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  1. Anyone fish Couch ? We drove up Rama Rd to Airport Rd. & fished straight out in 22 -24 fow (March/April) I marked my line at 22 ft. ( no electronics then ) . Three of us would cut a 6" Finbore hole about 75 to 100 yds apart and see who got the most perch ....then all fish together to gab'n fish ! If the bite was slow we would take a short run to Lake St.John , just passed the airport . The perch there were mostly wormy which just adds more protein ......
  2. Yep Boogs .....saving the gunk for flavouring my cheese cloth sardine combo for the kitties .
  3. And "white perch" are good eating , but be sure to remove the gunk tissue at the lateral lines . I still have some in the freezer .
  4. Nice clean good size perch , lots of great eats there ! To me , perch are just as tasty as eyes , even better than large eyes over 3 lbs. Considering the long drive to Nip and the slot size for eyes , I would settle for a catch like that from Simcoe , and you might get lucky catching pike & eyes too.
  5. smerchly

    Lower today

    Can't seem to get away from the Lake Erie winds mucking up the water Jack .... You would be catching more if the lake would freeze over ......and then use longer leads . Have you tried the round weights ....they use them in the current at Port Dal .
  6. By late spring the west pier should be open but limited parking at the carousel . The rest of the west side will be busy for months to come to build the condo buildings where the legion was.....
  7. Finally got my van back after 10 days in the shop ...rear hatch lock works great now ! So I took advantage of the warm spell to snoop around Port . I went to the east side where people go to observe the west side work and relax ,....and toss a line in ....but the whole works is now shut down from the boat club to the lakefront as it's filled with heavy equipment ready to fix the east wall . ....very few spots to fish on the east side as there is no place to park now. Water has cleared up a little , about 12" vis..... I checked out the west side and there's a mountain of huge boulders & tree stumps etc. and the condo project has begun ..... This shot taken beside the new pavilion looking east across the harbour .....super busy down there !
  8. smerchly

    Lower today

    Nice bow JW ....looks like I'll have to hit you up for a nice 5lb.bow for the smoker ....Port D. looks pooched !
  9. The city looks at the $$$ costs to patch a hole . Pay one person instead of two or three , even if it takes more time. If the patch isn't done properly , then it will cost more to redo it and pay for damages to vehicles . Maybe using cement would be cheaper in the long run ?
  10. These newer vehicles with 20" rims and skinny tires can take a beating from pot holes .They have half the rubber but twice the price .... My Astro van has 15" rims with high wall tires and can take a pot hole better , but can still damage the suspension. Good luck M.
  11. The city should pay for your damage , hope you get compensated . The pot holes can't be fixed properly when they dump new stuff into a wet pot hole , but they will not take the time to blow the water out enough to make the filler stick . That whole patch should be replaced . Can't wait to see the lawsuits when people riding on their electric scooter hit a pot hole ..... There are robotic self driving pot hole fixer-uppers and THIS Python pot hole thingy blows the water away first (2 min) then lays hot asphalt in the hole ....one man operation . It can lay 12-15 tons a day.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TqstDb3ipU
  12. It was on the CH News today .....Looks like they had a white pickup that was said to get stuck in reverse (maybe gas peddle) ,and it backed into the water from the cement bank close to the lighthouse (deep there) . They interviewed Tony who fishes there often who said he saw what happened . I don't know how they got the truck out . I thought it would have sank quickly in that deep water . Good to see they both survived ! Coincidentally , speaking of Port Dalhousie , the west pier should be open to the public this spring . They are beginning to move equipment to the east pier to be completed next year . From the Standard today ..... https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9804650-west-port-dalhousie-pier-on-track-to-re-open-this-spring/
  13. Yes , following their Grand Parents Saturn @ 150 k .... ....some info in the paper..... https://www.niagarafallsreview.ca/news-story/9804637-vehicle-goes-into-lake-in-port-dalhousie/
  14. It looks like a good action lure for jigging . Does it come in different sizes ?
  15. There is marshland near Marineland that Chinese billionaires want to turn into a huge complex . When huge sums of money for the government are offered for developing these " protected" marshlands , the word is "paved" marshlands . China has huge power in this country as they buy us out piece by piece. But nothing has changed over the years , money is the "trump" card .
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