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  1. They're there...between netherby and fe
  2. You can get em with waders and a long handled net..PM sent of a spot or two
  3. Cormorants clean out one of my spots on the upper...
  4. By the looks of it seems like that spot will be closed for fishing in the near future
  5. Women never add fuel to the fire eh? ..
  6. I will not try anymore to preach, educate or remind poachers of the law..that's the ministries job...put me on the payroll if I'm gonna try to protect my waters and potentially put myself in harms way...we've all tried at some point to give our two cents to these idiots..but it's no use..instead of a tipline (waste) why not a few more CO's...what the Ministry does with our $$$ is a freakin joke..
  7. The Asian community has absolutely zero respect for the regs...I see it almost everywhere I go.yes I know not all but a very high percentage
  8. That area used to be great for browns back in the day...would stay there myself quite a bit but your right the fishing ain't what it used to be..summer months are tough though..very finicky. Beautiful spot though
  9. Thanks for the heads up..that day sneaks up on ya don't it.....forgot all about it...I'm seeing alot of deer in my areas too gunner.
  10. Awesome time tell one of those Muskies to bite my lure
  11. Lots of big bowfins being caught the last few years..7 lb is my pb..faught like hell...strong....nice fish Derek
  12. Have seen carp guys using marshmallows in the past
  13. Good call JJcanoe. Yesterday was not stop action all day long..levels were normal but water was slightly warmer than usual..but they were hitting like crazy.friggin shame I had to come home.
  14. I don't partake in many dicussions on this forum so if I crossed any forum lines I apologize.. I respect all opinions whether I agree or be hunting and fishing and providing for your family at your age is commendable Dave524..I respect that. I know how fragile life can be.. Funny thing is 90%of my fishing excursions are intended for the table also. So I can relate to what your saying..Pops always taught me never harvest anything I won't eat...I think that's why after almost 40 yrs of hunting I still can't shoot a coyote. lol..
  15. If it matures to the point where I'm comparing c&r to dogfighting i might have to find another hobby..... Peace