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  1. Can't get a message through. All okay? Need classified stuff approved
  2. What species?
  3. How is Bens arm? Is he fishing okay? It got really bad lately. Felt sorry for him
  4. Muskie are not open from the peace bridge to the falls on the upper until the 3rd Saturday in June.
  5. Make sure you fish for them in season whatever choice is made. Spring is not when they are open.
  6. The bass are stocked. Let them do their thing this time of year.
  7. Thanks for replies. Seals are shot in tilt and manual release o rings are bad. Probably getting working used unit from just over the river at brobiel marine. Same price as me fixing. Thanks again
  8. Hey folks. Tilt and trim not working on f115 Yamaha 4 stroke Not electrical or a matter of bleeding air out Does anyone have knowledge in hydraulics or know of someone locally Hesitant to take it to dealer Want to work on it on my own with assistance thanks
  9. There is a huge sandbar/rockbar just above the peace bridge on the American side close to shore. It is very shallow.
  10. Great job Smerch. Good call
  11. Got out Friday and Saturday for a bit. Friday was best with 6 fish. Only netted 3. Friday was 1 for 2. Cold but fine when dressed properly. Mix of males and females. Lots of fun. browns 2017?sort=3&page=1
  12. 2 browns New Year's Day. I don't usually keep them but I cooked them up! 3 yesterday but lost them all. I washed my jacket and left my Fluoro tippet in the pocket ! I guess it weakened it. The best was watching a brown follow my lure as I reeled in. He didn't take it. I felt like doing a figure 8! Beautiful rainbow Sam.
  13. Whew. That's a sinking feeling. Glad you've been reunited.
  14. It's raven mono. It's cheap and I've never broken off. Once in a while I use my nails to chip ice out of the guides but only when it gets really bad. Some guides can't handle this procedure because the inserts are not glued in properly. A recent purchase saw 4 guides fall out during normal temperature use. I miss Gate 12! I used to fish the old canal in my earlier days!
  15. A few pics from the weekend. Such a great species with neat markings. I still appreciate each one. Dec 18 2016/thumbnail_IMG_0971_zpsfdewfusp.jpg.html?o=4