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    NFN news

    It is now official.. Tyler 0420 is now the owner of NFN.. He is the boss man.. Could'nt ask for a nicer guy to run this web site.. I will remain on as admin as long as Tyler needs me..please direct any issues you have with Tyler.. Great bunch of guys n gals here.. It was a pleasure owning this web site for a few years. Thank you members for being the best bunch of fishermen .. Good luck Tyler..
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    Archery moose hunt and Big buck

    I have had this buck on my trail camera for a month but all at night until last week when he showed up twice just before 7pm. I didn't hunt that stand until Saturday morning because the wind was wrong and I didn't want to mess it up. The trailcam showed he had come in that morning 5am and 7:29 the night before...after legal time. Saturday was cool and breezy and I had a feeling he might move early. Sure enough...6 turkeys walked by about 6pm and then I heard a noise and wondered if they were coming back but it was the big guy. He walked by at 20 yards and the Bowtech Reign 7 doesn't miss. It was a quick find before dark and then a bit of a walk back to the truck to get my toboggan. I managed to field dress him and get him in the toboggan and out to the trail but it was tough. Drove my Blazer in close and loaded him in. Wouldn't have been able to do it without the toboggan. Here he is ...
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    Crystal beach sunday

    Finally got out on sunday. Heard the walleye are shallow so i thought id give it a shot. Trolled from palmwood towards buffalo back and forth. Ended up woth 3 nice walleyes. The smalleat was 4lbs and biggest was just under 9lbs. In between walleyes we hooked into 5 or 6 sheephead and 2 smallmouth bass. The one smallmouth was 5.5lbs, made a couple splashes at the surface to make it interesting. All in all it was a great day on the water. Getting first walleye of the year in the boat is always relieving. We were fishing in between 18 to 25 fow. 3 rods, all with stickbaits. Started out with 4 rods with 2 on boards but it was a little choppy and i hate those things! Lol Water was between 61 and 64. Im guessing the walleye will have to be going deeper real soon. Hope this helps. Cheers!
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    Georgian Bay...mid-May

    ...about a mile back from one of the main channels. Been fishing the same general areas for over 20 years. Bass and pike were mixed together. There were no water marks along the shore. Can't remember not seeing water levels marked on the granite. Anyways, this pike was taken on a Strike King 'trap', chrome and black. Most of the other fish were, too. About 35 fish between us, that day. At one point, I had helped net a fish. The guy in my boat had put his rod down with the trap hanging in the water. When he went to pick it up a smallie took it at the same moment. Luckily, the rod didn't break. Three to five feet deep, raining and overcast all day, water temp around 58-59*.
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    Jordan Harbour

    I have many times. Went out in a canoe a couple times this spring and a boat last spring. Caught lots of catfish (it's on my YouTube). No gas motors past the trainbridge. It's great spot for monster cats well over 20 pounds. Cut bait is key there. Cut sucker pieces or large minnows in half on bottom. Also pike and carp in there but I feel the catfish rule the roost at the harbour. Here's a cat close to 30 pounds I caught there last year.
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    Georgian Bay...mid-May

    ...my friend caught the pike and is holding it...I guess that would make me the guide?...lolol...here's an image from the trip...might be one of the best photos I've ever taken...belongs on a postcard?...
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    Slow days on the fishing front , sooooo .....some reading material for the fishing challenged ..... After buying 50 lbs. of wild bird seed today I browsed the store for the "goodies" & found some cheese cloth (100% cotton) & some bright pink parachute rope . They label it "authentic para rope" but it's just a Chinese made copy with no where near the strength of the real stuff . It does float with the core inside & slowly sinks without the core . It may attract trout if cut in various sizes up to 3" like the plastic pink worms . The cheese cloth will be used for carp to make "roe bags" . It is very soft & more porous than roe bag material , & many baits can be wrapped inside to make any size bait balls . Look out carp , dinner is coming ! Here is a picture of my madness ......The "real" para rope is super strong (500lbs) with 7 strands inside & we used it for years to hang moose quarters in the bush . A fellow worker at GM was a sky diver (2000 jumps ) & was born and raised at Moose Factory (Cree) & gave me a big bag of it .
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    Micro jigs, under a float tipped with a small bit of worm or a berkeley red maggot.
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    East Trib Fishing

    Port Hope river monsters ! Just a few of the many landed WOW....
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    Lake conditions today

    It's fishable....further out you are bumpier she is but in 53 fow she's alright... especially if your running a purple harness
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    I know you say 2 hours within T.o but I really think your shorting yourself a bit if you opened up to 3 hours or 3 n a half u could prob get a nice deal in Sept in the north.. I know after a 10 hr plane and train but hey it's canada John candy did train, plane and automobile so what's another hr if it makes the difference in fishing and scenery
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    Another solo night out

