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    Wishing all on the Niagara Fishing Board A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL AND YOUR FAMILY 🎅🎅
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    Wishing every one at NFN and there family a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and all the best for the NEW YEAR
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone. Stay safe over the holidays.
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    That's awesome to hear... a few years back I was part of a walleye restoration program where we electro fished with the mnr... took DNA samples... lip tagged...pit tagged....moved fish above a dam...and used some fish for samples for hatchery stock..where we raised fry in a pond then transported the fingerlings to the designated stocking area... it was a great feeling to spend a couple years giving back to our local fishery
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    Mike Pike

    Awfully quiet

    Well, I decided to put down the quilt and head out for a few hours fishing this morning to a Lake O harbour mouth. Float fished some roe to try and trick some steelies but no takers today, so I guess it would have been more productive staying home and finishing the quilt. lol Actually, it was nice to get out and manage to gather a little intel from some local sticks about fishing the area this time of year. These guys have the bows and pike dialed in and are proof, as Jack said, about the great fishing to be had throughout our area at this time of year. Anyhoo, hopefully next time I'll have a good story and pics to share.
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    There's lots of free parking where you walk on. You'll see the ice boats parked on the ice. as for a out house , nothing around, only place you'd find a washroom would be at the Williams Coffee House at pier 8.
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    Merry Christmas everyone
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    When I was a younger guy Port Dalhousie was also a sewage pit .....some of the stuff floating in the harbour would make a hooker blush . I don't know how any fish could survive in that cesspool . Much of it was from 5 or 6 paper mills which used the old lock canals , root beer river & 12 Mile creek. I would never think that we would be catching trout and salmon at Port Dal. As the population steadily grows we need to upgrade our sewer systems . Remember this each time we turn our taps on ..... FF....Thanks for the info where to get on the ice , and I assume parking a few dozen vehicles would be no problem .....any "out houses" close by ? ......
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    Now with the walleye beginning to establish themselves, the Harbour is truly becoming a 4 season playground. Sure, there's a looooong way to go and lots of work left, but the harbour is miles ahead of where it was when I was a kid.
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    A longggg trip home

    I have taken my mountain bike to the end of that pier (nice trail) , and fished a few spots . The canal side is very deep and tons of gobies there . Back in the late 50's we caught many varieties of fish along the canal side , like drum, channel cats , eels & a few pan fish. (zero gobies) . We hunted ducks there also .

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