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    Yes sir, another video of fish doing what they do in the river. This one is from my new GoPro 5, which has image stabilization, a really nice feature when you're trying to film in heavy currents.. If you have any questions, i will try to answer them .Enjoy !
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    I've been off this board for a while and recently came back and I've noticed a significant drop in posts... Anyhow, here it goes in one sentence (I'm being blunt to make a point): The biggest way to improve the site is for many of the core members to drop the a-hole holier than thou attitude. (I can provide examples if requested)
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    After a very blustery ,rainy , thunderous , lighteningerous day yesterday I decided to fish on a cooler day ...at last !! Headed up to Gibby to my nice spot hidden in the trees to give my arm a workout with some fat spunky carp . After 2 hours of no hits, runs or errors, I decided to pack it in . The rod is always last to pack up ....just in case ! Well , one brave carp decided to grab a bite before I withdrew my services and gave me a few minutes of awesomeness . My maize was still intact so I would give it another 10 minutes before leaving .....Then I heard some voices ....saw Knightfisher approaching while talking to someone nearby . Low and behold ....my son Dan & his lovely wife appeared ! ( I think they were lost ).... they started walking from the Pen Center & walked about 8 kms.up the Bruce Trail to Gibson . I drove them back to their truck on Glendale before being in need of a rescue search squad . I haven't seen them for weeks and they show up at my secret "hidden" spot ! Something fishy going on .....maybe I have been "chipped" ,and I'm now a dot on their geocache map ! ?.. Well , it was a pleasant surprise ....and no today !
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    Drove around aimlessly this morning until I came upon the one and only Smerchly fishing for carp. I deemed the waters to have pike and decided to take a few casts. Landed two in about 90 minutes tossing my own homemade spinnerbait ... might have missed a few others as I like the way the skirts look being a little longer but I am not a fan of trailer hooks because of how they impact the skirting. An no they are not the same fish ... the second one was missing a chunk out its side ... had healed over but still something took a nip at it.
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    Please, to the people that don't know what "Boat ramp etiquette" means , look it up please , Not every boater falls in this category of course thank god, if they did I would probably sell my boat long time ago , but I Always tip my hat to the guys that show "proper etiquette" out of respect for doing things right , like preparing your vessel before you try to launch and not cutting in line , after you recover your boat move your rig out of the way please for others to get there stuff out of the water too , there should be some test questions that deal with this type of stuff on the boater's exam imo , btw to the "gentleman" that buzzed by my boat while I was drifting the lower aug 10th nearing the end of the queenston long drift, 15 feet away from me going full out , you are a reckless imbecile and you shouldn't be allowed to operate a vessel, you almost gave me and my 70 year old elderly fishing partner a friggin heart attack ! I hope your not a member here, Probably not" I also think the boating license thing needs to be over hauled to include "common sense" . I'm almost sure other members here have experienced some sketchy things like that , end of rant. NRF.
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    Just a little story to share. Last night I was out in just a regular 16 foot aluminum boat with my twin daughters fishing when I just couldn't help but think of the history of this boat. So here it is in a nutshell from my grandfather. This particular boat was manufactured by Harbour Craft. My grandfather built a lot of tooling for these very boats at Trapps Manufacturing. This boat was purchased in 1967 by my grandfather and has since been used for fishing by my grandfather, his kids, his grandchildren, and now the forth generation, his great grand children. Although it is now powered by a newer 9.9 Jonson Motor I still have the 1977 brown 9.9 Jonson Motor that I remember as a kid. Determined to get it running again someday. This boat has seen a lot of water over the past 50 years and many strings of fish hanging from the sides. From the big waters of Niagara to the remote smaller lakes in Espenola. To me stories like this is what makes fishing just that more special. P.S. my 7 year old daughters were making dad look silly last night catching walleye in Haliburton last night in this very boat. The 4th generation did not disappoint......... Karl Jr.
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    Got out Saturday morning for some eyes. the lake was very calm. The sky was overcast and not to warm out. My other son was home from BC visiting and he has never fished with me for eyes on erie. He also has never caught and eye. Well that all changed in a matter of 4 hours. He caught 3 sheep head, 1 bass and 4 eyes. I think he had one the best times of his life fishing with me. It was a thrill to watch him bring them in.. Plan on taking him out late this week before he goes back to BC.
