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    Late report on this year’s moose hunt. Again this year we hunted the opening week. Boy was it warm! We had a group of 8 guys this year. We drew a Bull tag, and had a Cow tag through outfitter camp. Leading up to the hunt we hade been having quite a debate over whether to take a cow or not if the opportunity presented itself and decided as a group that we would take one only if it didn’t have a calf with it. Opening morning we set off to our respective hunting spots. Myself, and a buddy made the hour long trek in the dark out to a beaver pond which I like to hunt. It is in a beautiful clearing about 300 yds across and very remote. The edge of the clearing is about 50 feet from the edge of a river. It is a perfect location for calling, as they can’t come in behind you unseen. I had just set up the decoy got comfortable and starting calling when one of the guys comes on the radio, “Moose Down”! “Cow Down”! Twenty after 8 am on opening morning and we have a moose down. So we pack up our stuff, make the journey back to camp to gather up all the necessities to recover a moose. Rope, knives, saw, bottle of rye for celebratory shots, etc., and off we go. When we got to where the moose had gone down it was approximately 100 feet from the side of a river, about 99 feet farther than I like but I guess it could have been worse. It was an old dry cow, so we didn’t feel bad about taking her.Thankfully in the long wait to get there the shooter had taken the time to gut the moose. So at that point we just had to drag the moose to the rivers edge and load in the boat. So with “heave ho’s”, 12 inches at a time we finally got her to the rivers edge and rolled her into an empty 14 footer. Now a quick 3 hour trip towing the moose back to camp at a perfect walleye trolling speed of about 1.5 mph! Back at camp we made quick work of getting it quartered, skinned and hanging. Back to the beaver pond for another three days back to back, dawn to dusk, until I had fed every mosquito within a mile. Not one response, it was just to hot, and the moose were obviously not in the rut or even curious about what was making all the racket. I spent the next couple of days traveling the rivers and checking back bays hoping to spot a bull feeding, and catching a few pickerel and pike in the early afternoon. On Wednesday a couple of guys came upon a bull feeding at the side of a creek. There are conflicting stories about what happened, who made the most noise, who couldn’t get their gun loaded, who went left when he should have gone right but the end result was the same. The Bull got tired of watching whatever they were doing and walked around a bend in the creek never to be seen again! Well we got skunked on our Bull, but over the course of last week and a few beers, we came up with a great idea, and some begging with the wives we are going back this weekend to finish business. Leaving this Friday morning, 10 hour drive up, hunt Saturday and Sunday and 10 hours back on Sunday night. As I write this I’m actually almost agreeing with my wife’s take on this “mission”…. well almost! I’ll give an update when back.
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    First yote down this yr for me.. buddy wanted to sit out this morn in a corn field he hunts that just came down.. no deer tag this yr for me didn't bother but said see if I could get a yote or two... I didn't call for em since buddy was in his stand close by trying for deer and didn't wanna spook any deer for em but the farmers pretty strict on not giving free passes to yotes so when he came across the field looking for mice I had no choice.. he was about 130-140 out and no match for the 243. Don't get better than that sweet smell of gun powder in the morning
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    Oh boy! First time in many years I am here for the opener as I didn't go for archery moose because we didn't get tags. Not too happy with the warm weather but supposed to cool down a bit starting tomorrow. Good luck all...
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    Sorry guys been busy...but we crushed.. pics were tough during the day with the heat but after the sun went down they were hungry.. usually only get em till 30 min or so after dark but the bite lasted well onto the evening... lots of crappie and hammer handles.. 1 good 8 lb pike... biggest pic was almost 4 lbs with 90 % of em in the 17 "-22". Lots of throw backs cause of the slot but still manag3d more than enough for the pan and to bring home
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    Well it's up on us guys duck season is hear good luck to all duck hunters shoot straight and be safe
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    I've been able to give up my perscription drugs cause I eat so much fish
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    Went for a few hours this evening, seeing as the weather will be a bit unsettled the next couple of days. Was not expecting much, just some pannies. The bass had different ideas. Got a dozen with the largest being a little more than 19" long.
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    Harvested a nice doe yesterday afternoon....35 yds xbow....was on the stand no more than 4 minutes she came in gave me a perfect shot had to take it although I still want to hunt.lol
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    I frequent this Timmies the most and will miss not being able to grab a coffee while fishing the area , especially during the winter . Many locals go everyday , lots of bikers stop by , many anglers enjoy a coffee-meal there .....but it hasn't got a drive through . The powers that be tell us to "SAVE ENERGY" ....buy a smaller car , don't idle , yet people will wait 15 minutes in their car/truck to get a coffee ?? What a joke eh? They are not saying why they will close ....the place is small ....maybe not enough profit to justify , and Tim trucks don't have much room to maneuver in the parking lot . I hope they have a small coffee shop take over , otherwise I will be toking my thermos when fishing there . This Timmies is a gem , sad to see it go . http://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/2017/10/04/port-dalhousie-tim-hortons-shutting-down
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    I'm not so sure he's really going to a better place tho...... seemed like he was already there
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    Went out Monday morning. Had 2 small does looking right in at me in my hub blind from about 15 feet away! I have a doe tag, but didn't want to end the season so soon, and I know there is a big buck out there. Saw 15 hens coming out to car, and probably could have shot one, but I'm going to wait, hoping for a gobbler.
