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    This is about the best I could do with the condition we've had.
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    Fish seasons are a rule not a guideline, much like speed limits, a little over and you can be fined. There are multiple species which will gun for the same baits, but there is due diligence you need to do as an angler. It all depends on the water body you are fishing. If you are fishing the two ponds at beaverdams ... you are fishing for bass, there is not enough pike in the two ponds to even try arguing you are gunning for pike. At the end of the day if the MNR was to stop by and they feel you are targeting an out of season fish ... you could lose all your gear plus a fine. It is one thing fishing with a minnow or a worm due to the quantity of species which will consume either, but when it comes to casting lures, you do need to be prepared for changing lures if you are catching bass frequently. Q. What's the big deal, I toss the bass back ... A. You toss them back, but in the few minutes you have the bass off the nest the gobies can do a number on the eggs/fry. Q. It is only one or two bass A. One or two in your mind, especially in a heavily fished area like Gibson ... multiply that by every angler out there. Please read the regulations and familiarize yourself with them. In Niagara there are a total of three zones you need to be familiar with, Zone 16 (most inland), Zone 19 (Lake Erie and upper river), Zone 20 (Lake Ontario and the lower river). When it comes to enforcement you need to know the regulations for the zone you are fishing, claiming I DID NOT KNOW won't fly with the MNR. There was a member on this board who was tossing a fly at St Johns pond a few years ago ... they got fined ... trout were not in season, they were practicing their cast in an area there was space ... but at the end of the day the MNR witnessed it. Do the regulations make sense? Not 100%, but you still need to abide by them, especially if the spots are more public where others can watch and call the TIPS line.
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    Well decided to get my last tag and thought to my self every bird i have shot was with a shot gun so i dedicated this last tag to hunt with my bow after 3 days trying and having this guy not committing and strutting to his hen around 100 yards out he had no interest in one more hen mine until this morning. I made my Jake decoy into a strutting Jake with the fan from my first bird and put him with my hen decoy in a submissive pose had 4 hens come walking by and then he came out strutting he seen my display and came running as he beat the crap out of my Jake i was able to get the bow up and took him out at 20 yards done by 6:30 another successful season with no ticks or mosquitoes weighing 23 lbs my first bird with a bow what a rush cant wait till next year. For you guys still hunting i swear if you are seeing tom but they won't commit do what i did that Tom will definitely come on a full out run another thing i did was left my call in my pocket i never made a sound i thought to my self this boy has heard me from day one and would not come in so i just let his eyes speak for him. Good luck on your hunt
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    Finally got out to Crystal Beach this morning for a crack at smallmouth - took my son and my 6 year old grandson. So guess who got all 7 bass that we caught trolling this morning - yep, the 6 yr old! His 2 biggest were about 4 pounds.
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    On my way up to Welland yesterday for work, driving along beaverdams when I noticed the gold chariot parked along the water with the NFN sticker. Had to stop and pull over and introduce myself to the great smerchly. It was a pleasure meeting you in person and a privilege for the quick conversation. Any time u need a fishing partner I'm more than willing to learn from the best....and if you ever want to get out on Erie for eyes or perch let me know and we'll set it up id be more than willing to take you out... Hopefully u ended up getting a couple yesterday, was a gorgeous day. I went last nite for 1.5 hrs I was skunked but my buddy got a small 5 lber.
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    We won't have many rights in the future ... Read an article yesterday that basically said the CBSA (Canadian Border Services Agency) staff have the right to look through your phone and laptop and if you fail to give them passwords they don't have to turn them back over to yourself. On the American side of things they can deny your entry into the country if you choose to not allow them to look through things.
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    I think we caught a niagara region record. Didnt take any actual measurements as we catch and release. You guys ever catch a bowfin this big?
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    Looks like a great family time and congratulations to your little guy for his first! Some nice ones you guys got here. WTG
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    Groups that practice and/or promote terrorism are a plague to humanity. I tip my 🎩 to all that fight the disease!!
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    Some positive story of meeting and fishing with charlieD years ago. We were fishing on the US side of Niagara river in the afternoon on my boat. Charlie gave us some pointers on how to drop shot for smallies, where to start the boat to drift towards an island, how deep to start casting our presentation, and how to properly drop and lift the rod tip to ensure our line were as straight down as possible to adapt to the current that moved our boat. Some of us were casting and retrieving with lures, while Charlie uses drop shot technique. We all landed more than our limits that day. It was the first time I had witness drop shoting technique and how it could out fish cast and retrieve technique at times. Still being a new angler at Niagara river, I remembered cleary the question I asked Charlie was " What technique tournament anglers predominantly uses at Niagara river?", He responded . "Many drop shot the whole day, doing the same thing and allowing the boat to drift these productive areas, over and over again." This news of CharlieD passing away was a surprise for me as for everyone, How time flies and life is shorter then we all could imagine!
