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  1. what's your life worth? i know mine is worth at least the 25 bucks it cost for a spare cartridge...that's why i bought one.
  2. Ola


    most interesting question of all is, where did the mnr get its data with regards to binbrook if in all its previous eating guides (including the year the true toxicity was announced-not discovered but announced-as they knew about it many months before they even announced it) the guidelines were all roses-and-sunshine? shouldn't a reasonable schedule of testing have turned this up before some outsiders found it out and then reset the eating guidelines accordingly? and what level of confidence does that instill for other waters and their eating guidelines? just saying...
  3. Ola


    ummm...not really. ironically, they uncovered the level of contamination in binbrook because they assumed it was clean and wanted to use it as a clean sample for other testing elsewhere. http://www.thespec.com/news-story/2179433-don-t-eat-binbrook-reservoir-fish-/ long story short, check the eating guidelines very carefully or, if you don't want to wait around for the cumulative effects to poison you then just grab an extinguisher off the wall at work and drink that down. http://www.npca.ca/2011/09/perfluorooctane-sulfonate-faq/
  4. it certainly can be seen as such since the folks in charge refuse to get help from the folks who have already been through the learning curve. granted, conditions are different in the soo area but the science is the same so stop pouring money down the drain in the form of parr unless you can correct the problems such as imprinting and especially, water quality. (it will take a mighty hearty fish to make it through the quagmire that is the lower credit waters and past the annual september treble bloom.) at this point i would label the people pushing this program as misguided. if they continue the follow this route without stopping and asking for help aling the way then i would have to reassess them as just plain silly.
  5. the interesting thing about the brilliant success of the atlantic stocking in the soo (5-10x greater return than other species like steelhead), run by lake superior state university in michigan, is that the man running it admits it took him 18 years to figure out how to do it right. raising the fingerlings in remote tanks then dumping them into the river he figures just resulted in massive mortality until they figured out the fish needed to be spawned, raised and then released right in the river itself. now they have pens/raceways within the power plant that drain directly into the st. mary's river. when it is time to release them they just open the pens and the fish can come and go all season through what is then a regular river channel. since starting this method, so many of the older fish have imprinted so well they end up hanging around in the pen area thtoughout the season so they actually have to be flushed out of the pen areas before starting the next batch. and the spawning fish swim right up to the power plant making it easy to collect the next batch of eggs. what puzzles me, and the gentleman who was explaining all this to us, is why the craa is re-making all of the lssu mistakes at a cost of millions of $ when they could learn from 30 years of someone else's experience (and now excellent results). if the good folks at the craa and the mnr would just swallow their massive pride and ask for help, there might be a glimmer of hope for this bizarre project. why reinvent the wheel-with my money? on the other hand, the americans are only too happy to catch the mature atlantics we are dropping into lake ontario since they are turning up in those rivers rather than back in the credit.
  6. Ola

    Lakers In Niagara

    so basically, we're talking just a weighted clouser without dumbbell eyes. i do like the pink white clouser for warmwater so i'll give tat a shot as well as olive and whatever other colours i have. i also am leaving the dumbbell eyes off some intruders, as was suggested to me and we are using wire instead of power pro to experiment on reducing the tangles. if i don't catch a fish i will at least have a nice collection of shiny new meaty flies. i do agree that the key seems to be getting down first then worry about the fly choice so i will be using a full sink next time.
  7. Ola

    Lakers In Niagara

    finsanity, i'd gladly change my tune if i could ever catch one of those blasted fish i spend so much time and effort chasing.
  8. Ola

