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  1. No sense pre-determining your depths beforehand. Set your depths where the fish are on that given day. It can change daily, even hourly.
  2. See Mike Lyrette at Lyrette Marine on Courtwright St in Fort Erie. They'll fix you up.
  3. No I didn't. Everything I've read points towards them being harmless. We've been eating them lol. Apparently it's a normal, cyclical thing.
  4. No pictures. My livewell was literally crawling with them. So many, that they were wrapped about my pump outflow. Guys on the US side of the lake are seeing them too. White tape worms, crawling out the mouth and vent of fish once they die on ice. If you keep any walleye you'll see them.
  5. Anyone else noticing a massive increase in tape worms in the walleye this year? 80% of the fish I caught this past week, if not more, had tapeworms.
  6. But you have, just a "deemed" license. You've earned the freebies.
  7. Anyone under 18 or over 65 is deemed "licensed" and is entitled to the same catch and possession limits as anyone else with a sport fishing license. The section that covers this in the regs is pasted below. Below are rules and regulations for fishing in Ontario, please read the following section carefully. Most people require a Recreational Fishing Licence or deemed licence to legally fish in Ontario. The persons described below can carry a licence, permit, certificate or identification card issued by a federal, provincial or territorial government of Canada that indicates their name and date of birth and use it as a fishing licence: Ontario and Canadian residents who are under 18 or 65 years of age or older.
  8. We've been hitting our kings lately in 110 to 150FOW. Anywhere from the surface down to 80ft. The fish are in transition from spring to summer locations, and we're only marking bait way up high on the surface. If you are having a problem, it is likely due to the spring kings transitioning. Run some gear up high. Hope this helps.
  9. I eat my fair share of fish, but I've always stayed away from smelt due to the restrictions. They recommend zero meals for kids.
  10. With the consumption advisories on smelt, I don't know why they are such a hot item anyway?
  11. There is definitely a population of whitefish in Erie, just nothing in comparison to the perch and walleye quotas. Also, if you read up on some of the whitefish studies done on Lake Erie, the whitefish pretty much exclusively feed on tiny crustaceans and zooplankton. Targeting them would be difficult given the location out deep, and their diet.
  12. Use the supplied swivel. They are heavy, stand up to abuse, take the twist out, and allow a proper roll. As far as presentation goes, kings don't shy away from that swivel. They're feeding machines.
  13. kevin


    They call it Thornbusy for a reason. Extremely crowded, especially during the timeframe you're looking to go. It's a very short, fairly featureless run of water from the dam to the lake. If you're in the area, I would suggest other areas that provide more access such as the Notty or Bighead.
  14. kevin

    What to do

    That same power is what brought him to this spot unfortunately.
  15. When you have the right conditions and location, rainbows feed heavily at night. Early fall run bows on Georgian bay tribs are a prime example. Glow sticks on floats from midnight until sun up are the standard. We also used to fish the Eastern tribs of Lake O at night down low close to the lake. I don't see why Port Dalhousie would be any different.
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