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  1. I was wondering if the shoulder to shoulder smelt crew would appear during this pandemic ..... How about the ramp at Jordan ?
  2. Can always be patched up Mark . The bottom of my canoe has many dents and scrapes ....a 3" crack was welded up , and a couple of nuts & bolts used to close small holes . This tank is 90 lbs . and never tipped over ....flat bottom and beveled sides make it very stable . Bought it at Nichols Marina for $150 as a "second"... brand new. I ran a 3 hp Evinrude on the back for going up rivers ., have an electric now. I'll show the van extension trailer adapter for using it locally after it's painted ......may follow you some day !
  3. Another feast ...WTG ! Is your canoe glass or aluminum ? I've had my old canoe for 40+ years . ....mostly for moose hunts (with some fishing time) . I'm putting new wood on the transom and have a few rivets to fix.....then I'd like to paint it up nice and pretty . some here will remember her from the BIG cleanup we did at Jordan , years ago .
  4. Exactly ! It's called common sense .... miles of elbow room out there so zero chance of "catching" something other than fish . Too bad they don't (can't) fine the losers who leave their garbage there !
  5. Nice carp Tyler WTG !! ...................... kidding you ............. 😜
  6. They can't be carp ...... I don't see any of them on the bank . With our "expertise " and high tech gear , we need to see the proof !! That would creep me out , seeing carp at my feet and looking at my limp line and silent alarm !
  7. The cats I caught today were on the warm side so I thought the carp should be there as well ....even caught a 4" sunfish ! But ....we have another cold spell moving in with freezing night temperatures . Those fish in the shallows look like suckers ? Heard on the news today 800 vehicles were turned away at a T.O. park , now deciding to close it up .
  8. Nice haul Mark ! GPS co-ordinates please ............................pretty please . It was a catfish day for me ......wanna trade .....2 mud cats for one perch !
  9. If you have 2 non family members in the same boat (buddy's) I would say the chances of getting infected by your fishing partner are a million to one . On the other hand , the chances while standing in lines to get into a store are much more . Just keep your distance , avoid crowds and wash your hands after shopping . I noticed a line of about 50 people waiting to get inside Walmart at 4 pm today .... Can.Tire was closed . Will we see a complete shutdown of all stores very soon ?
  10. Amen JWL ! The last time I saw that bike , Arthur Fonzarelli was riding it ......
  11. smerchly

    boat ramp

    Our yards will look immaculate and we can golf on our grass , plus it's a good time to have a nice veggie garden .I'm replacing the transom wood on my aluminum freighter canoe , just painted the new wood then do some rivet work and find out how to paint the old girl . I bought some snap & click flooring for a bedroom about 7 years ago ....it's still in the boxes under the bed..... This may be the year ....We don't eat out anymore , it's been many years ,but we will split a sub now and then ,,,, or heat up a frozen "Delissio" pizza (with pineapple) or grab a hot rotisserie chicken ! Gas has gone up with another hit from the carbon tax .....oil at 20 bucks a barrel ....wait until it hits $100 again ! EV time ? Keep busy CHS , it's good for you .....helps keep us sane !
  12. smerchly

    boat ramp

    The new expanded H.H. on 4th Ave ( formerly Kala's) has a pretty good set up for shoppers . The doors are both open , a staff/owner asks if they can assist you and direct you to your needs . I asked if they had a map of the store since it has been rearranged and expanded . They could put the store layout on line to save us time in the store . The checkout lady is behind plexi-glass and scans the goods without touching and sets them aside . Then you can have a bag to load yourself and pay with the tap card . I suppose you could wear a glove to punch in a pin number or use a pen ..... The grocery stores need to have better service , as I stated , stay open longer and shorten those crazy lines outside . We are dealing with our food here .... Wash or disinfect what you buy there . Are taxis still working ? Uber ?
  13. smerchly

    boat ramp

    There is no comparison to a person fishing solo from a canoe/yak or from shore to all the people still use buses etc. to get to work , or the lines of shoppers waiting to get inside a grocery store . What you are saying Mark IS common sense ! Enjoy your day ! I was skunked on my first perch run yesterday .....nearest fisherman was 2 miles out on the lake ....
  14. There's also the possibility that some jerk(s) removed the garbage bag from the blue plastic barrel and dumped the trash into the water . ( large green garbage bag in the water) . There was a new bag in the barrel with a few drink containers .... All it takes is a few screwballs to ruin it for everyone . Back in the "old days" (50's) the city had people cleaning up our parks using a stick with a nail to pick up everything from wrappers to butts . They would need 20 people and a dump truck to clean up the area near the ship !
  15. Whilst snooping today to see what is still open .....I happened to have my fishing rod and minnows in my van . Nobody was around the small parking lots as I squeezed my van between the piles of garbage all over the scene . I walked the pathway for a 100 yards , through some scruff and planted my ass between the brush , rocks & trees , wearing my camo shirt & hat . ....washed my hands in the drink when I left ...fishless but fulfilled my fetish . The Timmie clan was lined up at the drive through ..... .... more important than a lone fisherman ? I stopped to check a spot I saw guys fishing last week , at the old ship , from shore . I was once again angered by the amount of garbage on shore and in the water . Slobs are everywhere these days ...probably raised by slobby parents in filthy houses . I picked up a ball of heavy mono line and tossed it into the NEARBY GARBAGE PAIL !! I took both pictures standing at the same spot .....
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