    Got out after dinner for a few hours using another new packbait blend. Had my first fish on within 10 minutes. After a brief fight bam line breaks. A little furious with myself thinking my knot let go I check the end of my line and the leader broke off the end of my pretied rig. On the upside I did get to keep my method feeder and the fish isn’t swimming around dragging a 3oz lead. Tied my rod back up and out again inside of 10 minutes another fish on. From what I saw decent size fish trying to net the fish I pulled the hook. After that the bite seemed to slow down with the fish all in my swim took another probably hour before I get another hit. Hauled it in was a little 8lb feisty fish. Another 10 minutes and I hauled another 12lb fish. Neither of which had my previous hook in the mouth. With the second fish on the bank the mosquitos finally got me and I packed it in. Lesson learned never wear shorts while fishing. Any suggestions on what bug spray to use while fishing to not deter the fish from the smell? Don’t mind the hockey laces tied to the net it’s how I weigh the fish the cheap and easy way
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    some browns today

    Tried out a new striper rod today to test it on some trout. Caught some browns. The fish I caught came on hardware in mostly slack water. Here's a pic of one fish.
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    Punched my tag for 2019

    Well it finally all came together tonight and i managed to fill my tag. with the season feeling like it was getting late i was ready to shoot any buck that came along. I had no hesitation about taking a 10yd shot at this 10 pointer. Good luck everyone and stay safe.
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    Electric Fillet Knifes

    Nope, Its so easy I can turn the lights off and do it in the dark...😎
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    A lot of memories with that shot Smerch! Memories of motoring under the bridge (many cb antennas were broken and bent nets). Setting flat lines as soon as we got out to the lake and trolling west behind the canning factory, no riggers, dipseys or jets. No line counters just big spinning reels and plastic rod holders or many times just holding the rod in your hand for hours and hours. Ahh the simple days when your friends and fellow fishing buddies would be honest and share fishing spots over the cb so everyone enjoyed a fun days fishing.
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    Nighttime Froggin'

    Managed to get out 2x the past week for some night largie topwater action. Bass forum seems pretty slow so figured I'd add something to get it going. Fishing some super thick wetlands where you need to be fast or your hung up in 50 pounds of pads and slop. Probably about 20% blowup to land ratio but the violent strikes are the funnest part and its still one of my favourite ways to catch mid summer bass. SPRO frog in black seemed to get the most bites, best ratio and best cast distance for me. All brands and colors seem to get bit though
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    Today’s report

    No report as I was out fishing. It was very foggy but calm. Wind is now starting to pick up from the SW.
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    Carp supplies

    New treats, pumped to try out the goo.
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    fishng today

    Lakes flat .about 40 boats out at C.B from what i hear .
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    Carp net found

    I was fishing at Hamilton Harbour this morning and found a carp landing net when I arrived. the area is reasonably highly traveled and I was the only person there for the two hours I fished. if you or a friend lost a net pm me and I will get it back to it’s rightful owner.
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    Last weekend at buckhorn

    Was a great weekend ...its summer so I'm back to work all week.....really cuts into the fishing time...no more 2 or 3 day reports in a row every week like my winter steelie reports....lol...good times with my younger brother and his father in law.....lots of fishing....drinking...hanging out at the trailer and eating good..Haha....we caught tons of small fish.....some beers and geetar by the fire....couldn't ask for much more
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    Carp meet up

    It was a good morning for carping . They seemed to like the puff/oat/corn combo deluxe . Good to meet up with the crew again . Tyler ....thank for fixing the photo size ....hope this one appears .... Largest of the day was over 17 lbs . (30") , some had more p & v than others .
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    May long weekend fishing

    Up at Commanda Lake and cool wet and windy a lot but no black flies! Caught a lot of small ones so figured spawn was late. One guy had his grandson who lives up there come by for a visit and he said most guys can't find fish yet. Water cold and high and they're not where they should be. Figures it's 2 weeks behind. We still got a about 9 keepers and a dozen slab crappie but most of those were with minnows at night. Lots of fun.
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    Turkey season

    Congrats to both!. I brined the breast from my turkey for 24 hours and then cooked it in the oven for about an hour and it came out pretty juicy. The legs and thighs are in freezer. I usually make soup from them.
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    I have been spraying Angel, my malinois with apple cider vinegar cut 30% with water. Spray her legs and underside, tail, and cover her eyes and quick spray at the head, they love exploring, and only had two ticks on her in about 6 years. She got those two, because I forgot to sprayer her one day. I also spray the bottom of my pants and shoes. Just a quick spray, not wet.
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    Night fishing rainbows

    When you have the right conditions and location, rainbows feed heavily at night. Early fall run bows on Georgian bay tribs are a prime example. Glow sticks on floats from midnight until sun up are the standard. We also used to fish the Eastern tribs of Lake O at night down low close to the lake. I don't see why Port Dalhousie would be any different.
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    What's working for you this winter?

