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  1. smerchly

    Highest price ever ?

    What beer company is that Andy ? I like red beer ( Laker Red) , $33 per case .....sipping on a cold one now ....🍺 I filled up both my van & the car today at C.T. just down the street for $123.6 and got 5 cents off per liter with my Triangle Master card ......wont need gas for about 6 -8 weeks . (fishing spots are close to home )
  2. smerchly

    Nothing like getting your limit !!

    Mmmmm... 16 fillets ,16 cheeks and 8 throats (wings) ....some fine cuisine there !
  3. smerchly

    Carpin d'Gibb

    Yes Mike , can't figure those carp out . It's about 15' deep there with a good current (1.5oz)and has always been a productive spot . About 300 meters from there (downstream) , same depth with more current (2oz), I have been catching them . ...one or two per hr. average. Got my eye on a new spot downstream about 300 meters . that looks appetizing . ....or should I say "appealing" Tried a new thing with the hair rig / egg sinker (2 oz) .....added a split shot 1" from the egg sinker to make it a bolt rig ....will try this again next trip...seems like a quick easy rig conversion .
  4. smerchly

    Carpin d'Gibb

    Just call me Petruchio Mike . 🤠 That fat little shrew would sneak up on the corn then quickly grab one kernel at a time and dart quickly under a rock . It's nose would almost vibrate as it approached the corn . I left an apple core for dessert ! They may be small , but can be a very formidable hunter ! That carp spot isn't producing much this year .
  5. smerchly

    NEW invaders

    What has changed over the years is massive global trade . We can expect many more problems like this in the future . I'm not a fan of deadly pesticides , just read about a man who is dying from using Roundup at his job ..... I tried using "cleaning" vinegar to kill some weeds on the grass ....turned them brown in a few hours ! No sign of them the next day , don't spray the grass ! I'd like to see alternative solutions like this to kill invasive insects .
  6. smerchly

    My new boat..

    Looking good Cliff ....you too ! Good to see the outboard is fixed . oops ! didn't realize the "new part" was a new boat , motor & trailer . Congrats !
  7. smerchly

    Carpin d'Gibb

    Had another go at Gibby today , after 2.5 hours , not a touch . Something was eating my corn !! Alas .... after hearing a little crunching at my feet ........ this shrew was having lunch on the smerch !
  8. smerchly

    Highest price ever ?

    Of course you would buy 24 beers while your there ! Will our "new" buck a beer change our minds ? Reg. gas today is 136.9 ......which equates to $6.28 per Imperial gallon . I remember paying 28 cents for that gallon ....with no eth....
  9. smerchly

    NEW invaders

    It seems it's getting more difficult to get the true story these days in the climate of political correctness and contrasting opinions from the "experts" . ...hence , many people are turning to the popular social media like Twitter , Facebook , Google , etc . ...and these sites also have a lot of B.S. to walk through.....We have paid a huge price trying to control invasive species , like fish, plants and bugs . When we encounter things like this while out on the trail , don't be camera shy .
  10. smerchly

    Downrigger releases

    Back in the 80's , when "Sam the Barber" trolled Lake O. we used the Walker releases . We had some good tension on them while using 8" long flashers & a rubber squid . We would set them as lightly as possible and keep adjusting accordingly . Trolling speed was faster for kings than for eyes & we used mono line which probably holds better than braid . I haven't fished with riggers since then......Good luck Bubs !
  11. smerchly

    Thieves in Welland

    Hope the tank was almost empty . A new tank is not cheap either ! Any neighbours that may have video cams ?
  12. smerchly

    Carpin d'Gibb

    thanks Tony...........................................................poor man's salmon ........................................................
  13. smerchly

    Van Go (Gone)?

    I asked about that Tyler ....no change in premium since there was no fault on my side . If I was at fault they give you one freebee . I know a few who use Cooperators and are happy with there rates . It helps to have the house & property items insured with them as well . My claim is peanuts compared to all the stolen vehicles they dole out for , like a stolen $50K truck .....
  14. smerchly

    Van Go (Gone)?

    Got a great deal on the van and my insurance co. (Co-operators) came through for me . After talking with a very nice lady at Moncton, N.B. and sending her the info on the 97 Astro , she called back the next morning & said a check was on the way , tax included ..... didn't cost me a dime . The new Smerchmobile is in mint shape , full of options and has been christened today with it's first successful carp run ! I'm a happy camper & I hope to get another 21 years out of the van . Cheers !! 🍺
  15. smerchly

    NEW invaders

    Hopefully the last news on this story today at 6 p.m. is true ! .... the "experts" don't know $hit from Shinola . I have very reserved opinions when I hear the word "experts" ! The "new" news is these insects are called "cicada killers" ! They sting cicadas to paralyze them, lay eggs on them to allow the larvae to feed off the cicada (nice & fresh) ! I found a live (dying) cicada on my driveway last week . I think we use the word expert too much ! Keep the faith Gunner ....our honey bees are safe from these terrorists , for now ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=reDJRD0FrgI