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    THis 60 year old newbie finally got to drift the Niagara, Despite the comedy of errors in the first couple of hours, I had FUN! 1/2 a day and we went 6 for 7
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    Central Sakatchewan

    As a gift for my birthday, The family paid to fly me out to the prairies for a 10 day fishing trip. What a fantastic time with my family. Then there was the fishing. Never hit the water for more than 4-5 hours each day, yet we were catching 50-120 fish per session. The tactics were simple. Baitholders with leeches, and our worm harnesses tipped with worm, leech or minnow. Minnow and ball jigs , with a sickle hook or casting jigs tipped with twisters or paddle tales. The fish were insane. Walleye out there were fighters, not dead weight. Pike were a lot thicker across the back as compared to pike in southern Ontario.
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    The Bigugli rides agin

    Crappie have been hungry the past 2 nights
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    Grand river fishing

    Decided to hit the river and catch a meal. I knew a spot that the sun would be behind the trees so off I went. If you wanna catch fish put a spinner on, so I did. Caught a nice smallie a few casts in then a stick, nope 15”ish walleye pulled it up on shore and it spit the hook and back it went. A few casts later feels like a log, lost it. Then another log (19.5” walleye). Some decent action then it died off. Its nice to have the grand almost in your backyard.
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    Fish Farmer

    Boating law

    This was me all last week up north with 8 guys, 9 days we switch back in forth taking turns in 3 boats. Only thing I caught was Walleye and a full belly from a fish fry.👍
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    NICE DAY who fished ?

    Was too busy filling the sleigh for the big night
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    the fight is on

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    Archery Bear Hunt

    Got up to the camp for the fall bear hunt that opened August 15th. The five brothers have a camp 20 miles north of Kirkland Lake. A log cabin that was built in the fifties. We added a bunkhouse after we bought it and every year have made improvements. New dock original cabin with bunkhouse added inside sleeping area This is the morning view out the cabin door and the evening view Some of the fish caught over the years This year we put in a new kitchen and window over sink New back deck for storing hunting gear New cover over front deck Despite the work put in we managed to get out and hunt. The yearly ritual of sorting through the trail camera photos from each of the eight baits to determine (in our own minds) the baits we liked consisted of going through hundreds of photos which included ravens, chipmunks, squirrels, lynx, wolf, and of course .....bear. Our philosophy is to have every person a chance at a bear. Accordingly, after seeing the camera photos, we draw for picking order. Any person who did not get a bear the previous year is in the A pool ( first ones to pick). All others are in the B pool. Each pool member draws a card to determine picking order within the pool. Selection depends on how you feel about the bait from previous experience and of course the trail camera photos. I didn't shoot a bear last year because I only saw small bear so I had first pick and then the others drew cards. The first evening was interesting when a small bear came in to the bait. Chipmunks and squirrels entertained me while I listened to the ducks quacking on the lake. Finally it was too dark to shoot and I decided to turn on my light to look at the barrel...crap...there was a bear between me and the bait ...10 yards from me. All I caught was a black blur as he set a new land speed record in getting out of Dodge. The consolation was that I had been quiet enough for him to come in and he didn't get my scent. Of course I still had to walk out in the dark, get back to camp and change my underwear. Back at camp the others had seen bears but nothing big enough to shoot. The next night was a repeat of the first with the small bear coming in again. Then with minutes of shooting light I saw a bear coming down the hill to the rear of the bait. I checked the video camera....drat ...not enough light. He came to the bait but didn't present a broadside shot. In fact, he continued towards the tree stand and stopped 10 yards away. The wind had been swirling a bit and I could see he was a bit cautious. Then he stood up on his hind legs and stood there sniffing the air....neat stuff.....darn... no camera. I'm worrying that shooting time was near an end when he drops down and returns to the bait only to walk behind it and turn as if to go back up the hill. After a few seconds (seemed like hours) he decided he wanted a donut and came back to the bait. With minutes of legal shooting time left he turned broadside and I shot. He went back behind the bait and within seconds I heard a couple of death moans. After a few minutes to settle down I got out of the stand to look for blood. He broke the arrow and there wasn't much blood but 20 yards later I was standing over a 240 lb. bear. The next morning was spent processing the bear and getting the packaged meat to the freezer in the trailer park across the lake. And getting the ribs prepared for the feast that night. Brother Russ and ribs ready for the bbq. We ate bear ribs, fresh caught walleye, home made spaghetti and sauce, home made chili and beer can chicken among our meals that week. The second night my brother Larry shot a 275 lb. bear with a huge head. Bears are scored with head measurements and it had a green score that suggested it would make the Ontario record book at least. It was an old male with massive front end and relatively small hindquarters. The third day the weather turned on us. Daily rains and winds that hampered the hunting and certainly put a crimp in Larry's and my fishing. Brother John (aka Mooseslayer) took a shot at a bear only to have a clap of thunder startle it as he shot resulting in a shot a bit farther back than he liked. He decided to back out and not spook it. Driving a boat back to camp in a driving rain wasn't fun for him and the other brothers (Russ and Paul) who had been out as well. Of course Larry and I were in front of the woodstove with a glass of Irish feeling lucky we already had our bear. The next morning after a night of rain we had no blood trail but good tracking of crushed vegetation and broken sticks (especially by John) resulted in a found bear. Unfortunately wolves or another bear had eaten about 20 lbs of meat from the hindquarters (the good stuff) but we took it back to camp and salvaged most of the meat. Rainy weather and winds made for miserable conditions for Russ and Paul and they didn't get a shot at a decent bear.......A pool next year. All in all a good trip. Of course it is always good to hunt with brothers. The three bears this year brings the camp total to 58 bears. My 240 lb bear Larry's 275 lb bear The five brothers and Larry's bear
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    Jim K

