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    NFN news

    It is now official.. Tyler 0420 is now the owner of NFN.. He is the boss man.. Could'nt ask for a nicer guy to run this web site.. I will remain on as admin as long as Tyler needs me..please direct any issues you have with Tyler.. Great bunch of guys n gals here.. It was a pleasure owning this web site for a few years. Thank you members for being the best bunch of fishermen .. Good luck Tyler..
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    THis 60 year old newbie finally got to drift the Niagara, Despite the comedy of errors in the first couple of hours, I had FUN! 1/2 a day and we went 6 for 7
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    Court Rose

    Ice Fishing Dunnville or PM Area

    Got this tank last night, she went 32" long x 19" girth, little over 12lbs
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    NICE DAY who fished ?

    Was too busy filling the sleigh for the big night
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    Pike pic

    Posting a pic for smerch. Nice catch.
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    A few bows today

    Got a few fish on some streamers I tied up the other night. Back at it Thursday. Merry Christmas.
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    Archery Bear Hunt

    Got up to the camp for the fall bear hunt that opened August 15th. The five brothers have a camp 20 miles north of Kirkland Lake. A log cabin that was built in the fifties. We added a bunkhouse after we bought it and every year have made improvements. New dock original cabin with bunkhouse added inside sleeping area This is the morning view out the cabin door and the evening view Some of the fish caught over the years This year we put in a new kitchen and window over sink New back deck for storing hunting gear New cover over front deck Despite the work put in we managed to get out and hunt. The yearly ritual of sorting through the trail camera photos from each of the eight baits to determine (in our own minds) the baits we liked consisted of going through hundreds of photos which included ravens, chipmunks, squirrels, lynx, wolf, and of course .....bear. Our philosophy is to have every person a chance at a bear. Accordingly, after seeing the camera photos, we draw for picking order. Any person who did not get a bear the previous year is in the A pool ( first ones to pick). All others are in the B pool. Each pool member draws a card to determine picking order within the pool. Selection depends on how you feel about the bait from previous experience and of course the trail camera photos. I didn't shoot a bear last year because I only saw small bear so I had first pick and then the others drew cards. The first evening was interesting when a small bear came in to the bait. Chipmunks and squirrels entertained me while I listened to the ducks quacking on the lake. Finally it was too dark to shoot and I decided to turn on my light to look at the barrel...crap...there was a bear between me and the bait ...10 yards from me. All I caught was a black blur as he set a new land speed record in getting out of Dodge. The consolation was that I had been quiet enough for him to come in and he didn't get my scent. Of course I still had to walk out in the dark, get back to camp and change my underwear. Back at camp the others had seen bears but nothing big enough to shoot. The next night was a repeat of the first with the small bear coming in again. Then with minutes of shooting light I saw a bear coming down the hill to the rear of the bait. I checked the video camera....drat ...not enough light. He came to the bait but didn't present a broadside shot. In fact, he continued towards the tree stand and stopped 10 yards away. The wind had been swirling a bit and I could see he was a bit cautious. Then he stood up on his hind legs and stood there sniffing the air....neat stuff.....darn... no camera. I'm worrying that shooting time was near an end when he drops down and returns to the bait only to walk behind it and turn as if to go back up the hill. After a few seconds (seemed like hours) he decided he wanted a donut and came back to the bait. With minutes of legal shooting time left he turned broadside and I shot. He went back behind the bait and within seconds I heard a couple of death moans. After a few minutes to settle down I got out of the stand to look for blood. He broke the arrow and there wasn't much blood but 20 yards later I was standing over a 240 lb. bear. The next morning was spent processing the bear and getting the packaged meat to the freezer in the trailer park across the lake. And getting the ribs prepared for the feast that night. Brother Russ and ribs ready for the bbq. We ate bear ribs, fresh caught walleye, home made spaghetti and sauce, home made chili and beer can chicken among our meals that week. The second night my brother Larry shot a 275 lb. bear with a huge head. Bears are scored with head measurements and it had a green score that suggested it would make the Ontario record book at least. It was an old male with massive front end and relatively small hindquarters. The third day the weather turned on us. Daily rains and winds that hampered the hunting and certainly put a crimp in Larry's and my fishing. Brother John (aka Mooseslayer) took a shot at a bear only to have a clap of thunder startle it as he shot resulting in a shot a bit farther back than he liked. He decided to back out and not spook it. Driving a boat back to camp in a driving rain wasn't fun for him and the other brothers (Russ and Paul) who had been out as well. Of course Larry and I were in front of the woodstove with a glass of Irish feeling lucky we already had our bear. The next morning after a night of rain we had no blood trail but good tracking of crushed vegetation and broken sticks (especially by John) resulted in a found bear. Unfortunately wolves or another bear had eaten about 20 lbs of meat from the hindquarters (the good stuff) but we took it back to camp and salvaged most of the meat. Rainy weather and winds made for miserable conditions for Russ and Paul and they didn't get a shot at a decent bear.......A pool next year. All in all a good trip. Of course it is always good to hunt with brothers. The three bears this year brings the camp total to 58 bears. My 240 lb bear Larry's 275 lb bear The five brothers and Larry's bear
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    Jim K

