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    The Bigugli rides agin

    Crappie have been hungry the past 2 nights
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    Keeping busy today

    Jwl’s photos reminded me of something my wife showed me the other day on one of her websites...... it is now highly recommended that you wear a mask inside your own home. It’s not so much to aid with covid19, but to stop you eating!!
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    All the worries about crowds...who "wants" to go fishing in a crowd anyhow..haha...I get that some areas are more popular than others..more populated ect... and therefore areas might be weary of a bunch of people all at once using a launch or swarming to an access point....heck I've been in fishing tourneys where 20 boats have gone in the water in a matter of a half hour ... start your boat...stage out in the water so the next guy can go kind of thing...seasoned boaters can all do this no probs.....if you can wait in line right now to get in the beer store...I'm sure you can have the patience to wait for a boat to go in the water.....dont biatch at the guy in front of you....have all your crap ready to go in the boat.(surely if you been complaining about how bad you need to go out you must have everything and 100 other things you dont need packed on the boat by now)..including anyone coming along with you..minus the guy parking the trailer....boat all warmed up...soon as that guy jumps aboard...get out of the way for the next boat!!!!...do your last minute farting around in the water..not the ramp or parking area...and dont make it your Maiden voyage" so to speak for the year...make sure you boat starts and runs good before you lea e the house!!!!!!!..whether it's a 14 foot thinner with 9.9 on it or you got a $100 thousand into a bass boat truck combo...dont be a vinegar based feminine hygiene product about it!!!!...we are social beings..but that dont mean you cant holler over to billy Bob and Jethro with your "outdoor voice "....after all ....you been sitting around belly aching about getting outdoors in the first place....by now I'm sure some are already used to yelling at thier kids for 2 months..or your own ears are used to it from the wife and or husband yelling at you...haha...so.......as for marinas...I can see that being treated the same way as a trailer park...let's face it..lots of boats just sit in the water while the owners treat it like a weekend camp and party spot...get hammed...sleep on the boat half the summer ect...if everyone is itching so bad to get a boat into your slip...then simple....dont congregate on the banks....grass...beach..docks ect.....quit twisting up your panties in your teeth....go sit and stay in the freekin boat...and yell over to Joe schmoe you haven't seen since last summer....bring cans and toss the beer over.....haha
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    Perching in the canal.

    It was a bit windy but I got out for a few hours and managed 14 keepers. Nothing spectacular but good ears anyway.
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    What's Your Rating????

    Your style of hunting was the same as mine Fishking. We were usually in the Shining Tree, Gogama area. Six to eight of us in 2 big prospector tents set face to face in a gravel pit with a dining fly in between. Wood burning air-tights in all of them but no generator. Didn't have to worry about refrigeration because back then, even though we were hunting in late Sept, cold temperatures and some snow was always a given. No four wheel drive trucks or atv's either. Those were the days when a moose licence was $15 and it covered any animal, no draw, plus a bear and a wolf. I enjoyed it immensely and we were successful about every other year. Now that I am a senior, I love our camp in the Haliburton forest. Two big cabins, very little set up time and only 4 hours away. We've filled a tag the last 5 or 6 years in a row but that no longer matters to me. As long as I have my health I will keep going.
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    What's Your Rating????

    Not such an easy question to answer. I fish mainly for perch and walleye on Lake Erie. When I first started about 15 years ago I very seldom had much success. I would return to the launch ramp skunked or with very few fish on a good day, while others would always have done much better. I now have a well equipped bigger boat capable of handling most conditions on Erie and top notch electronics that I am finally starting to understand (only took me 30 years). I understand the fish patterns better and now I'm the guy returning to the ramp with my limit on most days. Am I better, luckier, or maybe there's just more fish these days. When I was young I took several fly-in trips with my Dad to far Northern lakes. We always caught some fish but it was nothing like I expected. I now realize I spent far too much time trying to cover the whole lake rather than studying it, picking some likely looking spots, and patiently working them with the correct lures, bait and technique. Hunting was the same, when I first started going for moose 40 years ago, my goal was too put as many miles in the bush as possible. I now have a much better understanding of the animal and its habits, and concentrate all my time in the areas they are most likely to be. My success has sky-rocketed. So yes, I think I am now in the upper 50% but as many of you have said, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.
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    What's Your Rating????

