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  1. Kudos to the bait runner reel ! I went back today ...very slow bite ...water mucked up a bit from torrential rains . After about 90 min, the reel was peeling out line & after about 10 seconds I was hooked on bottom ! I gave it a good tug & the fish was still there . I scooped the small carp up in my net to set it on some thick grass .....and noticed another hook in it's mouth ....and a 1.5 oz sinker hanging down ......and about 25' of line ! Nope was not the fish I lost there ! This rig was a very good custom carp rig .....the kind you see in carp web sites ....from Europe ! The line was mono ,about 20# , and the hair rig was done by a pro ....MIKE...did you lose a carp there ?? That was it for the day ......will give it time to settle down and WARM UP a tad before going back ....maybe get MY rig back ! Here's a pic of the nice rig and line I took from the happy carp today ......familiar to anyone ?
  2. Looks like a great spot to take the young kids and get into some good fighting fish .....that will get them "hooked" !
  3. And good eating ( fresh water cod.....also called eel pout )
  4. A real dog fight ! The armor plated fish are tough as nails and have vise like jaws . That is a nice bowfin . They hit our J-13 rapalas when we fished Pointe au Obaril for pike .Some over 10 lbs.
  5. They got me today ! Fished for 1 hr.& 40 min. & nothing happening . Soooo.....I needed to have a "quick" whiz in the bushes .....backed off the drag on the bait runner , very loose & had a quickie . Back to the rod ....line was peeling off and fish was wayyyy out there on bottom ! It ran out about 100' of line while I was whizzin !! (back turned) . I'm sure they "KNOW" !! I baited up with maize again & waited about an hour for the next hit ... It made a short run ......then , my line snapped !... about 20' from the hook ! ( 30# braid) I'm sure that carp that ran 100' of line managed to run the braid over some rocks , etc. (drop off there) and I didn't see the frayed spot ...will have to check the line more often after long runs.....funny the line didn't break with that fish , but it was a smaller carp . I hope that carp can shake that 20# 6" mono lead. Thinking of going back to using mono line on my reel ! When fishing solo , maybe better to reel the line in when nature calls . ( which happens more often with the old dudes) Still , a nice day to enjoy the fresh air & sunshine .
  6. For true Mike ! I have lost a few that found heavy weeds either straight out in the lake or shore , and one got me hooked up under some roots from shore brush . A few days ago the 'smart' carp found a a rock or something , down about 12' and got away . Must have been an "old" carp ..... Tomorrow is looking good ......hope to give it a go
  7. How many shots did he fire at the "target" ? The next WMD will be sending a small drone with a grenade ....blow up a bunch of them !
  8. My last 3 carp were at about 12 ' . As the water warms they go deeper and get more pi$$ & vinegar in their blood ! Thinking of going out in the morning but weather may be wet & windy .....nicer day Saturday . I picked up 2 large cans of niblet corn at the buck store for 50 cents each ....can use for bait or chum ( mix with the maize) .
  9. Funny story ....looks like that bass was dragging the carp around for a while . ... Water looks clear, spot looks like one of my carp spots , big rocks , hard walking . What depth are the carp biting ? It's a blast when they are hitting !
  10. Still a kilo.......I mean killer fish ! Congrats !
  11. Dey is too schmart sometimes ! But I was smarter today ! Landed 3 about 7-8 lb average , and they all hit hard & peeled line before I got my hands on the rod . For their size , they were very spunky especially when they saw the net .( Good job on the net knightfisher !! ) All caught on maize/hair rig .....with a semi bolt which seems to be working well . VERY windy conditions , some rain , some sun , good chop on the lake blowing into our rods .Better times ahead !
  12. The carp SHOULD be biting and not playing in the shallows now . I've been having more luck in deeper water ( 15' ) . I went zeerow for one today ....had a good one on the line for 15 seconds until it hung me up on something on the bottom ....first time that happened at that spot . I pulled it free with all 3 kernels of maize still intact . And it was a pleasure meeting you Bubba .....will have to meet up for a canoe fish soon .
  13. Bruce looked real cute in that apron . You guys did a great job organizing the hall ....great food ....and you even had my fav. beer , Laker Red ! May the bride and groom enjoy happiness & good health .
  14. 1958 -59 , worked for Len Troup . We had a foreman named Collin Nichols who assigned us to pick certain varieties of "V' peaches like Victory , Viceroy , Vedet and Alberta . After work we would take the old cedar strip boat out (paddles) and explore the 16 mile pond and watch schools of carp scooping up air from the warm low oxygen water . We had a radio !! I remember listening to Paul Anka ...." Put Your Head on My Shoulder " you know how old the smerch is.......
  15. That scale is in kilos ....NICE crappie !