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    NFN news

    It is now official.. Tyler 0420 is now the owner of NFN.. He is the boss man.. Could'nt ask for a nicer guy to run this web site.. I will remain on as admin as long as Tyler needs me..please direct any issues you have with Tyler.. Great bunch of guys n gals here.. It was a pleasure owning this web site for a few years. Thank you members for being the best bunch of fishermen .. Good luck Tyler..
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    Dan Andrews

    Screech Owls

    Been cleaning wood duck nesting boxes in Fort Erie since Late August and finally finished up this weekend. In the past I've had 10% honeybees. Add yellow jackets, European hornets and an assortment of other stinging insects and the duck nesting success rate is quite low but I have my dependable boxes. This year however I have an increase in another temporary residents. Eastern screech owls are at peak levels for some reason. Perhaps because the woodpecker population is so high due to EAB I'm not sure. Something I really enjoy though is opening a nesting box and seeing a tiny owl leaning back pretending its dead. As long as I don't try to touch them they generally stay still for a few pictures and then I close up and clean on another date. My highlight this year however was finding 2 in one box. They didn't appear to be nesting. This is the second year in a row an owl has prevented me from cleaning this box. On the rare occasion I have scared one out they usually just fly 20-30 meters away to another cavity and return after I clean the box. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f-5LEqmys65ahWOdyQ8u4z-OrY-Z_GJJ/view?usp=sharing Not quite sure how to share a picture via google pictures
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    Surf and Turf

    Is Camouflage Necessary

    Nice buck! Personally I think that camoflage can give you a bit of an edge in that it helps break up your outline, and in a game that is usually won by who sees who first and that the deer have the edge in that department. For turkey it's even more crucial, not so much for moose as they aren't as skittish as either. Regarding scent blockers, I think minimizing your scent is more important. Shower with non-scented soaps, don't smoke on the stand or eat strong smelling food etc., and leave clothes closed up away from every day scents when stored. The crucial thing is playing the wind, if they get downwind of you unless you are really lucky with air currents or a curious animal they will smell you and most of the time you won't know they were even there.
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    Is Camouflage Necessary

    I wear camo all the time for deer and turkey hunting. I think it helps break up your body silouette, even when sitting still, but won't help at all if you fidget or move around, especially with turkeys. as to scents, I have been a firm believer in their benefits fow many years now. What convinced me to using them was a hunting outing with a co-worker. We were sitting about 300 yards apart on either side of a very large, very deep wooded ravine, out of sight of each other. I saw an 8-pt buck come walking down a trail 1/2 way up the far side of the ravine. Suddenly the buck stopped with his nose up in the air, and I knew from his position and the wind direction that he was downwind of my buddy. The deer turned 90 degrees towards me, walked to the bottom of the ravine, then began continuing in his original direction along the ravine bottom for about 150 yards, walked back up the side of the ravine to his original trail, and continued down the trail. My buddy never knew the buck was anywhere near him, but the buck knew exactly where my buddy was from his scent, and detoured perfectly around his stand. From that incident on I've always been a firm believer in masking scents! before the deer opener I put all my outerwear on the clothes line for a day, and set chair and fanny pack and boots out as well. Then, before bringing them in, I spray them thoroughly with scent killer, and bag them all in new garbage bags. I keep them in the bags until I drive to my hunting site, then take them out and put on. Every subsequent outing I respray everything when I take them out at my hunting site. I know that the scent killer works, because I have had foxes come trotting by and stop 6 ft. Away from me and not have a clue I'm there!
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    Court Rose

    Ice Fishing Dunnville or PM Area

    Got this tank last night, she went 32" long x 19" girth, little over 12lbs
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    Warm temps this week.

