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  2. Good on ya to give 'er a go despite the conditions, Smerch. Driving to work today, I stopped by a spot along the Grand River in Cambridge and she was running high and muddy. Also stopped along Riverside Park in Cambridge and couldn't even drive into the park as the Speed River had overflowed the bank there. Oh well, 'tis the season. What can ya do?
  3. They have friends who make E.V's Dave .....
  4. Muddy water ( 1 cm. vis.) everywhere ! Checked out a few carp -cat spots yesterday , loaded with raunchy smelts , worms , large minnows , corn ....and some unknown stuff either attract , or scare off the fish . Well , the bullheads were hungry for most of our arsenal of baits, some a decent size to keep us interested . A couple of perch were interested in the worms , one over 11" (spawned out hen) . ...hoping things get better as the water viz gets better . ...slow start on the carp this year with only 2 banked . Looks like a perch trip may be in the cards ..... ...as Scottydog used to say .....Good fishing !
  5. Since we got heavily involved with world trade we have "imported" many invasive species that have cost us billions of dollars . Zebra mussels & gobies are now just part of the eco system . Invasive bugs have killed millions of trees at a huge cost ( to us) to control . I agree , carp are now "naturalized" in Ontario . Fishing has changed dramatically since the 50's when we caught fish like brookies & eels . Smelts & alewives were thick along the lake shores until salmon were stocked . I think we have much more to worry about than carp as more invasive species make Canada their new home. We sure pay a dear price for importing products from around the globe... '
  6. In my opinion, I think you're more right about carp than those who call 'em "invasive." I believe the term "naturalize" best represents carp, who were stocked here well over a hundred years ago as a food fish, and are now one of the only fish that can survive in the degraded habitats we've created.
  7. Serves them right for voting in a NDP Government 😎
  8. Well it’s cheaper here then out in B.C. seen it was 1.78L there.
  9. Hank Williams Jr. , country boy can survive . " catch catfish from dusk till dawn"
  10. I fished 2 tournaments at Wellers Bay way back. Fished it with Bob Izumi and a few other guys that made it to tv. It was a walleye/pike tournament both times and the fishing was great. Bobs brother Wayne actually taught me how to use a bait caster at Wellers Bay. Get a good topo map or if you have a gps unit you will need it. I lost a prop one year when in 15 ft of water rocks sticking up below the surface attacked my prop.
  11. Looking for info about fishing this area . My daughter is moving to the Weller's Bay & Consecon Lake area ,south of Trenton next month . Boat access from the trailer park is at Weller's Bay . ....wondering if these spots have good walleye fishing . Lake Concecon looks land locked ...may be a bass -pike fishing lake ? Our trailer will be at Mohawk Bay ...about 30 minute drive away where we have good walleye-pike-bass-drum and plenty of perch . They have a 14' aluminum & like to fish . anyone fished this area ?
  12. Last week
  13. That was my thought. That catfish could swallow him whole.
  14. Is there a pre registration? Or just show up the morning of?
  15. Wels catts would be a blast to catch. That would be an epic fishing adventure
  16. That catfish is waayyyyyyy bigger then 280 pounds, that angler is at least around 200 and the fish looks like it could swallow him whole
  17. That is good news, but planned for an early finish and under budget three years out … give me a break, plenty of time for things the government is involved in to go wrong. I saw a local politician trying to say it was their doing for ontime and under budget.
  18. Looks like a Wels … stories of them reaching 600 pounds. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wels_catfish
  19. Please refer to our post in for the love of carp, this thread is not monitored actively, link to the post: for quickest response to your questions please reach out to us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CanadianCarper/ Thank you, Canadian Carper
  20. 2nd annual Lorne Morley Memorial Fish in. 25$ entry Biggest 4 Carp will win. The entry fee will be a 50/50 pay out 50% will go to the event winner (biggest 4 Carp) and the other 50% will be donated to the ALS Society of Canada. Prizes and sponsors to be announced. Registration starts at 7am can pre bait after registering lines in water at 8am ( a whistle will blow to announce its time to start fishing) this will be a semi competitive friendly fish-in event to remember Lorne and all he did for canadian carp fishing. There will be no pegs or peg draw. Just show up, find a spot, fish and talk with your neighbour. If its full , then just come and show your support. lets remember why this event is happening. 25$ entry , biggest 4 Carp will win. Additional prizes and raffles will be announced as they become available. All proceeds from raffles, Donations etc will be going to the ALS Society of Canada www.als.ca **rain date for inclement weather will be the following Saturday(June 22nd) ** Location is cciw again 867 Lakeshore Rd, Burlington, ON L7S 1A ** please direct all questions to our Facebook page to ensure a quicker response as Canadian Carper Does not monitor fourm daily. link to page: https://www.facebook.com/CanadianCarper/ Link to event (please advise if you are attending either on here or Facebook): https://www.facebook.com/events/347634265960207/?ti=as
  21. Yea it says CCIW again this year. Hopefully Canadian carper will update on here soon.
  22. Ya that’s why I said screw it last night. Would need 5oz weight to keep it down. I’m sure today is even worse.
  23. Just pull one of the 2 plugs jack ....save a bundle !
  24. No FB also , no interest in it ..... I was checking out a lot of info about Hammi harbour today ....Googled up " pier 8 hamilton " ...lots of posts from NFN (2015) , pictures , derbies & posts from past NFN members ....remember Coachman ? Lots of good stuff to read ! Even some posts & pics about using flies for carp .....check it out ! There's a good chance I'll be at Deseronto during the derby , hoping to get our trailer back there near walleye opener & spend lots of time there this year .
  25. Yes, thank you for passing on that info D. No FB for me either. Is the location yet to be announced, or is it at Canada Center For Inland Waters again?
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