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    That is true smerchly i don't know what it's like ST.catharines but in Smithville we can only put out one garbage can for the week and have to pay $2 a bag extra i don't mind that but many people are tired of it and i'm seeing full bags along the side of the road and just today the wife and i was on are way home from Dunnville and was fallowing a car and what did he do tims cup out his window just a young kid so what did i do i stopped picked it up fallowed him to his destination TIM HORTONS go figure must have had no room in his cup holder so i let him go threw the drive thru and stopped him on his way out and gave it back to him his face was as red as a tomato i reminded him it's a $500 fine if caught i don't know if he threw it in he garbage but i hope i gave him something to think about if that possible some teens just don't care
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    Just a quick update, but Thorold City Council voted unanimously Tuesday night to allow Sunday hunting with a firearm. Previously you could only hunt with a bow on Sunday. This is exciting news. I am waiting to hear for sure but I believe that they have to submit to the MNR, who only amend the regulations twice a year so it may not be in time for turkey season but would be good for the fall season. The new city clerk has been very receptive and open-minded to ideas from the Thorold Conservation Club and the OFAH rep who has been advising and I hope and believe the Firearm Discharge Bylaw that is being worked on now, will be favourable to us.
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    The wife wan't to get a new garbage can and told me to throw our old one away but i'm going to take it to a fishing spot i go to and chain it to a tree and put a garbage bag in it for $2 i can get a tag and put the garbage out garbage day not a big deal why these people can't bring a bag with them to throw there trash away make's you think what there house looks like
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    With those kind of attitudes, I'm in favour of closing fishing spots down. Or restrict it for permit only fishing after it is fully cleaned up. This way its limited fishing and less likely of becoming a dumping ground. Without any enforcement or a 180 degree attitude change, it's just going to keep going in circles. Hopefully the COs are making their rounds. I'm sure some illegal species are being netted and kept as well.
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    Today is earth day .....why not everyday ? Shall we call it "Green Day" ? Nope ! That would make the Irish irate ! Do we eat "green" today ? Spinach , lettuce , broccoli , beans, dandelion leaves ? Pick up our garbage today ? Well , since Canada is going to make "the weed" legal , we can soon have weed vegan recipes added to our cook books ......Going "green" will have a broader meaning to Canicanuks .....Time for a new flag (never really liked the red leaf) ......"This" flag will show the world we Canucks are truly "green & free spirit" ....... . Happy Earth Day !
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    Hey Everyone, Been a busy week of fishing here on the north shore of Lake Ontario. Managed a few carp in the lake so far, and lost one. Lots of rain coming up which will force me to change up spots a little, but should still be making it out few times. Anyways, Ill probably keep posting pictures in this thread as my year carries on. Good luck, tight lines and wet mats everyone! 22 Pounder from last Wednesday
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    Went down to Queenston last evening to check water conditions ,but what I found is the White bucket brigade in full effect looking for smelts .(about 60 + people) spent 15 mins talking to one of my fishing buddies ,spent 25 mins cleaning up all types of garbage ( fishing line, roe bags ,roe bag netting ,a bunch of plastic bottles ,timmie cups ,plastic bags ,rubber gloves ,styrofoam, rope, lots of rubber bands, a belt, a pair of waders etc ,you name it ) ,then people were starting fires in the parking lot, and then when I'm leaving they were taking out plastics of the garbage can to put in there fire's ,after filling 35% of the garbage can with of crap. Will we ever " win " against the trash pigs? literally makes me sick to my soul !
