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    Jim K

    New Niagara underwater video

    It's been a good summer for both fishing and diving. Here's a look at what's going on in the river. https://youtu.be/Qgs1VCbLwGE
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    Jim K

    Attacked by a Muskie

    A Niagara River muskie had enough of our underwater paparazzi act and takes a run at me. He didn't bite. People always asked me If I was concerned about a muskie attacking me. I would tell them I didn't care as long as I got it on film. I got the shot.
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    My new boat..

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    March 26th Welland

    Got the boat outon the river a couple nights ago after work. The kids have been askimg for a boat ride and its warmed up just enough to be bearable! We were only on the water about an hour and only fished for a few minutes. My 9 year old thought she was snagged and handed the rod to me because it was too heavy. Then the line started moving. She hooked a nice pike on a Marabou jig tipped with a dead minnow.
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    Friday fishing funny

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    Niagara river

    We decided to go out despite the threat of rain Sunday morning. Had the entire lower river to ourselves. Took abou an hour to figur out a working pattern on the smallmouth. Once we had things figured out it was a blast. Swim baits and twister tails tossed up into the shallows were the ticket for three solid hours of fishing. FInally, we had to give up as the rain was getting a lot heavier and the sky was getting that 'thunderstorm" black. At the end of it we had boated close to 50 bronze backs, biggest being around 3 1/2.
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    Walleye and a surprise

    Just got back from Waterfalls Lodge (w of sudbury ) 4 1/2 days There are pike / walleye / bass which has an open season being north of hwy 17 and lake trout Fishing in general was slow, the best action was on the Spanish River which is about a 10 min drive. We trailered a lodge boat and spent 2 days pounding walleye biggest 22" similar style of fishing as Niagara. Our bonus came on the last day when a 46" sturgeon ate a worm jig combo and what a fight ! It was my job to net the beast which on 2 attempts of trying to scoop the fish with the under sized net failed I had to hand off the net to a net pro......haha Anyone watching would have thought I was trying to sabotage the catch ( maybe a big bet on the line ) lol We also caught suckers to 8 lbs WOW ! This was our 3rd spring trip, i liked the spanish river part the best. If I were to go back I think I would spend all the days on the Spanish and seek out the monster Pike in the back bays aswell as the walleye..........
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    Id say were more for the positivity of.fishing and and the joy, help.people and share how when where maybe to catch more fish or bigger fish and even just more consistently... but the whole wanna fish in a boat go buy one is of the more ignorant philosophies considering you easily could have stated why u don't like new company aboard but give a recommendation for a charter instead perhaps... negativity and fishing don' mix well................troll
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    Had a boat the last few years. Sold it because the motor went on it. I’m not jus a mouch looking for a free ride. I’d pay someone more then enough money to take my enough out. How about posting something useful for once. Tool.........
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    Jim K

    Attacked by a Muskie

    thank you guys. I hope to string together a multi species video for you soon. Of course, with the weather, underwater visibility, and walleye fishing being as good as it has been, I've been spending a lot of my free time on the water and under it. As far as that muskie goes, I never thought it would bump me. I wasn't really pressing it, as it was off to the left of me. He had plenty of room to move, not like it was backed against a rock pile or anything. I had pretty much come to a complete stop at a fair distance from it. The fish seemed to be by itself, (they are bolder when in pairs and groups) it didn't display any real aggressive signs at the start. I look for body language in a musky like you might in an unchained dog. I read curious as it started moving towards me. I don't think it decided to bump me until it was within 2 feet of me. Then it got that look in it's eyes. And yes, floatman, I'm glad it happened, he barely bumped me. That said, if it was world cup soccer, I guess I'd have to flop around on the river bottom like I got shot or something.
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    Thieves in Welland

    With all this swampland in the Niagara region, we should be able to cure some of the problem without the "help" of the courts?
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    I am just going to leave this here ...

    40" + and my spinnerbait was destroyed.
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    Turkey Opener Coming!

    Try texting them ......
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    Global warming my ass...
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    cutthroat dan

    Cleaning fish riverside

    Guy is nothing but a troll, best not to feed him.
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    Ice out carping

    probably been two weeks since ive been out carping. Show up to my spot and there’s 20 or More fish in the area. I sling shot out some corn and wait around. Looks like the fish aren’t hungry. 4-5 line bumps later I hook up. Lost fish, line broke. Should of checked out my set up first. Couple bumps later and sun almost gone I land My 1st carp of the season.
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    Text a Weather Buoy Service - Very Cool

    Hey everybody...just thought I would share a cool bit of technology I recently discovered. To get current data from a known weather buoy, simply text the weather buoy number to 734.201.0750 For those who fish Erie, the Port Colborne weather buoy is 45142. You can find a complete list of Great Lake buoy numbers here: http/glbuoys.glos.us/ Hope you find this useful!
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    Thieves in Welland

    when I was a kid , growing up in the "Western Hill" , living in the war time houses , we didn't lock anything ...the house , car , bicycles etc . Our lenient courts have changed that !
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    Sunday funday.

    Just had a good couple hours of steady action off beaver dam road Thorold where the big red barn used to be .my daughter and I were bottom fishing with three way rigs and worms .we ended up with 7 perch (all bigger than 10" one was 14") and 4 catfish about 2-3 pounds .missed one really heavy fish that was only on for a sec .
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    Chasing Browns!

    Heading out on Lake O tomorrow to try my hand trolling for browns. I've done it on someone else's boat and trolled from my kayak. But this will be my first time taking someone else out there in my own boat. I've got my bass rods rigged and my homemade inline planer board ready to go LOL! Been waiting for weeks for a weekend with little wind and it looks like we're finally going to get it! I'm up on the escarpment, looking down on the lake and it looks like the muddy water is dissipating compared to yesterday. I see lots of green water out there today! Tomorrow is going to be awesome, I'm pumped!
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    Nice Day

    I had a 12 hour night last night .............zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz......
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    Frabil Nets

    Have two of the frabil nets, one is a conservation net and the other is a n extension net. Both are the rubber coated nylon ones. So had issues with both of the nets rotting out within a year of use. So contacted them about it...owned by Plano now, and explained the problem. They did justice, and sent me out new hoop, and nets... Always nice when a company comes through like that. Why they rotted out I have no idea...none the less, I'm happy to have new ones.
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    Well ....here we are again smercho ......hope you had a good Christmas ! It's only Feb .23 ....but it's spring out there now ! So ....got me some worms tonight , and cream corn today with some hot sauce , oats & puffed corn . Armed to the teeth ! Going to hit Gibby tomorrow at a spot where the water has little current & drops off gradually to about 15' . I haven't given worms much of a go for carp , but I'm thinking it's more natural at this time of the season in ice cold water . ....never enough time to try various baits ! I discovered my "JUG" Jack Russel/Pug doggie chasing worms ....couldn't get her back in the house for 15 minutes . There are so many on the grass she could feel them moving as she stepped on them , then she would try to eat them ! With a little training , I could double my pickings !! Maggie , the worm dog ........
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    Expensive?? Or your cheap. Cost me 70$ In gas to go from Hamilton to lake simcoe and back. Plus hut rental (40-50$ a person) plus bait and pizza. Seems like a decent price. I’m sure you’d want it to be free though.