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    Fished Saugeen river tribs..water very high as expected running pretty quick although not as stained as I thought it would be..fishing was avg...6-11am fantastic..after that not so much til around 5pm... caught and released many brookies in the 12 inch range... kept two 10 inchers for the pan...glad I invested in new chest waders cuz crossing some spots was difficult....bugs were out especially after 4 pm but weren't biting yet... hardware worms leeches stonefly larvae etc all worked at various times...I've had better days in early May than this one but considering the elements I can't complain...
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    Looks like they caught the perps. Post from the GT facebook page: I AM SO PLEASED RIGHT NOW. THE POLICE SIEZED A VEHICLE LAST NIGHT AND GOT A GUYS and a Girl!!! We will be getting a lot of our product back and the two goons are in Jail where they belong!!!!!
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    Well decided to get my last tag and thought to my self every bird i have shot was with a shot gun so i dedicated this last tag to hunt with my bow after 3 days trying and having this guy not committing and strutting to his hen around 100 yards out he had no interest in one more hen mine until this morning. I made my Jake decoy into a strutting Jake with the fan from my first bird and put him with my hen decoy in a submissive pose had 4 hens come walking by and then he came out strutting he seen my display and came running as he beat the crap out of my Jake i was able to get the bow up and took him out at 20 yards done by 6:30 another successful season with no ticks or mosquitoes weighing 23 lbs my first bird with a bow what a rush cant wait till next year. For you guys still hunting i swear if you are seeing tom but they won't commit do what i did that Tom will definitely come on a full out run another thing i did was left my call in my pocket i never made a sound i thought to my self this boy has heard me from day one and would not come in so i just let his eyes speak for him. Good luck on your hunt
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    Most of my walleye fishing is done trolling in Lake Erie, but my favourite is fishing for pickerel up north with a jig and minnow or leech. Leechs are great because they are tough, stay on the hook, are easy to keep alive, and fish love them! Make sure you get the right type of leech though, best to avoid the ones that drink your beer and borrow your stuff!
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    After a week of being sick with a cold and this darn rain i had a small window to get out this morning.Shot this 21lb had him down by 6:30 just the way i like it FAST not sure if i will get my second tag or not it's nice to be tick and mosquito free but would like to get a bigger one not that i'm unhappy with this one any bird is a job well done had to start introducing my grandson to the hunting life
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    With those kind of attitudes, I'm in favour of closing fishing spots down. Or restrict it for permit only fishing after it is fully cleaned up. This way its limited fishing and less likely of becoming a dumping ground. Without any enforcement or a 180 degree attitude change, it's just going to keep going in circles. Hopefully the COs are making their rounds. I'm sure some illegal species are being netted and kept as well.
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    Hey all. I while back I was given 4 boxes of the bottom halfs of spinning rods. All different makes and sizes. I took them thinking I would come up with a use, but I haven't. So rather then just toss them, I thought I would ask on here if anyone has a broken rod and would only need a replacement of the handle end, they could use it. So I guess let me know if you need something.
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    All a security system does is add a few more minutes to the time they need to get in and out. You do have to be careful if you have the dog option ... the wrong sign opens up extra liability as well. You can only opt for so much security before your customers feel unwanted though.
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    Today is earth day .....why not everyday ? Shall we call it "Green Day" ? Nope ! That would make the Irish irate ! Do we eat "green" today ? Spinach , lettuce , broccoli , beans, dandelion leaves ? Pick up our garbage today ? Well , since Canada is going to make "the weed" legal , we can soon have weed vegan recipes added to our cook books ......Going "green" will have a broader meaning to Canicanuks .....Time for a new flag (never really liked the red leaf) ......"This" flag will show the world we Canucks are truly "green & free spirit" ....... . Happy Earth Day !
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    my father always told me Never shoot anything ur not going to eat and if you catch a fish that you wont eat release it right away . always lived by them rules and told my grandsons the same . td
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    Don't bow fish unless your eating the fish. That's what I think.
