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  1. Fraud Squad

    Same here .....we answer about 10% of the phone calls we get which are names or numbers we know . They all have the option to leave a message . The "fraud squaders" did leave a message ....too bad we can't set them up for the police to nab . So much fraud & thievery going on & the courts seem to have no interest . Another truck stolen yesterday , & we know where most end up , but your told to call your insurance & we all pay higher premiums for that . But the governments get to collect all the taxes on that new vehicle from insurance money !
  2. Yote down

    Congrats Mooseslayer....a fine specimen yote ! It looks like a larger than average one ...maybe the yotes have been having more luck than the deer hunters ! Gunner....it has a nice fur coat ....would make a fine mount ! I'll bet your getting busy with the yote mounts ....
  3. Fraud Squad

    Anyone else get calls from the "Tax Man" saying they owe money to the government ? A woman called us today saying they have investigated our taxes and we need to call them as soon as possible about tax fraud . She spoke clearly in English , so I don't think this call came from India or Siberia ..... Maybe they know our status as seniors and we would be an easy target to scam us . It's a crime that these scammers are allowed to exist and thrive with impunity in this country . I suppose it's one of the negatives in this age of technology . The door knockers got us ONCE ....but they will never get 2 words out of their mouth before the door slams in their face . We have their message on the phone with the phone number we "need" to call back . ...but I'm sure they know how to protect themselves from being traced..... ....dirt bags....
  4. Carp

    I should have tried shallower water maybe ? Or different bait ? Or picked another day ? The water was muddy as well . I did some more reading on You Tube about cold water carping ......and to my surprise , using worms , both whole or cut up pieces is one of the best baits ! Low & behold smercho has some nice fat dewies in the cold room downstairs . Most of my carp spots are 15' deep with some current , while others are 4 - 5' deep with no or little current . I talked with some carpers last spring who fish for them all years if the water is open ....using pack baits & boilies . I may give the worms a go Mike , and I'll be sure to inform you of the results .
  5. Road Kill

    Yea..how did I miss the 's ? Lot's of them pussy cats this year .....neighbour's dog got it in her face a while back . As you said Br.Slayer , it's the garbage that attracts them . I have caught & released a couple in the squirrel trap .
  6. Centerpinning during the winter

    Good video displaying the reel ....very quick delivery considering it traveled half the planet ! Why no tax ? That's odd , considering our government taxes everything we buy here , sometimes twice . This would be the cheaper way to go if one wants to delve into center pin fishing to see if it's for them . Buying direct from China seems to be catching on ....eliminating all the middle men . It may be the future way we do most of our shopping . Our goods come from there anyway ..... Hope to see more about this reel in action .
  7. What is the "answer"

    Social consciousness had been replaced with a phone Bruce . And it will get much worse . I do feel for our future generations. I believe I was born at the best of times in many ways before the "modern" world took over .
  8. Road Kill

    I have noticed many dead animals on the roads lately . ....squirrels , rabbits , possums and coons . Most likely all killed at night . Cars drive faster these days , and headlights are brighter (hate those new white lights) . The animals don't stand much of a chance . I've heard people complain about hunting , but many more animals die due to road kill . Ask drivers to be wary or slow down at night ......not in the cards . I brake for animals (not stop) but I slow down & try to avoid hitting them .
  9. Carp

    Well ...here it is Dec.10 & I gave it another go . Grrrrrrrr !! I tried a spot at Gibby where I had some luck last Oct. (above) , using can corn on the hair rig -slip sinker . After 20 minute intervals , I brought the line in to check my bait ....fast retrieve , 12' rod held high to get over the drop off ......THREE times in a row , I got hung up & busted the line !! ...can you say $@#&*$%# !!! I packed it in and put the carp rod in 10 lbs of moth balls ! Where's da ICE ?????
  10. What is the "answer"

    You are right F.F.R. ....2 ff's here lol . People our age have witnessed the degradation of society in general . ....too many people who think they are entitled and just don't care ....even those slobs kids will inherit their slobbishness & trashed planet . The governments also play a big part in allowing the huge waste in packaging ....like bottling tons of water into billions of plastic bottles, & world trade is a huge waste of resources from fuel to packaging ....I could go on for pages but it's a total waste of www. space . The answer is so simple ..."Bring it in ...take it out " It's much lighter !! The "simpletons" won't "get it" . And you're right ....say something to these bone heads & you may get stabbed . There are other way to deal with them ......but I'll stifle that one .....
  11. Gas

    When they produce them like candy , they should be cheaper than a gas car . They don't need gas tanks , engine coolants , pollution devices , cat.converters , ect .etc. Good for the cities like T.O. that are clogged solid with vehicles .....
  12. What is the "answer"

    Hi FF I don't post many fish photos now ....how many perch or carp pictures do we need to see over & over ? I'll post a photo of a personal best , like a 30# plus carp or 15" perch , etc. I fished for trout today using a Kwik Fish but no takers ....water at Port Dal is quite stained . My garbage rants are over ....what will be will be .... I have always been an environmentalist F.F. ....I would like to see wildlife thriving , healthy fish , clean water & garbage free land . I do not want to leave the mess for my great grand kids to deal with our neglect ....even it it means closing down fishing spots . I will continue to pick up hooks & line ...... Thanks for your concern F.F. , you seem to be quite a knowledgeable fellow . Good fishing ! And happy tweaking .
  13. What is the "answer"

    Hey , I'll reply smerch ! I read "other" fishing sites as well , an I'm happy to see garbage is an issue with other ethical anglers as well . One site was (is) discussing a fishing spot at a causeway that had been shut down because of the trash left by the "non-ethical" bunch . It seems this is the only answer to stop the "trashy" ones from trashing our environment , and this action could be the "new way" to end the trash dilemma . I'm sure other city councils are eyeballing this action taken by them since the trash problem will not change . It might help the boat industry as it may be the only way to wet a line .....
  14. fishing tomorrow ?

    The River must be stained with all the strong south winds lately . Port Dal. is stained as well from the Erie water but fishable . Hoping to head down tomorrow and cast a few lures etc. Check NOAA out and see the river from the sat. (if there's sunshine)
  15. MNR - Your Voice Matters - Zone 16

    My very last parking ticket happened at L.Simcoe many years ago ( Keswick -ice derby) . MY back bumper was too close to someones driveway but there was plenty of room for a blind driver ! I sent them the money and said I will never visit there again . Now they slam visitors with parking fees that only deters them from coming back like FF above . And the trash issue .....I give up !