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  1. Awesome. Glad you got out.
  2. Does anyone know if the lower river launch is usable now? The water level was so high last time that the dock was overturned and partly submerged. Thanks.
  3. pauly

    Pike pic

    Great fish, sir.
  4. I truly hope you have a great time in this new chapter. Best of luck!
  5. My son and I hit Erie this weekend. Fish were shallow-17 to 25ft. Trollers weren't getting much. Jigging spoons was the ticket. Average was 4 pounds. Biggest was 8 and change.
  6. pauly

    A few pike

    I won a hat, mug, shirt and a reel one year. That was fun.
  7. I’m jealous. That orange one is stunning. Great catches.
  8. pauly

    A few pike

    Good luck, Steve! My last pike tournament was an nfn pike challenge!
  9. pauly

    A few pike

    My son and I have gotten into some pike over the last few days from shore and canoe.. Lots of fun. All on jerkbaits. Water is still very cold.
  10. Great job. Perch are a worthy compromise for sure!
  11. Anybody fishing Lake Ontario for trout? Took the boat out last week and caught some browns just out of Port Dalhousie. Watched some follows and caught fish. My son got this one just east of the mouth.
  12. Tyler. Can you please respond to my messages regarding baits I have for sale. They are not showing up in the classifieds. Thank you.
  13. pauly

    Cat fish?

    Fished the Welland river on Friday towards Wellandport. Fresh cut chubs. 7 fish. Smallest was 9 pounds. Biggest was 16. Pic of my son with a few.
  14. 5 for 6 on browns at port the other day. All on spoons. Watched 2 follow and hit in the clear water. That’s always fun.
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