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    Today was a good example of keeping a tight watch on the rod . Carping at Gibson today for a few hours .....using my 12' carp rod , pineapple flavoured maize on a hair rig . I set the back drag on the bait runner on a low setting , & set the rod on a prop about a foot above the water (very low today) The first carp just slammed it ...no warning and was an awesome fighter ! ...it was 14 lbs . The second was an exact repeat ...no warning bite , just took off , peeling off line and making a few good runs and hard head shakes ....also about 14 lbs . The 3 rd carp was much smaller , about 4-5 lbs but hit the maize hard . The first 2 carp could have easily pulled my rod into the drink if the drag wasn't set ! Good day on the water , they liked my cooking ! Tried a new rig today ...used a soft line for the hair rig/hook with a "semi-bolt" 1.5 oz.egg sinker on 30# fl.carbon which could only slide about 4" , then act as a bolt rig ....worked very nicely ! ....don't know why the second one bled so much , but took off okay on releasing it....
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    Checked out Martindale pond today.....what a big mess at the bridge where the road caved in . Saw a couple of guys tossing top water lures among the lily pads in 4 fow ....must be after those top water pike ...
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    Same thing happened to me at Dufferin Islands, a long time ago......It was kind of funny to see the rod and reel peel through the water, though...............
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    OH if we only had a leader that was half as smart as trump
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    Thanks and agree Gunner. The liberals do not want us to have guns, period. Look at their record on guns and their record of breaking promises. Basically, the only promises that the liberals keep are to the special interest groups that helped get them get elected, and work at keeping them elected. The "Sheeple" keep paying their taxes and go about their merry way. Sad but the current government will probably get another term after this one until they mess things up so bad that they will finally get thrown out so that the conservatives can come in and clean things up. After a few terms, and things are mopped up then the liberals will get voted back in after the special interest groups convince everyone how bad the conservatives are and all the great things that the liberals are going to do for them. Sound familiar?
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    Just a heads up......while fishing at Jordan I saw a large railway tie floating in the lake . It was a full size tie ,about 10" x10" x 6'+ with 2 pieces of 1/2" re-bar about 10" high sticking strait up ( don't know what was on the underside . It would do a lot of damage to your boat at high speed . Lots of other logs , limbs ,out there , so keep a keen eye out ! The high water levels are allowing all kinds of debris to float away from shorelines . Probably the same scene for L.Erie .
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    I got out with my buddy Eric once for the first time on the weekend (just got my license). It was a great day, I did see one bird (likely a hen) and we heard 2 gobbling in the morning. Wish I could have gotten out more, but will in the fall. I don't have many options down here in Niagara so have to rely on friends taking me to other friends properties for now. I'll have fun shooting my bow all summer getting ready for fall though. Here's a pic of the day, and some decoys...
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    The current 0n the bottom is usually a good bit less than what it is in the middle of the water column, where it is the strongest. the terrain has a great impact on current speed though. Let me explain how this is done. Three of us head out for some diving. 2 dive at a time, and the third guy runs the boat. Everyone does two 30-35 minute dives, so you drive once and dive twice. We pick a drift with good terrain and roll in. The line you see goes up to a divers float and flag on the surface. It's just to mark where we are. It's actually a hinderance as the current tugs on it. We descend in the water column by letting air out of our vests until we reach the river bottom. Once there, I do not try to achieve neutral buoyancy like most divers, but remain negative. I wear extra lead, in fact, to assure it. then we slowly let the current take us downstream headfirst. I push off the bottom with one hand holding the camera with the other. I go as slow as possible, only swimming to catch up to the guy with the float. I want the fish to come to me, i don't chase them. it is ideal if I can stop by just sinking to the bottom. without silting out the shot. That, of course, doesn't always happen and I wind up drifting right into the fish i am trying to film. The river dictates almost everything. You can only work back upstream against it a couple of meters at best, with a lot of effort. I hope this answers your question.
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    It's been a while since I've posted....I need to post more often. Well, 5 minutes into my trip on the Welland River tonight I caught a pike, which is what I was looking for. Here is a GoPro video if you want to check it out: https://youtu.be/UAUpjYTFp9s I spent the rest of the time looking for a giant pike/musky that passed the front of my boat, possibly chasing my lure. Biggest thing I've ever seen...it's still out there. But I now have faith the welland river contains some true monster fish after seeing this thing swim under my boat. I don't even know how I would have landed it, it's head was the same size as my dogs (she is a lab)!
