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    NFN news

    It is now official.. Tyler 0420 is now the owner of NFN.. He is the boss man.. Could'nt ask for a nicer guy to run this web site.. I will remain on as admin as long as Tyler needs me..please direct any issues you have with Tyler.. Great bunch of guys n gals here.. It was a pleasure owning this web site for a few years. Thank you members for being the best bunch of fishermen .. Good luck Tyler..
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    announcement to members

    I’m pretty excited that I have the chance to keep this site going. I’m not from the niagara region but I’ve fallen in love with this site over the years. Looking forward to meeting more of you guys, we’ll get together soon
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    Court Rose

    Ice Fishing Dunnville or PM Area

    Got this tank last night, she went 32" long x 19" girth, little over 12lbs
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    announcement to members

    G ood news for NFN folks... Tyler0420 is taking over this web site...
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    My son's first deer

    His first year bow hunting and he connected last last night with a nice basket racked 9 pointer.
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    Fishy day

    Cliff and jack at it again
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    Mike Pike

    First Spring Outing

    Why is it when our lakes are frozen over, you have all kinds of time on your hands. But, as soon as the ice is gone and you're chomping at the bit to get out, you're beset by chores. That's what I find, anyways, and although the ice has been gone for a couple of weeks, yesterday was my first chance to get out after some carp. I thought the best thing to try was shallow water that would warm up earlier than the harbour would, so I packed my stalking rod and traveled light down the fisherman's path. The margins were a carp's dream with lots of roots and branches to take refuge in and to use to their advantage during a fight. It was neat to see all the wildlife waking up, too. Lots of finches and nuthatches flittering about the trees. Ducks and geese all paired up. And here's Momma, blending in with her surroundings, quietly sitting on her eggs. Anyhoo, I kept the presentation small using only a couple of pieces of corn on the hair, along with a small PVA bag of particles hooked on to help the fish zero in on my offering. It was pretty quiet early on, so I chummed out a small handful of corn hoping that would create a wider zone of attraction and it wasn't before I noticed some bubbling around my bait. This went on and off for quite a while but with no result, impatiently, I went to my rod to check my bait. Just before touching the rod, off it went( Isn't that always the way? )! Fortunately, other then running my line under a nasty old floating branch, most of the fight was in the open, and I brought this spring fatty into the net. Just a gorgeously proportioned fish with a little yellow and red around the anal and caudal fin. Shortly after releasing her and re-baiting I heard a splash and saw the rings in the water on the opposite bank. As well, there was bubbling everywhere and I thought; "Now they're having it!" But things quieted down after a while and I had no other action. Once the sun disappeared behind the trees, the chill reminded me it was still April, and I packed up, pretty happy with my first outing of the season. .
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    Funny boat names

    My brother and I used to call my dads tin boat the "dink". Cause it wasnt that impressive, but got the job done.
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    Guys I would love to post the other pictures but it is not letting me. The pictures were all taken with an I-pad. The first one I posted no problem but the with the others it tells me they exceed the size limit and won't allow it. I don't understand since all the pictures are the same size and of the same format. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, on another note, the animals I took were not considered trophy animals, just run of the mill African plains game. Unlike North American game, the antlers do not fall off every year but continue growing. Just another quirk in African hunting, my package included trying to get a shot at a Kudo with up to 55" horns. The one I managed to get on the advice of my professional hunter, had 54" horns. He glasses each animal very carefully before giving the okay to shoot. If my animal would have exceeded 55" then it would be considered a trophy and I would have been charged $185.00 U.S. for every inch over 55. If I did not get the opportunity for a reasonable shot, I would have been refunded $2500.00. As it was, the animal I harvested was 275 meters away and he told me only take it if I felt I could make the shot. If I miss or wound it and can't find it, it's considered taken. All the range time paid off as it dropped in it's tracks.
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    Dan Andrews

