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  1. T' Dah !! Took smercho's advice & did a carp run today ... grabbed a can of p & c corn & off to Gibby there a little late for the morning bite but gave it a shot . A fellow (John) was walking by & asked what I was fishing for . When I said "carp" , he came to chat .....very nice guy ....and very knowledgeable about carping . (hope to see him browsing nfn soon) . As John was getting to leave & my back was turned from my rod (of course) the rod bent & the fight was on . John was impressed with my expertise on fighting this carp into submission as he landed it for me . ahah ! About 10 minutes after he left I rigged up some fresh P & C ...tossed it out ...& before I set the back drag another carp hit hard ....Both fish were a good 10 lbs+ , but didn't weigh them . ...using a hair rig . Got me mojo back fishfight !
  2. Dee (my daughter) told me that ski was 13" Bruce . She has been catching some nice bass there , just steps away from her house . The wind is brutal now , having a home brew coffee & heading to Port Dal. to see wazz a rod ....just in case ....
  3. Lost my mojo as well fishfight . I think the carp have put the word out on me , or they can smell my scent on my maize ! Getting desperate now, I will try a fat dew worm or dough ball to trick them ! ,,,,,or wear a balaclava over my puss ......Hope you find your mojo . edit ! ....this smerchly guy has too much time on his hands ! ! Cool it smercho & get out fishing more !
  4. Went out looking for shrooms today....perfect conditions , same time last year , but nary a shroom to be had at my usual spots .But I did find some nice fat ones Big Reds ! Came home with a nice eye of the round roast , ham kielbasa , rye bread & veggies . They have the 11lb box of their own smoked bacon on for $35 ....real nice bacon good price ! Use some to wrap chunks of pike on the bbq (fishing related) Anyone see any shrooms lately ? Maybe I'm too early , or too late , but I hope to get some of those 4" wide beauties again .
  5. Congrats on the cow ....a lot of hard work to get it back to camp . We have carried many "pieces" of moose long distances back to the river/lake where the quarters were carried out on a "bush stretcher" . As we aged , we used a chain saw & used cooking oil for the chain & would hang the quarters in dense pines after skinning, peppering & wrapping in cheese cloth & keep them cool as possible . We started using an ATV to take moose quarters from the bush ....much easier than the long haul with stretchers ! Those were the days ! The last 4 hunts was a 2 day trip to the camp west of Thunder Bay starting at Arrow Lake into Rose Lake (full of perch) . ( surf'nturf ) Many stories to tell.......Good luck Surf and Turf . I just saw this drone video in the British paper , Mail on Line .... A crazed wolf trying to kill a big cow moose near Sault St.Marie ...amazing what one wolf will do for a meal ! Many calves have been lost to these vicious wolves and adult moose are easy targets in deep snow when a pack is hungry .
  6. Last time I went for bass , I got pannies ! We need to switch gear Bruce !
  7. Something like the weir north of Glendale Ave. that we fished & swam in the 50's . Also another weir near Thorold on the east side of the canal called Lake Louise ....pike were caught at both weirs .....all off limits now . I have been tempted to don my camo clothes & try a few casts .... btw....just got in from picking dewies ....about 6 doz.....lots out tonight "dew" to the rains .
  8. Thanks Bruce know where the pannies are.... I suppose it's a man made lake (pond) , maybe some bait fish in there .....or I could stock it with Looks like it would be an excellent skating rink ...( ice fishing on my mind ) ....
  9. Anyone fish this lake ? Looks like a fairly large lake ....suitable for pannies ?? .....or giant carp ??
  10. For a second I thought it was Australia ... has a similar shape . I think they know where most of this floating garbage comes from ....imagine how much stuff lies on the bottom of the oceans ! Obviously , this stuff could be "harvested" and taken to land for disposal ....maybe use some giant fishing trawlers to gather it up them for all the "recycles" and save some fish for themselves ......
  11. Well smercho , there's a lot going on a Port these days . I think they want to turn it into a rich man's playground ,& Timmies may have other motives for leaving .... there's only one way in and out of town will be a mess for driving when all the development is done . The piers are closed & a lot of new buildings will be built on the west side ....maybe a road bridge across the harbour to access Lakeshore Rd.? Darn....this is a fishing thread ..........Fishing spots may become very limited or extinct gradually as new buildings emerge & parking spots become rare . That's "progress" they say ..... .....but on the bright side ......less Tim cups, lids & food pkg. all over the place ..... ....over & out .....
  12. I frequent this Timmies the most and will miss not being able to grab a coffee while fishing the area , especially during the winter . Many locals go everyday , lots of bikers stop by , many anglers enjoy a coffee-meal there .....but it hasn't got a drive through . The powers that be tell us to "SAVE ENERGY" a smaller car , don't idle , yet people will wait 15 minutes in their car/truck to get a coffee ?? What a joke eh? They are not saying why they will close ....the place is small ....maybe not enough profit to justify , and Tim trucks don't have much room to maneuver in the parking lot . I hope they have a small coffee shop take over , otherwise I will be toking my thermos when fishing there . This Timmies is a gem , sad to see it go .
  13. Thanks for the encouragement Mike . My best spots have been a total bust for the past month . I did much better catching perch during the heat wave ! Since we can only use one rod , maybe I should use 4 hooks , set 6" apart & try corn, worm, shrimp, & bread (English Muffin) lol ! Sitting for 3-4 hrs. watching the geese picking lice gets a bit boring until a carp jumps in front of your face to break the trance . If I try for skis with a J-25 , I'll prob. hook into a nice carp pssst .....Mike ......looks like we are all alone .......wanna beer ?
  14. Tried Gib today and notta ! Nothing ! Squat ! But they are there ! Saw about 7 jumpers almost touched the tip of the rod !! Arrrrgggg ! Another one jumped about 8' in front of me and another almost jumped on shore ! I tried the maize/hair rig , then tried puffed corn . They are playing hard to get ....need to take a bow-arrow next time ! ...... It makes me wonder if they have lots to eat bugs or zebra mussels (bottom feeders) . .....not many mussels at all on the shore rocks ,but some have been caught clinging to rocks etc. in 15 fow . Water is still warm .....hoping they will turn on soon , will have to check again after we get back to October weather .
  15. Hi Yakfish .....I'm your 54th viewer ....thought I'd chime in ..... My last 3 carp trips were duds , not even a sniff . Maybe my new batch of maize with diced canned pineapple chopped fine & sweetened with sugar is not their forte . I tried different spots from 5 to 15 fow and no dice . Either I've lost my touch or the carp really fear me ! I'm going to give it another try tomorrow morning at Gibby . If they don't like my maize I have some Halloween candy to try .....hope you have success on the Welland River .