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  1. some new drag washer would fix that jerkiness up smerch. I swapped out my old drag washers in my trusty Calcutta reel with carbontex drag washers and lightly lubricated them. The drag is now better than new and smooth as silk. I bought mine from mikes reel repair in b.c. you should check them out. A tip for others...when you are done fishing with your baitcasters...make sure to completely remove the tension from the drag...back it right off. This way the drag washers aren't constantly under tension or should I say compression. It will increase the drag life of your reel. RB
  2. Congrats.....never too late to find loved ones. Helps make your life a little more complete and enjoyable! RB
  3. RoeBaggin


    Couldn't have said it better myself smerch. That guy will kill the middle class. He will make tons of cuts to our education ....healthcare and govt employees...then he wont even come remotely close to his pipe dream of a million jobs! Hudak should change his name to WHODAT? RB
  4. I tricked out my calcutta with abec 7 bearings and carbontec drag washers...lightly buttered. I also use sewing machine oil for the bearings, very light oil and can withstand high temps. The reel I can honestly say performs better than new.....I have had this reel for 10-11yrs now! RB
  5. by far the most reasonable cp and the the best performer in its price range is the Okuma Sheffield. Great starter reel and many people will tell you they started on one. You can find them cheap second hand. as far as a rod goes for a beginner try the dtyreamside rod or the shimano cp rod. Very good starter rods that wont break the bank. Also the new rapala cp rods are supposed to perform above their price point as well. Good luck and remember.....you don't need a thousand dollar combo to get into fish. If you end up liking it and desire better gear then save your pennies cause it aint cheap lol. RB
  6. too bad the cormorants weren't easily affected by the cold winters. we could use a few less of them! RB
  7. I don't buy it...at all. They are more resilient than you think. RB
  8. Fish all levels of the water column. I've nailed fish at different levels down there. RB
  9. I don't know....I personally was brought up with ethics...taught to me by my grandfather and countless other fisherman I have had the pleasure of sharing drifts with. If Jordan were to step into a spot I had been fishing and hooked up right away....I would say something along the lines of way to go...I couldn't get one to hit all day! Hell I would even help him land it and even take a pic for him. That's the way I was raised, and I take pride in knowing that I make more friends than enemies on the water. If it was meant as a joke then so be it...but take note that other fisherman are likely to take it the wrong way....that's when bad things can happen on the river. RB
  10. You seem pretty confident!!!! Letting them know what they are doing wrong LMAO!!!! I've banked hundreds of Steelhead in the Niagara river and I have never done so with a cocky attitude....you must be a good swimmer!!! RB
  11. Yamamoto pink worms.....success!!!! RB
  12. If you remove the shields...point the exposed shieldless side towards the inside of the reel. Helps keep away debris......just a pointer for those interested. RB
  13. +1 Canada dude is right...Its also well known for people exposing every fishing hole known to man! Pathetic RB
  14. I would seriously think hard abot the xst 3 piece. I had the 6-10 and it was too much stick....and I fish the niagara! They might make it in 4-8...if they do then go for it. Rainshadow makes a very good stick. I did own the raven im8 15ft...and for a factory rod it is the best bang for your dollar guaranteed! Great stick...I used it for four seasons.
  15. Just remember what your grandfather taught you and pay it forward....for me it sometimes outweighs the fishing itself! RB
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