with the low water level . I think I'll try some "muddy" water spots next time when it warms up more ...like 10*C plus. The Wall
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