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  1. It's a large piece of cloth Jack so any size bait can be wrapped with it .....thinking of using minced sardines , cat food , chicken liver , corn ,etc. , either with a hair rig or on a hook ...even a large circle hook . I found some real "ripe" brown roe in the freezer and some refrozen cream corn ....rolled them up and it looks like a go !! ....corn & brown roe .....
  2. That makes sense Dave , like renewing our drivers license by our birth dates .
  3. Not for us old timers but only a few weeks left to renew. Two years ago I was carp fishing with a young guy and out of the blue a CO shows up to check our license . It was March & he forgot to renew .....$155 gone ! Then a trip to C.T. to buy a license .... I could buy a nice carp rod for $155......
  4. More like Columbo . ... and a little of Red Green in my genes too ha ! Big fan of duct tape and epoxy glue to do repairs to help keep the dump sites smaller. I'll take that as a compliment Mike !
  5. I found a paper dollar bill in my back pocket stuck to a piece of Thrills gum .....👨‍🌾
  6. Jack .....a cow is a vegan .....therefore we are eating grass.......
  7. All kinds of stuff can be tied in the cheese cloth . For cats I would try ...what else...."cat food" ....some of that tin cat food really stinks . ...or when you clean fish save the guts and roll'em up ! haha There's enough cloth in the package to make a thousand bags .We also used cheese cloth to wrap our moose quarters to keep the blow flies out of the meat . Too bad I don't have some salmon roe ....it would work for both carp and cats ....larger bags , larger hooks.
  8. Slow days on the fishing front , sooooo .....some reading material for the fishing challenged ..... After buying 50 lbs. of wild bird seed today I browsed the store for the "goodies" & found some cheese cloth (100% cotton) & some bright pink parachute rope . They label it "authentic para rope" but it's just a Chinese made copy with no where near the strength of the real stuff . It does float with the core inside & slowly sinks without the core . It may attract trout if cut in various sizes up to 3" like the plastic pink worms . The cheese cloth will be used for carp to make "roe bags" . It is very soft & more porous than roe bag material , & many baits can be wrapped inside to make any size bait balls . Look out carp , dinner is coming ! Here is a picture of my madness ......The "real" para rope is super strong (500lbs) with 7 strands inside & we used it for years to hang moose quarters in the bush . A fellow worker at GM was a sky diver (2000 jumps ) & was born and raised at Moose Factory (Cree) & gave me a big bag of it .
  9. smerchly

    It's on!

    Way to go Jack , nice sleek bow ! Water looks low .....how is the viz ? Us "older gents are the best ! RJR ....hope you can find time to fish after retirement , it ain't easy .....
  10. You can... through the ice Tyler . Two rods from shore would be nice to try different baits and depths ....it would be my luck ,after waiting for 4 hours , that a pod of carp came to visit and hit both rods together ! Chaos ! Better to have a "helper" in that case .
  11. I hope it will pass quickly . Some of these people need TO BE TOLD ! I'm not against vegans , that's their choice ....but don't complain on our choice to eat meat . I just picked up a kilo of bacon today ..... 🐷 Animal abuse is another separate story .... Abusers need to be TOLD . https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/ontario-introduces-bill-to-protect-farmers-from-activists#comments
  12. Mike ...if I stare at it they refuse to bite ! When mother nature calls the alarm will go off !! It's such a lovely day today ... look at the sunshine 🎶 why am I home ?
  13. Can you take a small boat (canoe/yak) there ? You could quickly find the honey spots ...... ❌
  14. From what I've read about cold water carp fishing , I haven't been using much chum . I think they have already put on the fat for the winter and just snack a bit during the cold months . Funny how they will take live minnow through the ice . I'll have to give it another shot carping through the ice ....one rod for carp and one for perch . ....covering all angles !
  15. Back in the 60's we didn't think of seeing beavers, otters or turkeys around here .It was groundhogs , muskrats , coons & pheasants .
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