    Screech Owls

    Been cleaning wood duck nesting boxes in Fort Erie since Late August and finally finished up this weekend. In the past I've had 10% honeybees. Add yellow jackets, European hornets and an assortment of other stinging insects and the duck nesting success rate is quite low but I have my dependable boxes. This year however I have an increase in another temporary residents. Eastern screech owls are at peak levels for some reason. Perhaps because the woodpecker population is so high due to EAB I'm not sure. Something I really enjoy though is opening a nesting box and seeing a tiny owl leaning back pretending its dead. As long as I don't try to touch them they generally stay still for a few pictures and then I close up and clean on another date. My highlight this year however was finding 2 in one box. They didn't appear to be nesting. This is the second year in a row an owl has prevented me from cleaning this box. On the rare occasion I have scared one out they usually just fly 20-30 meters away to another cavity and return after I clean the box. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f-5LEqmys65ahWOdyQ8u4z-OrY-Z_GJJ/view?usp=sharing Not quite sure how to share a picture via google pictures
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    Congrats Tyler0420

    Just want all members know that as of Feb 1st Tyler will be the proud owner of NFN.. Congrats Tyler you deserve it... Please help me in welcoming NFN's new owner.. I will remain here as admin as long as Tyler needs me ..I will always be a member of this great community... Again congrats Tyler
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    announcement to members

    I’m going to plan some kind of meet up shortly. We’ll see how the ice does in the niagara region. I’ll start a new thread and see what people are thinking and who will be able to get out.
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    Wishing all on the Niagara Fishing Board A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND YOUR FAMILY 🎅🎅
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    Some Fishing Laughs

    And because someone will probably whine about one of these click your BACK button if you are a sensitive person who feels the need to complain about being offended to everyone.
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    Huron trib today

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    Odd pike behaviour

    If you fish Lake Erie Pike is all year.
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    Niagara River Ice Conditions?

    As of right now there is no ice....just got back from fishin 5 mins ago....water great viz....good assortment of year class fish sizes ....nice to see some small ones in the mix today...good healthy sign .....the males are getting a little trigger happy when you pull them out of the water 💦💦😃
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    Surf and Turf

    Boat Carpet

    Vinyl is the way to go on the boat for sure! Carpet is a pita all around.....but I'd never turn down a "Shag" in the bathroom!😜
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    Do you support coyote hunting?

    i was talking to a buddy on the weekend he was telling me his buddy found a den two years ago so he sat up a trail cam on it when he picked it up to look at the pics after a month every second day they were bringing in a new fawn for the pups things like that drive guys to do this the fur don't sell anymore and if it does you get peanuts for them this is two of the mane reasons some hunters do this try to thin them out and don't wan't them cause they don't pay out any more i don't like it but not 100% against it
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    Warm temps this week.

    Got out for 45 mins after work(7pm). One fish landed and a nicer one lost at the shore line. 4 days sooner this year then last year when I caught my first one. First time out for me this year for carp.
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    NFN meet up

    Feb 16th 7am. The end of Kingsway rd. Looking forward to seeing everyone there.
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    announcement to members

    I will stay on as admin for as long as Tyler needs me.. Awesome bunch of guys n gals here.. I thank you members for being a great group people..I am not going anywhere but i will not be the owner..i had 4 people inquire about being the owner here but i know Tyler is the best guy for members to benifit from.. Thsnks again members who have supported me amd my passion for fishing. Cliff
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    Fishing tips and BIG fish

    Sometimes it's nice to keep a good thing to yourself .... just ask the guys that used to fish st.catharines marina
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    May 2019 bring happiness, joy, and more fish, to all.
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    These people can carry all this garbage down to the waters edge with them yet they dont take the empty containers ,wrappers etc,away when they leave .so simple to put a couple grocery bags in your fishing bag ,tackle box or pocket and pick up the garbage when you leave.ive yelled at a few people about it Leaving their worm containers and coffee cups .one time a guy left 3 beer cans and while he was walking away i said hey u got a quarter i can bum off you and he said no so i said if you pick up your cans and takem the the beerstore youd have one 😜he wasnt thrilled but he tookem
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    Fishing with my old pal Jack (JWL)

    Fished lower for steelies with my long time friend jack..Thanks for joining me buddy.. It was a blast.. Yes there were more fish caught and a few lost but don't have time to post em all.. Once we found the right bait and combo fishing went on fire..
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    Odd pike behaviour

