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  1. I'm_A_Drifter

    Hats off

    Good thing that swan was "trapped" by the line allowing for the rescue. Good on him.
  2. I'm_A_Drifter

    Ethanal free gas

    Rapalas may go up to $20 for a #5 Original Floater.
  3. I'm_A_Drifter

    Ethanal free gas

    Once the price of fuel goes up, so does everything else.
  4. I'm_A_Drifter

    Reminder ...

    Found a lone star tick on me the other day. Felt it walking on my leg. I usually wear pants in the brush. No more shorts.
  5. I'm_A_Drifter

    Port Pier & Eels

    Probably farmed eel. Not sure the exact specie, but Japan has their own as does Europe.
  6. I'm_A_Drifter

    Martindale morning.

    Lots of bullheads and channel cats in there. If you don't have worms, just use Gulp! (whatever form) close to bottom, but keep it moving. Maybe resting for 20 seconds, then reel a couple feet, repeat. The catfish love those fake baits and so do the turtles.
  7. I'm_A_Drifter

    Martindale morning.

    I think I saw you guys there fishing the covered southside (of the boathouse) shoreline corner. I was wondering what you were fishing for. I thought maybe panfish or catfish. The water in that entire area is like 4 ft deep. Those carp are moving all around so by trial an error, you may be better off focusing where they funnel or collect and chumming heavily over a couple of days to prime the area.I would imagine this would be better fished from a shoreline though, but there its tough as its overgrown or private.
  8. I'm_A_Drifter

    Bigmouth Buffalo

    Thanks guys! Yeah, its going to be one of those "don't fish for them and you'll get one" kind of thing. I'm not a bait fisherman, so it'll be on some sort of lure. Can't wait to start using top waters.
  9. I'm_A_Drifter

    Bigmouth Buffalo

    I don't know if they are that rare or that they are that finicky. I imagine they would take bait off bottom. They feed in the same manner as carp do. I am still trying to catch my first bowfin. That is what I hoped it was and I know I'm in the ideal area.
  10. I'm_A_Drifter

    Bigmouth Buffalo

    Second one I've ever caught. First one on Martindale while crappie fishing at about 5 lbs (25 years ago). This one, Welland River at 12 lbs. When I first hooked it I had no idea what it was until I saw it, because it fought long and hard. Think a carp, but more "vicious". These are strong fish! It hit a jig/twister fished close to bottom.
  11. I'm_A_Drifter

    You Never Know....

    Yeah, definitely a early morning / later evening kind of fishing. By 10 am it was starting to roast (no wind) and packed it in. Speaking of rudds, in the 20 Mile Creek system, they are either rudd or gizzard shad, but they are in spawn mode as well. Lots in the current at Bailey's.
  12. I'm_A_Drifter

    You Never Know....

    I have a 8 ft light action rod, but its got good back bone. I thought I had a huge sheephead on at first. Played it in fairly quickly and the net was ready. I was mindful of the 3 lb test leader on 6 lb test mainline. There were lots of carp around me in the past 2 weeks, but first time I had one go for the tube.
  13. I'm_A_Drifter

    You Never Know....

    what will hit in the Welland River whilst crappie fishing.
  14. I'm_A_Drifter

    Ethanal free gas

    All about the taxes. Election campaigns ain't cheap.
  15. I'm_A_Drifter

    Large Cat Spotted in Niagara on the Lake

    Lots of places for it to hide.Hopefully its found before somebody gets hurt or killed.