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    I use PVA all the time. Korda Solidz solid bags are the way to go ! I find they're the best. Korda is always more expensive, but in some cases, you pay for quality. Now before using PVA, and depends on your size, make sure your rod can chuck PVA. my 3lb test curve can throw a large bag about 150 feet no problem. A 2.75 might struggle, but it's possible. My usual PVA mix is 75% ground bait, 20% sweet corn and 5% crushed boilies. Always drain the liquid off the corn and make sure the groundbait has dried it off enough. Mesh I find is great for shallower water and using larger particle. I use solid bags when fishing deeper water, as I want the bait to be tightly clumped on the bottom, if it dissolves mid water column, it's not gunna be tightly spaced. Also, keep in mind that the colder the water, the slower it will dissolve as well. And Simon (Carpkit) is the best stop for Carp Fishing gear. I've spent many hours talking with him and have definitely spent too much money there (according to the wife anyways)
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    That's what my wife calls me ...... Guys who fish with me know I usually have a banana in my lunch bag .....Others have seen me picking apples 30' off the ground . I have been busy the last 3 days .....finally cut my BIG apple tree down ! Sorry to see it go , but after about 50 years of producing 15 to 20 bushels of red delicious apples every year , it was time to cut it down . I used a 24' ladder & an electric chain saw to cut the top limbs first , then the heavy branches last .....a 3 day job , 10 hours each day cleaning up the wild branches & bundling them (13 bundles) took a whole day . No more apples , no more bees , rats & bird nests . They made a lot of pies and fed many deer over the years . Now I can get back to fishing . Here's a few shots my wife took through the window of the monkey in the tree ..... ...this limb almost knocked the ladder off ...... here's the tree at it's best apple producing days ... .....sorry Bones ....no apples this year ......
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    Went out the other day with a few buddies and the bite was hot (for them, i was skunked) 5 fish total with 3 over 20 pounds with the biggest coming in at 29lb 10oz. My buddy who caught the 29 had recetly had shoulder surgery, so with an arm in a cast, I held the fish with him for the pictures.... here's the 29 in all her glory ! Fish were caught on a "Secret" flavoured, pink 10mm pop-up.
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    Knightfisher has witnessed plenty of "fishing for pike but got another ####ing muskie" ... I was also with him when I had three muskies in under an hour. Muskie are typically territorial so if you hook into one, there is a chance it will be back in that area at a later time .. but with knowledge of "that might not have been food". Once the water warms up a little more you just might have to up the size of the lure as well to try and entice them a little more. Colors also mean a lot for muskie if the water is clear, so take notes on what they hit. Many years ago I was fishing a spot on the upper river and got a follow but it wouldn't commit, as I would take the line out of the water it would retreat 10 feet or so and then follow me in on the next cast ... after a while of this game (speeding up and slowing down) I changed colors of the spinnerbait ... no follow, changed colors again and it was a much more aggressive follow ... repeated a few more times, went back to the aggressive followed bait and added a plastic worm on the hook ... had a muskie. What color was it? I can't recall. What color was the worm? Again, many moons ago, can't recall. Wish I would have written it all down.
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    Its not luck. Just like the old pre rapala wiggle warts, some of them would run true and some would "hunt". Its all about the subtle variations in the lures action. A slight blemish in the lip, maybe a heavier coat of paint or clear coat. Maybe the line tie is a hair off to the side. Something is making the hot bait dance just a little differently.
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    After nearly a month of insane weather, things are finally settling down. Water levels, though high, are stabilizing, temperatures are rising, and the water is clearing. We can finally get back to our spring panfish season. Over the past 3 evenings we've been out to a couple of different spots. Each day has been better than the last. This evening the crappie fishing was fantastic. Daughter and I easily caught some 30+ crappie and other species in a 3 hour period. Got to love having excellent fishing 5 minutes from our doorstep.