    Niagara Underwater Video

    I finally got around to putting some video clips together.
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    There you go Tyler ....just wade around in a swim suit and carry a pair of tweezers ...... I think some cheap beef liver has more blood than chicken liver .....we used a coffee can , punctured with spike nails . ...lots of leeches in Ottawa I heard....
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    State side

    Fished an Erie trib today. Weather was perfect and so was the water conditions. Quite a few fish around. I went 3/7. Can’t believe I lost the first four fish. Other guys were losing them also so I don’t feel so bad. The fight is the best part anyways. Best part was I didn’t have to move all day besides up and down the bank a little bit.
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    Archery moose hunt and Big buck

    I have had this buck on my trail camera for a month but all at night until last week when he showed up twice just before 7pm. I didn't hunt that stand until Saturday morning because the wind was wrong and I didn't want to mess it up. The trailcam showed he had come in that morning 5am and 7:29 the night before...after legal time. Saturday was cool and breezy and I had a feeling he might move early. Sure enough...6 turkeys walked by about 6pm and then I heard a noise and wondered if they were coming back but it was the big guy. He walked by at 20 yards and the Bowtech Reign 7 doesn't miss. It was a quick find before dark and then a bit of a walk back to the truck to get my toboggan. I managed to field dress him and get him in the toboggan and out to the trail but it was tough. Drove my Blazer in close and loaded him in. Wouldn't have been able to do it without the toboggan. Here he is ...
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    Finally!!!! Sugarloaf friday night.

    It finally all came together! Keep in mind I have only been trolling for walleye for past 2 years. Im a rookie! After always launching at crystal beach and the most walleye weve ever caught is 5 in an outting. We switched and went to out of sugarloaf in port after getting some good advice. Anyways we headed out at about 530 last night. Had our first fish in 20 mins. And a couple more in the next half hour. Had 4 rods out on dipseys all with harnesses. It slowed down a bit. Notices the copper harness was getting touched more so i threw on the bronze ripplin red fin tipped with a worm. It wasnt in the water for 2 mins and it got smashed. Switched to 3 ripplin red fins and one bomber. All tipped with worms. The action was insane for a rookie like myself. At one point we only had 1 rod in the water. Ended out the night with 13 walleye! 2 limits!!!!!!!! We missed atleast 5 fish. So we could of had our 3 man limit but oh well. I can say it was my best day fishing on lake erie for walleye! Fished 65 to 70fow right out front of sugarloaf. Get out there! Cheers!
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    Crystal beach sunday

    Finally got out on sunday. Heard the walleye are shallow so i thought id give it a shot. Trolled from palmwood towards buffalo back and forth. Ended up woth 3 nice walleyes. The smalleat was 4lbs and biggest was just under 9lbs. In between walleyes we hooked into 5 or 6 sheephead and 2 smallmouth bass. The one smallmouth was 5.5lbs, made a couple splashes at the surface to make it interesting. All in all it was a great day on the water. Getting first walleye of the year in the boat is always relieving. We were fishing in between 18 to 25 fow. 3 rods, all with stickbaits. Started out with 4 rods with 2 on boards but it was a little choppy and i hate those things! Lol Water was between 61 and 64. Im guessing the walleye will have to be going deeper real soon. Hope this helps. Cheers!
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    Georgian Bay...mid-May