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    A few weeks ago I took my family and some visiting relatives for a ride on Chippawa Creek and the Niagara. On our way back to the ramp the clouds rolled in and it seemed everyone headed in at the same time. The ramp was very busy but going smoothly even though it was now pouring rain. When it was time for the two guys in front of me to take their boat out, they got the trailer in and the boat on it in no time. They then sat there and started buttoning up canvas, unloading coolers, coiling lines, stowing fenders, etc. I mentioned to them that this is not something you do on the ramp when other are waiting. The guy blew up on me and in very foul language told me not to explain launch etiquette to him as he had waited in line like everyone else and now it was his turn and everyone else could wait for him. How do you argue with someone like this? On the other hand, many a time I've been at the ramp and have encountered people not comfortable with backing up their rigs. I have gone over and quietly offered to do it for them and every time they have accepted my offer with a profusion of thanks saying it was the one thing that kept them from coming out as much as they would like. There is a learning curve for everything and we just have to be patient.
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    Got back yesterday from manitou lake, spent 15 days at Lodge on the point and it was great. Tim and Roz are awesome. We stayed in their 3 bedroom cabin and it was great had everything we needed. Fishing was good and tough.. The smallmouth were nonstop with must in the 2 lb range. I did catch a few 4lbers with my biggest at 4.8lbs., the lake trout were tough tho. Marked a ton of fish with a few knockoffs and 8 lake trout landed.... biggest was 8 lbs most were in the 3-4 lb range tho which were fantastic in the pan I must say. I caught 4 pike with one coming off the dock, smallest was 4lbs biggest was 7lbs. I didn't test any of the many lakes nearby as I had the family with me so just stuck to manitou, however next time I go it will be with no children and I'll do some real fishing. But id have to say it was a success and I will be going back and would recommend it.
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    just got my archery tag in today time to throw a few arrow and make sure things are still good don't wan't to make any bad shots
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    I have never had problems with boaters just them fools on jet skies they are nothing but show offs and it don't matter they aim for you at top speeds and wiz by you just feet away
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    Carelessly discarded fishing line is my biggest peeve. Loose hooks too.
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    To me fishing is just as much about the memories and chats with a buddy as it is about catching fish. I'm heading to my friends place in Kirkland Lake this weekend and love that my son is now 13 and comes out with the "boys" .
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    Also, I'm not sure where you're from, but if you're near Welland you're more than welcome to meet me at the river if you'd want to try my kayak out.
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    Quarry Road, Port Colborne. Go south on Quarry Rd from Hwy 3 and you'll see a quarry on either side of the road. I used to take my kids and now I take my grandson there. I fish the quarry on the west side of the road and from the rocks on the south side. Non-stop sunfish action for the kids. The quarry also holds bass, perch and carp from what I've seen and caught. I was there this morning with my daughter and grandson and he caught 13 sunfish in the span of about 45 minutes.
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    http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2017/08/10/fishing-lines-continue-to-hook-wildlife It seems anglers are the main problem .....both fishing line & garbage .....seen plenty of that at Jordan (again) yesterday . Those plastic rings used for drinks should be banned for a start.....fines should start at $1000 for decimating our environment .....It makes all anglers look bad in the eyes of the public , especially people who respect our wildlife . I can see the mnr regs change to using non barbed hooks as they do out west (BC) As a last recourse .....fishing spots may be posted ...... Obviously .....too many people with diminished brain capacity ...... ...Im the guy in the yellow shirt ...
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    Met a few NFN members while carping yesterday .....( 2 carp landed ) ....a few hits & misses . As usual , fishing line everywhere , much of it tangled in shrubs ....need to cut it out or torch it ...... Nice to see Knightfisher , snags & Bubba14 out there enjoying the beauty day we had ! On the short trail it looks like someone had trouble with his line ......then decided to toss it over his shoulder and let "mother nature" take care of it ......makes me wonder if his Mother taught him any manners at all ....... this mess looks like about 150 yds .of 30 lb.Walmart mono ....... I hope this dope didn't have spare line with him ! .........over 300 hits.......not bad ......getting the word out there .....send to 10 friends .............
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    Went out this morning for a few hours on the welland river. Finally witnessed a musky and a walleye caught out of there. I didn't catch either unfortunately but was very happy to be a part of it. Musky was about 32", the walleye was small. Both were released. Beautiful morning to be out on the water.
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    Got mine in the mail today. Hopefully I use it on a 12 pointer but if all else fails a nice juicy doe will work just fine!
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    It's a shame that some of the youth today spend most of their time playing video games or staring at their phones and not developing an appreciation of nature and how to respect the land and what it has to offer. It's our duty to teach this to our grandchildren and children.
