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    SATURDAY My cousin Dan and I planned to hit Hamilton Harbour Saturday morning and start our Labour Day Weekend with a bang. He hadn't fished for over a year and was pretty stoked to feel a bend in the rod. I told him how I like to be set up, with rods out and coffee in hand, by 6:00 am because if we don't end up catching any fish, at least we can enjoy a sweet sunrise. I think you have to be from da Hammer, though, to really appreciate the beauty of a sunrise over the steel mills. With very little wind, the bay was flat calm and hazy. I saw one nice fish head and shoulder right above our baited area and I thought we were in! But the morning drew on with very little to get us excited about, other than an occasional beep on my bite alarm. We marveled at the other folks who had come down to the harbour this morning with considerably more energy than us. Dan commented that he would never do something so strenuous in that heat. Then we both realized we would never do something so strenuous.....the end. lol There was a huge algae bloom that rolled in, but it looked like green algae to me and not the blue-green algae I fear. We continued fishing until the wind picked up( and dispersed the algae )but everything remained quiet, with even the bite alarm going silent. It was Miller time. MONDAY Out we headed, again, to a different spot on the harbour with hopes of different results. I was concerned with the forecast, which called for thunderstorms, but they were anticipated in the afternoon, so I hoped we had a window. Once again, we got to enjoy a spectacular sunrise. Well, red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Weather was on the way, so let's get fishing! And fish we did, with Dan opening his account with a lively 8 1/2 lbs carp, which had him buzzing after his year long fishing drought. He was ledgering his offering of maize fairly close to the pier, while I was fishing a method ball about 30 to 35 yards out. Dan had my number, though, and shortly afterwards, bested another carp; this one a little fatty of 11lbs. I wish I could show them to you but he doesn't like doing the fish pose thing and was happy taking a few photos of his catches on the mat. Finally, my rod was away and I leaned into a nice fish that kited away straight for the snaggy shore to my right. Although I began to hand palm the spool in an effort to tighten the drag, it still found a buoy line to wrap itself around! This was the same buoy that a carp I battled a few weeks ago found and used to make its escape. AAARGHHHH!!!! The only thing I could think to do was maintain pressure and just hope that I had kept it from taking too much line and there was a chance it would eventually exit the way it entered. Success! And after a good scrap, in to Dan's waiting net it went. At 19lbs, I was well please, especially after getting a chance to exact my revenge on that dastardly buoy that helped a carp escape several weeks ago. I was also well pleased that we were able to enjoy a morning catching carp before the foul weather rolled in. It's mid afternoon right now as I'm typing this and the day has almost turned to night as the sky has opened up, and the wind and rain is making it look the end times!!! Wow! I hope sailors took warning!
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    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    The front deck of the boat should come up easily. I've repaired a "cracker" (tracker) boat that had the same problem (welded hull mind you). Winter project I would say. I would also reinforce the structural of the floor if you're gonna do it. I have a guy that can weld it for you in Niagara if you want to do it. Cost you about $500. Pouring a foam bottom will also give more added strength to the hull. Dont junk it and dont pay a stupid amount of money for a dealer to send it out and get done.
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    You can buy what they call a head maker to match any solid rivet you use. I work in the transit bus trade and have done lots of solid riveting. The chisel gun with headmaker on the outside and someone on the inside with a dolly or small solid block of steel. Do a few practices on some scrap metal and after couple times you can feel and listen for a good mash of the rivet. I would dip each rivet in 221 Sikaflex prior to hammering it for a 100% seal. Use aluminum anodized solid rivits not bare aluminum as they corrode to easily. Need any advice on solid riveting PM me...Ive only got 40yrs experience doing that. Much the same as aircraft builders.
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    Carpin d'Gibb

    Stopped by at my local tackle shop to buy a doz. worms ....nice fat ones ! I asked the young guy if they had those carp ring a ding things & he reached for a "Monster" brand carp signal indicator that screw into the telescopic rod stand ....easy to set up with many settings ....loud enough to wake me from a dead sleep . Now I can catch a few winks when the fish are being picky ....all set to give it a go very soon . I may not catch more fish , and I'll lose some sleep ....a fair trade off ...
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    Gravelly Bay hunting

    If you hunt Gravelly Bay or want to support those who do, fill out the survey the town is doing now. You know the anti-hunting crowd is gathering the troops so hunters should be doing the same. http://www.portcolborne.ca/page/gravelly_bay
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    Merc start problem

    Portable tank? Drop tube in tank rotted off?
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    Mike Pike

    Labour Day weekend carping

    Hey, thank guys. The water directly behind me is only about 6 to 8 feet deep, Smerch, and the vis was 2 to 3 feet with no appreciable algae bloom at this spot. Your next purchase should be a proper carp umbrella, Smerch. I never go carping without it. Us old guys can't handle the sun like we used to, eh, so taking 'portable shade' with me really helps me enjoy the day.
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    Carpin d'Gibb

    Going nuts with high tech Mike ! If the carp keep hiding , I'll invest in an underwater drone ! Returned from Gibby ...rain started to get heavier , left after an hour . The alarm works great ! There's some current there (12-14') & the alarm made a few beeps when floating weeds caught the line ....handy to get a beep and clear the line . The wind picked up & alarm caused an adrenaline rush ....nice to be able to set the sensitivity for such conditions . The fish are not interested in my maize or the puffed corn ....saw one surface way beyond my bait . Good luck tomorrow , I hope the thunder doesn't spook them ....but they gotta eat sometime !! 🍔
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    Fish report

