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    Florida fishing report

    Day 1, 6am- I hadn’t visited a bait shop yet so threw a Zara topwater with no luck, then tried a gold Johnson spoon with no luck then tried some paddle tail swim baits with no luck. Grrrr! Day 2 6am- Flat fishing in the mosquito lagoon with a chartered captain friend who I have fished with before. My Zara got smashed in the early hours but no hookup sadly. Managed only small below slot sea trout on the trip. The water was very brown from too much rain the previous week and subsequent brown algae. Hence the fish were not in skinny water and very hard to find. I could only catch them on swim bait in deeper water. Too bad too because this is my favourite type it fishing. Day 3- Broke down and visited the bait shop for shrimp. Perfect fishing conditions all day. Caught about 20 fish. Mostly catfish for the kids under 2lbs. Pulled in a sweet 5lb stingray. Wicked fight on light tackle. Also caught some croakers which I filleted for bait. Moments later my reel erupted and rod flew sideways. Nearly an immediate break off. Most likely a larger shark. Earlier that day I had a 5ft black tip swim right in front of me in the crest of a wave. I’ve never been that close to a shark in the wild. He didn’t seem interested in me. Next couple days the ocean became quite rough. I don’t have the tackle required to hold bait on the bottom in those conditions. Nonetheless still caught catfish and croakers every day. My last day is tmr and I’m waking up early to fish the rocks in the jetty. Not sure what to expect but that’s half the fun. I’d love to land a snook. I know they hang out there. Here are some pics. Mosquito lagoon launch at sunrise, stingray, live delta IV rocket launch (that was too cool), cute little male sea trout
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    Sault saint marie

    Well blimey it must be a chinook ! My first gander at it , thought it was a salmon ....but then the "laker" spots threw me off .....and the location and time of year . The mouth & eye give it that "salmon" look . There you go Limey .....the smerch 's eye's are failing .... looks like a carp ....
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    Sault saint marie

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    Toronto carpin

    Looking forward to the reports and hopefully catch ya out on the water around here
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    Lake conditions?

    Got 12 by 2 0’clock, hoping for a repeat tomorrow.
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    Winter Boat Storage

    You might try Admiral Storage on the corner of Montrose Rd and Yokum Rd. across from Rolling Meadows golf course. It's an old chicken farm and he now rents out the barns for storage. I kept boats there for years. He charged around $40 per month. The guys name is Scott. I don't have is number anymore but if you're interested it might be worth a drive out there.
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    Hiring in Fort Erie

    Positions filled
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    Port Burwell

    friends I know have been limiting out in 30-40 ft of water 5 guys in 2hours, last few weeks. I don't fish walleye much, but they sent me a few pics with a nice spread of fish. All with dipsey divers/body baits. They were telling me 2 hrs they were limited out. Must be a pile of fish out in the lake. Had couple of bows in the mix as well.
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    At the Bay

    It's amazing what you can buy at the reserve in Shannonville.....We bought a new fridge there today ....no tax (right up my alley) ! Looking through the town , you can buy anything from pickerel to yep , a fridge ! Some of the names are original and funny , like "Smoke on the Water" , Smokin Joes , The Weed shop ....lots of weed shops here .....We can buy a 40#der of whiskey , big bag of cigs , lumber , furniture , food, jewels, and of course gas & propane .....all tax free .They do a booming business . I can get my worms as well and NO TAX on them as well !!! It's well worth our 15 minute drive to stock up on anything we need .....so nice to give our greedy government the finger ! I'm checking out the area for bait/tackle shops ....I would think these talented people would make some good tackle that is used at Quinte for both both summer & winter fishing .....will post again if I find any ...lots of yard sales in Deseronto as well , should be some fishing gear .... ...a fishing note.....I'm watching 3 guys come in with a 5 gal pail full or nice eyes with some tails over the top ...got their limit of 12 fish...lots of eyes coming out of here.
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    At the Bay

    40 oz of domestic whiskey...I’m curious as to whatthey sell that for.i know they sell pretty much everything ..but the booze? What about a case of beer smerchly?is there a reserve or band brew? i thirstily await your response! 🍻
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    Sault saint marie

    Yes , looks like a laker to me as well . Our dog doesn't like car rides so we give her Gravol , recommended by our vet, seemed to work well for 3-4 hr.trip .That lure looks a little sad , some surgery and new limbs can fixer up to see another fish .
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    Sault saint marie

    WOW ! What a story ! So you ended up at Sarnia and had to go back .....t'is a big country here Limey ! Is that a salmon or a laker ? ....and that's a nice fat smallie ....looks like the shoreline of Harris Lake along the highway .... Beauty shots of the landscape too ! ....such a contrast to the cities eh ? We have been here since June 7 , looking at the lake through the front window , just steps from my boat .....wife says she could move here in a New York minut....but alas ....at our age it would be a big strain on the old bodies .....152 years between us .....so we will take the 4 months per year here and be happy with that . And nice to see a happy dog having a treat ....they are our "kids" you know... good on ya mate !.
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    Sault saint marie

    Nice pics Limey. Glad you had a good time.
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    Sault saint marie

    My wife put the idea in my head mate, maybe even muskoka area would do for me.
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    Sault saint marie

    Looks like an amazing place to be! And quite the story. Thanks for sharing. I wish I could up and move somewheres like that but the wife won’t let me. Oh well maybe just gotta keep buggin her
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    Pontoon Boats ?

    we were fishing out of crystal beach last evening , and the wind was blowing pretty good . we were in a 20ft lund and taking a few over the bow, and low and behold along comes a pontoon boat trolling along as stable as can be. At first we were like what the **** are they crazy but as they passed we all changed are tune . they looked high and dry and enjoying themselves.
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    Worms Across the Border

    I heard a few months back at a grocery store in hamilton that an employee got bit by a small black widow spider carrying boxes or containers of fruit of somekind .there was 2 found in one shipment apparently both black widows.scary to think how easy things like that make it here .

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