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    That's confusing about still needing to report in to Canada customs as the bill has received royal assent. http://www.parl.ca/LegisInfo/BillDetails.aspx?Bill=S233&Language=E&Mode=1&Parl=42&Ses=1 http://www.parl.ca/LegisInfo/BillDetails.aspx?Bill=S233&Language=E&Mode=1&Parl=42&Ses=1&billId=8686309&View=6 But, better safe than sorry...
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    Lots of big bowfins being caught the last few years..7 lb is my pb..faught like hell...strong....nice fish Derek
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    I think that no fish is as good as a carp at finding snags and weeds and using them to their advantage during a fight. They are masters at it!
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    made me double check the picture LMAO.. btw I know this is probably no big deal to a lot of people but when it's your first 1lb panfish..that's a milestone. I don't exactly catch monster panfish from those ponds so it was a nice surprise :D..gosh they are such a beautiful fish!!
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    I was listening to Brian Lilley , writer from the T.O.Sun , on CKTB radio at 11:15 a.m. this morning . The radio host , Tom McConnel fully agreed with him . http://www.torontosun.com/2017/06/15/the-gun-registry-still-exists-despite-a-vote-to-destroy-it The government doesn't realize that when these stories emerge , they only create more mistrust for themselves . More and more people are dropping the (fake) " news media " and opting to get their news from other sources such as Face Book, Twitter , etc. We have a government that most people voted against who won a majority (first passed the post ) ,and can pass any law they want . This makes a mockery of the word "democratic" It is not !
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    Come on fellow hunters we have to get these Liars out of power
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    You know I read this topic before I went out last night. After about 3 hours of nothing I decided I had a minute to take a pee, sure enough in goes the rod and reel. Stupid me ran and dove in after it. Now not only is my rod / reel gone I got the pleasure of drying out my wallet today and purchasing a new phone hard lesson learned last night :/
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    Nice video , good pike ! Hope you get that monster on your line ....I'll be waiting to see the video . btw....I post too much ! .....Time to cut it down ...... :- x
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    Oh yes, you have to call in with everyone's passport information, it only needs to be done once a day. Of course a sign with the number on it at the ramp might help.
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    Couldn't have said it better .......except I could add pages to the waste of energy I see everyday on this planet .... http://www.torontosun.com/2017/06/02/trump-is-right-to-stand-up-to-the-nonsense-that-is-the-paris-deal
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    Silly Snags We don't have any rights in this country. We only have privileges, and every privileges has a price, whether it's for fishing, driving a car, owning a house whatever. Every single privilege cost money. And of course at any time these privileges have been and can be taken away from us at any time. But we're free of course....
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    I cannot trust any of them , they all solicit certain "groups" to help them get elected ......but the lying lips have never got my vote and never will . When they passed the so called "pit bull $hit" bill to appease the herd , I will never trust them for anything they spew from their lying mouths. Anglers , hunters , beware !
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    Sorry i meant to put this up
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    Your right about that just being out there is what it's all about getting a turkey is just a bonus
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    Not this season. Still a beautiful way to spend your time even without getting a turkey
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    Lot of people lost docks and decks along the Lake O . shoreline with the high water and then the NE winds did a number on them.
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    We have a great crew on board here WalleyeChaser . We strive to go by the rules and help others learn about fishing/hunting techniques and ethics . The MNR needs to have a page up front about ethics , from garbage to giving other anglers space , etc etc. IMHO fishing licenses are too easy to obtain .....anybody can walk in to C.T. and get one with no knowledge whatsoever what a trout or bass looks like .....never mind what fish is oos or limits of catch . The garbage I saw yesterday at Jordan was a good example of what we are dealing with out there..... And thanks for being honest ! Seems to be a rare trait these days ......
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    Always refreshing when the good people find your lost stuff and make the effort to get it back to and find the owner... 😁👍👏 thank you
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    Ur tax dollars going to.my check eh.... Good luck to ya cuz only advice I'm gonna give you now is go f@$# yourself. This was a conversation about bowfishing carp and the opinions and thoughts on it which could have led to more advice and tips on targeting carp if you had contributed. Instead u chose to put down the members as " were not contributing to society " and u still ask for a good carp recipe. Either your just plain stupid or ridiculously ignorant.