    Finally! Got out tonight , 72 fow straight out of pc, 2 hrs picked up 5. Then the storm chased us off the water. 💨 ⛈
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    Fish report

    Yup got three man limit on Thursday afternoon . straight off port Colborne slightly west in 68-72 ft .all big dipseys 150ft back . trolling with the north wind at 2-2.2.stoplight and watermelon was working patterns.
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    Fish report

    2 limits today out of PC missed some tossed some back . Evening trip
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    Fish report

    fished in 74 - 78 feet about 1.5 mile north of the weather marker. Got my 6 fish limit. They were all small. There was a bunch of boats much closer the marker. I stay away from them.
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    Eating our catch

    Yes ,I have heard how they feed tilapia , and I wonder what our government "inspectors" are saying about this ? They inspect restaurants for bugs , rodents and cleanliness but don't check what food is being served as per menu ? Definitely not enough people to check the stores out for quality , etc.? I guess it's buyer beware..... We have bought the haddock and cod at Beamsville F.& C. and did notice a difference ....liked the haddock slightly more . We don't eat it often since it's cooked in grease ( ticker unfriendly) , but better than eating carp .... They use all kinds of tricks to make fish look like it's fresh from the lake .....
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    Eating our catch

    I have not ordered "fish & chips" for many years. Too often disappointed. Plus, I will never let crap fish like Tilapia or Basa touch my lips. They are both farmed in filth..........Daniel
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    Its interesting to see another person not happy with Legend boats. I have a problem where the bow of the boat where the trolling motor mounts broke inside as 3 of the 4 brackets welds failed. I talked to both Legend dealers and they were useless, I was told to take it into a welding place on my own and get it repaired. I took it in and they looks at the welds and laughed at the pitiful welds they did originally at the factory. I'd never buy one of their boats again.
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    Wood varnish/protective coating

    A good spar varnish WITH UV blockers.
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    I completely re-did my 22ft StarCraft, it can be done. Yes it's labour intensive, but it really isn't all that bad. If you don't like the idea of properly setting a rivet using an air chisel and bar, the leaking section can be replaced with pan head stainless steel bolts with 3M 5200 and lock nuts. Many aluminum boats have been repaired this way. A great forum to check out is the StarCraft restoration forum on Iboats. I know yours is a legend, but the techniques apply to any riveted boat. As for the foam, yes it's a pain but it comes out. I used a shovel for breaking out large chunks and finished it off with a power washer. If you do decide to tackle it, once you repair the bad area, seal it all with Gluvit. It's great stuff. Poke around that forum and you'll see that it's a very doable job.
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    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    I would call their corporate office and try and talk to someone in Customer Service. Make sure you have all the info relating to the boat at hand (model serial number etc) ... might be something out there such as a defect that is covered
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    Really Disappointed WIth Legend Boat

    Pop rivets are a no-no in my book!! Do it right! Once!!! Proper rivets installed with an air riveter and bucking bar! Its really pretty easy! Yes it takes two people and some practice! Cost is very low compared to what genec was quoted!
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    My first 2007 Legend boat was riveted, and always had a gallon or two water in it, I traded in for another Legend boat in 2015, this boat is welded and has never leaked.
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    That's a horrible story. Your boat might be 17 years old but has probably the equivalent of one year of use. However, trying to get a dealer to fix it at that age would be almost impossible. I guess an overhaul for a motor of that age is not unreasonable but my 90hp 2 stroke Yamaha that I bought new in 1993 and used more for skiing and tubing than fishing, has never had a wrench on it. Only about 2 sets of plugs. Sold it 3 years ago and the new owner says it's been trouble free. I'm on my second Lund boat because I liked the first one so much. 18 years and the seats, carpet, wiring, gauges, fittings etc were all in great condition. I did take care of it and always stored it indoors but it was used hard. I guess there's a reason the Lunds are more expensive, but to me they have been worth it. I wish you luck and hope some of the guy's suggestions will work for you and get you back on the water.
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    I don't believe legend does... lund does tho.... i stayed away from the legends when I purchased my lund because of reviews and things ppl had told.me... I'd consider taking it apart yourself than having them do the work or don't even go to legend and go somewhere totally different... there's no warranty so why give legend more of your money
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    Old Friends

    That's about 30 cents per worm , or about $50 per pound , depending on size ! If you buy in bulk from your local bait - tackle shop , better price . After a good rain/thunder storm , I hope the fish are on the prowl for some run off food ....not sure if the water temps and ph levels changed , but water visibility will have some effect in spots .
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    Nice job CC!. I was at my camp just past there on Swan Lake. We got 4 bears for 5 guys. Fishing a little slower than it has been. Thanks for those barrels. They were put to good use.
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    Newbie to fishing.

    August Can be tough. Waters too warm in a lot of spots. Too many weeds. Try a deeper spot like snags said. Also, try a minnow with a sinker in the deeper spot when it’s warm. The fish are slower when it’s hot so don’t make them work so hard. Once things cool off a bit the fishing will pick up