    I would say 75 percent for myself ..I know most of the techniques both off shore and on a boat....been trolling Erie and Ontario since I was 6yrs old with my dad (passed now ) bought my own boat at16 and a trailer on rice ...fished everyday for 90 days a season for about 8 yrs before I sold the trailer...fly fished mostly for trout and bass..locally ....never done any salt water though cause never been anywhere for a vacation outta Ontario....fished several lakes from Ontario to Dryden ....largest catches to date are 17 lb rainbow ..22 lb muskie ...11.6 lb Walley ...salmon in high 20s....same with carp ..couple 7 lb smallies and largies ...and many other nice trophy fish but now as a business owner my times been cut in half so if I get out a couple times a week I'm really lucky..I'm an Erie troller for the summer months with a few up north trips maybe in the mix ...fish the river once the waters cold and ice fish whenever wherever I can ..I could fish everyday no problem if somebody would pay my bills lol..any takers?
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    What's Your Rating????

    I've tried float fishing, trolling, charters, drifting, bottom bouncing, you name it. Kayak fishing, Big boat fishing, little boat fishing, shore fishing. I eat, sleep, and breathe fishing. Then I talk to another fisherperson and realize I know absolutely nothing, lol. 5% knowledge, haven't even tried salt water before!
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    Some of us guys and gals target pike, so lets see those pics. Size does not matter. Always nice to see different markings of these toothie critters.
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    This one came in around 27" give or take one. Very close to the spot where my last pike came from, and on the same Snags created spinnerbait ... I think I have found a winning pattern for one of the bodies of water I fish.
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    Was out fishing and looked up ... three deer were running in my direction, I must have spooked them while I went for the phone for a photo because they then jumped into a creek and went to the other side. Never seen the deer in that immediate area I was in ... but none the less awesome.
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    Surf and Turf

    Why the gun laws don't work

    Good points Verado, You won't see it in the media because it doesn't fit with the official narrative. Even in the Nova Scotia shooting they downplayed to this day that the perpetrator wasn't licensed and had used illegally obtained smuggled guns from the US. On top of that he had been reported by two separate people to the RCMP of violent behaviour and possessing illegal firearms, with neither complaint being acted on. They said that one of the guns was of Canadian origin then later admitted that it was the sidearm taken from the Mountie he killed. If they simply would have enforced several already enacted laws the tragedy could have likely been avoided. The shooting of the RCMP officers out in Alberta a few years ago followed a very similar scenario. Criminal don't abide by laws. If they aren't afraid of shooting someone in cold blood, or being shot, they certainly won't be afraid of breaking possession laws. There is a large and growing segment of our population that doesn't share our cultural beliefs, value our freedoms, way of life, value of life, or work ethic, that built our country and think that's it's cool and a viable way of life to carry and freely use a gun and know that their are few repercussions. Until their is political will to address this the issue will get worse before it gets better no matter how many guns they ban.
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    The Rec.........

    Finally got out for a bit of fishing yesterday.....It was my grandson's first time out and it was a beautiful day.......Fished at the Rec. Canal in Welland....No fish, but we did have fun....
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    Today was a good day ... maybe a little too much sun. Started just washing the lures, but then changed locations and had one that went for it but didn't get hooked. An hour or two later and this bulldog hit. It managed to make the net man bleed. I should add ... on one of my creations as well.
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    A couple while crappie fishing out in Welland port
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    May 8th

    After fighting the bad weather and one smart Tom he finally made a bad choice but must say he gave me a run for my money since opening day till today any one else luck out this spring
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    Gun Ownership Survey