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    You get the right brine together and just about any fish tastes good smoked. I've had smoked bowfin, sheephead, sucker and carp. All were quite edible
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    Not quite a good point ....but a point none the less .... There are circumstances why certain birds or animals are killed . Some are considered nuisances by farmers or dangerous because of where they populate and carry diseases . When farmers lose much of their crops , birds & animals to predators they take action to protect their stock . Coons , ground hogs & squirrels can damage fields & structures and some form of population control is needed . Some animals were killed for their fur . I don't think they were killed for the fun of it . Ethical ? Ask a farmer about that word ...... Shooting a fish just for the thrill of killing it certainly depends on one's "ethical" standard I suppose ......I have killed gobies & fed them to the gulls , but don't "enjoy" doing it ...... To sum it up , there are many quotes that can be found on the www..... " Ethics is knowing the difference what you have a right to do and what is right to do " ( Potter Stewart )
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    I'm not dumping on you but codiehoad you are going to read these comments and think to you self it's just a carp and i don't know if you have ever fished for them on a rod But there is no ethics in killing these fish when you have no plans on eating it but if you do plan on eating them then that is great have a blast if you never tried fishing for them it is a great fish for a fight I have found that carp fishing has a lot of challenges in it and it don't stop at just catching the fish there is endless ways of making baits for this fish and at the end of the day i had fun with these fish and they all swim to fight another day
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    I seen that smerch and your right it's awful and unnecessary. I don't understand why ppl do what they do. And I'm not against bowfishing I'm just against the killing of something for nothing more than pure sport. I mean I don't like to eat pike nor will I ever keep one by choice. However if one chokes down my j13 firetiger and connot be saved/revived I'm not gonna throw him in the bushes I'm gonna put him in the live well, fillet him and extra season him and eat it anyways or give it to someone who will eat and enjoy.
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    Why would u shoot and kill only to make it fertilizer ? I get the sport of it but how is it satisfying to shoot a carp only to kill it if your not gonna eat it? I don't understand the joy in it.... we talk about ppl or ethnicities catching and keeping everything and anything regardless of size or species and the effects it can have and yet they eat it all and waste nothing and you wanna bowfish for carp but want to know what u do with it afterwards which more likely will result in u discarding it like it's garbage after u high five your friends? Obviously it's legal along with many other questionable things but how is it rewarding or even ethical?
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    Now the courts have to do their job !
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    Time for me to build another Ark!
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    It's not just this area that's getting flooded. Just got back from a job in Kapuskasing and every lake and river we passed was over the banks/shoreline. One boathouse I saw had only a foot of the doorway above water. Passed by our camp river just north of Kirkland Lake and the railroad bridge we normally sail through had the water only a foot from the span. As for the fillets on the shoreline....what a bunch of ignorant slobs to leave them there. There is no excuse for that kind of behaviour from anybody.
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    I heard through the grapevine that the first time GT was hit, they tried to take an entire rack of the economy rod/reel combos but snapped off a bunch of the tips trying to get the rack out the front door. Maybe that was their trial run. Hope they get caught. Thieves are second on my hate list.
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    Visited Dalhousie yesterday .....highest water level I have ever seen there since fishing & swimming there in the 50's ! Here's a few shots ..... ...the break wall across from the SCGFA ....solar light 12 volt battery well under water .... ...west wall well over the banks.... ... walk bridge entrance under water..... As I was leaving , I got a shot of THE TROUBLE MAKER !!! This is why the water is so high !! Damn !!!
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    Weather has defintly sucked haven't been out to much cpl times on the welland river for cats which we did pretty good with so I went out for carp twice one really cold morning with no luck about 2 weeks ago and then last night conditions defintly no in favor but it's not like I can catch fish on the couch so out wr went and had and amazing nigjt went 4 for 7 on carp and on nice kitty which is the first time I seen one come out of that spot also never targeted them there befor fishing a lake Gibson runoff also picked up my first mirror second one I seen in 2 years was weird looking almost like it was missing half its scales msyne it's not a mirror I'm almost sure it is tho
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    You don't really think Hydro gives a damn do you?????
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    Went for a Sunday drive last week and saw 3 pheasants. In my entire life I have only saw 2 wild pheasants, and last Sunday we saw 3. Maybe they are making a come back? Would be nice, they are beautiful birds, would love to have a decent population for hunting them.
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    Finally the rain is done. My local fishing holes are toasted. Flooding so bad there's water in places I've never seen it. 20' wide creek is running 60-80'wide right now. Hopefully not too much will get washed away. Looks like there will be new fallen trees and log jams to fish.
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    Don't forget about the tentacles of [Bill M103].
