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  1. AwolRJ

    announcement to members

    Thanks for your time Cliff. Met a lot of good people on here over the years. From ice fishing trips to Scugog, Simcoe, that one lil lake you took me and Bradley to ice fishing. You kicking my butt fishing bass off the old bridge on the upper. Get togethers and shore derbies. I stopped posting as much over the years, because life got busy with kids and work. Still log on once or twice a week to read. Glad its staying up!
  2. AwolRJ


    Merry Christmas to all!
  3. AwolRJ

    Niagara area fishing

    Like smerch said come in October when the kings are within casting range! Glow spoon at night is my favorite in the fall!
  4. AwolRJ

    Thieves in Welland

    They stole my sons bike in the falls yesterday. He saved up for it with his own money, I wish I could find the guy. I don't think its kids, its the pill popping meth heads!
  5. AwolRJ

    Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    Don't feed the troll! Hope ya guys have a good time and catch some nice ones!
  6. AwolRJ

    Post Your Improvised lures!

    this is pure comedy!
  7. AwolRJ

    What is the "answer"

    Lol I must be hungover, I can't understand anything you are typing!
  8. AwolRJ

    Does anyone ever go to a fishing lodge?

    Just got back from Memquisit on the west arm of nippissing. Fishing was good, but tons under the slot. Nip is 2 walleye right now over 18.1 inches. The hammer handles are in abundance, but there is some big ones deeper. I go for the family tho if it was fishing with the guys I would pick another lake.
  9. AwolRJ

    Having a Fishing Report (with Pictures)

    Nice catch and great seeing a report!
  10. AwolRJ

    Fishing Guides

    Paul for bass or trout. Hall em in sportfishing for eyes on Erie. We pound em fish charters for salmon on Ontario.
  11. AwolRJ

    Good spot for bass? No luck.

    Try some of the parking spots on the parkway! Upper river between chippawa and ft erie.
  12. AwolRJ

    Bass Fishing

    Seen a few today on erie targeting them. I seen 2 bass get caught taking the boat out of the water at crystal beach! CHCH news was literally 100 yards away in the parking lot while the guy was catching bass from the rock wall, sight fishing em. Lots of carp and bass swimming around there spawning right now!
  13. Just wondering if you can launch for the day out of St. Catharines Marina in Pt. Weller? Wind looks good in the morning!
  14. AwolRJ

    Lake Nipissing - West Arm

    Whatever happened to good debates like this? 3rd Google result when I looked up west arm nippissing fishing!