    All gun owners need to stick together and speak with one voice. Don't let them divide and conquer. 👍 I doubt anybody will get to keep there newly prohibited guns thru the grandfather clause. So we have the government separating us, shutting businesses down,taking our guns, not accepting hard currency ...anybody else getting a bad feeling here? 🤮
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    Last hour last day magic

    Been watching two toms and a few hens in a field for the last week in the same spot every day and decided to make one last attempt at shooting a bird this season ...saw them in the field around 5 pm so I went home got my camo on and made my way down the railway tracks to where ive been seeing the birds ...they were along the edge of the bush so I snuck out to the edge of a hydro tower and stuck a decoy hen in the ground about 3 ft from the tower and set up about 30 ft from the tower in some short scrub ...made 3 chirps with my mouth call and waited ...15 mins goes by and I was getting anxious to see a bird coming so I stood up almost to get busted as they were walking my way at 50 yrds and closing I dropped to my knee and chirped once more and got a gobble ...in came the tom along with the Jake following...they walked side by side the whole way to my decoy so I had no shot ..as they now have figured out the jig was up the tom started turning away from the slightly less smart Jake and I perched up and nailed him at 30 yrds..tom down! Sorry crappy pic but he flipped into a puddle when I shot him.
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    Jordan harbour

    Les carp du jour ...... 33 POUNDS !!! Yep , caught 33 pounds of carp today ...15# ...10# ...8# !! Being Saturday I had a few spots in mind and the lake front was busy . Coviditis phobia changed my plans so I ended up at plan R ...Rennie Park (had a baby blanket to deliver there) . So I wanted to try a new smercho rig that would ring their chimes ....a modified bolt rig . ( 1.5 oz egg sinker ....and 4" above , 2 large split shots to allow a carp to pick up the maize on the hair , move 4" of line to the double split shot and set the hook ....which worked like a charm !! All 3 carp hit hard and smoked my alarm ! Actually , no need for the alarm , the rod could be placed high in the air with a bolt rig as they hook themselves ! All three gave out a good run and hard head shakes . As a bonus .....while sitting in my chair about 6 birds flew close by chasing a small hawk or falcon which had a mouse in it's claws .....Then a snake appeared beside my rod , in the water and stayed for 5 minutes ...always something to see when fishing ! As I headed out after 2 hours ( not 12 hours Fish Farmer !! ) , I met 2 elderly gents fishing the bay with all the carp gear ....had a nice chat and lots of laughs . One fellow said , "when you hear that alarm go off for the first time , YOU ARE HOOKED FOR LIFE" LOL ! Checked out CDP ....lots of water going over the berm ...... not good ! Just took one shot of the first carp ...10 lbs .....tough scrapper ! Not sure what the snake is .... but friendly ....
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    Net got away from me...

    Was a great day out! The cats were biting like crazy! Couldn't rest my eyes for a minute without being towed around the river. Here's one of the biggest ones. VID_20200529_034547.mp4
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    What's Your Rating????

    Fishing 99 percent catching 30 percent
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    Spring carping

    I’m sure the carp are eating all the flys on the water, fattening up for us to catch😉 managed one sofar on all my new carp gear. Feels nice fighting a fish with the new set up. Should start raining anytime now so pack up another ball and hide out in the truck. Don’t feel like packing up a wet shelter later on.
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    Caught this floating on Martindale. I saw her follow my spinnerbait and tried a "figure 8" at the boat just for fun. She stalked it and took a swipe at it! Missed her and made a few more casts before she hit.
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    Jordan Harbour today

    Since the lake levels are higher , Spots like Jordan Harbour would be a little deeper , I have seen big boats with a 90 HP rip through the pond .....they must know the depths as they travel through . ( cookie trail) We've been warned ticks may be bad this year . A good hot dry spell may kill many .... use deet and don't run over possums ...they eat many ticks ...we have a family of them in the hood . They are ugly but so is Barbara Srteisand ....
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    Back at it this morning with bobber and minnows and managed a beauty pike at 37 3/4 " and 7.8 lbs...took me for a few zings on the 6 ft with 6 lb test...and some a$$hoe stripped a bunch of wire and left the coverings there🤬
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    NEW ROD !!

