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  1. Maggie is fine thanks , except for high blood pressure (meds) .She's a great loving dog with all people ,but a holy terror with ANY animal , bird , reptile or insect !! If she gets loose ....she will go after anything and fight ....now wonder she has HBP !!..(me too) !!....can't break her of it so it's back home to her OWN back yard . We have to give up the trailer ...getting it ready for winter now .....hope I remember how to tie a hair rig ......
  2. I'll be back to carping sooner than expected Tyler....having a tough time with the doggie , needs to go home ....closing up in a few days , lots of work & packing to do . Had a good day on the water yesterday , drifting the 10'6" light rod with 20km west winds....3 drum , 1 eye , 1 nice perch , a beauty sunfish & 25 -30 white bass ,some real scrappers . Pulling boat shortly to pack the light stuff ..... It will be great to go carping soon !
  3. It's a new game ,tossing dill pickles to a person 20' away and catch them with your teeth ..... ....similar to badminton ....🎾 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pickleball
  4. We are losing access to a waterways everywhere from Erie to the Kawarthas...our politicos have yachts themselves . They want the waterfront for their play ground. ....money I can't wait to do some carping when I come home ....fish for dinner again today ( perch) ,,,,checking under my ears for gills ... ...lard thunderin ////and lightenin ...all set to do some fishing & it's pouring rain ....subsiding now ....looks good to go in an hour ....that's the perils of being a fisher people ,,,,
  5. ...sorry ..tried to delete but no go .......
  6. Well blimey it must be a chinook ! My first gander at it , thought it was a salmon ....but then the "laker" spots threw me off .....and the location and time of year . The mouth & eye give it that "salmon" look . There you go Limey .....the smerch 's eye's are failing .... looks like a carp ....
  7. not many replies RnR ....can't get my bike in my garage ! If you have a driveway , an 18 -20 ' car/boat shelter would keep the boat clean ...
  8. smerchly

    Port Burwell

    Can't beat Erie for walleye fishing ....even better than Quinte , but I prefer eating the Quinte eyes (2-3 lbs) . But those bows would look awful sweet on the smoker ! We have to work for the 4 fish limit here ....lots of trolling time , worms & longer distance from the bay here ..... Perch time .
  9. Sorry for late response , wifi has been real bad so I'm now outside with the laptop , better signal . I don't know much about the beer - rye situation Fred , prob.don't make it here but maybe they can buy it tax free from the lcbo ? ...and why not , they can buy a new truck and skip the tax . I'll ask the lady who bought some whisky what she paid for the 40# bottle & what brand .....I bought a case of good ol' Laker Red Friday, & paid full price $33 ...& it's better beer than that "premium" pony piss Corona Mona ! Hold tight FFisher ...
  10. Yes , looks like a laker to me as well . Our dog doesn't like car rides so we give her Gravol , recommended by our vet, seemed to work well for 3-4 hr.trip .That lure looks a little sad , some surgery and new limbs can fixer up to see another fish .
  11. WOW ! What a story ! So you ended up at Sarnia and had to go back .....t'is a big country here Limey ! Is that a salmon or a laker ? ....and that's a nice fat smallie ....looks like the shoreline of Harris Lake along the highway .... Beauty shots of the landscape too ! ....such a contrast to the cities eh ? We have been here since June 7 , looking at the lake through the front window , just steps from my boat .....wife says she could move here in a New York minut....but alas ....at our age it would be a big strain on the old bodies .....152 years between us .....so we will take the 4 months per year here and be happy with that . And nice to see a happy dog having a treat ....they are our "kids" you know... good on ya mate !.
  12. Wonder how big the pontoon was ? Maybe they can fill the pontoons half full of water for more stability ? lol The 18 footers seem to take the chop better than many 16' boats here at the bay ......may find more videos of their water performance ....
  13. Congrats ...looks like a mean machine ! I checked out a couple of videos on You Tube and I think you will enjoy fishing with it . and have a good trip ....hope to see some results later with your new weapon .....
  14. I agree ....just run the boat up the river and zap them every 50 feet or so and have a few boats behind picking them up ....problem may be killing all other fish and water life ....
  15. I noticed it was a first post capt. and I have fished at Ivy Lee a bunch of decades ago . We were after the big pike using alewives under a big float for pike . I caught an 8 lb. channel cat ! Beautiful body of water ! Are you a Niagara resident (fisherman) ?
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