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    Old Reel

    That reel is perfect for 5 colors of leadcore line on Erie for walleye or a rigger reel for walleye and salmon.
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    Old Reel

    Thanks for that Dawg ..... who knows , I might end up doing an eye fish on Erie . I forgot , two rods are legal , so I can also use my old Shimano Stradic 4000 . That big reel can grace my 12 ft. carp rod !
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    Chicken chuckin

    Thanks for that smerch , glad to hear
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    Old Reel

    The salmon fishing was huge back in the 80's . It was fun listening to all the "handles" out there . My two buddies were " Bushwacker " and "Three Finger Lewie " . there was "Sam the Barber" My cousin Jim's boat was the "Bomber A" ...We had a lot of fun out there .....
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    Old Reel

    They are reliable and were used by some of the charter captains back in the day on Lake O.

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