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    Fish'n Chips

    Brown Trout Special.
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    Fish'n Chips

    This is a secret spot Dave...lol
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    Robot fishing ?

    Ice fishing has sank to a new low IMO ! Flashers & underwater cameras are not enough ....We now have the "all new , super , automatic , jaw jacker thingy that not only sets the hook for you , but comes with 3 auto-jig discs to take the task of jigging a lure out of your hands . Lovely ! Soon to come ??...watch you new auto fish catchers from the inside of your warm hut on your phone with a built in alarm in case you are texting , watching a movie , etc etc. and maybe that camera can also be hooked up to the phone to see what is happening at the jackers lines ...reminds me of that old song "In the year 2525" which will come much sooner than that . When I see people showing off their great catches , I have to wonder if they could catch a fish without all their electronics ..... guess I'm old fashion , but I want to catch fish using "my" brain , not rely on a machine with the latest technology . ....For sure full limit catches will increase ....maybe time to use conservation limits , I would go for that .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRNsQikejX4
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    Controlled hunt tags

    You only get ONE tag for the season, unless it’s a WMU where they have surplus tags and you applied for one of those. just because you applied for and we’re granted a chance to hunt in the controlled gun hunt doesn’t mean you get an additional tag.
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    Fish'n Chips

    Gag me with a spoon smerchly! 🤮
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    Hamilton Sewage

    Funny how they want to do away with that straw in your cool aid to save the planet while stuff like this happens .
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    Fish'n Chips

    The BEST l have found is THE THISTLE FISH & CHIP on Fairview Ave by Walkers Line in Burlington,. My Opinion Better Than Harrys l use to go there and found this place. Nice Family Restaurant & Great Food All English Foods and GREAT Staff. Ways to go as l live in Hamilton MTN but l will go for GREAT FOOD. If you do go on a Friday Get there before 5.00pm or you will wait in line to be seated. Good Friday BEST OF LUCK for seating NO RESERVATIONS

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