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    NFN news

    It is now official.. Tyler 0420 is now the owner of NFN.. He is the boss man.. Could'nt ask for a nicer guy to run this web site.. I will remain on as admin as long as Tyler needs me..please direct any issues you have with Tyler.. Great bunch of guys n gals here.. It was a pleasure owning this web site for a few years. Thank you members for being the best bunch of fishermen .. Good luck Tyler..
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    Crystal beach sunday

    Finally got out on sunday. Heard the walleye are shallow so i thought id give it a shot. Trolled from palmwood towards buffalo back and forth. Ended up woth 3 nice walleyes. The smalleat was 4lbs and biggest was just under 9lbs. In between walleyes we hooked into 5 or 6 sheephead and 2 smallmouth bass. The one smallmouth was 5.5lbs, made a couple splashes at the surface to make it interesting. All in all it was a great day on the water. Getting first walleye of the year in the boat is always relieving. We were fishing in between 18 to 25 fow. 3 rods, all with stickbaits. Started out with 4 rods with 2 on boards but it was a little choppy and i hate those things! Lol Water was between 61 and 64. Im guessing the walleye will have to be going deeper real soon. Hope this helps. Cheers!
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    Jordan Harbour

    I have many times. Went out in a canoe a couple times this spring and a boat last spring. Caught lots of catfish (it's on my YouTube). No gas motors past the trainbridge. It's great spot for monster cats well over 20 pounds. Cut bait is key there. Cut sucker pieces or large minnows in half on bottom. Also pike and carp in there but I feel the catfish rule the roost at the harbour. Here's a cat close to 30 pounds I caught there last year.
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    Jim K

    Underwater Video shot Saturday

    Nothing amazing, just a couple minutes from a routine drift dive. I wasn't the diver at the Queenstown boat launch but I wonder if I know him Jim
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    Best People In The World

    I realize this is non fishing, but... Most people here don't realize the quality of some of our members. We just moved from Grimsby to Thorold. Had enough stuff to fill a tractor trailer and then some. I'm not as capable as I once was, and it's hard to ask people to lose a day's pay to help me out. Some of the gang here were willing to help me out in a very big way Without our NFNer's I could not have managed 2 solid days of moving A very big THANK YOU goes out to smerchly, painter and fishnfeldie. You fellas are the greatest. We talk about it often enough, but this is what community is all about.
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    Court Rose

    Lets See Those Jumbo's

    Biggest out of my boat so far, my sons 16" 2.2lb
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    1. the birth of my little angel Lillyanna 2. getting a vasectomy!
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    Only a goof would use that word on the internet CRAA has worked tirelessly to fix that river. They attached themselves to the AS project because the main compenent was restoration not stocking. They lifted fish over the dams year after year and are now called names by someone threatening to shoot down a dam with a shotgun. I'll be ignoring you from this post on until you put some volunteer hours in with the CRAA and that need probably needs filling right about now. If you really care about the fishery and not just your line call them and volunteer now. Otherwise you're just another internet troll.
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    The Bucket Listers!

    Decided to go for a river walk in the Credit last night. Upon arrival, I met a couple old Yankees from Pennsylvania. Both of these Oldtimers were disabled and weren't capable of accessing anything off the beaten path. Still both of them reported some success with Brownies. I sat and chatted for a while with one of the two and he told me that Canada had changed so much since his last time here (1972). He was very dissapointed with the state of our local river system. I was a little perplexed at his position as he was telling me that he had been having some success earlier. His explanation was that when he had first come up here to fish these same spots they were exploding with fish, and because of his disability he could only get so far along the river banks which really did hinder his chances back home and now here. These two old guys couldn't access the majority of rivers holding fish back home in Penn so they decided to come North, fully expecting to be able to fish rivers teeming with Trout. What he was really here for was the Brook Trout. I pointed them North with some vague directions for the Saugeen. They thanked me and we began talking again. It became apparrent to me that these two were doing a Bucket list. One last big fishing trip for a couple old ex Vets looking for a glorious fishing hole in the Great White North. I explained that in order to find the big spots, there might be some hiking or the possibility of getting their feet wet. This did seem a little discouraging to them. It was a little sad, seeing two good ol boys who desperately wanted to get out there and have one last big fishing experience, being relegated to the banks near the bike trails and having come so far. I wished them luck, slipped into the river and waded downstream. After an hour or two I gave up as the bugs were driving me nuts. As I reached the parking lot, the two Yanks were sitting in their old Vandura Camper going over maps. I looked at the map and circled a few spots I thought would be helpful and again wished them luck. They looked so excited. Like kids preparing to go off on an adventure. We all know that feeling. Trudging around rivers lakes and streams during summer vacation with a pole, bottle of water and PB&J sandwich Mom packed. I pictured the two old guys sitting along the banks, feet in the water. Inspecting the days catch, happy as two pigs n's*#t on a glorious day. I hope they find that. I like to think that when my time comes I will be doing just that.
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    Stop The Trolls!

