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  1. I have caught a lot of bowfin but not that big congrats
  2. Canadian snipers and there spotters #1 just what we need to drain the swamp our government don';t care about our troops closing 7 Military bases to house these invaders
  3. Very nice fish i have caught some big ones last year this year didn't do so well a lot of small ones good job keep it up
  4. I have fished with smerch many times and enjoyed his company and yes every time we wen't out he out fished me i hope to get out with him again soon
  5. That might be a good idea i'm sure there are ways of making a hair rig work you might even put shrimp or small chunks of cut bait in something like a roe bag might work
  6. Come on fellow hunters we have to get these Liars out of power
  7. As smerch said a hair rig will work for smaller cats i have caught them up to around 3lb on hair rig nothing bigger for big cats i use cut baits or liver on a #6 circle hook
  8. I'm thinking they are along the shore line right now me and a buddy was out at port abino 3 days ago and we can see them swimming along the shore line big groups of them but you might hook into them
  9. Nice pike congrats thanks for the video
  10. your right smerch it's a trillion dollar scheme and and just another way for the Libs to line there pockets with taxes and the carbon tax i agree garbage littering thats something that is happening
  11. Yes i almost lost my rod to a carp i grabbed it as the reel hit the water it happen'd so fast i was using the old v stick(tree branch) as i left my rod holder at home i looked away for a sec and the rod bent and flipped off the stick and into the water. I ran and caught it just as the reel hit the water lesson learned drag is always loos and will not forget my rod holder again
  12. OH if we only had a leader that was half as smart as trump
  13. All i can say is it's out of control and only going to get worse unless we fight for Canada and fight our rights
  14. couldn't have said it better my self
  15. Sorry i meant to put this up