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    Who says good people don't exist anymore.. good on you gunner your a true outdoorsman
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    With the son's wedding coming up in a couple of months, we had decided we would have a boy's weekend. Beer and strippers just ain't our thang. We opted to book a charter on the Detroit river for spring walleye with Kyle Moxon. It proved to be a good choice. The weather screwed us. The 2 days of heavy rain really messed up the river. On Saturday no one on the river caught walleye. Kyle knew it was going to be bad so he already had a plan "B" We would start hunting for canals that had warmer and clearer water and chase panfish. Plan "B" was a blast. Not many canals were productive as the water was too cold in most, but we found a couple that had water temps in the mid 40's and that's where the action was.We started pitching to dock posts and walls with bucktail and marabou jigs and the fish started flying. Four solid hours of float fishing with a fish on every other cast. No monster white crappie, but lots of respectable 9-11 inch blacks and incredible numbers of slab bluegills and pumpkinseeds running 8-10 inches long. By 5pm we were glad to call it a day. Sunday we were on our own, but Kyle gave us a couple of decent shore spots to check out. Morning started slow with next to nothing for crappie and the odd decent blue gill. Walked and pitched a long the one bank until I found a good hole loaded with perch. Spent 3 solid hours on that one spot weeding through dozens of dinks, but for every 5-6 dinks there was a decent keeper. Sadly all good things must end and we called it a day at 2pm. The bite was still hot but the 5 hour drive was not going to get any easier if we stayed later. We were home by 7pm and were cleaning perch until dark. Despite the lack of walleye it was a great fishing trip. One we will probably do again. Kyle worked to get us on fish and we caught lots, and we had a blast.
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    The town of N.O.T.L. have been cleaning up after these smelt dippers for many years ...at a cost of course . It's ironic in a way that a young fellow I met carp fishing had all the proper gear for handling the fish safely and keeping the spots clean (except a few pieces of stray corn) , is a priority ! He forgot to renew his license (his fault), & gets a $155 fine ....then left immediately to buy it . Compare that fine to leaving dangerous garbage that kills birds & animals that get hung up in fishing line !!! The MNR- (police) could do MUCH better in fines by watching this place closely . At one time that was our smelt spot , but we haven't got a chance to fish there now . ......many here know how the smerch feels about the garbage brigade ...........are we beating a ?...I hope not !!!!!!!
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    I think this is absolutely ridiculous, is there really a need to increase the current allowable catches with the current state the great Lakes are in?
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    Went up to Nottawa and fished the smaller rivers. Temperature was about zero this morning at 6am. Rivers are high and a perfect greenie color. Fish were there but difficult to catch. 6 guys/5 fish not our best but it was fun.
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    I agree. Every day should be Earth Day. We shouldnt need a special day to take care of our earth.
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    You sure do bring back good memories of when Spring fishing was outstanding. No downriggers or dipseys, just flatlines, small 16 ft boats, Campbells marine.
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    For the second night in a row the frogs are singing.I live on the edge of a Carolinian forest...spring is officially here! FF
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    I always clear my fishing spot when I'm done. My garbage and what was already there. At Port Dalhousie I filled my landing net with pop cans and wrappers and carried it 30 feet to the garbage can....what's wrong with this picture?
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    It pisses me off whenever I see someones garbage I shake my head ..but I pick it up and get rid of it..I hate coming to a spot to see lines and packages and worm cans laying around..like wtf is wrong with people?
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    It's sickening that so many people have no respect for the environment.......We can't afford to lose any more fishing spots, especially for those who only fish from shore............These fishing areas need to be better enforced, and fines issued to prevent this type of behavior from occurring.............
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    Sounds like a fun weekend. Nothing wrong with throwing beer and strippers into the mix too though!
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    Egerters are great people!
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    I myself Smerchly have a trade and just started a new job this past week with one of the school boards(hopefully retiring there).I highly recommend a trade for any person starting out looking for a career.I have never been out of a job and can,t see robots doing my job.I,m up ladders,on roofs,in ceilings etc with my trade.All the best
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    Hi Spennyfish, carp can be caught from most of the shorelines around Gibson. Get yourself a can or two of corn, donate one of them to the fish gods, and throw it out to the spot you chose to fish and then it's a waiting game. A few carps have been caught this spring and it will pick up as the temps move up. Also keep an eye out for where others are fishing. Just a little warning....if that Smerchly guy is fishing near you, you may as well pull your line in. That guy attracts carp like a magnet, and the rest of us get skunked.