    Hey NFN Gang, After reading the posts about the US Side Smallies, Creek Chubs and Pike in Gibson, and seeing the verbally beating that the authors have taken, I've made a decision. Going forward, I have decided to PM the author of the thread and discretely let them know of their mistake or wrong doing, as opposed to putting up on a public post. Too many heads are getting bashed and it may discourage people from using the board. When someone posts a new topic and wants to share great fishing news or even ask a question about fishing, they shouldn't have to feel ashamed or embarrased publicly. It takes alot of courage too admit you don't know something, but at the risk of being berated by an onslaught of "trolls", kinda sucks. Worse yet, we may be discouraging the use of this board for new and current users. I would hate to see a young angler get turned off of fishing because of a few "Trolls"! (I'm including myself in that Trolls comment!) I hope everyone will follow suit. (I hope this post doesn't fill up my "Inbox") Fishing, friends and fun...thats what we should be preaching! Dog
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    I have been reading a lot of the post lately and am very disappointed in the level of ignorance. Its a shame that people are making mistakes but I'm sure at some point in time we have all done something we shouldn't while out fishing. In case people haven't noticed the more ignorant you get the more topics get locked. Is it really worth it? This site was intended for learning and having fun meeting other fisherman along the way not bashing each other.
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    Lake conditions today

    It's fishable....further out you are bumpier she is but in 53 fow she's alright... especially if your running a purple harness
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    1st smallie outing

    Finally got out to Crystal Beach this morning for a crack at smallmouth - took my son and my 6 year old grandson. So guess who got all 7 bass that we caught trolling this morning - yep, the 6 yr old! His 2 biggest were about 4 pounds.
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    That time of year (again)

    The wife wan't to get a new garbage can and told me to throw our old one away but i'm going to take it to a fishing spot i go to and chain it to a tree and put a garbage bag in it for $2 i can get a tag and put the garbage out garbage day not a big deal why these people can't bring a bag with them to throw there trash away make's you think what there house looks like
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    to the fisherman /and hunters of NFN

    Well we made it through another summer and a hot one at that the leaves are starting to change and fall made it's way in. We will start to feel the cooler temps some of you guys will be getting ready for the fall salmon/trout run with cooler temps won't take too long and the other half of us will be hitting the duck blinds and tree stands it's been a tough summer for the walleye fishermen some did bad some did ok some did great .Lets hope we get blessed with some hard water fishing this year and that the perch gods will be with us.But for us hunters we will be hitting the marshes and the woods in search of waterfowl /deer/moose/or what ever your game is i hope i have a great season like last year's waterfowling and hope to break my 3 year dry spell with the deer hunting as i only hunt deer with a bow .But in the end it's just a great feeling to be out in the outdoors. So rather your fishing hunting stop for just a minute take a look around you and be thankful for our resources do our part in keeping our resources in tip top shape so our young ones will be able to do as we did.I have a grandson coming in a few weeks and will be teaching him all i can about Conservation as i bet most of you did with your Sons/Daughters.SO GOOD LUCK OUT THERE AND BE SAFE i will be hitting the duck blind in the morning SO LET THE GAMES BEGIN
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    First fish at Dalhousie