    ...about a mile back from one of the main channels. Been fishing the same general areas for over 20 years. Bass and pike were mixed together. There were no water marks along the shore. Can't remember not seeing water levels marked on the granite. Anyways, this pike was taken on a Strike King 'trap', chrome and black. Most of the other fish were, too. About 35 fish between us, that day. At one point, I had helped net a fish. The guy in my boat had put his rod down with the trap hanging in the water. When he went to pick it up a smallie took it at the same moment. Luckily, the rod didn't break. Three to five feet deep, raining and overcast all day, water temp around 58-59*.
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    Jordan Harbour

    I have many times. Went out in a canoe a couple times this spring and a boat last spring. Caught lots of catfish (it's on my YouTube). No gas motors past the trainbridge. It's great spot for monster cats well over 20 pounds. Cut bait is key there. Cut sucker pieces or large minnows in half on bottom. Also pike and carp in there but I feel the catfish rule the roost at the harbour. Here's a cat close to 30 pounds I caught there last year.
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    Wet Turkey Opener

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    Cat fish?

    Fished the Welland river on Friday towards Wellandport. Fresh cut chubs. 7 fish. Smallest was 9 pounds. Biggest was 16. Pic of my son with a few.
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    Cat fish?

    Just got back from Dunnville. My brother and I landed 23 cats today. The biggest was 17 on the scale but lots between 8-10. Water is still muddy but that’s okay for cats. Water temp is still only 50 so the cats will be around for awhile.
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    Upper river

    Long time no talk or fishing for that matter! Anyways besides going up to nosbonsing during xmas break its been awhile since iv felt qhat a fish feels like on your line. ( all dinks in nosbonsing) Yesterday me and a buddy decided to get out. Dusted out the boat and ventured to the upper river. To be honest it was absolutely gorgeous out. Dressed for it obviously. Boat fired up first try which is always relieving. We set up shop and anchored tried jigs, swim baits, and even minnows. Seemed like the fish were turned off. Saw one boat bring in a walleye while we were anchored. So we decided to drift. First drift in my buddy lands a beautiful steelhead. After that, fish turned off again drifted for awhile and nothing. So we anchored and aet up shop again tossing everything. After looaing multple jig head and plastic to snags i have one rod left that was set up for a minnow so i through it out. Didnt even touch bottom and wham! A jice chunky walleye. Decided it was to big to keep, and the belly was fat! So unsure if preganant or it just ate a football haha. All in all it was nice to get out and catch a couple! Totally worth it. Hope everyones doing well! Cheers!
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    cutthroat dan

    Simcoe ice fishing

    Good day on Lake Simcoe.
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    Simcoe ice fishing

    We fished 1.1km straight outta gilford. Didn’t move all day. Got on the ice around 5:30 and had two in the bucket before sun up. Bite was pretty steady. Bigger fish cam on lures, mostly slab grabber. Post some pic shortly
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    ...was out of Port Colborne on Monday. Biggest fish was 4.5 but a lot around 4. Out of Crystal Beach on Tuesday and fish were bigger than Monday...probably, five 5's. About 30 fish each day. On Tuesday, I started on a waypoint around Windmill. My friend dropped a tube down and had our first fish in less than a minute...now, that's a waypoint! All tubes on Tuesday. Monday was blade baits, tubes and dropshot. Hard to believe but it was so warm on Tuesday (for an hour or so) that I was fishing in a t-shirt...really! Notice the difference in outer wear from Monday to Tuesday...36-44' both days...
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    A good day in the woods

    Daily limit 5 possession limit 10 2 squirrel will feed the wife and I Cut the squirrels into 4 legs, rib cage and lower back sections. Put into a pot of water with garlic powder, salt, pepper and sage...boil until meat almost ready to fall off bones. Remove the squirrel pieces and douse in beaten egg. Dredge the pieces in a bag of crushed original Ritz crackers until fully coated. After just enough time in a well margarine frying pan to brown the cracker coating, serve with buttery mashed potatoes and corn. I usually have to bring a big stick to the table to make sure the wife lets me have my fair share.
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    Georgian Bay...mid-May