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    anyone can go on line and get a boater lic.and then they think they know it all . I think that all new boaters should have some kind of test on the water . a beginner driver has to take a road test and so should new boaters . td
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    agree 100% as smerch said put it straight up in the regs
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    Very good response Gunner ...It is frustrating , as you said , catching them in the act is hard to do . In some spots cameras ,like parking lot cameras can pick up faces , but the night crew who come to eat , drink and use fires to cook and leave a big mess would escape a camera , mnr . but the police may spot them and investigate to see what they are doing . They bring in coolers full of food & drink , but don't take the trash back with them . It weighs nothing !! To be fair to our members , I know many of these people are not locals . Some really don't have the smarts to know where garbage goes .....or don't care about THIS country . The first page in the regs should be about common courtesy , respect for others and the environment . Our government that dotes on GREEN could do more by hiring people to clean up our roads , parks and "green" spaces . They did much more 50 years ago ......
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    I don't think there is an answer smerchly with all the fishing line found there are just to many people that don't give a crap and it's people like that that kids watch and learn this stuff from like they say monkey see monkey do it's obvious these people need babysitters it's a hard battle to fight when these guys can't be caught to catch these guys you would need someone watching them all the time it is a big problem for sure and a lot of wildlife suffer from it.It is sad but it's a simple problem to avoid and until people wake up and see what is happening and we start to lose fishing spots these guys won't stop. As far as barb less hooks go it's rely not a bad idea a lot easier to get out of your hand lol and i don't think upping the fine will help when there is no one around to right them and even if there is a C.O or a cop around they have to catch you doing it and that's almost impossible But we all can do are part and if we see it we can tell them to pick it up but then if they are ignorant enough to do that then most likely they will just tell you to well you know _____ you can call a C.O but by the time they get there unless you record them doing it you have to prove that they did it then what next chances are they don't get fined and you will have to leave your spot cause they will be harassing you the rest of the day COME ON PEOPLE IT'S JUST FISHING LINE PICK IT UP AND TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU IT'S NOT THAT HARD OF A THING TO DO IF YOU BRING IT IN TAKE IT OUT SIMPLE YOU DON'T NEED MUCH OF A BRAIN TO FIGURE THIS OUT TEACH YOUR KIDS THE PROPER WAY OR MAYBE THEY NEED THE KIDS TO TEACH THEM EITHER WAY WAKE UP
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    Uncut Angling , lots of top of the line video's , check them out. #tillerlife
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    Dont forget to apply for the controlled deer hunt! They started taking applications on the 1st. Good luck everyone
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    Thanks for the reminder kgm. I've been so focused on the moose draw that had it in the back of my mind that I had already applied, but was confusing it with the antlerless draw. Too many special draws to keep track of!
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    Got out Saturday and today ... no fish today ... Saturday I got a few. Using the 12 foot maddragon rod would definitely make landing fish on your own a challenging task. Saturday had two landed, one missed hookset, and had one line sawed off (probably on zebra mussels). An action shot Fish one, or maybe it was two Fish two, or maybe it was one ... Tossing my spinnerbaits around ... no pike this go round.
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    Could be ....I'm darker than my wife .... (fishing tan) ....
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    Cast adventures , Paul Castellano . only guide I would recommend , do some research on him , you will not be disappointed . NRF.
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    The pike off was fun and we had some mini ice fishing derbies which brought members together for a day , and we had swills where we met for some wings ....(no prizes are necessary imo) ...... I believe more members are involved in personal messaging than those "old days" . Nice to see some new ideas here !
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    My two cents. Take it for what you will, I'm certainly no social media expert. Reduce the number of subforums. Keep the major ones (Fishing, Hunting & Conservation, Non-Fishing, and Classifieds) and maybe a couple specific interest forums, but roll the rest into one general discussion area. Right now we're like a restaurant, where each group is sitting at it's own table having their own conversation. Bring all the conversations together, so it's more like a bar and you can float from group to group and participate in many discussions. It's just to fragmented right now. Think about setting up some more contests. Great start with the fishing and hunting stories, think of how to do more. Prizes don't have to be as big as those contests, maybe work with the sponsors? Run photo of the month or fish of the month contest. Organize a yearly tournament. Give people a reason to participate. Do whatever you can to provide good information to new members about techniques and general locations, but don't get into hotspotting. Hotspotting may bring in an increase in overall membership, but the majority of these members are just trolling for locations and will not participate. It will drive away dedicated members who have worked hard to locate spots and develop techniques only to have them given away. That's it for now
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    Was thinking of taking my kayak to Gravelly Bay on Monday. has anyone fished the bay lately? Any luck?