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    good luck out there guys there will be a lot more hunters out there this year so be safe and bag a bird and post your pics
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    LOL, no parties, I'm not that brave! No sooner than they left, buddy from across the street was over with a few beers. Pizza and wings for dinner, fishing tomorrow morning and I'm sure I will be able to sneak in a few hours here and there this week in pursuit of turkeys. And no broccoli all week Smerch!
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    I to agree every day must be Earth Day Surf and Turf when is the party i hope you took holidays this week lol
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    Never been there, is it basically just a big pond? If so, it's not my kinda place. The allure of fly fishing and sometimes pinning is not only the fish I catch, but the whole experience. The creek or river, as well as the surrounding environment are a big part of the experience for me!
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    I had a problem with rats coming to the bird feeders last fall. The neighbour was getting upset. Three days later I had killed 15 with the target air rifle....8 the first day. Only saw one during the winter and not at all in the last two months...keeping my fingers crossed and the rifle handy.
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    Well, the boat is out of storage and it's all cleaned up, fueled up and all the gear is back on ready to some fishing. Hopefully the wind will die down for the up coming long weekend and my son and I can get for some perch. I hope everybody is ready to go and for those that have been out already. I'm jealous of you. Good luck and have fun and be safe to all this year
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    The Thorold Legion Conservation Club has practice facilities for members and in the summer we have 3D shoots at reasonable prices every two weeks.
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    In some cases all you need to check out is their home/parents .....(low lifes) On the flip side they are the product of well off parents and are spoiled BRATS ! ....so they would laugh at fines ...daddy will pay ... The police don't have time to babysit ,nor does the MNR.....and the night fishers are immune.... The easiest "solution" is to ban shore fishing where garbage is a problem . Back in the 50's I remember seeing hired people picking up garbage with a nail stick in our parks , city and highways . I've "heard" that the parks on the U.S. side are much better taken care of by the state and littering is taken more seriously RWF......WTF is wrong with people ???..............LOTS !
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    So I was scouting the area out a little today looking around, is "Gravelly Bay" the area inside of the break wall or does it go out past the break wall? Also what is the fishing like inside of the break wall? Please feel free to PM me the info if you wish to not post it publicly. I am curious as to depths and vegetation. Is there a chance at pickeral ever or is it mostly bass, pike, carp, and sheepies. Also before someone decides to stand on a soapbox, the facts we all know ... THE AREA IS A SANCTUARY BETWEEN JUNE 1 AND JULY 15. BASS ARE OUT OF SEASON RIGHT NOW THROUGH TO JULY 15. The water in the marina was clear in some spots, dirty in others. At best it was 1.5 feet of visibility. Lots of minnows in one corner of the marina (no size to them) and one sheepie was seen cruising the shoreline. Bout it. No one around fishing. One trailer by the launch.
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    Here is a map I made that show the approximate area of the PC fish sanctuaries.
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    It is a shame the regulations don't have graphics indicating the rough boundaries. Would definitely be beneficial.
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    Is any job safe these days ? I am fortunate to be a "boomer" when jobs were so plentiful before most of the manufacturing moved to Asia , Mexico , Brazil , etc. I saw the beginning of robotics & automation back in the 80's . Now we have phones that will track every movement we make (big bro) , and the kids today love it ! The quote below is just the start to how technology will control the generations to come .....I think it's sad really ...... ....oh yes....fishing related
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    Due diligence always wins out in the end. Pre spawn is a much shorter window than when they are in spawn mode. Usually early June. Very water temp influnced.