    Well .....almost new ....looks new ...... With all the extra time on our hands , mostly because the weather stinks , I decided to clean up my 1980's 8' salmon custom rod , built by Don Furman . I have been using it for carp lately in places where it's shallow and runs are short . ...using a 4000 Stradic reel . I cleaned up the rod and the rubber composite handle with hot water and soap . After drying for a few hours I sprayed the rod with a clear coat and sprayed the handle with tire foam and let it dry as with tires . I put my smaller size carp reel on the rod and rigger her up !! My "brand new" rod is ready for action ........very soon ! Has anyone gave their fishing rods a "refurb" ?
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    Fishing Today

    Got out this afternoon, got enough perch for a meal. The lake was like glass, the ramp was not busy at all.
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    When my buddy and I were teenagers and lived in St. Catharines, we used to bike out to St. Johns to fish all the time. Even back then there were so many signs, No Minnows, no campfires, no picnicing, no cutting trees, no muddying the water, no tents, etc. However, there was not a sign saying no boating so one day we hauled in a small inflateable, pumped it up and went fishing. That day we were the only people there but shortly after a conservation officer showed up and I think there was actually steam coming from his ears. He jumped around and screamed and called us every name in the book. When we politely informed him there was no sign saying we couldn't, he just about blew a gasket and told us there was no sign saying not to hang ourselves either. He didn't stop kicking at the boat until it was out of the park. Unfazed, we hauled the raft over to the sluiceway opposite the old mill in Decew and spent the rest of the afternoon zooming down there. To be young and stupid again.
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    Boat Lauches Can Open

    Thank god we can get the boats wet now!! But I think we’d all be smart to be more careful now that they’re easing off on the restrictions. Last thing we want is to lose the opportunities we just got back! I for 1 will only fish alone for the foreseeable future. Less fun, but better than watching fishing shows on the sofa!!
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    Here's the only ones I have for 2020 so far..an outing with smerch just before closure.....one had a nice bite mark in it...hoping to get out for some toothies soon now that some inland water are opened again
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    May 8th

    This bird was doing the same thing .I hunted the field and the bush staying out about 70 yrds so this morning i set up in the field called at him 3 times then put the call away but i must say i had the help of 3 real hens he just couldn't stop himself
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    Gun Ownership Survey

    A jaded opinion on this ... Expect them to setup a snitch line for this as well, there is a snitch line for drinking and driving and they can come harass you a few hours after you got home, so heavens forbid you have a few beers when you get home. There is a snitch line for social distancing ... what is one more snitch line when they are being used regularly ... except it would not surprise me to see this snitch line tied to something where the police don't need a warrant to search your property based on "a threat". Jon the accountant is loaded into the backseat of a cruiser while his kids have no clue what is going on all because a neighbour feels vengeful. Paranoid? Maybe a little, but it will be coming with our Supreme Leader and how he wants to recreate his vision of Canada. If they want to fix the gun crimes, make the punishment fit the crime, but instead of challenging the criminals and gangs, they for for the low hanging fruit that will make thousands criminals, and in turn names will be dragged through the mud and people harassed through social media accounts by the trolls. Gun crimes take seriously, lock people up for years. If you commit a violent robbery, there should be no getting out of prison for good behaviour ... but to do that we trample on the rights of others. The sack of dead kittens we call a PM got in solely on the pot vote, even though there was no real plan. The reelection was based on the fact that the conservatives picked the wrong person with some skeletons and because of Toronto. Toronto hated Ford enough, they couldn't vote Conservative for the federal one. This move appeals to the millions in Toronto who don't even understand what the outdoors actually are.
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    Surf and Turf

