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  1. The only thing I have to smoke is fresh broccoli my wife bought today , but the beer was good after a hard day's work tuning up the yard . Well , now that wifey is away ......have another brew and enjoy " all the fun stuff a married man can get away with .....
  2. ....did you have a nap ? ................... ( jmo secret weapon)
  3. Hello Possem .....good to have you aboard the Arc . Gotta be a reason for that name .... you don't resemble a possum , like George Jones or Vladimir Putin ? lol I have a few Fenwick friends ....Looking forward to your posts , good luck with the walters . .....don't forget the cheeks & wings !
  4. Today is earth day .....why not everyday ? Shall we call it "Green Day" ? Nope ! That would make the Irish irate ! Do we eat "green" today ? Spinach , lettuce , broccoli , beans, dandelion leaves ? Pick up our garbage today ? Well , since Canada is going to make "the weed" legal , we can soon have weed vegan recipes added to our cook books ......Going "green" will have a broader meaning to Canicanuks .....Time for a new flag (never really liked the red leaf) ......"This" flag will show the world we Canucks are truly "green & free spirit" ....... . Happy Earth Day !
  5. If you lost shingles due to wind damage ,check with your insurance co. We lost about 12 pieces & I patched some spots until I got a damage estimate . The "30 year" shingles are about 14 years old . The insurance will cover for a new roof & waive the $500 deductible because I helped stop further damage by chalking all the damaged spots . The asphalt shingles used were not holding up well & the new ones will be fiberglass ......worth checking out . We are going with Winmar Roofing whom gave us the estimate & work for Co-operators Ins. ....very decent price . ...well I thought it too good to be true a call from the roofer today & the insurance is paying for one side , not both sides ....another 3 grand for the other side . Still a lot cheaper than paying the whole shot . Work to be done 3 weeks away .
  6. Just a big old pond Tombo .... great place to take the kids fishing for the day.
  7. How bouts some nice spekkies ?
  8. Thanks for all that info ! Some say not to chum too much in the early spring as they are not gorging on food yet . I was fishing with others who were using wet pack baits with a boilie . I was using canned corn & both were catching carp .....thinking of trying cut pieces of fresh worm & yes get more cats too ! ...side lawn has thousands of worms tonight .....come up for air or drown ! I don't use an alarm ......all I need to do is grab a sandwich or have a pee .....and the rod will bend ! ...
  9. Unfortunately , this hawk didn't survive after hanging from a tree,.. wrapped in fishing line at Port Dalhousie . Maybe the bird watcher groups can put pressure on the gov't/mnr/cops etc. to increase awareness (and fines) .....they have a lot of members ! Set up cameras to help catch the perps ....wouldn't bother me to be on camera......this was taken a few yrs.ago , but we have new members & a reminder now & then wouldn't hurt either......
  10. Beauty carp Jmo ! Hope he/she (how do you tell?) put a good bend on your rod . I haven't hit the 20's yet , but that picture gave me a shot of adrenaline and I'll be at'em verrry soon !
  11. T'is the season for them .....think they will be bad this year .....heard stories of people & dogs that were covered in them already !
  12. I also have a separate tap at the kitchen sink which has a great filter . It removes 99 % of the chlorine . It takes 5 minutes to fill a 5 gal , pail but can be used immediately for minnows . I bought some minnows from Peter's & put into a heavy clear plastic bag with the "blue water" which seemed to keep them going longer . I believe they sell this stuff at the shop .
  13. I prefer to get a couple 5 gal pails of clean lake water & change the water . If you have an aeration stone going they should last a while if you can keep them cool . I have used tap water , but I fill a large Rubbermaid tote (68 lt.) & let it stand for 2 days to allow the chlorine to evaporate/neutralize ) . I keep minnows/chubs all winter....just released about 5 doz. in the pond from where they came I also feed them gold fish flakes ....break them up more , but need to siphon off the crud periodically .
  14. Thanks Tyler ....nothing biting today at Gibby , I think they are more active in shallow water . ....13' deep where I tried for carp today ....didn't lose a single kernel of corn ! After a little more warmer water temps the bite will get better .
  15. Very possible a possum got your tomatoes , they are mostly vegans. Tomato worms can do a job eating holes in tomatoes . Most of my garden plants need to be covered 100% to keep critters out . The birds will peck a hole in a tomato and they will clean out my strawberries quickly . Birds destroy millions of dollars on the farms eating fruit & berries . I'll be watching for rats and so will the little doggie !