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    Good turn out despite the weather. The fishing was tough. Only 3-4 fish were measured! Incredible prizes were handed out with the grand prize being valued at almost $500.00. The winning fish was a 51cm trout!!Great job by the organizers and thanks to the volunteers!
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    Carp Fish-In

    Hey guys. We will be having a fish in on Sun. May 18 at CCIW, Canada Centre for Inland Waters. That's the building under the Skyway on the Burlington side of the canal. It's a great way to learn and meet fellow carp anglers. Lorne
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    Great Day Steelheading With My Wife

    Had a great day today dispite the tangles and snags every five minutes, but it sure put a smile on my face to see my wife connect with some steel. She hooked her first fish on her very first drift. I stood back and coached her all the way and let her enjoy it. Her second fish was a big buck that bee lined up river almost ripping the rod out of her hands. Excuse the look on her face....lol. She was like hurry up Dave, take the dam picture this thing is heavy. I also took the time to explain to he a proper release and to revive the fish before letting it go....She did a great job !!!! Guess what boys?? No problem for me to go fishing..HAHAHA..
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    Trailer Hitch

    The purpose of crossing your safety chains is to make a cradle to hold your hitch up off the road in case it comes off the ball. Good idea to do it.
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    Centerpins. . .

    I highly suggest Raven reels and rods. Actually Raven everything when it comes to float fishing.
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    Argh! Dislike The New Outdoors Cards

    Just have to give the Mrs lots of opportunities to get out as a family.
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    river guide

    Roof Rack

    You have a reputable business willing to price match and they are in your home town, no driving. Sounds like a good deal to me.
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    Outdoors Oriented

    Roof Rack

    I'm not sure where you've come up with this. Our basic kayak foam block kit with straps is $39.95. For reference I checked Bass Pro, Canadian Tire and Walmart online, the cheapest kit I could find is $60. We also sell upgraded foam blocks and straps individually that are better quality than you will find in kits. Even these higher quality options purchased seperately will total $85 if using the all the best pieces.

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