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  1. WOW ..That goes back !! Just saw Leonard the other day (assuming LakeLea orchards on service road) .. I went to school with his and Doug's kids. Funny though . I've used an old cedar strip on the pond bank to go camp out on that Island years back ( not Paul Anka back !!)
  2. Smerchly .. How long ago did you work for Troups .. I assume you are referring to Doug and Leonard ?
  3. I hear what your saying but for under $60 you can get a new one. To me not worth all the hassle ( and JB weld ..ect isn't free) and possibility of fuel in my boat ,car or in the water.
  4. Is the tank built in or a portable tank?
  5. Season is coming and still a couple open spots. Had one NFN'er join .
  6. Can I split the output from one box to feed a second TV . The TV in my bedroom just feeds off the cable box downstairs . How much for 2 boxes?
  7. Is it possible to set it up on multiple TVs for one subscription ?
  8. Get better soon Cliff ...Prayers to you !!
  9. I know you guys know what your doing...But if anyone less knowledgeable picks wild mushrooms please be carefull.
  10. For sale ...One 2016 2 1/2 hp. Mercury outboard only used once for immigration purpose.....Best offer.
  11. BTW ..The price is very affordable for anyone that driveway camps between going away.
  12. The thing is we try to keep this place quiet as it's existed for 30 + years and with only 23 sites we like the privacy. It's in the Wainfleet area and yes has fishing and boating.
  13. So we've been members basic , quiet ,family camp ground for 6 or so years..It's always been filled by friends and word of mouth as it's a great LOCAL treasure for weekend get a ways. This year we had some unfilled opening and next year maybe one or 2 more. If anyone wants a close to home retreat and has a trailer please pm me. Details will be told personally and a interview process is required to make sure of a "good fit" to the environment.. No it's not a cult or nudist colony...LOL!!
  14. NICE !!
  15. Just got back from Lake Kenogami and we trolled a lot of shorelines using bottom bouncer and slow death hook with a full worm twisting off the end. Funny thing is the eyes were slow but 2.5 to 3 lbs. smallies were hitting like crazy. So I switched from drifting worm and jig to a white tube and got a huge hit first cast..I was thinking gotta be a nice bass. Got it to the boat and was the best pickeral of the day. You never know!!