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    This. The entitlement mentality. My experience in the engineering/design/manufacturing side of things is that schools (both high school and higher education) do not teach critical thinking or technical problem solving. Pump the kids full of software knowledge, they don't need actual design knowledge - the computer will figure it out for them. What you end up with is things like Smerch's brick-laying robot. Maybe a good concept, but looking at the video it's pretty obvious that the people who are needed to make concept a reality were not consulted. I look at some of the 'new' and 'exciting' things that companies like Autodesk promote (Titans of CNC? Really? Show is garbage manufacturing) and it makes me sad and upset. Exciting engineering is things like the Hoover Dam, Merlin Engines, Space travel, and the like. Not pushing buttons and letting the computer do the 'thinking'. Bring back the engineering programs that were more like an apprenticeship where they learned about tools and machines and the real world.
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    Good idea! Just make sure you wrap that chain loosely around the tree to give it room to grow or it will girdle and kill itself. Take Care Salmonman
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    Where are you going to put the can, ill stop by and empty it over the coming years.
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    As long as they are not actively "participating in the hunt' your fine. Sitting with you is fine, but they can't be dogging the bush for you etc.
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    I was taking my son hunting all the time never had a problem i was turkey hunting with my daughter she was 11 and was stopped by a C.O the only thing he said to me that he was happy to see the kids out there and enjoying the outdoors we always took my buddies son never had a problem i'm not saying it's ok but as long as he is not shooting i can't see why not i have never heard of anyone getting crap for this if you really want to know for sure the answer is just a phone call away i know as soon as my grandson is 11 i'm going to take him out but i really think as long as you are there and he is not shooting i can't see the problem but like i said the MNR would be the best bet for this answer.if you do take him turkey hunting really watch now that hunters don't need to take the turkey course it's going to be interesting to see what kind of hunters we will be up against good luck i hope you get your son out there be safe and good luck on getting your bird
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    Thanks guys😊When I go out I will be sure to post how I did
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    Great memories I have smelt fishing with my gramps back in the day.....Friggin shame what's going on down there now..
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    Nice to hear some good news once in a while ....... http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2017/03/31/search-engine-fishy-business-in-the-niagara-river ....while other places destroy marsh lands to build new plazas where Chinese money is boss ...... Also heard on the radio , the MNR is making it illegal to kill (possess) snapping turtles ....very welcome news , hope it starts immediately . .....CHCH News reported it starts today .....
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    For that reason , I will not post backgrounds . Too many people who do not have any regard for the environment or wildlife that suffers because people (including anglers) don't care . Their homes are probably full of bedbugs and roaches ( both kinds) ! As usual I picked up some braid line yesterday . ....these people are too numb to understand ...... At one spot there was a small plastic bag full of empty bottles, cans & packages , and left there for someone else to dispose ??? They brought in full cans in their backpacks and couldn't take the empties (crushed) back home or to the nearest trash can ??? When more of our fishing spots are closed down , we know the cause...... Bruce ....I think the crappie population in certain spots has taken a hit the last few years .....maybe 30 per day is a tad too high ? Have they spawned yet ?
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    They peeped up until last night...its early but im gonna say they dont sing tonight....Thats "1"!!! Im going to follow this thru gunner!
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    I think Gibson carp will be on soon ....water is deeper with current in most spots I fish . The Beaverdams area where the water is shallow should be good for carp now . I did my first and earliest carp fishing today , just using can corn . The cats were raiding my line ....plenty of those whiskered critters today . My 1st carp of the year came after about 2 hrs . ....a real whopper , caught on my 11.5' rod & 8# mono ...didn't weigh it but guessed it to be about 25 to 30 ounces .......a real scrapper ! another 2 hrs of fishing , and 2 more carp ....a little larger..... ...estimated weight at 16 -17 lbs
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    Invasive rudd....you know what to do with them jighead?if it is a rudd and i believe it is it goes into the garden.
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    This was a skinny male that I was bringing to the weigh-in many years ago that I think was almost 14lbs but if filled out could have been much heavier. I think I was in 4th place at the time. I caught it from shore in NOTL at the mouth of the river. My PB.