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    They got me today ! Fished for 1 hr.& 40 min. & nothing happening . Soooo.....I needed to have a "quick" whiz in the bushes .....backed off the drag on the bait runner , very loose & had a quickie . Back to the rod ....line was peeling off and fish was wayyyy out there on bottom ! It ran out about 100' of line while I was whizzin !! (back turned) . I'm sure they "KNOW" !! I baited up with maize again & waited about an hour for the next hit ... It made a short run ......then , my line snapped !... about 20' from the hook ! ( 30# braid) I'm sure that carp that ran 100' of line managed to run the braid over some rocks , etc. (drop off there) and I didn't see the frayed spot ...will have to check the line more often after long runs.....funny the line didn't break with that fish , but it was a smaller carp . I hope that carp can shake that 20# 6" mono lead. Thinking of going back to using mono line on my reel ! When fishing solo , maybe better to reel the line in when nature calls . ( which happens more often with the old dudes) Still , a nice day to enjoy the fresh air & sunshine .
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    Headed out after work well had a cpl things to do then went got out at 630 and the fish were on again with in 5 mins rod went nuts and as I'm bringing it in there's a bass jumping all around the carp couldn't figure out what was Goin on untill finally getting it in and what do u know I got a 2 for one was pretty wild to see also never seen a bass on corn but also alot of stuff happens there that I never seen ended up Goin 8 for 11 between 3 people had 4 on with in the first hour all on my rod I felt bad and let my girlfriend bring one in then my buddy I got 2 more then finally tHey started getting some action on there own rods was a great night and only fished untill 9
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    Grass carp like their veggies ....not sure about fruit .... Wrap a strawberry in cheese cloth and rig it on the hair . I have some strawberries too but I think I'll try my leaf lettuce first .
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    I've never minded the vans and agree plenty of uses and perks but I just like the trucks even my first 1982 s10 long box 2.8 L , carburetor too...she was cherry red and built like a tank lol. It's true on the carp too atleast thats my thinking also. I'm thinking should be soon though. Thats tough on the key mishap but tomorrows fishing is always better than today's anyways 🤔
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    Can't miss the "Golden Chariot" Tyler ......taking her to Thorold ( Ken Cosgrove) tomorrow to get the air recharged , then on the way home stop at Big Reds for goodies and check Gibby out to make sure nobody is in MY spot ! .....have binocs will travel ! We will have a get a few of us carp guys together for a day on the water . Good way to test different baits & rigs at the same spot .
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    that annoys me when I see that.. however sometimes it's not immediately obvious what someone is doing last year I was fishing marlatts for longnose gar (right where the bass are in the corner) and I was using spinners...I had a few people stop and ask...you might think well don't fish there....but in actuality..I cut the hook off and tied a rope lure to it ..so if a bass hit it I couldn't actually catch it but i'd hook into those gar. I was bobber fishing the ponds this year and everytime I go there I catch a bass on a worm you can't seem to escape them it's chalk full of bass. So I just avoid the pond altogether unless I'm gar fishing. Been throwing a lot of baits that bass would hit on GIbson..caught nothing but Pike..pike clearly dominate the lake
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    Agree ..... surprising the "kids" even knew that bass is oos now . Many times I have seen "pike" anglers tossing spinner baits where there are bass and pike near weed beds & rocky shore lines .....actually saw a pike caught on the spinner bait.... as expected . No way to control it , unless pike season is closed until bass opens up ..... need to know the regs . .....
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    I tried to fish at Port D for an hour yesterday, after I came back from the US border for the day to pick up some stuff I bought on line. I also went to Buffalo Zoo during the time I was there, since I had groupon coupon costing $13 for two people. The zoo was disappointing, 1/3 of the animals were kept inside cages due to some renovation going on. While those animals that were out, just look overweight lazy and board to death. I Fish from 7-8pm time slot. It was a calm 10km wind day. But weather started to change, I could hear thunder, dark clouds and rain coming towards Port D. So I cut my fishing time, to go pick up my wife, waiting at the local starbucks. Water level close to the boat launch area were almost parallel to the shoreline. While the legion area that used to be fishable were fenced up. I saw three anglers caught their share of rock bass using shrimp as bait, letting their bait sit at the bottom. The Fish looks pale initially after being caught, then the rock bass body change to the regular normal darker black color as soon at it reached the atmospheric temp. I also witness brown trout and other fish surfacing prob once every 10 minutes, even close to shore at times. It is actually harder to control lure action for my lure to reach the bottom, but not impossible, after catching few zebra muzzle . I tried heavy spoon, and 3/8 oz jig on swimbait. I saw and spoke to Ben, the vietnamese angler who normally fished there all the time, He said fishing was tough this year. Being there for 28 years, he has not seen the water level came up ever that high.
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