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    minnow killer

    Fondest Fishing Memory

    I've got lots of fond fishing memories, like fishing in the canal with my grandfather, he would tie me to the bumper of the car so i couldn't fall in, but if the car went in the canal i would of went in with it, but the best memory is when i hooked onto my first musky, I was about 12, in pigeon lake, me and my brother were working a marshy area with weed walkers, with no luck as always. so before we went home for lunch we decided to troll, full speed with the 3 horse, under the bridge we went, with baits a buzzing, then all of a sudden this ginormous musky comes flying out of the water and gobbles my lure, well the fight was on, for what seemed like forever, we had no net, and my brother was 9, he was scared the musky was gonna eat his arm. we were given a net to use by a nearby fisherman who couldn't believe how big this fish was, but paul was still to scared to try and net the monster, and with a flip of his tail he went straight to bottom and snapped my line, I'll never forget the size of the fishes head, it was bigger than anything i've ever seen still to this day, even mounted ones, I still hunt for that musky every time i go back, and it's coming soon.
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    Man those are some big bass! They all looked 4.5 + ..... I think need to get me a pink rod and some waders!!!
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    Fishing Video

    Nicely put together! Nice to see ya pull something out of that spot ... that is one spot that has skunked me over the years.

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