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  1. spanky

    First launch

    Looks like we will be launching out of lowbanks and then... well who knows, we know nothing about erie... any pointers on where to go would be appreciated!!
  2. spanky

    First launch

    Smerch- sounds like the dunnville launch might be what we are after!! Thanks so much! Snags- fishing is for sure allowed, but will be second to testing out the boat!!! Always, always have reserves of gear- only 6 rods left and 2 60l totes of gear now tho
  3. spanky

    First launch

    Thanks smerch! Willing to head anywhere in niagara... or even into dunnville as thats where the boat is ... anything on the grand you know of?
  4. Looking for a free launch for first time boater. Something not too busy, it'll be the first launch of the new/used boat, so quiet, safe, limited current kinda place would be good. Not looking for fishing spots, just a launch- if fish happen, great
  5. And on the other hand, sometimes we gotta have the big stores to keep the little ones "in check" with their pricing and make them better with their customer service... i know there were some manufacturers who didn't offer bulk discounts either, wholesale pricing was the same whether you bought 1 or 100... maybe supporting manufacturers who offer a chance for the little guy to "compete" is the best overall policy?? Still rockin' them spanko's eh smerch?!... promised myself i wouldn't use them until a got a fish on something else (wakebait/topwater)......... fished for 8hrs or so and have zero fish to show for it .... lol... looking like a year of no fish for this guy!!
  6. I dunno... been going to pete's for years and still feel like i'm in the way when i go there... maybe i don't spend enough $$$... just not a super positive customer service experience thus far... As for BPS, prices are very similiar to their U.S. website- pflueger trion reel is $39.99 US on the website and $42.99 CAD in store, maybe it's $30 in Petes but wouldn't know, can't get anyone's attention there... and the shipping from bps is beyond reasonable when compared to other online retailers... As far as pushing the little guy out, maybe they will maybe they won't, who knows... but the bigger picture, in my mind, is do they support locally and BPS does- they raise $$$ for the NPCA (and others) which affects us all... and pretty sure Pete's does as well... so in my mind, to me, both stores have their places... Personally a lot of stuff i've been buying lately hasn't been found in either place and i have been ordering online... lucky bug zombie maxx and allure cannibals... i can usually find what i want at bps tho- like veritas 2.0 rods, which it seems pete's doesn't have a huge selection of... just my opinion...
  7. used to pour plastics, haven't done so in about 8yrs, still have about 1000 stix/senkos to use up... will likely get into it again, eventually, but so much has changed and there are many many many more suppliers... i used http://www.lurecraft.com/ for some supplies, would ship to the US Address place on witmer rd, pay the $5 fee and pick it up much cheaper than what i was about to get here in Canada....
  8. spanky

    Wassi Lake

    honestly, if it's anything like it used to be you'll have no probs with some bass... we're talking about going to wasi as well, tho my brother lives in espanola and it's free lodging there and good fishing too... we did as you plan to, we headed to nosbonsing for a day and got us some pike!.... either way... enjoy it where ever you go and post some pics!
  9. spanky

    Wassi Lake

    stayed there many years ago... pretty nice place overall, managed a few bass and a few walleye (right off the big rock infront of the cottage- not from the boat)... nothing of size really, but overall good experience and i would return again myself if for nothing other than a CHEAP getaway ($800 for lodging and boat rental!!)... if you're looking for lots of big fish i would look elsewhere tho...
  10. I learned in the backyard 17lb mono and a 1oz sinker... hold the rod at a 2 o'clock angle infront of you, let the line out and it should just be stopped by the time it hits the ground, adjust as you need to until it stops and the spool stops spinning (no over run on the spool)- this should avoid birds nesting and from there it's just a matter of adjusting the tension/magnets (loosening) until you get the feel for it... Try casting narrow heavy baits that won't be interfered with by the wind (especially casting into it)... and that's the best advice i could think of giving, once you're used to it you will be able to do what it's meant for...
  11. sorry guys, wanted to come out but was pretty run down from the work week... next time for sure and there better be a next time!!!!.... Paul my man, get better, and this year we are going for a fish- no talking about it, we're doing it!!!!!!!
  12. was there on monday, saw one fish... took the gf to see as she never has seen the run before... but when did they close it to salmon? don't have the regs in front of me, and haven't fished there in years, but curious is all Either way, maybe try it again this weekend, she was amazed at the size of the 1 fish we saw
  13. when i get my sched. for work... i shall find a night i'm off and post up where i'm gonna be the week before... won't make arrangements or deals or whatever... just to the bar/pub for some full price food and liquid
  14. Paul my man... you make me freaking laugh... most posts of yours i get a kick out of... keep it up and keep it light I missed the immaturity aswell... however, i wonder if the mud slinging shows up alot now as opposed to before, cause we don't have them swills? May have to get the 'old crew' (and some new ones) out for a couple beers... been way to long since we've all sat down and shot the doo-doo!!
  15. spanky

    Caught some fish

    Bigfish1965's name is Rick too... albeit a different Rick lol
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