    Right on man....was just having a couple drinks and playing poker at my kid brother's house talking about trying a spot I introduced him to when he was little....bought myself some "spring time " supplies today when i went and topped off some end of the season steelie stuff this aft...the last time my brother went to our one spot he was just telling me tonight...the biggest 1 he got bent his net....lol....there's a couple spots we call carpiking spots because the big carp run at the same time as the big pike...so we can set out with some different tactics in mind for the day....and the early season carp will hit the same baits we fish pike....I used to take my daughter when she was little...hook like a 20lber then hand her the rod just to see what happened.....lol...that was chaotic sometimes....Haha....me....as much as I love my winter steelie fishing and had a great winter and cool photo collection from the last couple months... I look forward to the spring change....be it a 3 foot pike or a 20lbs carp.... I just love catching big fish!!!!....a carp derby day could be fun for sure.....there's countless places we could pull that off and not "bother" a soul
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    Dan Andrews

    Do you support coyote hunting?

    I don't. It's like shooting crows. You can't really eat them and they have a purpose. If they are threatening livestock you do what you have to but just killing and dumping is not my thing. To each his own but when I find a body pile I just shake my head. Unnecessary carnage. I've never been chased or threatened by these dogs and enjoy watching them from my treestand. They are part of nature and when I hunt I try to blend in with nature. Not change it so it suits me. Coyotes may keep the deer away for a short time but I enjoy the wait. https://photos.app.goo.gl/kTHS5rWGu5x3uVLz7
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    Warm temps this week.

    I gave a carp spot a try this a.m. ....very shallow as the Gibby system was at low tide . Got one good bite on the corn but I kept hooking algae from the bottom , covering up the corn ....will try adding floating corn next trip . Still a little on the cool side ....need to pee more in the water ..... And when I went to come home , my van wouldn't start ....left my #@&*@# lights on , drained the battery completely . Called CAA & they had a guy there in 5 minutes ! The lights are manual and no signal from the van when left on (old school low tech.) Won't do THAT again !
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    Is Camouflage Necessary

    Smerchly's comment hit home for me. I also bought my first hunting jacket at Russ Mosher's when I was 15. Wore it for 20 years than somehow it shrunk. In regard to camo clothing and scent blockers, I think it depends on the situation. Our hunt camp for moose and deer is in the Haliburton Forest. For most of the year the animals are accustomed to hikers, campers, fishermen the sounds of outboard motors, chainsaws, snow and ATV machines etc. When hunting I think the animals are aware of you at most times and probably don't perceive you as a great threat. Here the need for camo and scent blockers is probably much less than compared to say the far north on a fly in trip with game that has had no previous human contact. Just my opinion but what the hell do I know anyways. On a different subject, I just returned from the hunt of a lifetime in South Africa. Harvested four beautiful animals similar to our elk and deer and all with huge racks. If I can remember how to do the picture thing, I will post some in the near future.
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    Lower Niagara

    Well we can't give people a better report on conditions than that..lol.... hands on insight from shore and boat.... above and below the dams...now get out fishing!!!!!!....share a report....!!!!!....you can't catch em if you dont leave the couch 😆 ... I had a great winter out there...collected a ton of pics...steelies from every month all winter long...wind.. snow...brutal cold...lightning....rain....all weather in between...catching fish in all conditions...always learning and adapting throughout .....and looking forward to all the transitions into spring and the quest for all my favorite species as they come into season 🎣🎣🎣
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    Got an answer back today from David Critchlow, the head CO for Ontario, on the issue of deer hide disposal. His reply stated: There is no law that says deer hides have to be returned to a natural area. Disposing of a hide on public land could in fact be an offence under the Public Lands Act; if disposing of a hide on public land, it should be done in an area away from high public use. David Critchlow
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    Is Camouflage Necessary

    I cant post pics either .all are over the 2 mb and not techy at all .i build s&#! And works with tools .skipped all computer classes back in highschool to fish hunt and smoke grass .now i smoke fish and meat and cut grass lol.oh how things change .hope my 15 year old daughter doesnt read this lol!
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    Is Camouflage Necessary

    That's a beauty Dan.....work clothes tricked him....he didn't think you where out hunting...just thought you where making a delivery...lol..
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    Night fishing rainbows

    When you have the right conditions and location, rainbows feed heavily at night. Early fall run bows on Georgian bay tribs are a prime example. Glow sticks on floats from midnight until sun up are the standard. We also used to fish the Eastern tribs of Lake O at night down low close to the lake. I don't see why Port Dalhousie would be any different.
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    Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon

    I already use space in the freezer for eggs and salties. My wife would not be impressed if I start putting my fishing line in there. lol
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    Tire fix ect...