    Gun Ownership Survey

    The following is a link that covers all the banned guns (and parts), they have made it clear that they will expand the list as they see fit if they missed any. http://canadagazette.gc.ca/rp-pr/p2/2020/2020-05-01-x3/html/sor-dors96-eng.html I hear others including friends and family say the don't care because they don't have have a semi-auto rife, guess what, this was just the start. Anti-gun activists won't be happy until no one has a gun. I was watching CHCH news last night and they had a representative of Canadian Doctors for Protection from Guns, who said that this was a good first step to get guns out of homes and off the streets and to prevent suicides. The next step of their agenda he said is going to be more difficult which will be going after handguns and regular long guns. All gun owners need to stick together and speak with one voice. Don't let them divide and conquer.
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    I LOVE FISHING and get out when I can

    Guess just have to look at where some of the bull pucky is coming from....new members...people popping out of the woodwork with 2 posts in the last decade....I personally have come to respect alot of the members on here over many years....have met some great like minded people of all ages since the early 2000s...have seen and been involved in some of the ways many have given back to our sport through conservation efforts....kids programs...charity events..the old day swills....derbies ect that have all directly given back to the community and outdoors....and know that if they are out enjoying a few casts somewhere...they are doing so in the most responsible fashion they can......if it wasnt for some of the members on here directly some of the fishing opportunities we have in the region would not be here 🎣........ next fishing derbie bring 2 tape measures and some marker paint....one tape to make sure everyone is at least 6 feet apart...paint a line and a number with the marker paint....draw numbers for designated fishing spot to give everyone a fair chance......step over the painted line..."foul" you are out....hahaha
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    What's Your Rating????

    As for perch fishing out of a canoe, I would rate myself 9/10. I don't do much other fishing.
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    the fight is on

    It's a good thing!
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    Today was one to remember !! Took a drive down the north service rd . to check out spots . The bugs are still there in the billions . Checked out CDP ...is open and saw the berm was destroyed ....after working on it all winter with heavy equipment ...sad to see all those trees downed ! Water was muddy , and coated with a layer of midges , and the bait fish were jumping by the thousands gorging on them ! They can easily enter from the lake where the berms were flooding over .... some large fish jumping while gorging on the bait fish . Now the fishing "escapade" for today . It was a carp day ....first off using can corn on the hook .....nothing but many line bumps from those bait fish . Went to a hair rig ,smaller hook with corn ....rod set up with alarm ready . Then , my line went slack and I started to reel in , but it felt like my line was cut ?? Then, when the line tightened up I thought I hooked a beaver or something as the thing ran to shore under some branches and brush and line was peeling off fast .I tried to dislodge it but could not get free of the brush ...while the carp sat still ....until I gave it a tug and it took off further down the bank . I put the 12' rod out as far into the water , on bottom to get the fish to head out ...and it did ...but still hung up on the shore brush roots . After 15 minutes of this I pulled hard , fish was free but still a power house ....and it was only a smaller carp just under 10 lbs . !!.... and all the corn was still on the hair !!......with 2 sunfish pals in the net with it ! 90 minutes later .....same set up , can corn on the hair ....lots of "bumps" , tons of minnows and thick layer of dead midges ....then a good tug , line peeling out slowly .....picked up the rod and a fish was on ! This one bent my rod to the breaking point , peeling out 50 yds in seconds . I tightened up the drag to try to turn it around but couldn't even slow it down ! THEN ....the line hooked under a rock or branch and I couldn't dislodge it . The "fish" stopped , until I gave the line a tug ,and away it went again . This went on for another 10 minutes . This fish had some weight and muscle and attitude . I finally tightened the drag , held the line tight and tried to break it off , which it did ....broke at the hook . That was the hardest fighting carp I have had to battle since my 30# at Jordan about 6-7 years ago ! Wish I could have got a look at it ... checked the line , wasn't frayed , must have been a branch .. As I walked back to my van , the bugs were thick !! ..getting into my eyes, ears , nose and my brown hat looked black ....freaking unreal !! I have never seen them that bad in all my 77 years ! I think the minnows will be fat and the larger fish will gorge on the minnows , like the mayfly thing in the north . I was a day to remember !! A few shots of the day ....see the sunfish in the net with carp ...corn still intact on the hair .....notice the bugs in the swan shot...and the bug shot near shore.... another shot of the berm at CDP ....doesn't look good ..... When I click on a picture it doubles in size , better quality too ??
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    Amazing Plant 2020