    Niagara Underwater Video

    I finally got around to putting some video clips together.
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    Jim K

    new underwater video

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    Yesterday opener

    Had the pleasure of getting out for the day yesterday to try a hand at some brookies for something a bit different on trout opener in the area we headed out to....we have all the big steelies you can catch all winter long here in Niagara so its always fun to have the opportunity to try something that is not available around our area.....before heading out I first made sure that the area we set out to explore was infact open to fishing...there are alot of restrictions all over the place which did put a bit of a limit on where to try, and makes the season alot different for many this year with so many options shut down....but fortunately our intended destination did not cross any of these boundaries.....we arrived at our starting point happy to find that we where the only ones waiting for the sun to come up.....a bit chilly...frost covered ground..a bit of skim ice on the slack water...and even a bit of snow left on the ground in the shaded woods areas........after the sun came out it was a beautiful day to hike and explore the water way...as you can all see in the pics.....it is a pretty scenic hike....but a pretty rough go in some areas...walking over rocky areas...through the water in some places which was way colder than it should be this time of year...I did mention ice in some spots still...lol...other areas are travelling over rough patches of matted down grass where you never know if your next step is going to be up to your thigh with a nice soaker from a sink hole or cold water spring in the undergrowth...lol...its quite the workout...and am feeling it a bit today with some sore muscles and tired from heading out right after work and being up for over 24 hours..lol...but well worth the effort to spend the day in nature's wonderland....the fishing was a bit tougher than usual....the river system is ever changing and this season's opener we came to find the water was way colder than usual for this time of year...was on the low side so it was harder finding the flow areas and pools.....and for the most part gin crystal clear...making the fishing a bit "behind schedule" for this time of year..it is however nice to be blessed with the chance to head out to such a scenic area....explore a place all to ourselves...and try our skills at something we cant do everyday at home.....as you can see in the pics....no crowds...no traffic....no litter....just mother nature at its finest...
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    Broken down truck

    social distancing
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    Let's all lighten up

    We all know these are unusual and tough times....its all what we make of it right now....we all should look out for one another....as a group on nfn here ..our community is made up of all ages...many have known one another for decades...some are new....its easy in these tough times to rant and take it out on one another.....thought I would share what I did to make the best of my day off today......I cant figure out a way to edit my pics into the story...but I hope I can tell the story in order...then you can view the pics.....lol..first off....every survival strategie needs a fire.......that has multi purposes in itself......idol hands are the devils playground so there is always....this that calms the savage beast!.......cant go fishing because I opened the closet and figured it is at least going to take me 3 weeks to untangle this!!!!!.......keep the kids in line in the kitchen while cooking a just because huge batch of pasta sauce and meatballs to have in the freezer just incase...special brownies...fridge stocked.....bbq on........if you couldn't buy tp today.....you are more than welcome to come over and use my garden shed...Haha..........and when all this is over......here is my self isolating!!!!.....again......big hugs to you and your loved ones!
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    A few bows today