    ...my friend caught the pike and is holding it...I guess that would make me the guide?...lolol...here's an image from the trip...might be one of the best photos I've ever taken...belongs on a postcard?...
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    Lake Erie Walleye-spoon bite

    My son and I hit Erie this weekend. Fish were shallow-17 to 25ft. Trollers weren't getting much. Jigging spoons was the ticket. Average was 4 pounds. Biggest was 8 and change.
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    Charles daily

    Looks like you ran out of Gaz ....You need strong hooks for those menacing machines Gaza , and real sharp too . Dan(s) ...about time to razz those pike eh ? Speaking of pike ........today's supper .....pike kabobs ....compliments of Mr. Knightfisher ....mmmmmm ...I found by wrapping a piece of bacon around the pike was too much bacon , obscuring the taste of the fish . This time I used a small piece of bacon beside the fish with a small piece of onion next , then the peppers & small cherry tomatoes .
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    Jordon Harbour

    Can we do religion next? 😂
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    Hey everyone, I’m Brandon, newbie to this group but not to fishing in Niagara that’s forsure. I’m a 26 year old avid fisherman living here and I just wanted to introduce myself and share a photo from literally a couple weeks ago! Everyone forgets about Pike this time of year with the cold days, mixed weather with ice and open water, the main course being steelhead or anything in the River. Well that 5 degree day a couple weeks back landed me this Pike on first cast, that’s right! You heard it, skirted jig with a paddle tail trailer dragged along bottom was scooped up on my first 5 mins showing up! My buddy (just yesterday) and I were out on Gibson and he caught one jigging the current with an Acme Kastmaster! I sure love going out on days when people drive by and must think (these youngens are crazy, all they are gunna catch is a cold!) 😁
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    Lack of tackle shops

    The various dollar stores have all kinds of tackle, and let me tell you, do they ever produce. Can't believe how many gobies and sunfish I get on them.....
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    It's on!

    Finally got to get out for a bit again this afternoon...work getting well in the way of fishing..lol...and this being my favorite time of year to go..happy to say I got to add to my pic collection for the season....today's secret color combo..... black +white flash + cherise = steel 🎣 good scrap...decent size fish...big thanks to the older gent who came over with the net
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    Slow days on the fishing front , sooooo .....some reading material for the fishing challenged ..... After buying 50 lbs. of wild bird seed today I browsed the store for the "goodies" & found some cheese cloth (100% cotton) & some bright pink parachute rope . They label it "authentic para rope" but it's just a Chinese made copy with no where near the strength of the real stuff . It does float with the core inside & slowly sinks without the core . It may attract trout if cut in various sizes up to 3" like the plastic pink worms . The cheese cloth will be used for carp to make "roe bags" . It is very soft & more porous than roe bag material , & many baits can be wrapped inside to make any size bait balls . Look out carp , dinner is coming ! Here is a picture of my madness ......The "real" para rope is super strong (500lbs) with 7 strands inside & we used it for years to hang moose quarters in the bush . A fellow worker at GM was a sky diver (2000 jumps ) & was born and raised at Moose Factory (Cree) & gave me a big bag of it .
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    lots of snow, lots of ducks

    decided to venture out this morning and try a new spot i scouted the day before. It payed off quite well. Started out the morning with a pair of Woodies. 3 of them dropped perfectly into the hole in the centre of the decoy spread. 2 shots 2 birds. had a ton of geese flying all morning, but they were quite content on feeding on the nearby fields. I did luck out and was able to entice a small group of 4 birds to come into my decoys, i was able to drop the lead bird. I was very impressed with the full choke and #2 shot i was using, as i dropped the honker with no follow up shot needed. paddled out to grab my honker and i flared a big group of mallards coming in for a look. set back up, and had 2 more groups of mallards come drop in, dropping 1 drake in each group. all in all a great day on the water.
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    Micro jigs, under a float tipped with a small bit of worm or a berkeley red maggot.
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    Archery moose hunt and Big buck

    I got a nice moose. That's my 8th archery moose and my groups 49th. A nice 43inch bull on the 2nd day.
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    A good day in the woods

