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    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

    there is good fishing all along the upper river Dave. I float roe bags with a centre pin setup all around there. it can be very productive fishing if you know where to go. i used to work at the peace bridge (pictured behind me) and i would regularly catch 3-4 fish in under 45 mins before work most days i went out. i find it most productive at first light. you can wade certain areas quite easily or fish from the break wall for those long hero drifts. if you fish from the wall, bring a very long handled net.
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    Chest wader advice

    Simms or Patagonia are the most popular of breathable waders. The reason for this is the lifetime warranty. A good pair of waders does not come cheap, as are the boots. Think of it as a one time investment. yes, you can find cheaper waders and boots but don't expect them to last nearly as long. Neoprene waders are pretty much a thing of the past...great for cold weather wading but you sweat like a donkey with any hiking in spring and early fall. Waders are a serious investment in keeping you comfortable and dry. Quality boots with studs attached and good ankle support are just as important. I wear a size xl wader and my shoe size is 11. I buy my boots in a size 13. two sizes bigger than my shoe size. My feet fit my wading boots nicely with wiggle room for my toes and extra pair Marino wool socks. I wear cheap fleece track pants under the waders in cold weather. Never feel cold at all even in winter run rivers. I highly suggest a reputable good fitting quality boot and wader over the cheaper versions if your any kind of avid fisherman that goes out often. Cheap will work...no doubt, but for how long before you have leaks.
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    The hook on the mouth “kype” is the easiest way to tell. Nice fish
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    Chest wader advice

    Boots are usually wading boots. Thats the only thing is the upfront cost of 2 items. Wading boots can get pricey but should be able to find a cheaper pair if you look around. I'm using Cabelas Guidewear ones right now and they're great. Another word of advice is get boots with the removable steel studs if possible. They go a long way for grip not just in winter but in any hiking/climbing you'll encounter
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    Surf and Turf

    Controlled Hunt

    Was able to make it out one last time last night and perseverance paid off. With about 30 minutes left I caught some slight movement through the bush at the corner of a field. This is about 100 yds right behind my stand so not a spot that I even usually watch as we have a another stand overlooking this spot but I was out alone. Just catching slight shadowy movement through the bush and moving slightly away from me. Assuming it was the huge buck that I didn't get a shot at last year I did a soft grunt to try to get moving my way. I could see that it stopped then starting walking back through the field parallel to me, I raised my shotgun as I knew it was about to step into a clear shooting lane and my scope was fogged up, damn. Wiped it the best I could with my wet glove and tried again, now it was clear enough to see, I following it as it stepped out between a couple of trees and damn no horns! A big doe and the last night of my hunt so I made a short bleat to stop it and pulled the trigger. Deer down.
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    Weight was for best individual fish
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    Mike Pike

    A Fall quickie

    Finally, a break in the weather and, after seeing the fishing friendly forecast, I called up my cousin Dan to see if he wanted to head out for a little morning session. Rather that try one of our harbour spots( as we were still unsure of the blue-green algae situation ), we opted for a smaller venue to enjoy the sun, cigars and Cyprinidae! We didn't feel the need to show up super early because, we reasoned, the fish activity would pick up once the temperatures began to rise after sunrise. That, and I slept in. One of the first things I noticed was that the lush vegetation and overgrown banks of the summer were gone now. However, the downed foliage and 'openness" of the area in the fall still had its charm. Even with the cooler temps, we spotted some 'V' wakes and bubbling, and I felt like we had a shot with the little bit of fish activity that we saw on display. The east wind kept whipping up, though, and it was hard to tell whether we were getting line bumps or if it was just the wind. Oh well, at least we weren't bothered by false alarms on the bite indicator! It wasn't until I heard the rapid clicking of my bait-runner that I knew I was in! Gotta think the little PVA bag o' goodies added to the presentation helped the fish zero in on my bait. The first thing I noticed during the fight was how frayed the old line was on my stalking rod( Wow, need to change that! ), so I loosened the drag and the fight lasted longer than it should have with this little fellow. Certainly not bragging size, but I was happy to have caught it. Thanks for the taking the pic, Dan( and for the cigar ). Nice to finally be able to get some bank time in after all the recent autumn wind and rain. And with luck, a lot more sessions to enjoy before winter's icy grip takes hold.
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    I'm with you Dave...I do all my own butchering as it is so much better with the care I take to get all the fat, bone and silverskin off...which I think is what causes any sort of gamey taste in the freezer. I can do a medium size deer myself cut, vacuum sealed and cleaned up in a few hours. Better with a friend and a few beers and doesn't even seem like work. Did 4 bears and a moose so far this year and hopefully a deer will come my way soon.
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    Unfortunately not mate, the guy who who turned up as you left is on this board, he got a nice trout.
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    Controlled Hunt