    Got a few fish on some streamers I tied up the other night. Back at it Thursday. Merry Christmas.
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    State side

    Fished an Erie trib today. Weather was perfect and so was the water conditions. Quite a few fish around. I went 3/7. Can’t believe I lost the first four fish. Other guys were losing them also so I don’t feel so bad. The fight is the best part anyways. Best part was I didn’t have to move all day besides up and down the bank a little bit.
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    Archery moose hunt and Big buck

    I have had this buck on my trail camera for a month but all at night until last week when he showed up twice just before 7pm. I didn't hunt that stand until Saturday morning because the wind was wrong and I didn't want to mess it up. The trailcam showed he had come in that morning 5am and 7:29 the night before...after legal time. Saturday was cool and breezy and I had a feeling he might move early. Sure enough...6 turkeys walked by about 6pm and then I heard a noise and wondered if they were coming back but it was the big guy. He walked by at 20 yards and the Bowtech Reign 7 doesn't miss. It was a quick find before dark and then a bit of a walk back to the truck to get my toboggan. I managed to field dress him and get him in the toboggan and out to the trail but it was tough. Drove my Blazer in close and loaded him in. Wouldn't have been able to do it without the toboggan. Here he is ...
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    Finally!!!! Sugarloaf friday night.

    It finally all came together! Keep in mind I have only been trolling for walleye for past 2 years. Im a rookie! After always launching at crystal beach and the most walleye weve ever caught is 5 in an outting. We switched and went to out of sugarloaf in port after getting some good advice. Anyways we headed out at about 530 last night. Had our first fish in 20 mins. And a couple more in the next half hour. Had 4 rods out on dipseys all with harnesses. It slowed down a bit. Notices the copper harness was getting touched more so i threw on the bronze ripplin red fin tipped with a worm. It wasnt in the water for 2 mins and it got smashed. Switched to 3 ripplin red fins and one bomber. All tipped with worms. The action was insane for a rookie like myself. At one point we only had 1 rod in the water. Ended out the night with 13 walleye! 2 limits!!!!!!!! We missed atleast 5 fish. So we could of had our 3 man limit but oh well. I can say it was my best day fishing on lake erie for walleye! Fished 65 to 70fow right out front of sugarloaf. Get out there! Cheers!
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    Boating law

    It’s not being enforced. It’s only a recommendation not a law. If we can protest 1000’s of people inches away from each other I’m sure boating with 2-3 is fine. If not bring a sign and say your protesting.
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    Keeping busy today

    Jwl’s photos reminded me of something my wife showed me the other day on one of her websites...... it is now highly recommended that you wear a mask inside your own home. It’s not so much to aid with covid19, but to stop you eating!!
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    All the worries about crowds...who "wants" to go fishing in a crowd anyhow..haha...I get that some areas are more popular than others..more populated ect... and therefore areas might be weary of a bunch of people all at once using a launch or swarming to an access point....heck I've been in fishing tourneys where 20 boats have gone in the water in a matter of a half hour ... start your boat...stage out in the water so the next guy can go kind of thing...seasoned boaters can all do this no probs.....if you can wait in line right now to get in the beer store...I'm sure you can have the patience to wait for a boat to go in the water.....dont biatch at the guy in front of you....have all your crap ready to go in the boat.(surely if you been complaining about how bad you need to go out you must have everything and 100 other things you dont need packed on the boat by now)..including anyone coming along with you..minus the guy parking the trailer....boat all warmed up...soon as that guy jumps aboard...get out of the way for the next boat!!!!...do your last minute farting around in the water..not the ramp or parking area...and dont make it your Maiden voyage" so to speak for the year...make sure you boat starts and runs good before you lea e the house!!!!!!!..whether it's a 14 foot thinner with 9.9 on it or you got a $100 thousand into a bass boat truck combo...dont be a vinegar based feminine hygiene product about it!!!!...we are social beings..but that dont mean you cant holler over to billy Bob and Jethro with your "outdoor voice "....after all ....you been sitting around belly aching about getting outdoors in the first place....by now I'm sure some are already used to yelling at thier kids for 2 months..or your own ears are used to it from the wife and or husband yelling at you...haha...so.......as for marinas...I can see that being treated the same way as a trailer park...let's face it..lots of boats just sit in the water while the owners treat it like a weekend camp and party spot...get hammed...sleep on the boat half the summer ect...if everyone is itching so bad to get a boat into your slip...then simple....dont congregate on the banks....grass...beach..docks ect.....quit twisting up your panties in your teeth....go sit and stay in the freekin boat...and yell over to Joe schmoe you haven't seen since last summer....bring cans and toss the beer over.....haha
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    Fished Today