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    .....happens to the best of us Ryann.....
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    Found minnows this morning on the Upper in Fort Erie. Scooped up several hundred in one shot with my bass net. Took a hand full for bait and put the rest back. Caught about 30 perch on them. All under 8 inches though. Nothing worth keeping. Minnows were all small under an inch and a half.
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    the rec canal in welland is a nice spot .
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    St.Johns conservation area, I take my kids there every weekend and fish worms under a bobber...
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    I hear you Mr.Ugli .... Fishing line is a small problem compared to our overall "plastic" society . We over package everything and too much ends up as trash . This article in the sun gives some insight into what we are up against ......looks like a grim situation ! http://www.torontosun.com/2017/08/14/our-plastic-problem ....and I'll add .... A large parcel of land was sold to "investors" who have billions $$$$$ ready to buy up Canadian land . A super rich Chinese co.wants to build on 500 acres of land which has a unique wet land section . They could care less about our green space ,wet lands or anything else . They want to make more $$$$ . China has "invested" into our vineyards and are waiting to by more of this country. They have the power , thanks to selling goods to us & the world .....very smart people indeed . I was dismayed looking at the results of a "poll" that said most people don't care about the wetlands because it means jobs . Their answer is ....move the wet lands & call it bio-diversity. What crap ! So there you have it ......our wet lands & green space means nothing . A golf course is on the chopping block to build a new subdivision . How sweet it is ! Super rich developers really do hold the "trump" cards . The Lake Gibson area is a designated green space , but I can see asphalt paving that over as well in the not too distant future. They will be building at the corner of Beaverdams Rd soon......inches away from Marlatts Pond ...... It is called "progress" ...... green don't matter , unless it's carbon taxable .
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    There are coons ,mink ,muskrats , herons ,gulls, geese, egrets , ducks, turtles .....or skunks looking for food along the rivers & lakes . I saw the dead hawk hanging by the feet at Port Dal., .& I would have cut the small tree down if necessary to free it .(have saw will travel). The first page in the reg.book would help make people more aware . As mentioned , a fishing license is handed out to anyone with zero knowledge about fishing . If we pick up just the fishing line we see , it will help save the lives of our furry/feathered friends.
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    You got it bro. T ......that one should be in BOLD PRINT in the regs.
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    Out of curiosity what are you guys trolling with threw there ..? I keep my boat in that area but farther up stream at my trailer ...Just put it in this week (busy summer ) I usually go up past Webber and anchor but wanted to try trolling now that I've sorted out my minn kota issues. BTW I'm in a Starcraft SFM 170 (white and blue ) so say Hi if you see me.
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    If you go left from the launch towards welland, on the left side of the river just before the bridge there is a small conservation area or something like that. Stay out from shore a ways there, it gets very shallow. I buried my motor in the mud there one time. Aside from that it's ok depth wise. Like gunner said, watch for the odd stump sticking up. Good luck
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    Non-members are allowed Mon-Fri 10-5 and Weekends 9-5
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    A sturgeon can live as long as a human. Maybe longer. Thanks for releasing him quickly. thank you, and everyone who posted. There are 2 different sturgeon, the crooked one would be about 4 1/2 or so, with chiropractic help, and the other one is over 6ft. If you make you tube videos, there is a lot of good background music people make available for free. You can click on the You Tube creator studio and download it. You don't even have to use their editing program. Just thinking back to when I first started out with this. I had a Hi 8 mm camera and an Ikelite enclosure that was as big as a breadbox. It was 4x as expensive as a current GoPro . Editing was done on a VCR, and if I wanted music, I lost a little more quality because I had to copy my edited cut while playing music into my second VCR with patch cords from the stereo. There was no You Tube at that point. So much better and easier today.
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    Thank you Bubba one four ....I'm grateful to have you as the second member of my fan club .....joining me as the first member .
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    Being more lenient on non-fishing posts.........We should be able to talk about anything that might be interesting............As long as the posts are done without swearing and a little bit of class, it shouldn't be a problem...........It's nice to talk about other things that aren't directly related to fishing..........Just one man's opinion.............................
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    Thanks Bubba ....they are in many of the places I fish . they like shallow waters with current and sandy bottoms . I have caught many in the 12 Mile creek system . They only get to be about 7-8" and I have caught them in lakes near Perry sound . Small hooks & a piece of worm or minnow . I posted a picture of one here last year ....went for my corn ! http://www.niagarafishing.net/forums/index.php?/topic/33910-tiger-surprise/#comment-271704