    Hey everyone, I just wanted to share a picture of my first fish I've ever caught at port. I've been out at least a dozen times with no luck but I managed to catch this walleye in the morning on a worm. Quick picture then back in the water. cheers.
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    Dan Andrews

    Co's Got One

    NEWS - Three males claiming a right to spear walleyes in a provincial fish sanctuary said they were from Eagle Lake First Nations, Quebec. They were convicted and fined $10,200 in total fines. Offences included unlawfully fishing in a fish sanctuary and possessing a spear for fishing. The males were contacted by Conservation Officers on May 5th, 2014 after receiving a public complaint. The males were observed spearing walleye in the Wasi River, near Lake Nipissing, Ontario. All of the fish were forfeited to the crown. Prohibitions for angling, spearfishing and gillnetting of Lake Nipissing sanctuaries or contributing bodies of water is for 2 years. The case was heard on July 15th, 2015 in North Bay Ontario Court of Justice. Fish sanctuaries protect walleye during the spawning period. Every fish removed during the spawning period has a significant impact on the overall walleye population. For more information please contact the North Bay Enf Unit.
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    Happy Zone 19 Opener!

    Twas the night before opener and all through the boat, The creature baits were stirring, and even the toads. The rods were stored in the locker with care, In hopes that crankbaits would soon fly through the air. The anglers were nestled all snug in their beds, While visions of largemouths danced in their heads. With the tackle in the truck, the rain gear just in case, The boat is fully fueled for the next days big chase. When out on the lake arose such a hawg, I think it came out from under that log. I threw out a spinnerbait, it fell with a splash, Burned it back to the boat as it spun with a flash. The sun on my back started to burn, Nothing will keep me from getting my turn. When what to my waiting bait should appear, Its a huge lunker, but I may miss him I fear. With a little bit of quiver and a whole lot of shake, One good hook set, hell never escape. Oh my Lord its a big one, please stay on the line! It hit it so hard, I need to take my time. The drag is peelin, its comin up real fast. This is bigger than the others I've caught in the past. To the front of the boat and around to the back. Please God, don't let my rod tip crack. I need to get the net, no way to get his lip, I took up the handle and started to dip. And up to the deck the behemoth did settle. The bass glistened in the sun, like fine precious metal. And as I looked for the scale and began to ponder, Could it be, could this really be a 6 pounder. I couldnt help it, I jumped up to announce, New personal best, 6 pounds and 1 ounce! Happy Opener to All and to All a good night!
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    lunker D

    First Ever Musky

    I m sure if it was a guy holding that fish it would be a total different story..... OOS is OOS no matter if its your first fish or not if its out of season it doesn't count anyway. if that was the case I would have to change all PB's out their I don't count them if they are OOS....
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    Everything Is Just Ducky

    Buddy wanted to know where to catch carp on Gibson, so I took him to a spot to give it a go. Tried a fews days at one spot and noticed this duck with a jig in it's mouth. We befriended it with corn and tried to catch it. No luck the first day. Second day with the net set up and corn as bait Joe caught it. I opened the bill and noticed the jig was in it's tongue. I got my snips and cut off the barbed end of the hook and then back out the jig. Released the duck who stuck around a while and went on it way. I caught a number of carp using drop shot technique, Joe caught a sucker.
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    Just follow my rule ... Inly go on ice when there is someone fatter than you out there
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    So this past weekend we decided to head out to the pools in front of the Nicol's Marine in Fort Erie in search of some Walleye and Smallies. Knowing this it had been raining for the past few days we expected a tough fish as the water would have been churned up. While we didn't manage to boat a single fish I and my two friends were witness to a fishing miracle. While the following story may be hard to believe I am amazed as to what happened. So at one point of the day we decided to leave the pools and the Niagara River and head out past the Peace Bridge into Lake Erie and try our luck on the flats. Because the wind was up and the current seemed faster than normal we had a super difficult time maintaining control of the boat. Because of this my friend (the boat owner) decided to put his rod down while it was still casted out into the water to pull the trolling motor and wham!!!! I was in the middle of the boat and just happened to turn around and to see all of a sudden the rod ( Including a new Shimano Calcutta reel) fly out off the boat and disappear in the current of the river.....All three of us looked at each other in disbelief. We couldn't believe it. He was pissed....it seems like 20-30 seconds had passed when my other friend felt a dead weight on his line. Thinking he had a snag he pulled and the weight began to come toward the boat as he reeled. We joked that it might be the rod. To our amazement as his lure emerged from the water, one of the trebles was attached to the last guide eye on my other friends rod! We all cheered like we had just won the Stanley Cup. It was a one in a million shot that none of us could believe given the conditions and location. Despite the fishing being off, it totally made our day that that happened to us..... So as unbelievable as this story sounds it does beg the question....how many of us on this board have had something strange or amazing happen to them while they were out fishing? So here goes. Lets share those stories that maybe we havent wanted to thus far becuase we think maybe no one would believe us. Cheers, S
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    Is This Legal?