    Too much work and inclement weather was making me cranky so when yesterday was open and the weather acceptable I proceeded to do one of my favorite type of hunt.......squirrels with a .22 rifle!! Sneakin' and peekin' thru the bush is great practice for other kinds of hunting and the challenge of hitting a target as small as a squirrel at ranges up to 50 yards can be a problem ...this ain't bench rest shooting. Especially like yesterday where the wind was making the little buggers a tad skittish. You always see a lot more squirrels than you get a shot at - you probably get a shot at a fifth of the squirrels you see. They keep moving ( you have a rifle). They are up in the tree (you have a rifle). They are too close...a couple of tree rats snuck up from behind and surprised me at arms length (you have a scoped rifle). Yesterday was that...I probably saw over thirty squirrels. But there were a number of slow witted, blind and deaf tree rats that gave me opportunities for a shot. The gods were smilin' on me yesterday....5 shots .....5 squirrels and a limit. The downer was that I had to quit when I was hot. Lottery ticket store here I come. Of course, the lottery gods are different than the hunting gods....way worse.
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    East Trib Fishing

    Port Hope river monsters ! Just a few of the many landed WOW....
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    Lake conditions today

    It's fishable....further out you are bumpier she is but in 53 fow she's alright... especially if your running a purple harness
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    Yeah! But those are..... SPINELESS Leeches!!! Bill! No self respecting fish would touch one of those!!! Lol!!
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    Funny read

    ....because his wife hated him fishing so he put the ring on a fish ....makes sense lol My ex didn't like my daughter ....when we divorced I sent my daughter my ring & told her to sell it & enjoy a nice dinner .... and a good bottle of wine from the proceeds .....( ex was a wino) ...
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    Turkey season

    Hunting today started like any other outing. Early morning drive out to dunnville. A long walk out to my blind, and a lot of sitting. Only saw 1 bird that had snuck in behind me and took off flying when I stepped out of the blind for a break. Then after a few hours out of no where there is a loud gobble in the bush very close. I reply with a very short Yelp, and within a minute 2 Tom's walk out of the bush at about 60 yards. They gobble and start heading across the field like my decoy isn't even there. I call to them and they stop, but slowly are making their way away from me. With some clucking and purring they finally stop and stare for a while, but again never getting closer. They are at about 80 yards now. Then they turn and head back to the woods they came out of. At this point I am desperate to keep their attention and have them come closer, so I start excitedly cutting and dont stop. This brings them back in to about 60 yards, but then the first one hops into the thick bush. I figure this is my last chance, so I take aim and fire at the second bird who is still in the field, and he dropped like a ton of bricks. I have been hunting for 3 years, and this is my first successful hunt. 10" beard, 1 3/8" spurs. Looking forward to having him for supper!
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    Turkey season

    Had a great morning today started off with 2 toms opening up on the roost gave some soft yelps shook my hat hard to make it sound like a hen coming off the roost .i did some more soft yelps and they were on there way but they walked right past me not giving a shot they gobbled like crazy in the field right behind me then i heard the hens yelping with them so got as comfortable as i could and waited for the hens to leave the toms then thing got crazy as i could hear them sounding the alarm there better not be anyone coming across that field [trespasser ] then things got real crazy as all the turkeys exploded in to flight and had a tom land in the tree right in front of me as i pulled up on him i see movement to the left of me i watched to see what it was and there it was coyote staring at my decoy as the tom was still sounding the alarm i thought do i make the move yes do it so i pulled up on the tom took the shot down he fell and on top of that i i was able to take out the yote as well as he ran past me this will never happen again CONGRATS ON YOUR BIRD AS WELL KGM
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    Lake erie/crystal beach

    Went out for my first trip of the year to lake erie yesterday. Really wanted to get into some walleye. We trolled from 7am till about 10 1030. Marked only 3 fish. Skunked! Luckily we brought minnows also. Tried one spot, not even a bite. Only saw a couple fish caught while we lasted there. So we decided to make another move and try point abino. At about 12ish there were maybe about 15 boats . By 2 it had doubled in size. Marked huge schools. Ended up with 28 perch. Not bad for a couple hours of actually perch fishing. Even though we didnt find the walleye the perch made up for it! Tried to post pic of the fish fry but the file is too big. Saw a couple perch caught that were huge! Our biggest one was just over 12 inches. Great day on the water!
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    Mike Pike

