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  1. Port Dalhousie Piers

    Fishermen are a big contributor. Look at that corner of where the diverter is.
  2. Port Dalhousie Piers

    Once developed, I can see fishing being discouraged (limited ) in and along the harbour. Maybe the piers will be the last place for it. Out of sight, out of mind. The garbage issue will continue to be that trump card to stop fishing, however.
  3. Home Security

    Some bear spray will work too. lol
  4. Ice Fishing Bus Trip to Lake Simcoe Feb 18

    IF it was only about cost, then save the headache and just buy a pound of perch for $16.99 or pickerel for $19.99 and enjoy. In reality its really about the adventure and sometimes its tough to put a price on that.
  5. beacon feb 4th UPDATED

    Great to hear.
  6. Careful out there everyone

    So many things could have contributed to this, but I'm most curious as to the location of where he broke through. It definitely wasn't at the stands.
  7. Careful out there everyone

    Key thing is NOT to panic. Especially before your breathing adjusts for the cold shock.
  8. Careful out there everyone

    What area of Martindale did this happen in?
  9. Tim Horton

    You need to boycott Burger King too, because they own Tim's.
  10. MA Nature making ice

    And soon the ones you can eat.
  11. MA Nature making ice

    Long Johns.
  12. MA Nature making ice

    And lots of open water close by.
  13. Kids Derby In Port Dalhousie

    This year it was cancelled due to the high water levels. Trout show up the odd time. Its mostly whatever is biting and in season. Most kids just put a worm on bottom straight down as the derby is only in the harbour.
  14. Port Dalhousie Piers

    How much of a safety risk is there for foot traffic, really?
  15. Phone,Net,TV

    Its ridiculous! I can live without cable tv and a home phone. Internet I can do without to a point, but enjoy YouTube too much to give it up entirely. Unless they decide to make it a pay site, that is.