    A trophy is a personal thing. It is not only how big it is but how, with who, your first. My first deer with a bow was a forkhorn but he was a trophy to me because he was the first bowkill and I saw him from the time I shot until he fell. He didn't look stressed and just fell over. That "trophy" taught a lasting lesson in the effectiveness of a well placed arrow and the importance of practice and taking high percentage shots to ensure a quick humane kill.
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    Dan Andrews

    Jonathan Webb

    Sometimes I get tired of volunteering because the same people keep stepping up to the plate and do all the work while others either go fishing or come collect the prizes. I have worked more events with Doc, Joey and Dan, Dagmar, Derek and Jerry and it was all for a good cause. I have never wanted recognition or thanks and I always hoped these people would have the opportunity to just participate in an event someone else had arranged. Even the volunteer appreciation dinners etc have always been arranged by the same core group of people. It brought me great joy to see todays event unfold and many of the regular faces were there lending a hand but the brunt of the work was done by a new guy and his family that I hadn't heard of before todays derby. I'd just like to express my gratitude to a new faces on the scene and I hope you can inspire more people to take up a cause and see it through. I appreciate what you did today much more than any personal best fish or rare catch. From another volunteers standpoint your ensuring the kids got a prize and an ethical conscience seems far superior to any full stringer of fish. There's no need to hold what you did today out at arms length for the photo. You earned my respect today big time for what that's worth. A little warning. Once you make something good happen it gets harder to say no to doing more. Remember time for the family comes first and when it starts to feel like a job just say no and volunteer whenever you feel like it. Don't ever let yourself get guilted into it. For people who volunteer having a new face step up is a rejuvenating feeling that helps ease the burn out. I can't believe how much litter we got off the rocks today and if not for your leadership it wouldn't have happened. Thank you and welcome aboard. Hope you and your family stay awhile
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    so were are a trout site now? Come on guyz really! They are following the regs and further more spending the $70 for the licence to fish the N.Y side, comments about ethics have there place, lets not bash the guyz fishing legally! If you don,t like it don,t reply!
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    I know you say 2 hours within T.o but I really think your shorting yourself a bit if you opened up to 3 hours or 3 n a half u could prob get a nice deal in Sept in the north.. I know after a 10 hr plane and train but hey it's canada John candy did train, plane and automobile so what's another hr if it makes the difference in fishing and scenery
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    May 2019 bring happiness, joy, and more fish, to all.
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    Boat questions

    An 18-19 footer with an outboard would be ideal for your intended purpose. The aluminum multi purpose fishing\cruising boats from Lund, Tracker, Legend etc. would fit this bill. My 19 foot Lund Tyee is a wonderful boat. It's got plush seats and cushions, full carpet and a ski towbar. Remove the snap out carpet and cushions, slap on the downriggers and with the electric and gas kicker youv'e got a serious fishing machine that will handle Lake Erie. The aluminum hulls might not give as smooth a ride as a similar size fiberglass due to the much lighter weight, but that is a bonus when it comes to trailering, launching, storing etc. and they are much easier on the pocket when re-fueling. My biggest single piece of advice is to get the largest motor your boat is designed for. Dealers try to keep the price down by putting a 135 on a boat rated for 200hp. If all you're doing is fishing that might be fine but trust me, boats gain weight, you end up putting in a lot of accessories (trolling, motors, anchors, downriggers etc.) and then the wife, kids, friends, coolers, water toys and all of a sudden your new boat becomes sluggish and slow to plane. In 40 years of boating I've encountered lots of people buying different props, carbs, planing fins etc. try to wring a few more mph out of an under-powered boat. It's very expensive and the results are usually poor. I have yet to hear anyone complain about having too much power. Like Smerchly said, they can be pricey but 5 years down the road that will be long forgotten and you and your family will be much happier with the end result.
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    Yote down