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    went out this morning i had a doe and a fawn walk right past me at 35 yards and about 25 min later had a small 4 point come past didn't take him and i have a tag for a doe but let her go to looking for a bigger buck lot's of time yet i'm thinking about getting a turkey tag i know they are in there too
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    I also had a beautiful doe come with in 20 yards...had a clear shot....buuut...no doe tag...lol...about 40 mins after that had a flock of turkeys come and land right in front of me...they came within 10 yards...buuut....no turkey tag...argggh...that will teach me not to get my tags....lol...oh well..just really nice to get out
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    Tickets will be available the morning of at the headquarters before the derby starts.
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    Fished there a lot back in the day. Lots of bass, would even get some bows in the spring.
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    The numbers that the carp trap personnel counted year by year have been going down. The area hardly ever get busy these days. I was always alone when I go there to try. Not even the Hungarian Gypsies ever showed up, who used to land carp and placed them inside suitcases with wheels for easier transport. Smerch,.............. I thought you always do decent on Carp fishing. If we cannot catch the known abundant species Carp , what can we catch? .............Bugs!
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    Lost my mojo as well fishfight . I think the carp have put the word out on me , or they can smell my scent on my maize ! Getting desperate now, I will try a fat dew worm or dough ball to trick them ! ,,,,,or wear a balaclava over my puss ......Hope you find your mojo . edit ! ....this smerchly guy has too much time on his hands ! ! Cool it smercho & get out fishing more !
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    Could anyone provide an update that might be on the water later today? It would be greatly appreciated.
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    Went out looking for shrooms today....perfect conditions , same time last year , but nary a shroom to be had at my usual spots .But I did find some nice fat ones ....at Big Reds ! Came home with a nice eye of the round roast , ham kielbasa , rye bread & veggies . They have the 11lb box of their own smoked bacon on for $35 ....real nice bacon good price ! Use some to wrap chunks of pike on the bbq (fishing related) Anyone see any shrooms lately ? Maybe I'm too early , or too late , but I hope to get some of those 4" wide beauties again .
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    Good job brookie slayer it's nice to get your deer but it sucks when it's over lol it's to bad we cant take one of each next decent day i'm out there hope this wind goes away soon
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    Something like the weir north of Glendale Ave. that we fished & swam in the 50's . Also another weir near Thorold on the east side of the canal called Lake Louise ....pike were caught at both weirs .....all off limits now . I have been tempted to don my camo clothes & try a few casts .... btw....just got in from picking dewies ....about 6 doz.....lots out tonight "dew" to the rains .
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    For a second I thought it was Australia ... has a similar shape . I think they know where most of this floating garbage comes from ....imagine how much stuff lies on the bottom of the oceans ! Obviously , this stuff could be "harvested" and taken to land for disposal ....maybe use some giant fishing trawlers to gather it up ....pay them for all the "recycles" and save some fish for themselves ......
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    I haven't done much carp fishing this year. Went out last evening to see what I could catch at a faithful carp hole. Fished about 3 hours with just 2 small channel cats. Got tons of light nibblers that didn't result in hookups. Fished corn in about 3 feet of water. Might try to get out after them tomorrow on the Welland River.
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    All done your scroll wheels can now cool down...lol .Does anyone have access to the photos that were used for the sponsors I can't seem to find them anywhere to put them up for our advertisers. Dave
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    lol I try not to drink and type...
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    Tried Gib today and notta ! Nothing ! Squat ! But they are there ! Saw about 7 jumpers ....one almost touched the tip of the rod !! Arrrrgggg ! Another one jumped about 8' in front of me and another almost jumped on shore ! I tried the maize/hair rig , then tried puffed corn . They are playing hard to get ....need to take a bow-arrow next time ! ...... It makes me wonder if they have lots to eat ....like bugs or zebra mussels (bottom feeders) . .....not many mussels at all on the shore rocks ,but some have been caught clinging to rocks etc. in 15 fow . Water is still warm .....hoping they will turn on soon , will have to check again after we get back to October weather .
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    Is there anyone with a view of Lake Erie this morning?
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    Marked lots of schooled Perch 50 FOW and out near the fingers. All we caught was small dink Perch, NO keepers. Lots of pods of Perch at Maitland, if you can find bigger ones, and get minnows. We decided to troll for Walleye and NADA. Said to my buddy one nice thing about not bringing fish home, don't have to clean fish. We bought our minnows at can't say on hear. not many minnows there.
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    Hi Yakfish .....I'm your 54th viewer ....thought I'd chime in ..... My last 3 carp trips were duds , not even a sniff . Maybe my new batch of maize with diced canned pineapple chopped fine & sweetened with sugar is not their forte . I tried different spots from 5 to 15 fow and no dice . Either I've lost my touch or the carp really fear me ! I'm going to give it another try tomorrow morning at Gibby . If they don't like my maize I have some Halloween candy to try .....hope you have success on the Welland River .
