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    What Morons

    The difference is that the activities at the Calgary Stampede are not illegal (whether or not they should be is another topic and not the within the scope of this forum); while chasing wildlife down and harassing it is illegal. And dangerous.
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    What Morons

    Charges pending.. Then it's case closed. But not till then. This is very crule.
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    What Morons

    Is your next stop the Calgary Stampede to protest? Tighten those nuts alittle harder. Yeah, you see this all the time don't we boys. A drunk riding a moose. Bunch a goofs being goofs. Case closed.
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    You will be waiting a long time to see video coverage from any angler in any tournament unless they have a dedicated person to do so. No one is going to spend time to film when they are tourney fishing.

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