    There is a saying akin to "Do a good job nobody hears about it, do a bad job, everybody knows". That's why when I check out Google reviews for local businesses I only pay attention to the 1 and 2 star ratings. There is usually a common theme when ten or more complain about the same thing (cost, service, communication, value, etc).
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    Taking advantage of the nice weather

    seen more swans than snow geese around here, big difference in size though , Swans are huge, Snows are quite a bit smaller than Canadas. Swans are very vocal too, were they doing a lot of calling?
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    Taking advantage of the nice weather

    That's what smoking does Smerch … how I look today since taking the hobby up yesterday.
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    Taking advantage of the nice weather

    Today I decided to strap my little guy in the kid carrier backpack and go for a walk through the bush at the humberstone marsh. When we got there just feet off the road I noticed a deer carcass. It had been skinned and butchered so I gave the poaching tip line a call and reported it. First time I've ever come across this. Also while we out there we had what seemed to be a flock of snow geese fly overhead. Was I right? Snow geese in niagara? Never have seen them down here before. Other than the potential poached deer it was a good day and I'm super happy about getting my little guy out in the wood. Starting him off early that's for sure, hopefully he can get his first fish this summer.
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    Is Camouflage Necessary

    Decades back, when I did hunt, none of us wore camo. Dark plaid duffle coats, blaze cap and jeans or my old combat greens. As for scent, a native friend taught me to throw off my "predator scent" before hunting. As meat eaters we exude a different odour. So before a bush trip we sometimes gave up the meat, and the booze a few days before, and into the hunt, until we had some success. Never hurt to rub fresh juniper on the clothes.
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    Niagara Outdoor Show - Sunday, March 10

    ...Mr.Andrews...I had asked you for an opinion on the show. I know you for your honesty and it sounds like we may have passed the Andrew's litmus test. Thank-you for taking the time to critique the event. It is really appreciated! So funny that you mentioned adults casting. I captured this Mom having a go at it. She was casting to a target on the far wall...one of my favourite images from the day...Bill
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    Taking advantage of the nice weather

    I just bag mine up in a garbage bag and put it out with my house garbage for pickup, because in the hunting regs it tells you that out of province hides must be sent to " a waste disposal site ", so I have always done the same with my hides.
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    Do you support coyote hunting?

    I don’t hunt but if I lived in a area where their coming into my back yard or killing my “farm animals” I’d probably take some down. To see them out in the bush though I’d leave them alone. Can you not get money for their fur?
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    Old Places Old Memories

    That is true .... unless a mnr guy happens to see trash being tossed . Even more difficult to catch the night hogs .....hence we lose more places to fish .
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    Fishing show and fish

    Not sure. But the river somewhere.
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    Berkley Trilene Fluorocarbon

    Mono line life span ? I have a bunch of various brand names of mono line in my "cool" basement . Some is well over 5 years old because they are large spools of various names & strength for both reg.fishing & ice fishing . Before I spool up a reel , I tie a simple one loop knot & pull it tight until it breaks , or I tie a loop knot to a hook in my vise & test it for strength . I have found most of that old line is still as good as new . The hot weather , and sunlight degrades fishing line much quicker . I never leave my rods in the hot vehicles or in the sun when in the boat . My 30# floro carbon I use for leaders is 5 years plus , and hasn't changed at all . Basement temps & humidity seems to keep it fresh ....
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    Surf and Turf

    Drone Shot Down

    Crazy they have to put up with that. On a positive note they may have created a new sport! Luckily in Canada you could have them charged with interrupting a hunt.
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    Drone Shot Down

    IF i was hunting and there was some drone following me I’d probably shoot it down also.
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    next one is this friday! see you there!

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