    First Spring Outing

    Why is it when our lakes are frozen over, you have all kinds of time on your hands. But, as soon as the ice is gone and you're chomping at the bit to get out, you're beset by chores. That's what I find, anyways, and although the ice has been gone for a couple of weeks, yesterday was my first chance to get out after some carp. I thought the best thing to try was shallow water that would warm up earlier than the harbour would, so I packed my stalking rod and traveled light down the fisherman's path. The margins were a carp's dream with lots of roots and branches to take refuge in and to use to their advantage during a fight. It was neat to see all the wildlife waking up, too. Lots of finches and nuthatches flittering about the trees. Ducks and geese all paired up. And here's Momma, blending in with her surroundings, quietly sitting on her eggs. Anyhoo, I kept the presentation small using only a couple of pieces of corn on the hair, along with a small PVA bag of particles hooked on to help the fish zero in on my offering. It was pretty quiet early on, so I chummed out a small handful of corn hoping that would create a wider zone of attraction and it wasn't before I noticed some bubbling around my bait. This went on and off for quite a while but with no result, impatiently, I went to my rod to check my bait. Just before touching the rod, off it went( Isn't that always the way? )! Fortunately, other then running my line under a nasty old floating branch, most of the fight was in the open, and I brought this spring fatty into the net. Just a gorgeously proportioned fish with a little yellow and red around the anal and caudal fin. Shortly after releasing her and re-baiting I heard a splash and saw the rings in the water on the opposite bank. As well, there was bubbling everywhere and I thought; "Now they're having it!" But things quieted down after a while and I had no other action. Once the sun disappeared behind the trees, the chill reminded me it was still April, and I packed up, pretty happy with my first outing of the season.
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    Funny boat names

    My brother and I used to call my dads tin boat the "dink". Cause it wasnt that impressive, but got the job done.
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    Guys I would love to post the other pictures but it is not letting me. The pictures were all taken with an I-pad. The first one I posted no problem but the with the others it tells me they exceed the size limit and won't allow it. I don't understand since all the pictures are the same size and of the same format. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Also, on another note, the animals I took were not considered trophy animals, just run of the mill African plains game. Unlike North American game, the antlers do not fall off every year but continue growing. Just another quirk in African hunting, my package included trying to get a shot at a Kudo with up to 55" horns. The one I managed to get on the advice of my professional hunter, had 54" horns. He glasses each animal very carefully before giving the okay to shoot. If my animal would have exceeded 55" then it would be considered a trophy and I would have been charged $185.00 U.S. for every inch over 55. If I did not get the opportunity for a reasonable shot, I would have been refunded $2500.00. As it was, the animal I harvested was 275 meters away and he told me only take it if I felt I could make the shot. If I miss or wound it and can't find it, it's considered taken. All the range time paid off as it dropped in it's tracks.
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    Do you support coyote hunting?

    i was talking to a buddy on the weekend he was telling me his buddy found a den two years ago so he sat up a trail cam on it when he picked it up to look at the pics after a month every second day they were bringing in a new fawn for the pups things like that drive guys to do this the fur don't sell anymore and if it does you get peanuts for them this is two of the mane reasons some hunters do this try to thin them out and don't wan't them cause they don't pay out any more i don't like it but not 100% against it
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    Dan Andrews

    Screech Owls

    Been cleaning wood duck nesting boxes in Fort Erie since Late August and finally finished up this weekend. In the past I've had 10% honeybees. Add yellow jackets, European hornets and an assortment of other stinging insects and the duck nesting success rate is quite low but I have my dependable boxes. This year however I have an increase in another temporary residents. Eastern screech owls are at peak levels for some reason. Perhaps because the woodpecker population is so high due to EAB I'm not sure. Something I really enjoy though is opening a nesting box and seeing a tiny owl leaning back pretending its dead. As long as I don't try to touch them they generally stay still for a few pictures and then I close up and clean on another date. My highlight this year however was finding 2 in one box. They didn't appear to be nesting. This is the second year in a row an owl has prevented me from cleaning this box. On the rare occasion I have scared one out they usually just fly 20-30 meters away to another cavity and return after I clean the box. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1f-5LEqmys65ahWOdyQ8u4z-OrY-Z_GJJ/view?usp=sharing Not quite sure how to share a picture via google pictures

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