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  1. Hey slowski i never made it out as well
  2. I have never had problems with boaters just them fools on jet skies they are nothing but show offs and it don't matter they aim for you at top speeds and wiz by you just feet away
  3. Thats a good point it's obvious these guys don't care about the regs and the main reason that is there is nothing there to stop it it's just words in a book and books cant touch you so why follow them it's sad
  4. just got my archery tag in today time to throw a few arrow and make sure things are still good don't wan't to make any bad shots
  5. agree 100% as smerch said put it straight up in the regs
  6. Our gov would not spend a cent on this problem he has a much bigger agenda a $20M agenda with the Clinton's thats what's important to this government
  7. I don't think there is an answer smerchly with all the fishing line found there are just to many people that don't give a crap and it's people like that that kids watch and learn this stuff from like they say monkey see monkey do it's obvious these people need babysitters it's a hard battle to fight when these guys can't be caught to catch these guys you would need someone watching them all the time it is a big problem for sure and a lot of wildlife suffer from it.It is sad but it's a simple problem to avoid and until people wake up and see what is happening and we start to lose fishing spots these guys won't stop. As far as barb less hooks go it's rely not a bad idea a lot easier to get out of your hand lol and i don't think upping the fine will help when there is no one around to right them and even if there is a C.O or a cop around they have to catch you doing it and that's almost impossible But we all can do are part and if we see it we can tell them to pick it up but then if they are ignorant enough to do that then most likely they will just tell you to well you know _____ you can call a C.O but by the time they get there unless you record them doing it you have to prove that they did it then what next chances are they don't get fined and you will have to leave your spot cause they will be harassing you the rest of the day COME ON PEOPLE IT'S JUST FISHING LINE PICK IT UP AND TAKE IT HOME WITH YOU IT'S NOT THAT HARD OF A THING TO DO IF YOU BRING IT IN TAKE IT OUT SIMPLE YOU DON'T NEED MUCH OF A BRAIN TO FIGURE THIS OUT TEACH YOUR KIDS THE PROPER WAY OR MAYBE THEY NEED THE KIDS TO TEACH THEM EITHER WAY WAKE UP
  8. Yes your right kgm i forgot about that spot it dose get shallow there i stay to the center there i never hit bottom there but have lost lures there and i believe there is a log there but more to the right and its under the water cant see it i think thats what steels all my lures lol
  9. Hey slowski are you talking about E.C.Brown i fish along there all the time not sure of the size of boat your driving but that stretch of river is not to bad there are a few stumps that stick out as long as the water is not to high you can see them i will be hitting there in the morning to see if there is any thing hitting all i do is troll and we catch pike walleye and the odd crappie to be honest it has been not to great this year but thats fishing if you do get out and thats the part of the river you are going to if you see a camo boat with a 9.9 mercury on it that will be me stop by and say hi I troll from E.C Brown up to the aqueducts
  10. Hay nice job on the Zebra smerch lol your doing better then me i have been out a few times and not even a hit i don't get it just nothing is biting never felt the power of a carp or a cat this year
  11. good luck this year guys on your hunt
  12. Great video that fishes neck was really crooked i bet there is more small mouth in that river then the lake lol good job love your vids keep them coming
  13. You can count me in as well smerch
  14. Bug

    Ya that looks more like it has a thicker snout and it's shorter shorter then the boll i would say your pic is right
  15. Bug

    I think they call them a boll weevil i'm thinking any ways that's what it looks like to me i see them all the time i see them in corn fields