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  1. smerchly

    NEW invaders

    Yes Daniel , many of us know all about "Fake News" . But we must remain vigilant to protect our bees from other predators and man made chemicals . Bees do have natural predators such as the praying mantis ....just watched a short video yesterday from a newspaper on line of a mantis eating a bumble bee alive (gruesome) ! "They" have said , many years ago that some wildlife (jack rabbits) died off because of pesticide ingestion . We are not scientists so we only see what they tell us . Now some scientists are saying "we" cause global climate change" . I take this as fake news also . I don't believe much "they" tell us in my older days ......I don't vote for any of them now because "they" are siding with self promotion to line their pockets with lots of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ . Bottom line .....grab the fishing rod , toss the phones , papers & TV in the trash bins and smell the roses . .......
  2. smerchly

    Under water flush light

    I know what you mean Fresh Fish ....I reported a green- brown $hit-like water coming from a square culvert at the water line , across the road from Murphy's Restaurant in Port Dalhousie . They did check it out but it was so intermittent they couldn't get a fresh sample . Now there is a nice arts thingy there with concrete seats , where the first lock gates were.... What train bridge ? I have fished beside the train trestle at the 12 Mile where there is a large sewer pipe and pump house on the east side and when the pump malfunctions there could be an over flow leak into the 12 which of course would be more noticeable now that the creek is very low . ( It would be nice if they could go up the creek with a boat & clean up the tons of junk ) I do believe you saw something unusual ....deleted my inappropriate comment which I'll post on "W" day .... Maybe a revisit to that spot with camera in hand and report to the mnr will help I.D. this .....
  3. smerchly

    I went a stalkin'

    Yepper ....that's what it looks like , thanks for the info . Mike ...Walleye Chaser ....there's so many lures and copies these days ! Looks like a good lure to use at the 12 ! ( but so easy to lose there) ! And yes Mike , I came home with SOMEthing which is better than bring home a few bugs.
  4. smerchly

    I went a stalkin'

    The 12 is wayyyy way down , also no current at Port Dal. , so I loaded up my bike in the van & went to one of my better carp spots at the 12 (should have put the boots on...) Water viz. was good with no current , but the carp were not there or not biting . I hauled a kids "ski-mobile" out of the drink and tried to remove a shopping cart but it was embedded into the muck & my nice white shoes were now brown mukluks ! And my pants were splattered with muck . I noticed some line hanging from a tree with about 15' into the shrubs . I always collect line I find , and low & behold I saw a nice lure hanging about 15' from a tree branch above . I gave it a good tug * the limb broke the lure came tumbling down ....don't know what it's worth but looks brand new & has a couple of bearings inside (rattle) . No bites today ,,,very hot ,humid & windy & I was soaked from sweating ! Just cleaned up my white shoes with the garden hose & waiting patiently for the cooler days ahead ! lure is as new ....couldn't find it on Google...had to resize it 4 times to get under 40 k
  5. smerchly

    I went a stalkin'

    Thanks for the replies Mike . I have used my 8' custom salmon spinning rod with my Stradic 4000 reel & it worked fine . I noticed you use mono line which I prefer after trying braid ....those hard head shakes can rip the hook from a carps mouth . I like the braids on ultra light rods , especially the long rods with lots of flex. Mike ....pack a light rain suit before getting drenched in those bushes . 🌨️ That reminds me to pack one in my van for those wet occasions . Thank you for the birthday wish Mike . It was a good time at Dan's birthday party and great to see Dr.Feelgood (Paul) & wife there !
  6. smerchly

    I went a stalkin'

    Nice going Mike ! That fish looks like it was a strong contender . Looking through the photos , it looks like a tricky spot to use a long rod ....the catapult looks like it could handle a pound of maize (lol) ....I don't see an alarm on your prop .....how did you get wet with that big umbrella shelter ? .....Judging by the size of your fishing reel that big shouldered carp looks to be over 15 lbs. I went to Ft.Erie today ( son Dan is 50 ).. checked the River for minnows ...lots of 3" perch & gobies but no minnows . Had a better day at Gibby a few days ago ...one small carp and a bag of shrooms that ended up being tossed as they were too wet & became soggy . Looking at catching some perch very soon . Good catchin Mike !
  7. smerchly

    How has your duck hunt been so far

    May ol' Gunner's retirement be long and happy ! Hunting mallards & teal in the corn fields & ponds can be dog friendly or dogless .... having trouble today keeping those feathered quackers away from my fishing line ! Good luck if you get out gunner !
  8. smerchly

    Current conditions?

    When the perch are feeding they will almost take anything . We have cut a dink open & used pieces of it entrails (guts) or cut a minnow shape piece from the belly . That piece of white skin is tough as nails & stays put for several perch . We have also used pieces of shrimp , squid , worms & small twisters . When the bait runs out it's good to have something else in the boat .
  9. smerchly

    over fishing and rule breaker

    IF he likes fish so much , take "the wife" and legally take 12 walleye every day seven days a week . That's about 360 per month ! Hope he has friends and relatives with freezers ....
  10. smerchly

    Boat questions

    This little device should help you at the launch ....... 40 sec. vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pvt9HCYiN8s
  11. smerchly

    Labour Day weekend carping

    Maybe I'll try the floater in the middle ....really confuse the carp ! It may not matter to them if they're on the bite . Yes ...it's called fishing for a reason and I like to experiment with my own baits and rigs . I have a worm rig ready to try ....like a hair rig with a small "stinger" hook on the hair which should help keep the worm chowder from slipping from the "hair" . Using an egg sinker will help detect the sniffers or sneaky gobies from robbing me . Some spots with mud/sand bottoms shouldn't plague me with gobies . I want to give worms a workout to see what other fish might be caught . I'll surely post the results of my trial run ....and I'll have a bag of maize with me , just in case ...... #fishrus
  12. smerchly

    Boat questions

    I'm not sure , but would this time of the year be best to get the deals on both new boats and autos ? Let us know what you purchased ....I have no idea what prices are for a package deal like the Lund Tyee . We have a Bass Pro near the skyway ....maybe have a look at their boat packages . Good shopping !
  13. smerchly

    Boat questions

    Beauty !! https://www.lundboats.com/boat-series/tyee/
  14. smerchly

    Boat questions

    Well ,,,,,I would start by pricing an 18' bow rider , should seat 6 ok. A nice Lund with a Yammy would be nice ....but pricey !
  15. smerchly

    Furnace/Air pump

    No humidifier Chris , we were told we shouldn't need one since the more humid air from the outside is drawn into the furnace . Maybe the hi/low switch on the pump is set too close , or too much crap has settled in the pump , not allowing it to drain off much water . It runs for about 5 seconds ....will see if I can clean out the reservoir tomorrow .