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    first one in a long time

    Hoping to keep my good luck going after the catfish/worms outing, I was able to land this fella hiding inside this pipe down in Cooks Mills. Haven't caught a largie in a very long time,
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    first one in a long time

    Ya need a little extra seasoning for those bass !! Nice catch Ryan , probably some big ones lurking in that culvert !!
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    first one in a long time

    Ooops! Opened today!!! Lol!!
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    Tapeworms in Erie walleye

    I just got home And cleaned 3 walleye from Erie and didn't see anything ...I just went to check carcasses and stomach ... nothing.....three fish today ...got really bounced around out there but managed an 8 a 7 and a 5 lb off jet n harnesses in 40 ft off port Colborne
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    Captain Hooksets

    Patiently waiting

    Where is everyone going? Green fish? Brown fish? Both? Patiently waiting for the browns with a few brown pops. Good luck and be safe! CHS
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    Patiently waiting

    I fished maitland River this morning. Pretty slow but managed 4-5 smallies bottom bouncing leeches.

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