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  1. smerchly

    Fishing today.

    A can of whipped cream should do the trick Limey ! That is the exact spot a saw a BIG koi , white with red splotches ,about 15 lbs . a few years ago .....didn't have any corn with me.
  2. smerchly

    Fishing today.

    Nice perch Joe , I hope you released it ......then I know there's at least one perch in there ! My last 3 outings I caught three of these ....here's the pictures ..... ............ .........happy hooking !
  3. smerchly

    OLD perch spot

    When I was a kid back in the 50's we would drop a line from the small trolley bridge at Welland Vale on the 12 Mile creek , catching perch and some bass . There was a factory there which made "True Temper" garden tools and a water slide from the 12 carried waste water to the trolley bridge and down the 12 to Lake Ont. The lock is now fast rapids ,rail bridge is gone , factory gone and the 406 now runs over the "water slide" . We would walk behind Ridley Collage to access the base of the water slide where we caught many perch and dog fish ,etc. Many old spots have vanished or changed dramatically over the years ... https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/living-story/9084159-yesterday-today-hauling-the-freight-to-welland-vale/
  4. smerchly


    Can't get much worse than that ! . After the morning rain I headed out to Jordan with some minnows . After 2 hrs....not a bite ! Headed to Port Dal....tried the pond again for perch or pike ,again with live minnows ...not a sniff ! It's one of those days when the fish decide it's lent or something .... I met a couple of nice old timers (younger than me) fishing at Port after one said "Hi Peter" ....I was wearing a Peter's hat . We gabbed for a half hour about our fishing escapades . Bob and Bob were asking about the history of the buildings ,etc., & I filled them in , going way back to when the ships went through there to the old canal in Thorold . I told them about this web site for lots of info about fishing in the Niagara area .....and of course told them I was the famous"smerch" ......legend before my time ..... Hope to see the 2 Bobs sign in soon ...... It's still very mild ...lots of night crawlers tonight , may give Port another go in the morning , seem to have better luck in the a.m. there . ....might need a name change soon..... like Pepi-la-pew ....or Sylvester !
  5. smerchly

    My other hobby...

    Chef Mick (wherever you are..) would be delighted !
  6. smerchly

    My other hobby...

    We had a few pan fried perch fillets today , left over from 2 days ago . My wife knows how to use scraps to make another meal , so she warmed the Panko coated fillets and set them on a hamburger bun , added some well fried bacon , tomato, and mixed a dab of pesto into some mayo....Yabadabadoo ! !
  7. smerchly

    Most recent fishing trip

    Nice one Joe ! They will hit a minnow under a float there also . They like to hide in the weed beds there and dropping a minnow at the edge will get the doggies to charge out ! I see some green on the belly , but some have more colours .
  8. smerchly

    My other hobby...

    I could dive right into that Joe ! Add some toasted garlic bread & a sip of Pinot Noir , et voila ! Fit for a King ! 🤞
  9. smerchly

    It's been a while

    Good to see you have your feet back Joe ....now start kicking a$$ and show us how it's done ! I remember well, a few years ago , you had a long tussle with a big sturgeon that eventually broke off ....still have a vid.of that ! I'll be looking for you at Port .....look for my tan/green Astro van ( CAAS740) .
  10. smerchly

    Fishing with my old pal Jack (JWL)

    NICE fish guys !! They would look NICE on the smoker (not you Jack) ....love the Grinch hat ! I NEED to catch a few of those , tied up a few OLD roe bags last night , hoping for some of those beauties to stroll into the harbour at Port soon .... Thanks for the pics Cliff !
  11. smerchly

    Some Fishing Laughs

    Good stuff Snags ! The first one is more my style.....so glad I don't have one of those fancy phones ....they are TOO smart , telling "the wife" and the world what your up to ... JW....watch what you say here......the little woman might be hiding your rods......
  12. smerchly

    Newbie to the Forum

    The 12 Mile has many holes to fish , but has a rough bottom at most spots . I can see the current patters from satellite maps and fish the "back eddies" mostly . Gibson has many bays and some fast current spots which I target carp mostly and do well on the carp . Others target pike or bass and seem to do okay as well . Water depths vary from 4 to 15+ feet where I fish for carp . Jordan is a shallow bay , mostly brackish brown water with lots of fish to target. Not a good day to fish today ....looks like some nicer days ahead !
  13. smerchly

    Newbie to the Forum

    Hi DanB......there's enough "Dan's" on this board that could fill you in on every spot in the Niagara Peninsula . haha I live about .6 mile from WallyM-Best Buy on Vansickle Rd. There are spots from here close enough I can bike to , like the 12 Mile Creek which has bass & pike etc. Lake Gibson also has pike & ski's, but no boating in either one. You can kayak at Jordan Harbour when the Conservation Park opens in the spring (21st. St.) ...lots of parking and ramp for motor-less boats . Some pike and bass there , and lots of big cats and carp too . Check the "Ontario Fishing Regulations for maps , seasons and limits ......and don't forget it's license renewal time Daniel . Jan. 1 . Welcome to the club , hope to see you on the water front !
  14. smerchly

    Squarebills for trout????

    They look like the Wiggle warts which I have a couple . When the trout are hitting lures I think they will hit most that have good action . I have had luck with the Kwikfish as well . Most have rattles and float , so I like to use them with a 3 way rig to keep them a foot or two from bottom . ...this link has some info ...... https://www.gonefishingnw.com/best-how-to-guide-for-plug-fishing-for-steelhead-part-1/
  15. smerchly

    Perchin'-Piken Day

    I have fished for pike many times Mike, using a large 3" minnow or pond chub under a float and came home with some big jumbo perch . And I've hooked some nice pike while perch fishing through the ice using 1" minnows .....and the odd curious carp too ! Some places I fish in these cold days require some ruff-tuff walking so I carry my minnows in a big plastic jar with a little ice in the water in my back pack , a trick I learned from the guys when we fished the remote lakes near Westree by sled.