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    NFN news

    It is now official.. Tyler 0420 is now the owner of NFN.. He is the boss man.. Could'nt ask for a nicer guy to run this web site.. I will remain on as admin as long as Tyler needs me..please direct any issues you have with Tyler.. Great bunch of guys n gals here.. It was a pleasure owning this web site for a few years. Thank you members for being the best bunch of fishermen .. Good luck Tyler..
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    Crystal beach sunday

    Finally got out on sunday. Heard the walleye are shallow so i thought id give it a shot. Trolled from palmwood towards buffalo back and forth. Ended up woth 3 nice walleyes. The smalleat was 4lbs and biggest was just under 9lbs. In between walleyes we hooked into 5 or 6 sheephead and 2 smallmouth bass. The one smallmouth was 5.5lbs, made a couple splashes at the surface to make it interesting. All in all it was a great day on the water. Getting first walleye of the year in the boat is always relieving. We were fishing in between 18 to 25 fow. 3 rods, all with stickbaits. Started out with 4 rods with 2 on boards but it was a little choppy and i hate those things! Lol Water was between 61 and 64. Im guessing the walleye will have to be going deeper real soon. Hope this helps. Cheers!
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    Jordan Harbour

    I have many times. Went out in a canoe a couple times this spring and a boat last spring. Caught lots of catfish (it's on my YouTube). No gas motors past the trainbridge. It's great spot for monster cats well over 20 pounds. Cut bait is key there. Cut sucker pieces or large minnows in half on bottom. Also pike and carp in there but I feel the catfish rule the roost at the harbour. Here's a cat close to 30 pounds I caught there last year.
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    Lake conditions today

    It's fishable....further out you are bumpier she is but in 53 fow she's alright... especially if your running a purple harness
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    I know you say 2 hours within T.o but I really think your shorting yourself a bit if you opened up to 3 hours or 3 n a half u could prob get a nice deal in Sept in the north.. I know after a 10 hr plane and train but hey it's canada John candy did train, plane and automobile so what's another hr if it makes the difference in fishing and scenery
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    May 2019 bring happiness, joy, and more fish, to all.
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    Boat questions

    An 18-19 footer with an outboard would be ideal for your intended purpose. The aluminum multi purpose fishing\cruising boats from Lund, Tracker, Legend etc. would fit this bill. My 19 foot Lund Tyee is a wonderful boat. It's got plush seats and cushions, full carpet and a ski towbar. Remove the snap out carpet and cushions, slap on the downriggers and with the electric and gas kicker youv'e got a serious fishing machine that will handle Lake Erie. The aluminum hulls might not give as smooth a ride as a similar size fiberglass due to the much lighter weight, but that is a bonus when it comes to trailering, launching, storing etc. and they are much easier on the pocket when re-fueling. My biggest single piece of advice is to get the largest motor your boat is designed for. Dealers try to keep the price down by putting a 135 on a boat rated for 200hp. If all you're doing is fishing that might be fine but trust me, boats gain weight, you end up putting in a lot of accessories (trolling, motors, anchors, downriggers etc.) and then the wife, kids, friends, coolers, water toys and all of a sudden your new boat becomes sluggish and slow to plane. In 40 years of boating I've encountered lots of people buying different props, carbs, planing fins etc. try to wring a few more mph out of an under-powered boat. It's very expensive and the results are usually poor. I have yet to hear anyone complain about having too much power. Like Smerchly said, they can be pricey but 5 years down the road that will be long forgotten and you and your family will be much happier with the end result.
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    Nighttime Froggin'

    Managed to get out 2x the past week for some night largie topwater action. Bass forum seems pretty slow so figured I'd add something to get it going. Fishing some super thick wetlands where you need to be fast or your hung up in 50 pounds of pads and slop. Probably about 20% blowup to land ratio but the violent strikes are the funnest part and its still one of my favourite ways to catch mid summer bass. SPRO frog in black seemed to get the most bites, best ratio and best cast distance for me. All brands and colors seem to get bit though
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    Today’s report

    No report as I was out fishing. It was very foggy but calm. Wind is now starting to pick up from the SW.
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    Last weekend at buckhorn

    Was a great weekend ...its summer so I'm back to work all week.....really cuts into the fishing time...no more 2 or 3 day reports in a row every week like my winter steelie reports....lol...good times with my younger brother and his father in law.....lots of fishing....drinking...hanging out at the trailer and eating good..Haha....we caught tons of small fish.....some beers and geetar by the fire....couldn't ask for much more
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    Carp meet up

    It was a good morning for carping . They seemed to like the puff/oat/corn combo deluxe . Good to meet up with the crew again . Tyler ....thank for fixing the photo size ....hope this one appears .... Largest of the day was over 17 lbs . (30") , some had more p & v than others .
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    Turkey season

    Congrats to both!. I brined the breast from my turkey for 24 hours and then cooked it in the oven for about an hour and it came out pretty juicy. The legs and thighs are in freezer. I usually make soup from them.
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    I have been spraying Angel, my malinois with apple cider vinegar cut 30% with water. Spray her legs and underside, tail, and cover her eyes and quick spray at the head, they love exploring, and only had two ticks on her in about 6 years. She got those two, because I forgot to sprayer her one day. I also spray the bottom of my pants and shoes. Just a quick spray, not wet.
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    Night fishing rainbows

    When you have the right conditions and location, rainbows feed heavily at night. Early fall run bows on Georgian bay tribs are a prime example. Glow sticks on floats from midnight until sun up are the standard. We also used to fish the Eastern tribs of Lake O at night down low close to the lake. I don't see why Port Dalhousie would be any different.
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    What's working for you this winter?

