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  1. Haven't been out gunner...last 3 years never fired a shot...but from what I've been hearing theres lots of birds in the area I hunt..figures.
  2. Update - Wed May 17. Day trip...sunny hot!! 83 degrees.. Southgate township...bugs bad!! ...h2o still a lil high and was much the same as last report... hit and miss all day..2 guys..well really 1 as I mostly guided and tied and removed snags most of the time...brought home 16....-welts from bites!! gonna come on here and blow smoke up your asses and say I slayed's been slightly below avg this yr...maybe all that rains eft things up...but still getting enough action to go back after the long weekend..what can I say....I'm addicted.
  3. Ya it was good just to get out and test some new equipment....bought two new ul reels...both junk. Lol..going back Wed will post a report..
  4. Fished Saugeen river tribs..water very high as expected running pretty quick although not as stained as I thought it would was avg...6-11am fantastic..after that not so much til around 5pm... caught and released many brookies in the 12 inch range... kept two 10 inchers for the pan...glad I invested in new chest waders cuz crossing some spots was difficult....bugs were out especially after 4 pm but weren't biting yet... hardware worms leeches stonefly larvae etc all worked at various times...I've had better days in early May than this one but considering the elements I can't complain...
  5. I really enjoy hunting woodcock and find there still is a healthy population...problem is decreasing lands and I've found that there's alot of anti hunting views nowadays from the younger generation that take over their parents properties... always fun though to watch the dog work and yes underated table fare
  6. Fantastic story... Well done
  7. I'll be heading up to my usual spots on the Saugeen next wk.... cant wait.Good luck to all and be safe
  8. Forty percent of black legged tics ...Not all tics as was mentioned
  9. Forty percent seems a lil high
  10. Tried for about an hour in my usual crappie spot...No hits at all...Used Minnows..Water muddy
  11. Your allowed 120 minnows each .... Not sure if that s changed but that's what it was last year....There is a list of minnow species allowed as well
  12. Great memories I have smelt fishing with my gramps back in the day.....Friggin shame what's going on down there now..
  13. If your searching for brookies the 12 should be last on your list....but there are decent sized browns that can be alot of fun.....i agree it's a delicate stream but fishing some areas is ok as long as we respect the area and use our heads.
  14. I've been more proactive the last 10 yrs or so and seems to be working... slightly....every 10 you scare away there's 20 more that are waiting in the wings...calling the police is a waste of time.....but I agree we have to be more diligent...but it's difficult unless your checking your spots daily...
  15. The rut has been on for the last ten days where I am ... At least pre rut anyway....been seeing 2 beautiful bucks chasing does the past week...had a chance to shoot at a nice 10 point buck but was just out of range..didn't want to take the chance on such a beautiful animal.....was out Monday Wednesday Friday Saturday and witnessed multiple deer and some big bucks despite the heavy winds...Lotta activity the past 2 weeks in my area... having said all that I never fired the