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  1. The carp was my first that broke the 30# mark by an ounce ..... haven't come close since . Back in the 50's we walked the CNR tracks from St.Catharines to the trestle at Jordan ....caught lots of cats & some carp there . We rented flat bottomed steel boats with oars for a buck from the marina and fished all day out there ....some black people would be out there catching catfish from the boats. Jordan harbour was once known to be a great bass fishery , many tourny's held there . It's shallower now from years of silt from land erosion.....hard to believe some trout come in there from the lake.
  2. smerchly

    Full moon

    RJ....try fishing for gobies.....you will catch perch ?? Come visit ......I have the boat , the bait , and can get some nice perch for you..... ' ....ran into another nfn member here yesterday ( SFA )
  3. Do these other countries only have carp in those waters ? As Dave said , others may use 2 rods for other species...then make 2 rods legal for all shore fishing ? If the rules were strict enough it could work ( with ethical carp anglers) . Make carp rod holders mandatory ...rods 2' apart , not 20'.If another carp hits the second rod while fighting a carp the line is held low to the bottom & may not tangle with the other carp on line. Tyler.....any video's demonstrating 2 fish hooked simultaneously ? It would be interesting to see . I can easily agree to the idea when used in carp tournaments ...
  4. Yes Rick , it's flooded well into the fields now ....property there now for sale ! Will have to give it a go at the bridge , only a 5 minute walk ! We have it all here !!
  5. You're all set to go now Tyler ! Mike....I don't know if I can handle the accolades , envy and Izumism ..... I gave the carp a go from a nice quiet shady spot 100 ' from the dock today ....got 20 minutes in until a guy launched a small tinner from the ramp 150' away , then proceeded towards me while trying to start the old motor ....right over my line ! I baited the spot with some premium Del Monte corn and stayed , until he came back from a run 20 minutes later and came right back to ME instead of the ramp 150' to my right !!! . Should have brought some carp gear , especially my sling shot...lots of nice stones on the shore ..... ...and some of my corn puffs !! Will try again ....I know there's carp here in those weeds .....
  6. I've seen carp and gar cruising the shore here Ty The water is semi - tea clear and about 4-5' deep ....weeds are starting to show ....lots of bait fish jumping after the millions of little moths over the water . Maybe the carp are feeding on them as well .... Water is much calmer now after bad winds tore out some docks ...
  7. I was almost 70 when the carp bit me ....As I sit here , my mind is contemplating tossing a line in the lake ,only 50' away ......can corn in the cupboard ..... ....no carp rod , but my eye rod can handle big eyes & drum here .....worth a shot from the nice bench at the water . Dave....you need to try something more challenging , if your arms are in good shape....
  8. Amen to that ! Mean looking pike there Mike....big snarly head with menacing teeth !! And that is a great shot of the Canadian wilderness .....would look great enlarged and in a frame on your wall !
  9. Welcome to the codger's club Dave ! It's great to toss the clocks away ! Eat when you're hungry , sleep when you're tired ....... and fish whenever you want ! Grab a carp rod....a chair ....and a can of corn....... relax !
  10. It took a while to get the lap top hooked up to wi-fi . ..and using Chrome....hope to keep in touch . .....Mr.Knightfisher......is your mail box full ?
  11. Using 2 carp lines 20' apart can cause problems when spots are tight especially . Some will resent an angler taking more bank space . If another carp hits the other line you have no control if the carp runs amok to the next anglers lines . If you have a buddy he could grab the second rod.....Some spots require rods to be set almost vertical like fishing Lake Ont. from a sandy beach ....two rods could be a problem . As I have learned since I started to carp fish , it's a whole new way to shore fish....chumming , using new rig set ups and special reels (bait runners), and rods, alarms, etc. I think most carp anglers would prefer to keep it as is....I'm in......
  12. That's unbeleeeeevable.....never saw a cat that big in Niagara , including the Welland .R. or Grand ! Looks like a cold water cat too !...been fishing Jordan for over 60 years...never saw a cat over 22 lbs.there... Congrats ! ....got my biggest carp there too....
  13. It would be nice to try different baits with 2 rods, but when fishing solo from shore and both rods hook a carp ..... .. We also have more and more electronics now which pretty well tell us where the fish are......easier to find/catch more fish these days ,why worry if some are using more than one rod....maybe a license for every rod to make the mnr happy ? Two rods for carp shore fishing ?....or one for carp and toss lures for bass, pike or perch etc. with the other rod ? I could take my wife and have 4 carp rods ...could cause a riot !
  14. I missed out on Lorne's memorial event...out of town.... never forget Lorne Morley ...hoping to see some pictures of the event ....looking to see if I could see any carp cruising the shore today at the Bay..... ...will pick up a can at nearest store soon & give it a go .
  15. I just checked again ...maybe they come up late ....saw a few hugging and a couple in a bare spot but not worth the effort .... My grass was cut short today , should have watered it at sundown . A few years back I had no problem grabbing 150 worms in a half hour . Give me your address ........
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