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  1. 5 for 6 on browns at port the other day. All on spoons. Watched 2 follow and hit in the clear water. That’s always fun.
  2. I fish port Dalhousie all winter long and for the past 8 years or so with spoons almost exclusively. For every bow, you will get 20 browns. I don't mind because I target browns anyways. That being said, this year has been slower than others. I fish differently to target rainbows. If you are worried about losing baits, swap out the treble for a siwash. It will save you money if you fish deep. Almost all my fish come from slack water or very mild back current. Previous years I had some 10 fish days but not this year. Good luck!
  3. Great endeavour. Good for you. I hope it goes well.
  4. pauly

    tackle swaps

    Thanks everyone.
  5. pauly

    tackle swaps

    Does anyone know of any tackle swaps going on in the area? Is Hamilton doing theirs again? I know of the Fort Erie one.
  6. I've been fishing trout the past month. I fish spoons exclusively mid to late winter. I target browns and catch the occasional rainbow. Got a coho a few days ago. I do not fish spoons conventionally. I drift them and run the risk of snags so swap out the treble for a siwash. Slower this year compared to last 5 or so. Still got a bunch though.
  7. Don’t scrap it. Such things can be fixed. And not for the ridiculous price you quoted. Best of luck. I’d love to stop by and assist if you wish.
  8. Try to get floating mono. Sinking line is a pain as you have to reel in a lot of slack to get your hook set. The drag on the line also inhibits the flow of the float. Sigloi makes some floating line I think. Try peters tackle.
  9. I float with a baitcast outfit. Use thill stops. They go through the guides. Tie the stop tight so it does not slide down the line as it passes through guides. If line does not pass freely from spool I mend it out or pull it out so line passes without resistance from the spool. I love my setup. Spray guides in ice situations so stop passes through guides better. Weight distribution of sinkers etc in big water is not crucial for me. I use one or two bigger split shot about 18 inches above business end. Fluor tippet is a good idea in clear water. Good luck!
  10. I can only catch males lately. Got a nice one last night
  11. First congrats on the catches! It's strange that you can get charged for transporting fish to an alternate location but in tournaments this is exactly what happens. Time to adopt onboard weights with referees in tow. This system is slowly on the rise in the US. However it is a small blessing in that tournaments held in the welland river have displaced fish from the bottom end. Hopefully some of these tournament fish dumped at Chippewa launch will make it to the bottom end of the system.
  12. pauly


    Can't get a message through. All okay? Need classified stuff approved
  13. pauly


    What species?
  14. How is Bens arm? Is he fishing okay? It got really bad lately. Felt sorry for him
  15. Muskie are not open from the peace bridge to the falls on the upper until the 3rd Saturday in June.
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