    One less fawn killer out there. Have seen and heard more than usual hunting deer this year. Going to try and get out with rifle after deer season but bow does the job as well.
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    We knew it was coming but it doesn't make it better or easier. Hell of a musician and a damn good person. One of Canada's greatest for sure. I'll never forget the 3 shows I seen and the Canada day show I seen in Toronto is the best concert I've ever been too. He may be gone but the hip will live forever thru every canadian. Rip gord downie
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    Fish Farmer

    renwel reminder.

    I wish I could have the chance to renew, if you know what I meen,
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    Fish Farmer

    Quinte Report for Nov. 23,24,25.

    Nov 23,24,25, 5 guys, 2 boats, caught 2 Walleye and 1 Pike We stayed at the Picton Harbor Inn. Both Walleye were trophy fish, both were 32" but the monster had a 22" girth, weight close to 16 LBs. One was caught on a Stretch 20 other on a Reef Runner. 200' back flat lining near Thompsons.
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    fishing the Pool before work

    I actually wanted to mention that I bring a rubbish bag to put all kind of garbage that I find on my way back in it and I encourage every one to do so, please. I also see a lot of fisher men throwing their garbage on the ground and have no respect!!!!! We already live in a giant dumping ground so please don't make it worst Thank you.
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    Old Lure

    Yes , needed to have a pair of needle nose pliers handy to fine tune those things . I visited my Old Pal box today to check out some older lures to see where they were made , but most say "Canada" , not the plant location . Here are a few spoons among the body baits ..... ...from top to bottom....Williams 60 , newer version Toronto Wobbler Red Eye , Dependon One Eye Wiggler ....Gibbs Five of diamonds , Len Thompson Coffee ....I remember the banana yellow flat fish with red dots .... I found this old one ....the yellow pickerel went ape over this ....
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    New Sponsor

    Remembering back a few years when members like Dan Stones, Sam the barber, Ray Nicol, Barry Carr and Ron Penfound to name a few were running the SCGAF and the thousands of members that were active than. The derby mostly the Spring one was awesome the trailers were parked for miles everywhere, the prizes were awesome. Why was this derby so popular and why so many members because of 2 things. Number 1 the fishing was AWESOME and Number 2 those guys put there heart and soul into it. I appreciate all the work the members are doing now but if the fishing gets worse ( no comparison now to the 80's) the membership will keep decreasing. We need to increase our stocking, what we are stocking now compared to back than is pitiful. Lets face it without good fishing the Game and Fish will disappear and that's the sad truth.
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    Port Dalhouise Condition ?

    Why does he need to explain himself to you. Why assume he's doing something illegal when you have no clue where's he's at , could be fishing anything or the bronte area
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    Grand River In Dunnville

    Wow, are you the internet mnr? the guy never said he was targeting them. not everyone can tell what kind of fish is on the line and b wow this finsanity guy likes to cut people up and pretend like he's boss man around here i had a problem with him to but mods deleted my post about him being rude i guess if you're friends with mods you can belittle members and run a mean internet cop game hahahahaha you could have easily said hey remember rainbows are closed there this time of year make sure to cnr if u happen to hook one! But rhen as soon as cliff chimes in u bow down and obey ahahahahahahaha like a dog
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    Ice Coverage This Year Vs Last Year

    I'm hoping to cut holes by the 15th. Then again, I'm hoping to win a million dollars too!
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    Dogs Banned From Parks...

