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  1. I eat my fair share of fish, but I've always stayed away from smelt due to the restrictions. They recommend zero meals for kids.
  2. With the consumption advisories on smelt, I don't know why they are such a hot item anyway?
  3. There is definitely a population of whitefish in Erie, just nothing in comparison to the perch and walleye quotas. Also, if you read up on some of the whitefish studies done on Lake Erie, the whitefish pretty much exclusively feed on tiny crustaceans and zooplankton. Targeting them would be difficult given the location out deep, and their diet.
  4. Use the supplied swivel. They are heavy, stand up to abuse, take the twist out, and allow a proper roll. As far as presentation goes, kings don't shy away from that swivel. They're feeding machines.
  5. kevin


    They call it Thornbusy for a reason. Extremely crowded, especially during the timeframe you're looking to go. It's a very short, fairly featureless run of water from the dam to the lake. If you're in the area, I would suggest other areas that provide more access such as the Notty or Bighead.
  6. kevin

    What to do

    That same power is what brought him to this spot unfortunately.
  7. When you have the right conditions and location, rainbows feed heavily at night. Early fall run bows on Georgian bay tribs are a prime example. Glow sticks on floats from midnight until sun up are the standard. We also used to fish the Eastern tribs of Lake O at night down low close to the lake. I don't see why Port Dalhousie would be any different.
  8. I was in my tinner that same evening. There was a crew of about 8 divers getting in at the recovery unit just upstream of the train bridge getting ready for a dive when I drove by to go launch. I noticed they had no dive flags. When I launched my boat I shot out towards the middle of the river to avoid them. My guess is you saw their lights.
  9. Above or below the first impassable barrier? That's good news if you saw this below. I find it surprising anything survives those temps and flows below the falls.
  10. The "slaughter" happens at any location. There are good and bad fishing ethics at places such as Bronte, Credit, as well. Summer flows in the 15, 16 and 20 are non existent, and the temps are through the roof. Play around in any one of them during open seasons and you'd be lucky to find a juvenile of any trout or salmon species. I'd be willing to bet the majority if not all of the salmon that run that creek are strays from other local stocking sites such as Dalhousie or Niagara, I can't see any species surviving those temps and flows. Would just be nice to have a local spot to take a kid to experience a salmon run, rather than a drive to the GTA. I don't find Dalhousie or the whirlpool to be all that kid friendly.
  11. I'll ask the MNR. It doesn't seem to make sense that the north shore tribs which are known to have some natural reproduction, have extended fall season fishing opportunities, while south shore tribs with limited reproduction are closed September 30.
  12. Does anyone know exactly why the Niagara Region lacks any sort of an extended fall season for salmon and trout, when it seems like every other region included in FMZ 16 has one? For years, we had an extended season here in Niagara, and it all changed several years ago when local streams went to a closing date of September 30. Seeing as the runs of fish in south shore tribs arrive a good month later than north shore tribs, you'd think the season would go back to being extended so that people without boats (and kids) could access some of this fishing for part of the year. All those angling dollars are being spent elsewhere during the fall, and Niagara residents are forced to travel to north shore areas to access an extended fall season for migratory fish.
  13. I completely re-did my 22ft StarCraft, it can be done. Yes it's labour intensive, but it really isn't all that bad. If you don't like the idea of properly setting a rivet using an air chisel and bar, the leaking section can be replaced with pan head stainless steel bolts with 3M 5200 and lock nuts. Many aluminum boats have been repaired this way. A great forum to check out is the StarCraft restoration forum on Iboats. I know yours is a legend, but the techniques apply to any riveted boat. As for the foam, yes it's a pain but it comes out. I used a shovel for breaking out large chunks and finished it off with a power washer. If you do decide to tackle it, once you repair the bad area, seal it all with Gluvit. It's great stuff. Poke around that forum and you'll see that it's a very doable job.
  14. A tiny hole like that I would suspect is electrolysis. At one time your boat was probably moored and for whatever reason the electric current of something nearby was flowing through that spot. When I redid my starcraft I found a spot just like that. If it isn't structural (a rivet), then your fix will probably hold. If it doesn't, drill it out and install a properly fitting closed end blind rivet with 3M5200 and it will never budge. The odds of something poking a 1mm hole are slim. Sounds like an electrical current to me.
  15. Nice to see old crooked neck still alive and well. I caught (and quickly released) that fish a few hundred metres up river of the train bridge back about 7 years ago.
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