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  1. smerchly

    Old Reel

    Thanks for that Dawg ..... who knows , I might end up doing an eye fish on Erie . I forgot , two rods are legal , so I can also use my old Shimano Stradic 4000 . That big reel can grace my 12 ft. carp rod !
  2. I agree ...it's a BIG lake out there and the fish are on the move . Yesterdays way point may not show a thing today .. The first post was pointing out that while ice fishing with a camera , "flossing or snagging" is an easy "opportunity" to pick the fish you want ...with no controls over it ... and I doubt the mnr cares one way or another.... I mind my own business when it comes to others who fish with extra rods , or take more than legal limits . That's the mnr's job .
  3. Well the chucking did take place ...on land this year since the ice was deemed unsafe , and rubber chickens were used as well .....but they said real chickens would be used if the event was on the ice . I could have gone to fish there after all ! But I did okay at "plan B " and enjoyed a beauty day out there ! https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/community-story/9855589-chicken-chucking-championships-honour-neil-peart-at-lakeside-park/
  4. smerchly

    Old Reel

    Where are you headed to Capt ? I have some 500# wire clothesline I can spool up the reel !! 🦈
  5. I still have some of my old J-11 , J-13 bright orange Raps that we trolled in the spring derbies . I hooked a beauty bow in 10 fow off CDP back in the 80's on the J-11. Luhr Jensen "fire plugs" were used also .....akin to the "kwik Fish"
  6. Oh No !!!! I "was" going to fish there today ....all those squawking chickens will kill the bite !! ....back to the back side ! They usually won't do their thing unless there's 6" of ice ...I heard, and at one event I saw them tossing rubber chickens but Peetah wouldn't be amused ..... and they might go after the ice fishermen .......
  7. smerchly

    Old Reel

    The salmon fishing was huge back in the 80's . It was fun listening to all the "handles" out there . My two buddies were " Bushwacker " and "Three Finger Lewie " . there was "Sam the Barber" My cousin Jim's boat was the "Bomber A" ...We had a lot of fun out there .....
  8. Looks good for drifting a worm harness ....probably hook a big carp !
  9. Nice shot of Hammi Harb ....was that taken in July ? 😁
  10. smerchly

    Old Reel

    You would be in the know Paul .... it's a heavy reel ....about 10 oz. great for B.C. sturgeon ! I saw a few on E.Bay ...looked pretty beat up for 50 bucks . Anyone going shark fishing send me a pm ..... 50%+ off
  11. smerchly

    Old Reel

    I think the reel would be too heavy for Erie eyes ....a bit of an over kill since eyes don't have the power of salmon ...and it does hold a lot of line !
  12. smerchly

    Old Reel

    It's still a virgin Ty......it needs a good rod to match it's heavy weight ....probably best for salmon or ski .
  13. smerchly

    Old Reel

    Going through my "stuff" today I remembered I bought a new star drag salmon reel a couple (few) decades ago . I only used it a couple times as I found I liked my Stradic 4000 as it was more enjoyable to fight the kings . I kept it in a reel box & applied oil to it periodically ( like every 5 years approx ) I can't remember where I bought it or how much I paid for it . So here it sits on the shelf , lonely , and never caught a fish ..... I don't know much about these reels ....probably old school but it looks like a solid well made reel in brand new shape . I suppose it would work for carp fishing , but not for long casts ....most of my casting for carp is under 50' from shore . Someone here who has fished for salmon may know more about this Daiwa reel and clue me in on it's value .....maybe an "antique" and worth thousands .....
  14. .....Love those sweet painted ladies ........ 🐠
  15. That is the problem .....the deterrent is still worth breaking our laws .....and in so many other ways as well . On the news a few days ago ....a huge warehouse full of sharp fins for sale .....The world hasn't progressed much from the cave days ...... (don't plan a train ride for a while) ........
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