    There is no issue with you checking your property for poachers and taking stock of what's around the area, actually commendable . BUT if you placed your buddy in a stand and are doing the same walk about without a license and unintentionally move a deer and it passes in range of your buddy , does he hold fire as you are now part of the hunt ? You are going to have a hard time proving that was not your intention all along if a CO confronts you.
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    Float fishing at whirlpool

    Most people i see are catching with roe right now. I caught a zombie salmon last week on a bead/bag combo and an accidental laker on a spoon. Good luck
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    Who fishes Peace Bridge?

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    Great fireworks

    THis weekend, and next, is the Cascades of Fire in the Falls. China put up their fireworks display tonight. It was pretty good. Tomorrow is Finland. If you get a chance go out and watch. It's only an hour out of your evening.
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    Controlled Hunt

    brookie... be careful cause what you are doing can be interpreted as hunting and with out a controlled tag... well you do the math
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    It certainly was the first fish. 10 minutes after the bell rang. I'm sure I can cover your needs. Will bring along a case of the good stuff for the special needs of our friends
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    Thanks Bruce, would have had more kids out I think if it wasn't for the rain at the start. I hope you'll have some Pink jigs Bruce at the GHOC meeting 1/4 oz. Don't tell anybody Bruce, but that's the color I won second place with in the Caledonia Walleye derby Was great seeing you and the family at the derby Bruce. I think this was the first Perch entered
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    Congrats to all the winners . Was the weigh in a combo of 5 perch and are the weights lbs. or kilos ? Looks like a good turnout !
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    Mike Pike

    A Fall quickie

    Ya, I've seen the artist drawings of the proposed redevelopment and it looks pretty nice. It looks like there will still be plenty of access to the water, although I'm not sure about parking. I sure hope we'll be able to continue to fish there while the construction is underway( whenever that will begin ). Oh, and another thing( I think I've mentioned this in a post before ), when they show those artist conceptual drawings of what the new waterfront will look like, they always show hikers, joggers, dog walkers, etc. ...but never show anyone fishing!!!!!!!!!!
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    Mike Pike

    A Fall quickie

    Ya, I think I'll keep at it for as long as the winter permits. In the UK, the carp guys fish year-round. Now, their winters are a little milder than ours, but they still need to break through skim ice from time to time to cast for carp. And shallow spots are still ok to fish as I think they warm up quicker. Plus, I always remember the old saying; 3 feet is deep if everything else around you is 1 foot. lol I know guys who carp fish the Hammy harbour right up until ice-up, and then pick it up again as soon as the ice is out. Some real dedication there.
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    Niagara Outdoor Show

    ...started early, this year. Attendance was down in 2018. I was sorting some event stuff and came across a book with over 250 e-mail addresses from gate ballots (from 8 years ago). Nice find to add to the current list that goes out before the show on Sunday, March 10. If you know of someone that might be interested in being involved as a retailer/exhibitor, my contact info is at the bottom of www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com My focus this year is retail. Attendance at shows has changed. There used to be only one show in Toronto. Now, there's two. And there's shows around Toronto, as well. Geography is strange. A big show could not 'make it' in Niagara Falls. Is the Carp show (Ottawa) still going?...I'm not sure. Fort Erie is at the end of the road. Hard to draw from the States and with being a small town, we depend on folks driving a 1/2 hour or more to Fort Erie. Bass Pro, Peter's, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Kijiji and down our way, Cabela's, Gander Mountain and Dick's. Let's not forget Amazon and ebay. The market is flooded with fishing equipment. I appreciate the support of everyone that makes this event possible. If you have a product that is fishing, hunting or boating related and you would like to promote it, an 8' table with linen is $20. We all have fishin' stuff that we don't use anymore. Why not get a table and try to get rid of it? Have some ideas? You can check our facebook page, Niagara Outdoor Show, too...thanx, Bill
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    Deer butcher near St.Catharines

    Honestly, I find the flavour better if you debone and remove the fat and silverskin, not difficult.
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    End of the season

    Weather reports are over as well. The cottage is closed up for the winter and I have moved back home to Welland.
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    Larry egerter across from Fox run golf course on hwy 20 does them.905 892 2721.makes decent sausage too
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    I went a stalkin'

    I went out to one of my distant fall carp spots... got one small one around 5 lbs...but found a 6 ft skunk tree..... c'mon 17th
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    what animal is this??

    If it had crayfish claws in it .....it would not be mine .