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    Beauty Monday

    Got to actually plan a bit ahead today and get out for a morning session....it was off and on....put it this way....more like on and off....hooked something pretty big early in the morn...no fight to it but it was big!!!....then off....lost it....a little while later...fish on....nope!!!!...off...now after losing 2...finally cliff gets into a decent one ...spunky fresh one scrapped quite a while before she finally dropped in for a photo shoot.....little while later...another one on for me....and just as the day been going...scrapped with it for a while.....and fish off....haha....I was letting them all go anyways...but come on!!!!...now at 3 lost...I stuck it out for a bit more and finally got my reward for a quick pic and release....what a beauty February day to spend by the water....always great hanging out with cliff for the day...and we managed to put a couple in the net....dang still cant believe I only beached 1 for 4....the river's rigged I tell ya 🤔.
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    Finally got out

    Once again work gotten in the way of getting out the last couple weeks...finally could make a plan for the early afternoon....no new tactics to share...and thanks to cliff letting me dip into his streamer box...for me orange crush once again got me a spunky little chrome....bite was a bit slow..a few fish caught around over the couple hours put in...it was still great to get out..and shoot the breeze by the river.
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    I wasn't around for that one, but I was here when they shut down the American falls. Was really neat to get to see the face close up.
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    Truck Bed Extender

    Smerchly please check with the MTO on the Clarification After Driving Oversized Loads for over 30 yrs Over 5ft we had to have OverSize Permits. This is all l am going to say and hope you at least follow thru with my advise 🤞
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    That's cool....from a video that started this thread. .down to old school pictures...and taking a pic of an old pic...all different ways to share in the adventures and create memories along the way.....cool to see a video sharing some tactics from present day....to the same fishing hole decades earlier.....we have an amazing fishery in niagara...although things have changed over the years it just shows that with some knowledge gained through each adventure and some adapting you can really raise your odds of catching some fish of a lifetime
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    I have at least 1000 paper prints I took over many years . Some of the oldest are from the 50's using a Brownie camera . From there I got into 35mm and then bought a Canon AT-1 with all the lenses and filters . It's still in the bag in my basement with a film in it lol ! These pictures I posted here are simply copies taken with my present pocket camera , a Samsung snap & click with14 m.p.s I just put each picture on a piece of white paper under my 4 ft . florescent work light or use daylight in the shade . I did a bunch more today . Our best fishing trip was L.Opasatika south of Kapuskasing Ont. ...big eyes and pike ! ...my old boat , notice the fish finders ? ( about 1980 )
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    Finally got out

    They all go back...brought one to the neighbor a couple weeks back cuz it was a bleeder...maybe over the years have kept like 1 out of every 250 caught kind of deal..lol...the fight a few laughs and a couple pics is my reward
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    Smerchy fishing from the same spot ...a few years back Looks like a bunch of silvers ...... handsome dude ....

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