    .... 107 views already.....dog owners perhaps ? ahah.....
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    Ha ha ...I find this funny .....fishermen saying they cannot catch fish without electronics . Before all this high tech stuff came to be , we used to fish for perch & walleye off Nickle Beach . We picked a spot & drifted until we hit fish , starting out deep and drifting to shallower depths ......or ......checked to see what other boats are catching . I like to use a cheap depth finder to help save my prop . or find drop offs , but I would still fish a week or so if the unit went for a $hit lol . Listen to ol'captnn
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    Upper River Float Fishing

    Was just looking at his new website. Charging for river reports $5 month. Soon to be giving away GPS co-orinates as well for a fee....Give me a call, I,ll sell you a few spots. What a joke. Sure never thought that's what fishing is about.
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    How To Annoy Other Fisherman..

    This Jordan kid bothers the crap out of me and is likely why a lot of people leave Niagara fishing forum. If u came up to me and told me how to fish because U caught some zombie ace salmon I'd not be impressed and judging by your picture it may not go well for you. This is a sport to a lot of us and just like when you win a game it is poor sportsmanship to make fun of the loosing team. Chill out kid because guess what pretty much everyone on this site knows more then you sooo sit back and learn some river ethics.
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    Fishing Clubs...?

    PM's only ??????????????? i would like to know more about the local clubs. Wrc
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    Word On The Street

    I don't comprehend the hub-ub for supporting mom and pop shops. If they can bring something to the table to fight the box stores so be it, usually it is customer service or knowledge of the local area. I have been irked by all the local tackle shops at one point or another, and going in to them regularly has not gained me any benefits, they will give some info out regardless of if your a regular or not based om the questions you ask, it is all about the questions to ask. Personally I have no affiliation to any product if the price is a little less through a less desirable provider for small purchases (unless your getting a boat, fishing is not a large purchase item 99.9% of the time). Bass Pro will bring an assortment of jobs (most low paying, but still more jobs is better in an area where the most commonly advertised jobs are call centers or summertime help for the hotels (both low paying also). That is better than what the mom and pop stores bring to the community for the most part. Some stores do much more than others as far as community involvement. Bass Pro will also be one more draw into the area for tourism. Bass Pro will ALSO allow you to see and feel a ton of options (rods, reels, etc) compared to your local shop, if you so desire talk to the shop and tell them what you want and I am sure they can bring it in. In five years time I will wager that Bass Pro still exists and all tackle shops will still live (unless they have closed for reasons other than income), their take home will be slightly less. The people who will be hurt will be the Canadian Tires and the Walmarts as their prices won't change, corporate pricing, so for 5 stores they wont change the corporate pricing overall. I look forward to being able to get my license/sticker at an establishment where they will know how to work the technology as opposed to "I know your pet food, but you have to cover a shift in sporting goods this week". The biggest issue I have seen at Bass Pro is that they can be understaffed which does not allow them to assist people properly but this is no different than the tackle shops who at most have two people working in them.
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    Port D Crooked Brown

    You really don't get sarcasm do you, arguing with you is like arguing with a child, and if you fish so much why have you not made a report, so until then go back to living under your bridge.
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    Fishing With My Son

    Had a great day out with my monster, after catching only a few small perch yesterday I took him to our local park pond stocked with trout. He loved it and went 1 for 3. http://m1354.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/winonafisherman/photo_zps48a86d08.jpg.html?o=0&newest=1 http://m1354.photobucket.com/albumview/albums/winonafisherman/photo_zps5aa93d11.jpg.html?o=1&newest=1 Loved it.
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    Comic Relief

    The manager of a small business and his secretary decided to go over to her place for some "gymnastics". Afterwards, they both fall asleep When the manager wakes up and looks at his watch, he discovers that it is after 8 o'clock in the evening. He jumps up in a panic wondering what he's going to say to his wife. He tells the secretary to quickly take his shoes out into the yard and rub them around in the grass. Then he finishes dressing and goes home. When the man opens the door to the house, his wife is standing in the doorway fuming and asks him where the hell he's been until 8:30 in the evening? The man calmly replies that he and his secretary are having an affair and that they had fallen asleep after going to her place this afternoon. His wife looked at him very carefully and when she saw the state of his shoes, she exclaimed: "You liar, you've been FISHING!"

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