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  1. This mag has good reads for us outdoor types .....including fishing articles . Scroll down ,,,,check it out ....some new info on the Asian carp issues .....
  2. Been pulling my hair out trying to get it back to "normal" I must have hit a wrong key & all I can get is the road map satellite image . They say to go to "Menu" to change it , but I can't find it. Been trying for many hours , so gave it up finally . Been using Google maps , but not as clear as G.Earth . I have windows 7 - Firefox .......any advice will be appreciated .
  3. That's a smart carp .....knew something "fishy" was going on ..... So she followed the line & saw the rods ...... and ....."no thanks" I'm sure that's what happened to me yesterday .......didn't get a bite all morning !
  4. .....happens to the best of us Ryann.....
  5. One of the carp I caught today didn't look so good .....I have caught them with bad eyes , or mouths ripped from previous "fishermen" . This one put out a good fight , with the current partly helping .....but the belly is flat ,except for a bulge in front . May be some obstruction from something it ate ..... Slow bite today .....maybe give it a go tomorrow ..... I tossed about a cup of corn chum before starting .....maybe it ate it all ......
  6. YUP ...I fished the 20 near St.Anns , many moons ago (many eclipses too) ..... Hook , line , & sinker to catch a variety of fish with some nice cats & of course , carp . The old Walker Quarry dump has a quarry with lots of cats (I have heard) and maybe some other species as well ..... The GRT is pannie territory , & some big "surprises" have taken a worm or minnow there , including a fat insane carp !
  7. could you enlarge on that theory please ? ........
  8. I hear you Mr.Ugli .... Fishing line is a small problem compared to our overall "plastic" society . We over package everything and too much ends up as trash . This article in the sun gives some insight into what we are up against ......looks like a grim situation ! ....and I'll add .... A large parcel of land was sold to "investors" who have billions $$$$$ ready to buy up Canadian land . A super rich Chinese co.wants to build on 500 acres of land which has a unique wet land section . They could care less about our green space ,wet lands or anything else . They want to make more $$$$ . China has "invested" into our vineyards and are waiting to by more of this country. They have the power , thanks to selling goods to us & the world .....very smart people indeed . I was dismayed looking at the results of a "poll" that said most people don't care about the wetlands because it means jobs . Their answer is ....move the wet lands & call it bio-diversity. What crap ! So there you have it ......our wet lands & green space means nothing . A golf course is on the chopping block to build a new subdivision . How sweet it is ! Super rich developers really do hold the "trump" cards . The Lake Gibson area is a designated green space , but I can see asphalt paving that over as well in the not too distant future. They will be building at the corner of Beaverdams Rd soon......inches away from Marlatts Pond ...... It is called "progress" ...... green don't matter , unless it's carbon taxable .
  9. There are coons ,mink ,muskrats , herons ,gulls, geese, egrets , ducks, turtles .....or skunks looking for food along the rivers & lakes . I saw the dead hawk hanging by the feet at Port Dal., .& I would have cut the small tree down if necessary to free it .(have saw will travel). The first page in the would help make people more aware . As mentioned , a fishing license is handed out to anyone with zero knowledge about fishing . If we pick up just the fishing line we see , it will help save the lives of our furry/feathered friends.
  10. I see minnows breaking water at Gibby ,Jordan & rocky shores at L.Ontario . They are coming in to inland waters with the whales and sharks right behind them . (sent email to my son in Ft.Erie to check out the upper Niag.)
  11. Met a few NFN members while carping yesterday .....( 2 carp landed ) ....a few hits & misses . As usual , fishing line everywhere , much of it tangled in shrubs ....need to cut it out or torch it ...... Nice to see Knightfisher , snags & Bubba14 out there enjoying the beauty day we had ! On the short trail it looks like someone had trouble with his line ......then decided to toss it over his shoulder and let "mother nature" take care of it ......makes me wonder if his Mother taught him any manners at all ....... this mess looks like about 150 yds .of 30 lb.Walmart mono ....... I hope this dope didn't have spare line with him ! .........over 300 hits.......not bad ......getting the word out there .....send to 10 friends .............
  12. Maybe all public ramps should have a sign posted explaining the proper procedure to launch boats .....but I wouldn't want to spoil the entertainment ....
  13. Good to have you grace our presence Ryann . The carp are biting ....putting on the fat for the winter . I prefer using the maize to keep the gobies & other small fish from robbing me . I have tried a few new spots lately and all have plenty of carp . I have abandoned those spots due to the steep drop offs 20 to 30' from shore . .....losing fish when the line is raked over structure . Back to other spots that are more line friendly (most of the time). Good fishing !
  14. The term is called " convenience " . The same reason we package items in small quantities . Instead of buying a liter of orange juice in one container, we buy 10 packs at 100 ml.....many of which get tossed at any convenient spot.......We like our drive throughs to get our coffee & eats, and soon we can get our hamburgs form Ralph the robot ......and pay for it by a chip in our wrist . The garbage we see is partly caused by over packaging .....which they say is needed because there are too many thieves in today's makes it harder to conceal ..... So , there isn't an answer to the newspaper story ....But I know there are many people involved in such activities like nature photography , bird watcher groups , and animal welfare groups who donate their time to help birds & animals in distress. They will pressure the governments to act in the interest of our wild creatures . They would like nothing better than to ban shore fishing to stop the trashing our environment . Can you not blame them ? more..... While fishing Jordan a few days ago I noticed that a large broken tote that was heaped with garbage was emptied ! Who , why , where, when , I don't know . It it not accessible to be picked up by vehicle but can be by boat ....I hope it wasn't dumped and washed out into the lake ......We did a cleanup there a while back , using water craft , & got ton of crap from all over the banks of the harbour many pigs out there ........ya I'm embarrassed .....
  15. You got it bro. T ......that one should be in BOLD PRINT in the regs.