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  1. Holy catfish !! That's the kind of cats to use whole chickens for bait !
  2. I feel for you guys who must pay much more to run your vehicles , unlike some who can write off gas costs in other businesses . The prices of everything we buy will go up ....great for the government hst , etc. My little van is 22 years old ..... did my own oil change yesterday ....hoping to keep it going another 22 years ....or until I run out of gas ......
  3. JW ....you are cruisin for a bruisin .....hope you don't eat those words..... Jerry Jerry !!
  4. Well ...it was nice while it lasted ...... Gas prices have gone up 3 times in the last 3 days . Can.Tire at Grantham just went to 1.31 today , a long way from .85 cents . It would cost me over $40 more to fill up my "mini" van when about 1/4 tank left......that's a lot of "tackle" !
  5. I've been watching them from the east side of the harbour ....amazing to see those steel plates driven 30' into the river bed ! Still wondering what they will do to fill the gaps under the concrete piers where the old rotted cribs are.....
  6. Just read this in the Review ..... these fish can survive in low oxygen waters very well . Hoping they can't reproduce well in cold water.... https://www.niagarafallsreview.ca/news-story/9293024-goldfish-are-replacing-carp-as-the-scourge-of-hamilton-harbour/
  7. smerchly

    Cat fish?

    JW .....y'all can use a bait runner reel for those 20#+ channels . You don't need the carp gear ....great for shore fishing for the big cat girls as well .
  8. Thanks for that report Jmaz .... 250 square miles of ice is a lot of ice to go down river . The warm spell plus lots of rain helped diminish the ice . (thank ma nature for climate change .....) ...
  9. smerchly

    Cat fish?

    Yep JW .... I was using that rig yesterday . We were after carp using nice fresh corn but they were not interested ....I changed bait & put a worm on the hook to target the cats .....low & behold , a nice carp slammed the worm ....go figure ! The carp put out a good scrap which surprised me . We got a few bullheads on the worms but it was a slow day ....water vis . about 1 cm. Looks like lots of rain on the way , water vis. will take another hit.
  10. smerchly

    Cat fish?

    I've used shrimp & worms for channel cats in the 12 Mile for years . ....1 oz.+ egg sinker in the current .
  11. Lots of happy fish in there ! I too wouldn't trust eating fish from it .....farm pesticide runoff gets into many waterways via tribs but gets diluted much more . That spot is probably loaded with ticks !
  12. WTG guys !! Good to see you braved the weather and got into some nice fish and had a great time out there .
  13. smerchly

    Cat fish?

    I watched a few videos about Grand River fishing for cats yesterday ...some good info . Lots of double headers with Italo & Steve , using sucker meat , and Pete Bowman & Steve on the Grand. Another vid with a guy on shore at the spillway landing a nice cat ....looked like sucker bait as well . I would try a worm harness or try a large lead head with a worm drifting & bouncing bottom .
  14. Yep ! And I've seen them catch pike too !
  15. Some will use spinner baits and target pike in early May and bass will be caught as well .... I see it every year .
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