    Some fish suffer from hypoxia which makes them act in different ways and its due to lack of dissolved oxygen in the water.although it may not have been trying to stick its head out to gasp for air it may be trying to force water through its gills and the surface water would hold the most oxygen especially if its relativley calm or stagnant water.read about this in highschool doing a project on fish and other wildlife.
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    Funny boat names

    I had a 1949,17 foot wooden Sheppard and called it Sirrosis of the River..............Daniel
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    I guess the crappie are running

    Mark I totally understand about not wanting to get into a pissing match. But unless we start protecting our resources people will keep poaching. That is exactly what they were doing, poaching. You can't catch anything other than baitfish with a dip net. We all need to be doing our part. You can take a picture of these guys, take their plate number and send it to the ministry anonymously... what is so difficult? I would have dumped his bucket back in myself if I watched him dip crappie.
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    Its About Time

    Boat Out Of Storage

    Good Day Guys. I finally got the boat out of storage on Friday. Started it up and put everything back on it and its ready to go. Spring Salmon Derby is first on Ontario. That starts on April 13th. Once the ice is out on Erie. I will try to get a few times for some perch days. After that, more salmon, perch and walleye. Everybody have a great, fun and safe year out and around the water. Talk to everyone once the action heats up for me Later
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    Thank you, your comments are appreciated. Not everyone agrees with hunting and everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it is refreshing to have someone see both sides of the coin.
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    Surf and Turf

    Is Camouflage Necessary

    Nice buck! Personally I think that camoflage can give you a bit of an edge in that it helps break up your outline, and in a game that is usually won by who sees who first and that the deer have the edge in that department. For turkey it's even more crucial, not so much for moose as they aren't as skittish as either. Regarding scent blockers, I think minimizing your scent is more important. Shower with non-scented soaps, don't smoke on the stand or eat strong smelling food etc., and leave clothes closed up away from every day scents when stored. The crucial thing is playing the wind, if they get downwind of you unless you are really lucky with air currents or a curious animal they will smell you and most of the time you won't know they were even there.
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    Is Camouflage Necessary

    I wear camo all the time for deer and turkey hunting. I think it helps break up your body silouette, even when sitting still, but won't help at all if you fidget or move around, especially with turkeys. as to scents, I have been a firm believer in their benefits fow many years now. What convinced me to using them was a hunting outing with a co-worker. We were sitting about 300 yards apart on either side of a very large, very deep wooded ravine, out of sight of each other. I saw an 8-pt buck come walking down a trail 1/2 way up the far side of the ravine. Suddenly the buck stopped with his nose up in the air, and I knew from his position and the wind direction that he was downwind of my buddy. The deer turned 90 degrees towards me, walked to the bottom of the ravine, then began continuing in his original direction along the ravine bottom for about 150 yards, walked back up the side of the ravine to his original trail, and continued down the trail. My buddy never knew the buck was anywhere near him, but the buck knew exactly where my buddy was from his scent, and detoured perfectly around his stand. From that incident on I've always been a firm believer in masking scents! before the deer opener I put all my outerwear on the clothes line for a day, and set chair and fanny pack and boots out as well. Then, before bringing them in, I spray them thoroughly with scent killer, and bag them all in new garbage bags. I keep them in the bags until I drive to my hunting site, then take them out and put on. Every subsequent outing I respray everything when I take them out at my hunting site. I know that the scent killer works, because I have had foxes come trotting by and stop 6 ft. Away from me and not have a clue I'm there!
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    Fishing tips and BIG fish

    Best tip for a big fish ... buy a small net or leave it just out of reach
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    Wishing every one at NFN and there family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for the NEW YEAR
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    That's awesome to hear... a few years back I was part of a walleye restoration program where we electro fished with the mnr... took DNA samples... lip tagged...pit tagged....moved fish above a dam...and used some fish for samples for hatchery stock..where we raised fry in a pond then transported the fingerlings to the designated stocking area... it was a great feeling to spend a couple years giving back to our local fishery
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    It's been a while

    Yeah, I was lucky I didn't break both my hands or I'd have to have someone wipe me lol, I stayed pretty positive through out the whole ordeal, told myself that I can't always control what happens to me, I can however control how it effects me.

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