    5 for 6 on browns at port the other day. All on spoons. Watched 2 follow and hit in the clear water. That’s always fun.
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    HAPPY NEW YEAR too ALL on NFN and may all your fish be BIG 👍😍
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    Fishing today.

    I’d just leave buddy alone. If he’s fishing illegally then he’ll get busted one day. Why stress over something you can’t control. There’s a ton of water to fish in niagara just pick a new spot.
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    Got robbed this AM

    Complete B.S.! ...ID LIKE TO CHOP THEIR FINGERS OFF.sorry to hear boogaloo.hope you get it sorted out in your favour.x2 on borrowing anything if needed im hunting deer this month and not using any of my stuff anyways....
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    6 people here and no place to put it 2 weeks is a big problem for us.
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    done boating this season

    So it turns out I do not need the power head pulled. When they installed the water pump seal kit at the marina they used a new seal between the pump and the riser tube. It is a 3 inch tube with a seal inside. The issue is the riser tube is smaller diameter than the water pump output. The old seal was two different diameters. The new seal was the same at both ends. So with the new one no seal at the tube and much of the water was not being pushed up into the engine. Good thing I made them save all the old parts. I was able to find the issue myself. I could not believe the power head needed to be pulled.
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    Humane Society-SPCA

    I hope the reserves put them out of business. I can buy anything here at the Tyendinaga Ranch , from fish , propane, petro or lumber and pay no tax . Never go home without some fish !
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    Carp meet up

    Was nice talking to everyone out there … and congrats to Smerchly taking everyone to school in how to carp.
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    Lake Levels

    Here we go again ....we may break the 2017 water levels soon ....Heavy rains today & more on the way today .....more expected in the Ontario through the week . This may happen every year from now on ..... When the piers are repaired , they may have to add another 2 feet of cement to keep them above water ! Kachingo ! I din't know if we had this much trouble before they dammed the lake at Cornwall ....but we also have much more water flooding into the lakes from expanding cities... I have a 40 gal barrel on one side of my garage ....It can fill up in 20 minutes with a heavy rain . I could canoe down the street today as the storm sewers couldn't handle it. I don't see a fix in site except start shoring up the low spots in the lakes (dikes) ! All that thick ice on Erie plus the rains might have added to the high waters ..... https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9390215-niagara-s-flood-watch-continues/ ...my daughter sent me a picture from their newly acquired trailer at Weller's Bay & they have water under the trailer. We are fortunate as our trailer has a 3 to 4' bank at the bay....done deal today ! .
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    It would'nt surprise me at all. It has nothing to do do with public safety, but rather pure politics. Trudeau is just trying to ramp up the virtual signalling before the election to score some points with his base and to get accolades from his fellow feminist champion wannabes. We can't get rid of this guy fast enough! I'm sure I'd be labeled as an ignorant, misogynistic, and most likely racist for pointing this out.
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    Hope y'all are enjoying the lowest gas prices we've had in a long time ..... At Can.Tire I can gas up for 84.6 cents per liter ( 5 cents/lt.on the card ) .....a big savings for those who drive a lot .....not for me so much ,driving about 3K per year .....buys a case of free beer though ...... ....or some FISHING gear ......
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    Cat fish?

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    Songs with the word "fish" in them

    Cronzy sure liked the shore lunch....lol ....and opening up a can of beans or spagettios right on the fire....lol.
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    Digging, digging, digging

    The cars are "smarter? today Jack ....all kinds of techno ...abs brakes & sensors , air bags & most have 4 snow tires ,not 2 like we had in the OLD days . Back in the 50's they only used sand , not salt on the road ....and today would not be a snow day ....& we walked over a mile to get there . I think people put too much trust in the techno and feel they can drive faster with their 4 x 4's ....but haven't figured out the braking on icy roads lol . Most kids today are bused to school so there's now a liability factor involved .....and no seat belts..... I put in 4 hours today snowblowing & shoveling 3 driveways , saidewalks for my neighbours , cleaning snow from 3 vehicles and shoveling runways in the yard for our short legged dog .Damn snowblowers really stink up you clothing from the exhaust ! ....need to buy a riding lawnmower with a plow attachment ! 🚜

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