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  1. Tim Horton

    You need to boycott Burger King too, because they own Tim's.
  2. MA Nature making ice

    And soon the ones you can eat.
  3. MA Nature making ice

    Long Johns.
  4. MA Nature making ice

    And lots of open water close by.
  5. Kids Derby In Port Dalhousie

    This year it was cancelled due to the high water levels. Trout show up the odd time. Its mostly whatever is biting and in season. Most kids just put a worm on bottom straight down as the derby is only in the harbour.
  6. Port Dalhousie Piers

    How much of a safety risk is there for foot traffic, really?
  7. Phone,Net,TV

    Its ridiculous! I can live without cable tv and a home phone. Internet I can do without to a point, but enjoy YouTube too much to give it up entirely. Unless they decide to make it a pay site, that is.
  8. Petro

    If your car NEEDS it (high compression, supercharged, turbocharged), then that is what you should use. Putting in 87 is ok for temporary/emergency, but power delivery will greatly decline and possibly create problems if pushed. Mine needs it, but more importantly mine also does best on non-ethanol contained fuel, like Shell V-Power and Esso 91.
  9. Petro

    Just be sure to be filling your vehicle with the recommended fuel as per owner's manual.
  10. Petro

    Gas prices don't affect me as I only ever put in $30 a week.
  11. What is the "answer"

    I would like some elaboration as well.
  12. What is the "answer"

    Its the same mentality (there must be a term for this) that compels people to discard their used coffee cups out their car windows on scenic backroads.
  13. What is the "answer"

    Carelessly discarded fishing line is my biggest peeve. Loose hooks too.
  14. On the other side....

  15. On the other side....

    So much unspoiled wilderness out there.