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  1. Go get him i did one hunt a few years ago in the evening i had set up around 50 yards from his roost i hunted that same bird in the morning and was able to pin point his roost he came in but i never got the shot but i was able to watch him fly up on his roost even if i didn't get him it was cool just to watch him i waited until dark to move out i could have took him from the roost but that's not me so i gave him 2 days then sat up in the bush 100 yard away from him and just sat there that's one nice thing about the leaves on the tree he didn't see me but i couldn't see him but as shooting time came around i didn't have a decoy i just gave a few soft yelps then just sat there as he came out of the tree he walked right to me and game over good luck genec can't wait till my grandson is old enough to go with me
  2. You would think the bigger ones would be after the crappie as well as they head up to do there thing
  3. Thanks guys a lot of great advice
  4. Last summer i was fishing the Welland river for pike i did well but every thing was small all summer.Now that the pike have spawned and the water is still cool should the bigger pike still be around and as the water warms up do the bigger pike head to cooler water? There should be bigger pike in there i just cant seem to catch them just small ones 20 inches or less any one have any knowledge on this or any tips on what i should do to get the bigger fish to strike THANKS for any thoughts
  5. Good luck kgm lets hope the turkey gods are on your side
  6. To much of living up your name slaying brookies lol that would be just as fun though if you dont get out in the spring you can always get one in the fall
  7. LOL i remember that episode i can still see Grandma Walton's facepoor Grandpa Hope you get out
  8. Any one still out turkey hunting
  9. Your on to them know thats great keep it up the hair rig is great it works good on the big cats as well you don't have to stick your hand down there throat and thats a good thing no harm to the fish always in the lip same as the carp
  10. Nice good job Tyler0420 38 needles wow thats bad thats great that your girlfriend picked them up just be very careful it's a shame to see that good thing you found them and not a child good job to you both
  11. I'm thinking on making a smoker and one day might try a carp but will have to catch one from the right waters
  12. Hows the carping been for you any luck yet
  13. Hey codiehoad go on you tube there is lot of helpful tips for baits for carp most of the time i just use can corn peaches and cream on a hair rig or some guys just put the corn right on the hook works just as well and chum the spot you are fishing just throw a hand full of corn in the same spot as your hook is in if your fishing closer to the shore like i said there are so many ways to fish for them and you tube is the way to get to know all the ways guys are fishing for them google is a good way to find good recipes as smerchly said below if your going to eat the fish take them from clean waters
  14. Good job bigugli i have been trying out my spots but nothing going on there yet i'm hoping soon
  15. I think we can all agree that our fish today are not free of pollution i for one would not eat 20+ salmon and as far as walleye i would rather eat a 5 pound fish then a 13lb and up i think it depends on how much home work we do on a species of fish and ask our selves how much of this fish should i eat thats the great thing about C.R we don't need to kill a fish if we feel we are not going to eat it and as far as using fish for the gardens they are just asking for unwanted animals.And what about all the unwanted fish caught in gill nets that are just thrown back in the lake?you can always tell when a boat has checked there nets as the beach is full of dead fish