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    Going to giver a go for Perch off Maitland today,will report in. Hope I can get Minnows?
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    Beautiful doe came to within 20 yds but too much brush in between..knew something was up and casually walked off..safety was off...oh well..spooked one coming back in.. couldn't tell what it was..tracks everywhere..talked to a guy near my area and he seen a buck thiss am...I hunted the pm..
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    very light winds and waves. scatter light rising mist. Morgan's point Rathfon
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    Great day on the water for them.
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    Armed with small emeralds & my finest 9' ultra light rod & slip floats , I gave up 4 hrs. of my life to fetch me a perch dinner .....but alas .....they went to the outhouse ! I tried a few spots and one brave gill took my bait ! I talked to a few others and they had some luck catching a few gobies ! I did much better last week in the midst of a sunny hot day ! I have read other reports of a no fish day today . I did see a lot of tiny minnows breaking water ....and for some reason I found a good dozen of my minnows died in my tank last night ....haven't lost one all week ! Something is going on here ..... Is it the sudden drop in temperature ? Wind change ? Pressure rising ? All three ? ....or me ? Anyone fishing Erie today ? Same scene or were they biting there ?
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    ....but how old are they ? .....
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    Pretty pumped...put some decent time in this year getting ready...first time out at the new property I secured to hunt...sat out the other night scouting had a smaller 6 pointer come in...hope he sticks around...lol
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    Deer season (archery opens this Sunday!!! Used to hunt ducks all the time, but haven't for years because numbers were way down where we hunt at Long Point.
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    What a great Post..... Treasure these moments as much as you can. I have pictures of my daughter camping just like that around the same age... Although I am sure I took them last year I must be wrong because she is now 21 years old.... Still my little girl, but damn they grow up fast......
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    It's been a long time since I shot a duck gunner . I liked to hunt the "puddle" ducks, like Mallards , Blacks & Teal .....and the odd Woodie .....all good eating .Grouse, goose & pheasant hunting were also great times to remember ....lots of walking (exercise) and same for hunting bunnies & Jacks . What a great stew those jacks made ! .....i have a few extra squirrels razzing my dog if you care to indulge in a nut flavoured lunch !
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    Bill, go on facebook and contact Gary Matthews: Hes in Norfolk. Ghostware Android box, custom and Expat IPTV for $60 for six months...excellent best out there !!! You even get the world fishing Network. Tell your cable company to go pound it.
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    I got rid of my cable and home phone 5 years ago . I was paying cogeco over a $100 per month and bell $45 a month plus my cell phone bill . now all I have is my cell that I use the hot spot on for my laptop and a antenna. I get 28 channels over the air for free .saved all that money for fishing stuff . lol td
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    My mom lives on welland river by o'reilly's bridge for about three years.. I was just catching small catfish and sheepheads .. But seen the carp jumping all the time and now i can catch carp all day... I see boats trolling by what they fishing for? I have never caught a bass or pike in the river.. Anyone know if pike in river by welland river o'reilly's bridge area?
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    Well today , I found the "answer" ! I decided to try the "12" at my fav.carp spot, since the water is down . Long walk to the spot in this heat wave but my anticipation was high to land a few carp . .......I'll do a picture series as I go along ....... First thing I spotted when I arrived was this nice fat ball of braid in the brush at the top of the bank ... ahh ,so nice ! Walked another 10' to set up my rod and spotted this in the brush .... Tossed my hair rig/maize into the water and began looking at all the garbage strewn about ....simply amazing ! One would expect of all people who enjoy the environment that fishermen would have the most respect .....WRONG ! Another 50' downstream I found another mess , primarily Tim cups & lots of worm boxes ,broken rod pieces, cig packs , line spools ....and one person was kind enough to bag up some trash & stick it behind some brush on the bank ! Amazing !!!! I carry a garbage bag with me in my back pack ,so I packed it up and filled my recycle box.,etc. Tim cups went into the newspaper grey box, even though I heard it goes in the reg. garbage ....take it up with Timmies ! There is 12 bait boxes ....seems the same person may fish there often ...same cig . packs , pop cans ....got a real winner here .....( broken rod , messed up lines ) Well....the carp weren't biting , not even a sniff on the maize or the puff corn ....no fish jumping & no minnows to be found . But I did find a pair of scissors that had 1/4" broken off one side & I kept a couple new bait boxes for my worm trips . I ground the tips down on the scissors , rounded them off & they cut very nicely ! Being curious , I weighed the trash I brought home ....a BIG one pound , 12 ounces total !! Ok ...my grand finally ..... The "answer" to the garbage problem ....... " The answer my friends .....is blowing in the wind !
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    The smallmouth were large and plentiful in there. I remember fishing it in the late 80's.
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    We caught a nice brown today in the harbour , took a live minnow , and a few perch . I tossed a #4 Mepps & an orange/bronze daredevil spoon , but no hits . Two guys in a boat got a few kings using skeen . Water viz is still murky ,clearing up a little from yesterday ,but more rain & wind on the way which will make Erie mud again........Better days ahead......