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    Boating law

    Good luck enforcing the same address thing. Boat launches are packed and I'm sure they all don't live together. I just been going with wife and kids lately.
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    Carp carp carp

    Depends on where I fish . Most spots I carp fish I use a large plastic spoon , toss by hand (about 60 ft )or use the sling shot . ....also other devices for getting the corn out much further (far out) ! I have been using about a cup to start & a half cup evry hour or so to keep them at the table ! Others will have different methods ......
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    Coyle Creek

    Does that mean there will be no entry for ice fishing the marina as well ? Part of the problem is, the www informs people where they can launch and fish spots that can't support the volume of people that show up unexpectedly .....like the Decew "mountain climbers" .... The other problem is of course .....the garbage left behind by lazy uncaring slobs , like the bunch of low lifes that invaded Sunset Beach and left piles of trash everywhere .... then the only option left is close it down . This may be a start to losing many more of our shore fishing spots and other recreational activities ....I think the c19 has some bearing on this also ..... ......and today .....June 22 ....more of the same in Wainfleet at the quarry ....quote from the story ..... " Problems with parking, speeding, garbage and vandalism in the Lakeshore and Quarry roads area are front and centre with politicians and staff in Wainfleet, says the township's mayor ".

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