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    I can not believe what I just seen and heard . something has to done to change that gun law . its starting to look like the muslem people who we bring into this country and provide shelter food and money for that we the tax payers pay for have more rights then the people who helped build this country . we need a change . td
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    Feed stores sell it cheap ( $10 per 25K bag ) . I got mine at Minor Bro's in Fenwick . I cook up a large 20 liter pot full and freeze it in 2 lb. packs.....just the right amount for me for a days outing . http://canadiansaddlery.com/location/minor-bros-farm-country-north-pelham/
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    Been brutal I headed out cpl hours last night because I knew more rain was coming water was like mud but the carp were on picked up my first mirror and 3 Commons plus lost 3 my girlfriend picked up a nice cat fish too was non stop I couldn't believeit with the condition will try and post pics after for some reason photo bucket won't let me connect any one else having this issue
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    Favorite, drifting a jig and worm on bottom. Of course getting snagged is possible
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    Actually Smerchley, it isn't destined for any roasting pan! My wife isn't overly keen on wild turkey, but I made turkey jerky out of my bird from last year, and both my grandson and I love it, so that's where this one is headed as well! And yean Gunner, I bought a 2nd tag right away, but want to get the grandson out first to try and fill his tag.
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    That's a bummer. Great store and great guys there. Hopefully they catch them, and as FF points out someone has to be willing to buy this stuff for it worth their while to steal it!
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    Yes ....I know , at my age , climbing a metal ladder with an electric chain saw is asking Grim Reaper for a visit lol . ( I changed a word in your post haha) . I finished up the large cuts today ....trimmed the trunk down level to put a potted plant on it later . The trunk is 25" in diameter (average) and 75" in circumference . A few small bruises .....not bad for this old chap ! very last cut....used my 16" Pioneer gas saw , until it quit , then a 4' bow saw (wouldn't reach center) , then my 14" electric chain saw plus a heavy chisel /hammer .
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    feed them my friend. Carp are easily conditioned with food. Kind of like a dog I am presently baiting a spot that I plan to fish either mid week next week or the following weekend. I go down after work and put out bait every evening. I don't fish. After a few days or a week of this, the fish are in the area waiting for their food. It does not take long for the action to start when you finally put your rig out there.
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    Just took my kiddo to Walmart and bought a case of corn. He's got the itch now after that one. He caught an oos smallie and was pretty upset saying he wanted to leave the bass alone. So now we're strictly corn until bass opens. What a great night!
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    Congrats Norton ! I caught a few carp so far ,some on can corn , right on the hook and a few small carp while using worms (drop shot) . They don't have much spunk in the cold water , so I have been using my 11.5' ultra light rod (2-8#) with 8 lb. mono . ....getting a few nice bull head cats also . The water I fished is very muddy , and the cats/carp seem to sniff out the worm pieces better than the corn . It gets better as the water warms & clears up more ......another month & I'll be using the hair rigs & maize which keeps those pesky gobies from stealing the corn .
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    I'm out every night anymore so I'm due. Lol. As I posted this. Just landed my personal best of 10#. What a monster what a fight! Omg. No picture sorry. My son was so excited and it went back in before I could pic.
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    Lake Ontario water level is 100% controlled. The only problem is they can't let out too much at Cornwall or the lower St Lawrence will flood. They have to balance it out. http://ijc.org/en_/islrbc/Regulating_Lake_Ontario-St._Lawrence_River http://www.newyorkupstate.com/outdoors/2016/12/new_plan_to_control_lake_ontarios_water_levels_may_have_winners_losers.html
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    good luck out there guys there will be a lot more hunters out there this year so be safe and bag a bird and post your pics
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    I took my buddy out this morning this was his first time hunting turkey it started to rain but very soft so we decided stick it out and we would leave if it started to rain hard 5:30 came had 2 birds gabble .Told my buddy it's all up to him if they came in i'm not going to shoot by 6:30 he had shot his first turkey 17 lb Jake his face says it all that's what it's all about don't know why the pic is dark my cam is crap Now it's my turn i hope there is still a Jake there but i will leave him for last resort
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    Ya, well today I grabbed a sandwich, had a pee and lit a smoke( and I don't even smoke )and I STILL couldn't get a bite! lol Some nice April gold there JMO.
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    Thanks for all that info ! Some say not to chum too much in the early spring as they are not gorging on food yet . I was fishing with others who were using wet pack baits with a boilie . I was using canned corn & both were catching carp .....thinking of trying cut pieces of fresh worm & yes get more cats too ! ...side note.......my lawn has thousands of worms tonight .....come up for air or drown ! I don't use an alarm ......all I need to do is grab a sandwich or have a pee .....and the rod will bend ! ...