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  1. smerchly


    Check out my link above .....there's a full moose head mount for sale on Ebay for $3000 ....plus $1500 for shipping ......looks like there's already a legal ? business going on selling wildlife . It would be nice for a mnr rep. to chime in , but it looks like a legal "trade" going by what is being sold on line .....
  2. smerchly

    Tiny hole in my aluminum boat

    I have repaired my aluminum canoe that had as small hole by drilling the hole one size larger for a clean inside rim , then coated the thread of a round head screw with silicone ....added a thin washer with some silicone then added silicone over the head of the screw after tightening it up. It has never leaked.... How about using a pop rivet the right size ? I also had a crack in the canoe floor which was welded ...it hasn't leaked since ( 40 years ago) lol And the canoe has an aluminum patch about 3" x 3" where acid from mud contacted the round transom bottom during the winter & ate a small hole in the bottom .....held in place by rivets & silicone . One time we patched a leak in a 12' alum. boat using pine tree sap ....very sticky stuff ....and it worked also ! ....never thought of JB Weld back in those days ....probably the best solution Scott !
  3. smerchly


    I've had a few of the argh days this year . It seems the deep water carp are still living on their winter fat .....but I've had some good fishing in the shallow warmer water . Saw a guy doing very well on carp a few days ago & he was chumming every 20 -30 minutes , about 2-3 cups each time . I chummed a shallow spot with diced bread & cream corn mix which got the carp interested with some of their catfish & rudd friends .....Better days ahead ....can't get much worse than argh !
  4. smerchly


    In that case boog , I think the taxidermist may have a special license or permit to sell ......As genec said , look in the hunting regs .... I did some taxi-d work over the years but only do the odd fish or two yearly for family-friends or very rich dudes ....😁 ....and I wasn't aware just a few years ago that I could not advertise my moose rack for sale . That's why I commented earlier that I'll trade trade them for a nice whatchyougot ?
  5. smerchly


    Just for my curiosity I Googled Kijiji to see what we cannot sell ..... There is a long list of prohibited items , but there are many mounted specimens for sale . If it's illegal , the mnr would certainly be aware and come down on Kijiji for posting these ads . Personally , I don't see a big problem with someone asking $$$ for a mount that someone paid a good buck for....Maybe the owner passed away ....and the family could use the money ..... Maybe the mnr can advise options for disposing of old mounts.... .....here's some kijiji ads with some pretty pricey mounts ...... https://www.kijiji.ca/b-ontario/taxidermy-mount/k0l9004
  6. smerchly

    Spring sessions at Hammy Harbour

    Thanks for your input on the "carp etiquette" Mike . As a seasoned (not old) carp angler I value your responses . I will have to beef up my carp arsenal and invest in a spod for those "far out" carp . My catapult doesn't quite do it ....(frozen maize balls will zing out there quite a distance) ! I'll also be looking at getting a telescopic "beeper" ....they really do get your attention when eyes are elsewhere ! I'm sure you will soon break the 30# barrier ....I'll be waiting for the photo ...... Cheers .
  7. smerchly

    Spring sessions at Hammy Harbour

    No luck ....drastic change in landscape & water levels.....a few cats being caught by others using worms . Checked out another spot , saw a guy doing very well on the carp .....using a spod to chum 100 yds. out in the bay plus boilies . I gave him about 75-80' of elbow room & tried my luck with my corn puffs.....some small fish were devouring it before any carp could wrap it's lips around it ! Then....a couple of guys show up ....plant their gear between us & toss their lines in......which begs the question ???? What is an appropriate distance that "informed" carpers use as a "distance for etiquette" ? The guy who was there first was chumming straight out & doing very well ,catching many carp . He got into a lunker & knew he had the best fish of the day , & tried his best to steer the fish away from the other 2 lines which were sitting 6' high over the water . The hook snapped in half & he lost the fish ....he already has an entanglement with one of those dudes earlier..... As I was leaving , one of the dudes said to me the guy catching all the carp was "hogging" the water (by over chumming) ... ???????? Comments on this ?? Carp can take a lot of line in all directions . I have reeled in my line to allow a fellow angler fight his fish . I believe I gave the first guy plenty of room & would reel in quickly if I saw the need to remove my line . I helped him land a couple & chatted.... he was definitely a well seasoned carp angler !
  8. smerchly

    Berlin Germany

    .....and Dam Quick eh Tyler ? 😁
  9. smerchly


    I'm sure they were informed buy a Kij reader or mnr that they could be fined ....maybe some way to get a permit . If you can't "give" them away , do you toss them in the dumpster ? I hope not...... I have a 50" moose rack that will be destroyed by the squirrels if I hang it outside ....unless I put up a tall sturdy metal pole and grease it .....so it sits in the garage rafters ......🦌
  10. smerchly

    is it smelt time?

