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    Labour Day weekend carping

    I’m hoping to get out this week aswell might have to hit my honey hole just to try and recoup a lost season. We shall see!
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    Labour Day weekend carping

    Thanks ...I also think the floater corn would help elevate the hook a tad with the 2 or 3 maize kernels near the stopper . Sometimes I lose a couple of pieces of maize & the floater would still be intact since it is firm and tightly on the hair. I have done less carping this year due to the heat and the carp's poor appetite (who can eat much in that heat) ?? I was thinking about going out today but had to enclose a newly seeded (grass) garden because the %@#&*# squirrels keep digging it up ! Squirrel stew sounding better every day !! Looks like a wet week but I hope to get out between rain drops to check out a few carp spots that have not been good this year . Maybe strap my wife's umbrella to my back ! Let us know if you have some luck Nort .

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