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  1. Thanks guys,CPA has offered to give me a demo of the minn kota. If we can just get the winds to co-operate we could get out. Been reading a bit about the comparisons and it sounds like motor guide has made some improvement to there pin point system. Can anyone comment to its accuracy? Also, other things i have read is that the minn kota's are much noisier than the motorguides, im not sure if that matters much to me but, Can anyone comment to this? So far it looks like a comparison between the Powerdrive with ipilot and the Xi5 with pinpoint.
  2. Hey Guys, I'm look to cash in on some of your research. I may be in the market in the near future for a bow mount trolling motor. I have seen a lot of interest in the gps anchor, pin point, spot lock or whatever feature name it may have. First question, is it worth it? Second question, there seems to be a ton of models from both motorguide and minnkota , at what point does this feature become available? Third question, has anyone seen a good 3rd party comparison chart comparing both minnkota and motorguide models? Final Question, What is the cheapest bow mount trolling motor with gps anchor? And...... Go! PS: I'm not interested in arguing with anyone and if for some reason this post gets on the topic of fish regulations, moderators please delete thread.
  3. careful in that water, i do believe there are some zones that are protected areas for lakers
  4. It mentioned Thompson point. I assume they we make it all paid.
  5. Hey guys and gals, I'm sure some of you are aware but npc is planning on implementing paid parking at the whirlpool and glen. Here is a link asking the npc for local free parking. Although I have doubts this will change anything I do believe it is worth signing this petition. Here is the link.
  6. I'm always surprised I don't see more carpers down the lower Niagara. I have only carped a couple times down there and managed a 25lber. If someone is looking for a new PB I would assume this would be an easy place to get it. I don't carp fish, so maybe this area isn't what the typical carp angler is looking for.
  7. not kidding, I wasn't sure if you were approached by the any sort of US border board what they would ask for.
  8. what is best practice for fishing us waters. Do you guys have your passports on you when you are out?
  9. Greased up my reel yesterday. I would like to hear about other peoples habits. How often? how far do you rip your reels apart? what do you grease and what do you oil?
  10. What is the closest launch to the Niagara bar?
  11. They had one in the fresh water tank at the ripleys aquarium, pretty neat.
  12. the water was black with minnows at the Nichols launch Sunday.
  13. Cool app, too bad it doesn't show the level on the lower.
  14. we did a trip to simcoe 2 weekends ago. jigging spoons produced some of the bigger fish. caught around 10 dinks to 1 keeper. biggest was just over 13".
  15. Thanks, thinking Sunday morning but it might be a river trip day instead.