    I'm going out on a limb here...but I have to say that one has me stumped
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    Boat Lauches Can Open

    Got out on the lower this morning..blockade was off to the side at queenston..mine was first boat down there but there ..was 4 shore anglers there,time 05:30. Nailed two lakers(20 lbs each) and an eye @2 lbs.When I got back to the parking lot,09:30, it was deserted except for my rig and another truck/trailer...and a parks cop. Queenston ramp is closed! Some turd moved the blockade and pulled a steel gate off! After getting my ID ran and a safety compliance audit I was able to leave without a ticket.Im glad the officer was understanding. social distancing does not matter as JWL1 has posted...occupants must have same address. Cop believes queenston ramp closed to keep smelt anglers out..shoulder to shoulder fishing like. 2 parks cops 1 NRP 2 tow trucks 1 US border patrol unit
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    The net was stolen!
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    Smart Dog !! I think she is trained to BRING the net "IF" a fish is being caught , probably got tired of waiting .....
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    Any updates on boat ramps?

    I don't know if you's aren't leaving the house but I see guys in boats in Lake Ontario. I've been canoeing all over, parking at parks and launching everywhere. I go in the short hills to check my minnow trap. I take my dog in every park. While everyone's wondering when they're gonna get "permission" to go have fun I've been saying F them since this garbage started and been going about as normal catching jumbo cats.
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    The Rec.........

    The fishing will get better, The company never will!
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    What about Mount Pleasant Trout ponds, I haven't been there in years. I think there should be some fishable areas in Waterford quarries. I think Binbrook Conservation has some area that you could fish, L. Niapenco. If I ran a fishing charter and you being a veteran, it would be a pleasure you joining on a days charter for nothing the price you paid for us.👍👍
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    Gun Ownership Survey

    As Mop's states above, the whole intention with little potato is to disarm the public. After these guns are out of the hands of the public, other guns will be deemed illegal, and so on, till the majority of people are disarmed. Same thing is happening in the US, however being found to be a lot more difficult. If the States become disarmed, then the One World Government can take over the planet. Hopefully most here have read Agenda 21 and 2030, submitted to the world by the United Nations. As many here know, the UN will be the epicenter of The New World Order.
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    Gun Ownership Survey

    Never liked the Fords before, and never voted for his party. however, since this virus started I’ve come to respect him a lot for his honesty and straight forward remarks on his daily briefings. He hasn’t pulled any punches, and tried to give honest answers to the questioners each day. Been a refreshing change to hear a politician do that on a regular basis!
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    Gun Ownership Survey

    Good on Doug!!!! https://www.cp24.com/news/premier-ford-slams-federal-gun-buyback-says-focus-on-gang-bangers-instead-1.4921957
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    Any updates on boat ramps?

    One of the funniest things I ever saw at a boat launch was actually myself....and I helped a few other people get a laugh.....back in 2003...bought a brand spanking new boat package fresh from Nichols marine....maiden voyage...family in tote....my mom...siblings ..and my kids all gather for a picnic and take turns ripping around in the new boat.....put it in the water at the sodom rd dock.....pulled it down the dock so a couple other people had room to launch......first bunch hops in...gets comfortable....i go to the back of the boat to release the tilt lock and i step in 3 feet of water and rising!!!!!!......guess who was so excited about the new boat that he forgot to put the plug in?!@@@.... yep me!@!......I grab the plug...throw it in quick and turn on the bilge as I watch my mom's face turn white than the titanic.....haha....and about a dozen people watching as I laughed my way out of it.........its actually a memory that is making me laugh to myself as I type this

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