    Took a rod and tried fishing for an hour at the Rec Canal, while staying away from anyone else. Didn’t catch anything, and I didn’t care...it just felt so good to be out in the sunshine with a rod in my hand!!
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    Got out for the first time in 2 months today after work...ended up with 14 crappies then a big ole pike rolled in and the bite stopped ...ive tried this spot 3 years in a row with no luck and it finally it paid off ...maybe I was too early or late previous years.
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    A message from Angelo Viola

    We’re signing petitions to open boat ramps not shut down fishing........
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    Another Humour Line For The Day

    I never thought the comment ”I wouldn’t touch him/her with a 6 foot pole” would become a national policy, but here we are! and Shout out to all those parents who never taught their kids respect, and now they’re stuck at home with the little shits!
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    Covid-19 Boat Lunch closed

    Common sense prevails, don't forget, fishing is good for your mental health, I will not stop or else I will go crazy, family , work and fishing is all I got left. I fish spots where there are no anglers, except for the pool but I keep away 50 yards, lol. If you can fish away from people then I don't see it being a problem. Groceries stores, liquor stores and gas stations are ten times worst then going out to fish. That said, I waited all month to fish the spot below, the dynamics of the river have changed over the years, you have to check the hydrometric data to make sure your spot is not under water.
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    Lower Niagara

    Went 2/4. Such beautiful colours. I didn’t even want to remove them from the water.
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    Upper river

    Long time no talk or fishing for that matter! Anyways besides going up to nosbonsing during xmas break its been awhile since iv felt qhat a fish feels like on your line. ( all dinks in nosbonsing) Yesterday me and a buddy decided to get out. Dusted out the boat and ventured to the upper river. To be honest it was absolutely gorgeous out. Dressed for it obviously. Boat fired up first try which is always relieving. We set up shop and anchored tried jigs, swim baits, and even minnows. Seemed like the fish were turned off. Saw one boat bring in a walleye while we were anchored. So we decided to drift. First drift in my buddy lands a beautiful steelhead. After that, fish turned off again drifted for awhile and nothing. So we anchored and aet up shop again tossing everything. After looaing multple jig head and plastic to snags i have one rod left that was set up for a minnow so i through it out. Didnt even touch bottom and wham! A jice chunky walleye. Decided it was to big to keep, and the belly was fat! So unsure if preganant or it just ate a football haha. All in all it was nice to get out and catch a couple! Totally worth it. Hope everyones doing well! Cheers!
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    cutthroat dan

    Simcoe ice fishing

    Good day on Lake Simcoe.
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    ...was out of Port Colborne on Monday. Biggest fish was 4.5 but a lot around 4. Out of Crystal Beach on Tuesday and fish were bigger than Monday...probably, five 5's. About 30 fish each day. On Tuesday, I started on a waypoint around Windmill. My friend dropped a tube down and had our first fish in less than a minute...now, that's a waypoint! All tubes on Tuesday. Monday was blade baits, tubes and dropshot. Hard to believe but it was so warm on Tuesday (for an hour or so) that I was fishing in a t-shirt...really! Notice the difference in outer wear from Monday to Tuesday...36-44' both days...
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    A good day in the woods

    Daily limit 5 possession limit 10 2 squirrel will feed the wife and I Cut the squirrels into 4 legs, rib cage and lower back sections. Put into a pot of water with garlic powder, salt, pepper and sage...boil until meat almost ready to fall off bones. Remove the squirrel pieces and douse in beaten egg. Dredge the pieces in a bag of crushed original Ritz crackers until fully coated. After just enough time in a well margarine frying pan to brown the cracker coating, serve with buttery mashed potatoes and corn. I usually have to bring a big stick to the table to make sure the wife lets me have my fair share.
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    What's Your Rating????