    5 for 6 on browns at port the other day. All on spoons. Watched 2 follow and hit in the clear water. That’s always fun.
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    Nice to get out

    Been so busy the past month between harvesting peppers and filling tackle orders. Finally got out for 2 hours before sundown today. Lots of small bass and bluegills. Great way to relax.
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    I had a sports pal and went to a kayak. The kayak was harder to load (much heavier) and not as much room. I switched back to the sports pal in 14’ and at 54 pounds it’s a breeze to car top. I have so much room and this thing is stable as heck. I have the option of taking a second person if I want the company. I run a traxxis 45 pound electric with a group 31 battery. Honestly I can troll a full day and still have over 50% battery. I got my first sports pal 20 years ago and can say never have I come close to tipping it even when standing. I think they both have their place but for trolling calm lakes and even rivers I much prefer my sports pal over my kayak.
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    Ventured out with a friend for some post-work Lake Erie bass. We fished a breakwall and managed to get into some smaller smallmouth and some huge sheepshead. Hoping to get some bigger ones next time out. Enjoy!
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    Humane Society-SPCA

    I hope the reserves put them out of business. I can buy anything here at the Tyendinaga Ranch , from fish , propane, petro or lumber and pay no tax . Never go home without some fish !
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    Another solo night out

    Buy a Thermocell!!
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    Lake Levels

    Here we go again ....we may break the 2017 water levels soon ....Heavy rains today & more on the way today .....more expected in the Ontario through the week . This may happen every year from now on ..... When the piers are repaired , they may have to add another 2 feet of cement to keep them above water ! Kachingo ! I din't know if we had this much trouble before they dammed the lake at Cornwall ....but we also have much more water flooding into the lakes from expanding cities... I have a 40 gal barrel on one side of my garage ....It can fill up in 20 minutes with a heavy rain . I could canoe down the street today as the storm sewers couldn't handle it. I don't see a fix in site except start shoring up the low spots in the lakes (dikes) ! All that thick ice on Erie plus the rains might have added to the high waters ..... https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9390215-niagara-s-flood-watch-continues/ ...my daughter sent me a picture from their newly acquired trailer at Weller's Bay & they have water under the trailer. We are fortunate as our trailer has a 3 to 4' bank at the bay....done deal today ! .
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    It would'nt surprise me at all. It has nothing to do do with public safety, but rather pure politics. Trudeau is just trying to ramp up the virtual signalling before the election to score some points with his base and to get accolades from his fellow feminist champion wannabes. We can't get rid of this guy fast enough! I'm sure I'd be labeled as an ignorant, misogynistic, and most likely racist for pointing this out.
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    Hope y'all are enjoying the lowest gas prices we've had in a long time ..... At Can.Tire I can gas up for 84.6 cents per liter ( 5 cents/lt.on the card ) .....a big savings for those who drive a lot .....not for me so much ,driving about 3K per year .....buys a case of free beer though ...... ....or some FISHING gear ......
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    Cat fish?

    Cats are in Dunnville for sure. I have been fishing them for 3 weeks from a boat with great results. No reason why you can’t tackle them from shore. Steve
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    Odd pike behaviour

    I didn’t see any lamprey, although I’ve seen a carp with a lamprey a few years back in the same spot, in fact it was kind of acting similarly. The fish seemed delirious, or drunk 🥴, perhaps found a good sandbar?
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    The meat all goes to the villagers but we did eat a variety of it at every meal. Impala stew, sable roasts, etc. They really know how to prepare it and it was delicious. It really is a hunter's paradise. I probably saw 2-3 hundred animals in the bush every day. Everything from Zebras, Giraffes and Ostriches to Baboons and Monkeys. So unlike hunting in our Northern Forests. It was hard to wrap my head around hunting in 80 plus degree weather but it certainly was the trip of a lifetime.
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    Digging, digging, digging

    Those kids wouldn't survive in my house. Until they realized that the food doesn't get put on the table til the chores are done.
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    2018 in a nutshell

    I quit the log book stuff about 2004 ..... That's when I joined NFN and get all the info I need ..... That's why I am a legend ..................own a Legend boat that is ....
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    announcement to members

    Maybe PM Tyler, Im sure he might be able to use some advice or help with the site.
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    Summer Fishing Highlights

    It's been a while since I've posted last. I moved out of the Niagara region a bit ago. Since I've been back I've been doing a lot of fishing in Welland on the rec canal which is a new body of water to me. I wanted to share some highlights from the summer that I just put into a little video. A lot of these are from the Welland Rec Canal where the fishing has been hot. The pike are from my first time at Valens Lake. They weren't very big but boy were they beautiful! https://youtu.be/voRjoIY5Wnw
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    My other hobby...

    We had a few pan fried perch fillets today , left over from 2 days ago . My wife knows how to use scraps to make another meal , so she warmed the Panko coated fillets and set them on a hamburger bun , added some well fried bacon , tomato, and mixed a dab of pesto into some mayo....Yabadabadoo ! !
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    Lost Musky on Elephant lake

    Just sharing a quick story. I was up your Elephant lake last weekend. The bite was slow of how hot it was. Managed a few pike and bass. At sunset on Sat we started to cast towards a dead fallen tree. Just for the heck of it, I put a 9" deep diving bomber on thinking "Ah, what the hell". Well, first cast I felt that great feeling of snagging bottom, but this time, the bottom moved, and pulled!!! I told my buddy right away to get the net. This was a fish, a big one and to be ready. About 30 yards from the boat, I saw the side of the musky, twisting and fighting..... Then... snap! Gone, lost forever! Stupid me got snagged earlier in the day on some weeds, so I tightened drag and pulled it free, forgetting to loosen the drag back off! We tried again for an hour and the following day with no luck. Sucks to be me!

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