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  1. Remember south wind brings in cold water close to shore. I was fishing wednesday and wind was light from east and temp was 38 to 39 close to shore and muddy.
  2. I have a 60 Merc 4 stroke, it,s made by Tohatsu. Love the motor, it's quieter than my Honda 50.
  3. Was going to ask the same LT
  4. Wish I had one years ago. Minn Kota 80 Lb. 24 volt ipilot, onboard charger, Quick release. or bigger No more pulling up 200' of anchor rope every 15 mins. Nice being able to troll down to 1 mile an hour at Quinte in Nov, Dec. Autopilot is great to when trolling by yourself fighting a fish. OH, Did I say I love my Ipilot.
  5. Notice all the Perch came out of a scaling machine It's a lot easier to filet when the fish is scaled.
  6. Smerch, that picture looks like it was taken on the corner of Barton and Victoria st. only the buts are deeper. Smoking Pigs
  7. Sounds like a great derby, especially for the kids.
  8. Pay no attention to Spiel Bruce, he don't know what's good for him, he don't even like Mackerel.
  9. Bruce you can leave the eye balls out, save them for fishing and I'll eat your soup
  10. Let the cat out Bill, 73 and was thinking you were younger than myself. But you're right bill, were going to enjoy it till it lasts, every time our leaders open their mouths, money comes out of our pockets. Cheers senior buddy
  11. I wish I could have the chance to renew, if you know what I meen,
  12. X2 Got back from Quite and seems funny trolling for Walleye and no motor noise plus set where you want to go and sit back, no steering necessary.
  13. Was there yesterday Dave.. Water was rough but did see 1 dock still in by the wall