    I don't remember salmon in L.Ont during the 50's but there was plenty of smelt and alewives (we called them shiners) ....great pike bait when we fished at the 1000 Islands . (legal then). Many species of fish are eating the smelts .....fishing for pike with a smelt , got a 12" perch ! Do any of the elderly folk here remember the MNR stocking Kamloops here ? We got some beauties at the 12 ......
  11. smerchly

    Boat launch at sunset beach?

    Just checked out about 100 photos on Wiki ....many shots of the ramp , one with a guy with his yak & fishing rods . Even if the ramp was in decent shape , as Walleye Chaser said the lake can get very choppy there...... As I sit here chatting away ......my wife pointed out the picture behind me of a dozen "sunset" photos I took with my 35mm Canon AT1 .....many years ago at "Municipal Beach" . Great spot for photos in the in the late fall as well .....
  12. smerchly

    Boat launch at sunset beach?

    Sunset Beach is the new name for Municipal Beach at Port Weller ....one of the nicer beaches for swimming , etc. The ramp had been there a long time , have launched there a few times long time ago ...not a good spot to launch in those large rocks when the lake kicked up . After this past year of super high lake levels , the ramp may have been damaged and the city wouldn't spend $$$ to repair it. Anyone know where "Jones Beach" is ? ......According to the www. Sunset Beach has a boat ramp available for small boats (daylight hrs.) It may be worth a look see . There is a marina just across the canal if access is needed to the lake . https://www.stcatharines.ca/en/playin/Beaches.asp
  13. smerchly

    Spring sessions at Hammy Harbour

    Process of elimination Mike .....you will find out what makes them happy .....just might be the "hot sauce" . I think bigugli uses his hot salsa on his flies to catch carp & walters..... Hoping to get out Monday for some carp action ....open spots where there's no ticks ......
  14. smerchly

    is it smelt time?

    Lots of info from Wiki.... They are still a problem in other lakes . We have had many new species added to our lakes since the intro of smelts ....like zebra mussels & gobies , and the lakes & fish seem to have adapted the new source of food . We still have a problem with the lampreys which seem to be of no use what so ever . The smelt will be around for a long time , going to miss this years smelt dinners . I have heard there are places at L.Simcoe to get plenty of nice fat smelts ....we use to catch 8-9" er's ice fishing off Oro 11 in 90 fow. while fishing for white fish . the smelt were attracted by the Coleman lantern in the hut & could be caught 2' under the ice .....we fried some up right there ! From Wiki ....some history on them.... Rainbow smelt invaded the Great Lakes watershed through an intentional introduction of eggs to Crystal Lake in 1912.[5] This lake drains into Lake Michigan, from which fish escaped into Lake Michigan and spread quickly throughout the Great Lakes and their tributaries. Early records documenting the smelt's range expansion in the Great Lakes include Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, and Lake Superior.[5] Rainbow smelt were first reported from Lake Ontario in 1929, and probably reached it by dispersal along natural waterways from the Finger Lakes, New York, where they were intentionally introduced in 1917. The ability of rainbow smelt to disperse is determined by the connectivity of lakes, the ability of smelt to move through connecting streams, and the suitability of connected lakes as habitat.[6] Rainbow smelt are weak swimmers so they cannot make it over fish ladders.[7] This has helped to prevent an even wider spread of their range.[citation needed]
  15. smerchly

    is it smelt time?

    We need not go further than Port Dal. for all the smelts we wanted . They came into the 4 falls so thick , a long handled minnow hoop net was all you needed to scoop 50 at a time . At the end of the run , the Welland Ship Canal was loaded with them ...big ones , but nearly all hens bursting with roe ....and soft , not the greatest for the table . They would stay in the backwaters (spillway) before dying off , or following the ships back to either lakes. As far as the smelt numbers declining ....not sure if netting them has much influence .... salmon eating them , water quality , or a cantankerous Ms.Nature . (that was back in the 50's-60's mainly)