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  2. in 1979 the evinrude had coils .if you have a multimeter you can go on the internet and you can see step by step on how to check them out . td
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  4. I m not seeing any weather data from the PC weather marker. Does anyone know when or if it going in this season? It is usually in by now.
  5. That is strange tombo.
  6. Lake erie sheephead also love jitterbugs! We were bass fishin yrs ago, and 1 guy caught nothing but sheephead on his jitterbug. Musta caught 10 or so that day!
  7. Go get him i did one hunt a few years ago in the evening i had set up around 50 yards from his roost i hunted that same bird in the morning and was able to pin point his roost he came in but i never got the shot but i was able to watch him fly up on his roost even if i didn't get him it was cool just to watch him i waited until dark to move out i could have took him from the roost but that's not me so i gave him 2 days then sat up in the bush 100 yard away from him and just sat there that's one nice thing about the leaves on the tree he didn't see me but i couldn't see him but as shooting time came around i didn't have a decoy i just gave a few soft yelps then just sat there as he came out of the tree he walked right to me and game over good luck genec can't wait till my grandson is old enough to go with me
  8. Nothing like sharp hooks with a stout hookset!
  9. Still trying to get my grandson his bird before I fill my second tag. We sat 3 hours yesterday in my buddy's bush where he's been hearing gobblers every morning, but saw nothing! Got to try & get him out 1 evening this week.
  10. Jitterbugs on a steady retrieve just fast enough to hear the soft gurgle.
  11. I have caught them on jitter bugs top water. Bass will often miss them and make a big splash, the pike always get them first try with just a little splash. It's a lot of fun.
  12. Poppers can be awesome. Slow day. Nice long pause between popps
  13. I have caught a few burning spinnerbaits across the surface of the water, never had anything on a buzzbait specifically.
  14. I usually fish for pike with jerkbaits and spoons, was wondering if anyone has had luck going top water for pike. If so, what is the typical size to expect for top water pike? Thanks
  15. Anyone no where I can find a 1979 15hp power pack or even how to test them ?
  16. Didn't end up going Saturday (car troubles). Got out this morning, didn't hear or see a thing. One more weekend!
  17. Find a deeper spot that comes up to a shallow bay. Large pike live in the deeper cold water, but come into shallower water to feed. If you can find a good spot in between to cut them off on the way to feed you may luck out. My favourite is a frozen makarel or large chub minnow under a float if your targeting big pike. Lures will work as well but you will catch smaller ones more often
  18. You would think the bigger ones would be after the crappie as well as they head up to do there thing
  19. Wish I could be there
  20. Pike should be in marinas , following minnows into spots like Jordan marina & harbour . I got a 10lb.pike about 30" at Jordan harbour 2 yrs.ago , using a 3 way with worm harness , looking for cats . Using spoons should get pike now .I like to use minnows-chubs under a float for them .....problem is trying to make up my mind to fish for carp or pike the same spots ! .....soon ...
  21. Thanks guys a lot of great advice
  22. The silvers are running hard, and the people are elbow to elbow.
  23. Marinas are a good food source with cover. Quick access to the lake, usually to much deeper waters, as big pike are a cold water fish. To me a large pike around here is 30". Up in Petawawa area many 20 lbers are caught. Last year one was caught by a friend's wife at the point on a 3-way rig and worm.
  24. I have had good luck with spring pike in locations that have feeder streams - theses streams deliver baitfish (shiners, chubs, sucker) to the larger water bodies when heavy rains come and the pike are there to feed.
  25. Last summer i was fishing the Welland river for pike i did well but every thing was small all summer.Now that the pike have spawned and the water is still cool should the bigger pike still be around and as the water warms up do the bigger pike head to cooler water? There should be bigger pike in there i just cant seem to catch them just small ones 20 inches or less any one have any knowledge on this or any tips on what i should do to get the bigger fish to strike THANKS for any thoughts
  26. I may be there tn carping
  27. If ur fishing pike.......try bobber and a big minnow or creek chub..... seriously. Dynamite there right now.
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