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    Carp carp carp

    Well .....the 12 was HIGH and muddy today ..must have got heavy rain upstream somewhere !! Went to Port and was fishing by 10:30 at your spot steelshady . I was hoping for a cloudy day but not to be ....it was soon getting hot . I was getting bites steady ...nips & bumps but couldn't hook up ....don't know what they were but they were pecking pieces of the maize off the hair . By 11:15 I hooked the first carp ....scrappy fella near 10 lbs. & had a chunk of its gill missing ....and a smaller one 30 minutes later . I used up my chum (maize) & saved a handful to try another spot in the shade of that skimp tree ....no chum ,but landed 2 more carp , one of which had a "different" scale pattern .....don't know if it could be classified as a mirror or not ?? Enjoyable day !
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    Chemong Lake fishing

    I know I know... it's not Niagara but a buddy of mine got a place up on Chemong and we set out for the first time to explore. The lake is known as a panfish lake and yes, it is a panfish lake. We spent probably 3 hours of the day trolling with cranks, just flatlining and to our complete suprise, sunfish and bluegill were hammering the cranks. We probably caught 40-50 panfish in total while trolling cranks. I have never had that before. We did a lot of testing as well. He has young children so we had to make sure we found spots and methods that would keep the kids busy. We did some testing in weeds and found that worms, no matter how they were rigged would catch fish, pretty obvious. I ran a jig on the bottom and he ran a dropshot. With the jig, if it caught the eye of a fish on the way down I could generally seal the deal with a plastic on the jig. If the jig with plastic was down for more than 30 seconds it was not getting hit ever. On his dropshot with the hook up a foot or so the fish would grab almost any plastic. It was sunfish galore. We spent a bunch of time casting various lures looking for better fish and other than a small walleye which released itself 8 feet from the boat on me there was nothing. We were basically casting some weedy bays at that point trying to find "quality" fish. We didn't have enough time to explore the shorelines for traditional bass cover, that will be for another day. It was our first time on Chemong and was great to get out for a day. No pics as nothing photoworthy was caught.
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    Keep your wits about you. People with cerb $ are doing some crazy things. https://www.spoonpullers.com/forums/index.php/topic,38169.0.html

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