    Your style of hunting was the same as mine Fishking. We were usually in the Shining Tree, Gogama area. Six to eight of us in 2 big prospector tents set face to face in a gravel pit with a dining fly in between. Wood burning air-tights in all of them but no generator. Didn't have to worry about refrigeration because back then, even though we were hunting in late Sept, cold temperatures and some snow was always a given. No four wheel drive trucks or atv's either. Those were the days when a moose licence was $15 and it covered any animal, no draw, plus a bear and a wolf. I enjoyed it immensely and we were successful about every other year. Now that I am a senior, I love our camp in the Haliburton forest. Two big cabins, very little set up time and only 4 hours away. We've filled a tag the last 5 or 6 years in a row but that no longer matters to me. As long as I have my health I will keep going.
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    What's Your Rating????

    Not such an easy question to answer. I fish mainly for perch and walleye on Lake Erie. When I first started about 15 years ago I very seldom had much success. I would return to the launch ramp skunked or with very few fish on a good day, while others would always have done much better. I now have a well equipped bigger boat capable of handling most conditions on Erie and top notch electronics that I am finally starting to understand (only took me 30 years). I understand the fish patterns better and now I'm the guy returning to the ramp with my limit on most days. Am I better, luckier, or maybe there's just more fish these days. When I was young I took several fly-in trips with my Dad to far Northern lakes. We always caught some fish but it was nothing like I expected. I now realize I spent far too much time trying to cover the whole lake rather than studying it, picking some likely looking spots, and patiently working them with the correct lures, bait and technique. Hunting was the same, when I first started going for moose 40 years ago, my goal was too put as many miles in the bush as possible. I now have a much better understanding of the animal and its habits, and concentrate all my time in the areas they are most likely to be. My success has sky-rocketed. So yes, I think I am now in the upper 50% but as many of you have said, the more you learn, the more you realize how little you know.
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    What's Your Rating????

    I would say 75 percent for myself ..I know most of the techniques both off shore and on a boat....been trolling Erie and Ontario since I was 6yrs old with my dad (passed now ) bought my own boat at16 and a trailer on rice ...fished everyday for 90 days a season for about 8 yrs before I sold the trailer...fly fished mostly for trout and bass..locally ....never done any salt water though cause never been anywhere for a vacation outta Ontario....fished several lakes from Ontario to Dryden ....largest catches to date are 17 lb rainbow ..22 lb muskie ...11.6 lb Walley ...salmon in high 20s....same with carp ..couple 7 lb smallies and largies ...and many other nice trophy fish but now as a business owner my times been cut in half so if I get out a couple times a week I'm really lucky..I'm an Erie troller for the summer months with a few up north trips maybe in the mix ...fish the river once the waters cold and ice fish whenever wherever I can ..I could fish everyday no problem if somebody would pay my bills lol..any takers?
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    What's Your Rating????

    I've tried float fishing, trolling, charters, drifting, bottom bouncing, you name it. Kayak fishing, Big boat fishing, little boat fishing, shore fishing. I eat, sleep, and breathe fishing. Then I talk to another fisherperson and realize I know absolutely nothing, lol. 5% knowledge, haven't even tried salt water before!
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    This one came in around 27" give or take one. Very close to the spot where my last pike came from, and on the same Snags created spinnerbait ... I think I have found a winning pattern for one of the bodies of water I fish.
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    Was out fishing and looked up ... three deer were running in my direction, I must have spooked them while I went for the phone for a photo because they then jumped into a creek and went to the other side. Never seen the deer in that immediate area I was in ... but none the less awesome.
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    The Rec.........