    Lakers In Niagara

    yes, we got out to the mighty niagara. no, we didn't land anything in the mighty niagara. yes, i lost a good chunk of the sinking portion of my line to the mighty niagara. no, we did not purchase anything, including no alcohol or tobacco or electronics or duty free. yes, we did get pulled over for a search crossing back at the lewiston bridge after nightfall. no. they didn't even bother to ask the most obvious question about whether we had new york fishing licences before breaking out the pit crew. yes, three of them went over our car with a fine-toothed comb. no, they did not find anything except wet waders and wet boots and drying flies in the car because, as we had already told them, we were fishing and purchased nothing except those n.y. fishing licences which nobody cared about. yes, when they were done, they just stuffed everything back in a heap and smashed the hatchback down until it closed despite what it may have been doing to the expensive fishing gear blocking the door. no, i was not pleased, despite their claim that they tried to be careful. yes, it annoys me that we have a record that extends back to my daughter's stateside schooling, of declaring everything and paying duty when required, including a three day excursion into pennsylvania the weekend before when we clearly could have done our christmas shopping since we had an unused allowance of $2400 bucks on that trip, but this time, after viewing all that stuff on file, they decided we were lying. no, there really is not much you can do about that anyway. yes, have a good christmas and yes, we'll try again in the new year.
  9. so i'm tired of being embarrassed by the grand river steelies and thought i'd switch it up a bit - and get thoroughly embarrassed by the niagara again. lakers are in and in season, if i am not mistaken, so the question is...what kind of luck do other fly fishers have chasing these fish. keep in mind i have never even managed a fish over 10" in the niagara, ever, even with conventional tackle so... what kind of flies do they take? Intruder-style? Streamers? balls of lead wrapped in feathers? size 32 bwo dries delicately presented on the crest of a wave? we were also thinking of expanding our adventure to the u.s. side like artpark or some such place, so that we can now pay extra $ for our humbling. does that sound like a reasonable idea or do you recommend staying closer to home so we can slink back there faster at the end of the day without risking having customs guards laughing at us too?
  10. i think i hate the grand river and all the snobby, standoffish fish it holds. and i will feel that way until i can actually hook one of the buggers. then i will deny i ever wrote this post...
  11. nothing like a hunting relative to help with 'supplies' we are still working through a deer hide from a few years ago, from my brother-in-law and i'm not complaining.
  12. i find myself in the same boat with my newest toy, a switch 11' 7 wt. - impossible to translate all the babble over grain weights/switch lines/shooting heads/blah blah blah. it is frustrating because i also don't have a bottomless pot of money to allow me to experiment until i figure out what works. just when i had finally figured out how to simplify fly fishing, i had to go out and buy a switch rod. what was i thinking.
  13. we use rubber-coated netting but with the deepest pouch you can get. big fish need to be lifted with the net vertical, to save the net handles and your back, so the fish needs to be suspended below the lip of the net when being lifted. i find the full rubber nets too shallow for this. as far as extension handles, i just mcgiver'd an old painter extension handle into the existing net handle so that it could still easily collapse down and fit in the trunk. it didn't need to be freakishly strong as the fish is raised, hand-over-hand along the handle, rather than scooped up, and the aluminum handle worked fine for this. scooped salmon, carp, browns and sheepshead out of the burlington shipping canal for years with this type of setup.
  14. Ola

    Gar Pike Thorold

    catch them on a fly - that is just what we did this weekend. hooked into a couple dozen each - only got a handful to the boat, which is just as well given that you then have to try and unhook them. best of the bunch was this 49" my son caught. left holes in a couple more this size - or maybe we didn't leave any holes at all and that could be the problem. we were sight casting to some really aggressive pods of fish but sticking the hook is a whole different matter. loads of fun trying though. p.s. not caught in niagara but i can't tell you where we caught this guy since the folks in quinte don't want to invite crowds...
  15. well mooseslayer, i personally like to think that those 900 posts are from my loyal fans following my witty posts. and the main thing that i get annoyed with is the way people are constantly jumped all over whenever they try to post anything fishing-related like a fishing report and maybe even a couple pics, which is odd when you think about it since this is a fishing forum... i will backtrack on the $10 walmart outfits though since i have since recalled that i outfitted all the kids with $25 shimano outfits from walmart years ago and although they have moved on to other gear, we still have and use those outfits occasionally so kudos to shimano and the old walmart that used to have good fishing sections. (and wouldn't you be sensitive if you had to tell people that you were from hamilton?)
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