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  1. There is a saying akin to "Do a good job nobody hears about it, do a bad job, everybody knows". That's why when I check out Google reviews for local businesses I only pay attention to the 1 and 2 star ratings. There is usually a common theme when ten or more complain about the same thing (cost, service, communication, value, etc).
  2. A Google review that is negative ( 1🌟) on a business usually brings out a owner's/manager's response to reach out and rectify a service/situation. Doesn't hurt to voice your experience there.
  3. Only allow the repairs YOU brought it in for. They can sell you all sorts of scare tactics, but in the end you tell them you'll have your regular mechanic look at it. IF there was nothing wrong with you driving there, high chances it didn't just develop there. Sure they can give you a heads up, then you thank them. This is upselling and very common in auto servicing. Back in the day they USED to be able to hold your car hostage until the repairs were performed. Now its against the law. Stay vigilant!
  4. Depends on old it is, not sure what the effective shelf life is for fishing line. Everything plastic has an expiry date. Even your vehicle's tires have their "made date" on them and typically sold up to 5 years old. I saw a car that had ELEVEN year old tires. Not safe, especially with all the little cracks all over.
  5. Hopefully you have examples for the different actions I can choose from. I'll let you know for sure. What colour is the blank again? I remember seeing SmokinJoe's and can't remember, though his rod was very nice, hence why I'm interested.
  6. This is great! I am thinking of getting that PERFECT float rod done up around 13 ft. (TWO piece) Depending on the budget around Christmas time, I'll jump in for one, but I'm gong to be a bit picky.
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