    Finally got out for a bit of fishing yesterday.....It was my grandson's first time out and it was a beautiful day.......Fished at the Rec. Canal in Welland....No fish, but we did have fun....
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    Gun Ownership Survey

    All gun owners need to stick together and speak with one voice. Don't let them divide and conquer. 👍 I doubt anybody will get to keep there newly prohibited guns thru the grandfather clause. So we have the government separating us, shutting businesses down,taking our guns, not accepting hard currency ...anybody else getting a bad feeling here? 🤮
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    Starting with the pike when they open up ... I AM COMING FOR YOU! Wasted some time today and this was the result.
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    I LOVE FISHING and get out when I can

    Guess just have to look at where some of the bull pucky is coming from....new members...people popping out of the woodwork with 2 posts in the last decade....I personally have come to respect alot of the members on here over many years....have met some great like minded people of all ages since the early 2000s...have seen and been involved in some of the ways many have given back to our sport through conservation efforts....kids programs...charity events..the old day swills....derbies ect that have all directly given back to the community and outdoors....and know that if they are out enjoying a few casts somewhere...they are doing so in the most responsible fashion they can......if it wasnt for some of the members on here directly some of the fishing opportunities we have in the region would not be here 🎣........ next fishing derbie bring 2 tape measures and some marker paint....one tape to make sure everyone is at least 6 feet apart...paint a line and a number with the marker paint....draw numbers for designated fishing spot to give everyone a fair chance......step over the painted line..."foul" you are out....hahaha
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    Gun Ownership Survey

    Read the first 5-6 questions, how many guns, for what use, how did you get them, why do you own guns etc. To me this survey is setting oneself up. We know where this information will end up..... ps: I don't own any guns.
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    some cats

    My son and I decided to take a break from trout and pike. Got into some cats about 2 weeks ago. Caught some fat chubs for bait.
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    Covid-19 Boat Lunch closed

    Ok,let me see,Rolly 3 joins Mar 14 or so to join a fishing forum to tell people not to fish,if you don’t enjoy fishing,move on to another site,we all know what the world is going through,fishing didn’t cause this virus and stopping people from fishing isn’t the cure,my opinion is the govt should have banned March break travel,but they didn’t and here we are now,we all have to deal with this day to day,try and be somewhat positive or move on,,Rocket Scientist
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    Something a bit different

    I know...I know..in the winter months most of my posts are generally steelhead related...but today decided to try a different cold water fishing approach....got together with smerch and Tyler for a bit of a crack at some multi species angling... tyler had his eyes on targeting carp...while bill and I tried a shot at some trout...was busy and current wasn't really cooperative....so after a little while we decided to change spots and adjust tactics.....went with a slip float and minnow set up..fishing an average of about 12-15 feet down...after all...you never know if you don't try..and it was pretty much a way for us to do some pre spring scouting.....was a beautiful chilly day to spend by the water...what do you know..some winter fishing pics from me that aren't a trout..lol...good to see a couple distinctly different year classes of toothies as well....the bigger one I got had some pretty big bite marks in it!!!!...would have like to have seen what was trying to eat that one!!!!....and much to surprise also caught a fatty easily 3 lbs or so... oo s er...that bill my camera man clearly tried his best to hide in the picture....all fish smiled for the camera and went back to be part of another fish tale.......thanks alot again guys..it was a nice day to get out...and a great way to start a new chapter in this year's adventures...gotta get out again soon
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    lots of snow, lots of ducks

    decided to venture out this morning and try a new spot i scouted the day before. It payed off quite well. Started out the morning with a pair of Woodies. 3 of them dropped perfectly into the hole in the centre of the decoy spread. 2 shots 2 birds. had a ton of geese flying all morning, but they were quite content on feeding on the nearby fields. I did luck out and was able to entice a small group of 4 birds to come into my decoys, i was able to drop the lead bird. I was very impressed with the full choke and #2 shot i was using, as i dropped the honker with no follow up shot needed. paddled out to grab my honker and i flared a big group of mallards coming in for a look. set back up, and had 2 more groups of mallards come drop in, dropping 1 drake in each group. all in all a great day on the water.
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    Archery moose hunt and Big buck

    I got a nice moose. That's my 8th archery moose and my groups 49th. A nice 43inch bull on the 2nd day.
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    East Trib Fishing

    Port Hope river monsters ! Just a few of the many landed WOW....
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    Lake conditions today

    It's fishable....further out you are bumpier she is but in 53 fow she's alright... especially if your running a purple harness

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