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  1. Depends on the colour of the water, and the bait specific to the body of water. Oranges, black and yellows,black and white, shiner and minnow patterns, etc... Lord knows I've got to have some 50 different colour patterns I've tried.
  2. He had the woman and the kids. Now he officially has the noose around his neck. Congratulations son. Life with no chance of parole and no time off for good behaviour
  3. Nice looking specimen
  4. The silvers are running hard, and the people are elbow to elbow.
  5. You mean the "Whining" derby???
  6. We are casting from shore, bouncing from the 12 Mile to Gibson to the Weland R.
  7. You get the right brine together and just about any fish tastes good smoked. I've had smoked bowfin, sheephead, sucker and carp. All were quite edible
  8. Thanks.

    I guess I'll just have to see when I can get him out and go exploring to see what we can catch.

    Right now I'm trying to get his 15 yr old brother his turkey

  9. Went out again this evening. Much tougher fishing in the high winds, but we did catch a dozen or so gills and crappie.
  10. When you start the report you have title first, next line is for tags you can type in. THen you go to the body of your report.
  11. After nearly a month of insane weather, things are finally settling down. Water levels, though high, are stabilizing, temperatures are rising, and the water is clearing. We can finally get back to our spring panfish season. Over the past 3 evenings we've been out to a couple of different spots. Each day has been better than the last. This evening the crappie fishing was fantastic. Daughter and I easily caught some 30+ crappie and other species in a 3 hour period. Got to love having excellent fishing 5 minutes from our doorstep.
  12. You make gefilte fish like they make in "Little Israel"
  13. You don't really think Hydro gives a damn do you?????
  14. Another sellout by those in power.
  15. I get missing link message