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  1. I'm_A_Drifter

    Spooled ?

    I've had that happened to me twice in my life. Both times in the harbour. Its funny on how unstoppable it seems. Both times I had to follow it up to the end of the pier to break it off. My guess (in my situations) is that it was a big sturgeon snagged on the underside, as I was using tube jigs.
  2. I'm_A_Drifter

    two new exotic species in great lakes

    Hopefully they benefit our native species.
  3. I'm_A_Drifter

    Invaders !!

    Call The Mink Man!
  4. I'm_A_Drifter

    Van Go (Gone)?

    There is a local one for sale. 1997 with 171500 kms for $6000.
  5. I'm_A_Drifter

    Highest price ever ?

    I don't go because there is no time to commit a full 1-2 weeks at Temagami area. Otherwise it would be worth it to me. On a side note, I have zero complaints on local fishing as its been a great year so far.
  6. I'm_A_Drifter

    No more fishing at Port Marina!!

    The garbage issue is a stain all over. In our parks and even more frequently in parking lots of shopping areas and restaurants. This is societal issue that needs to be corrected.
  7. I'm_A_Drifter

    No more fishing at Port Marina!!

    I support her decision. We should respect it. Any time there is garbage or vandelism involved and another area is off limits, nobody should be surprised any more.
  8. I'm_A_Drifter

    Van Go (Gone)?

    Good luck, Smerchly in your quest for another van.
  9. I'm_A_Drifter


    Yeah, you need watercraft to get to the primo spots. Its about 3 fow with about 3 ft of silt.
  10. I'm_A_Drifter


    I was at Jordan in the morning using a "scum frog" in the pads (from shore)....not one blow up. I think the carp have taken over the pads. Then I used a spinnerbait along the edges then a Johnson Silver Minnow to work inside the pads. Nothing.
  11. I'm_A_Drifter

    Hats off

    Good thing that swan was "trapped" by the line allowing for the rescue. Good on him.
  12. I'm_A_Drifter

    Ethanal free gas

    Rapalas may go up to $20 for a #5 Original Floater.
  13. I'm_A_Drifter

    Ethanal free gas

    Once the price of fuel goes up, so does everything else.
  14. I'm_A_Drifter

    Reminder ...

    Found a lone star tick on me the other day. Felt it walking on my leg. I usually wear pants in the brush. No more shorts.
  15. I'm_A_Drifter

    Port Pier & Eels

    Probably farmed eel. Not sure the exact specie, but Japan has their own as does Europe.