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  1. Hope to see some board members, Bring the young ones out to enjoy a day fishing the harbour and derby. 12 and under get a free Rod&Reel. Come by and say Hi, I'll be at the Stelco Club gazebo handing out rods.
  2. Be nice to see the Photobucket gray boxes gone, deleted, just the Sub Titles titles left.
  3. Anyone having problems posting new thread? I seem to have, takes for ever. Have to keep hitting start new thread and sends me to post a poll .
  4. Smerch, you may have to make the trek to Burwell, couple buds and myself caught 80 nice Perch the other day. I know it's a long drive but were thinking of making another trip next week if we get a calm day. Guys getting limits of Walleye in a couple hours, all nice eaters 1,2 Lbs.
  5. Looks like we need an update on here.
  6. Does Lake Erie or Ont.
  7. Thanks for clearing that Bic4d
  8. Do you still need a US Fishing licence if crossing. I still think you do?
  9. Favorite, drifting a jig and worm on bottom. Of course getting snagged is possible
  10. Remember south wind brings in cold water close to shore. I was fishing wednesday and wind was light from east and temp was 38 to 39 close to shore and muddy.
  11. I have a 60 Merc 4 stroke, it,s made by Tohatsu. Love the motor, it's quieter than my Honda 50.
  12. Was going to ask the same LT