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  1. denis

    Upper River Float Fishing

    No worries I know who my loyal customers and friends are. Also when people drive up beside me and log my GPS numbers I don't charge them. Every single time I'm on the water people are following me so if you have a problem with me or my reports please don't visit my website it's as simple as that. Enjoy this #polar_ vortex I'll see you on the water. And I won't post here anymore you can trust me on that 1.....
  2. denis

    Big City Fishing Buffalo

    Thnx guys I didn't know what to expect. Other then them spelling my name wrong it was a blast.
  3. denis

    Upper River Float Fishing

    Sorry for trying to make a living. How much money ppl spend daily on coffee and me charging 5 bucks a month for detailed river reports. My time and effort and reliability with conditions should be worth something . Unless you can drive from a few hours away free of charge.
  4. denis

    Big City Fishing Buffalo

    If anyone's watching WFN check out the bass we caught on Lake Erie. It's on at 4pm today
  5. denis

    Erie Ice After The Wind

    Ice looked good today but this is Lake Erie and things can change. If you follow the long range and extended forecasts you will see heavy Westerly winds all week along with freezing temps. There's gonna be pressure cracks for sure but this is the best ice we've had in years and in a couple weeks everyone will be catching perch. I suggest getting all your essentials togther and tested because trust me there's not to much help available 5 miles offshore. The crystal beach ramp doesn't look to be accessible unless we have friends on here with back hoes? I have FREE videos on YouTube.
  6. denis

    Last Chance Musky Hunting

    Happy Holidays
  7. denis

    Wow What A Pig

    Thanks Rob and everyone else that helped, fished and participated. We do it for the love of the sport and that's what counts if you ask me. See you all next year
  8. denis

    Centre Pin Reels

    It's not about the looks and you get what you pay for in most cases. Find an oldschool raven vectra and you'll be good to go, I know I am
  9. denis

    Replacement For Lead Weight

    Fish on the catt aren't that smart? seriously? Can you tell me where the smart steelhead live then? Very interested to hear this.
  10. denis

    Fort Erie Fishing From Shore

    That's biggest reason i don't post here anymore. I like to help people but some ppl don't appreciate that.
  11. denis

    Friendship Tournament 2012

    Sorry I missed the Friendship Tourney Bill. I had some health problems, Big thanks to Dougy D for covering for me. I heard you had a good turnout and over 12lbs took first place. Congrats on another great year my friend. Fish with ya soon.
  12. denis

    Fall Trout Fishing

    ifloatfish on FB if I'm allowed to tell u that? No trout yet due to water temps and lack of stocking but if you put the time in you may be surprised
  13. denis

    Proper Bass Handling Picture

    To each his own you can never please everybody
  14. denis

    Nfn Retro Days

    LoL i doubt it
  15. denis

    Fun Under The Florida Sun

    WTG Tony I used to love fishing off those piers catchin sheeps reds and flouder