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  1. I'm_A_Drifter

    Again ??

    Look back in history onto the nations that made citizens and civilians turn in their own "guns".
  2. I'm_A_Drifter


    Top 5....so hard to choose. (no order) Platoon Kung Pow! Enter the Fist Fubar Good Will Hunting Starship Troopers
  3. I'm_A_Drifter

    Sign of the times....

    As long as we have a cold winter to ice fish in, I'll be happy. Got a new hut on order.
  4. I'm_A_Drifter

    hello all

    Hopefully you have examples for the different actions I can choose from. I'll let you know for sure. What colour is the blank again? I remember seeing SmokinJoe's and can't remember, though his rod was very nice, hence why I'm interested.
  5. I'm_A_Drifter

    hello all

    This is great! I am thinking of getting that PERFECT float rod done up around 13 ft. (TWO piece) Depending on the budget around Christmas time, I'll jump in for one, but I'm gong to be a bit picky.