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  1. Ice out carping

    Do the carp smell like root beer there Tyler ? We have some of them here in St.Kitts that are probably catch-able now. I'll wait for a while to try Gibson again after the canal opens up next week for the water to rise and dirty up a bit. I have a few shallow "brown water" spots to try in the mean time . Hope you nail your first one soon .
  2. Niagara Outdoor Show...2018

    A broken toe can be real painful ....kicked a few coffee tables & chairs in the night ....hope it heals quickly Bruce . I remember the gashed forehead .....another nice "son" job ...lol Looks like he has finally got even with you ....from head to toe !
  3. Ice out carping

    Yes Mike , that wall looks like steel & runs about 100 to120' long . When the water level rises it will not be clear &, the wall can't be seen . If you hook any large fish that hugs bottom of the wall , your line will be raked & the fish gone . It would be interesting to don a wet suit and have a look at the fishing store at that wall ! Anyone have a sub-drone we could send for a wall trip ?
  4. It's almost here.

    BRUCE ! I heard you busted your foot there today ! I hope you are doing okay !
  5. Ice out carping

    I gave it another go for a few hours today , using roe bags & oat/corn chum . ...not a frigging touch mates ! Some ice remains in spots , water very clear and COLD ....like my hands & face ....brrr . The drop offs were easy to spot with the low water level . I think I'll try some "muddy" water spots next time when it warms up more ...like 10*C plus. The Wall
  6. Ice out carping

    A roe bag might work well for carp in the cold water . Add some float balls as you would for trout and prick a couple of eggs to allow the scent to escape . I'll be sure to add a few to my arsenal next trip ......( as soon as we get a nicer day )
  7. Ice out carping

    Got the itch last week but didn't get it scratched either ... the main problem is , are they even there ? Are they in schools or scattered ? Deep or shallow ? Are they picky eaters ....how much to chum ? They have been caught through the ice on minnows !! Looks like a nice spot for carp Tyler , maybe try bread and peanut butter ....
  8. thorold, lock reservoirs

    I walked through the tunnel many times while fishing the area ponds and stream . Lots of history there ! Lots of grasshoppers but no ticks .
  9. thorold, lock reservoirs

    We called it Lake Louise and fished downstream in the old canal all the way back to Glendale Ave . My high school friend Jerry (class mate) drowned there , 16 years old . Another old friend drowned in the new canal about 20- 25 years ago..... and my dear old Grampa worked at lock 7 until he retired . Most of that area in the video is not accessible by vehicle now ...... Many fishing memories from that area , miss that nice trout stream that is now a road ..... Looking at a 1934 map on Navigator can be seen where the trout stream ran to Glendale . The GM plant didn't exist ....
  10. thorold, lock reservoirs

    The stench from the "weed" is far worse than any fox . In damp weather there ain't much difference between the skunk's perfume and the weed .....~~~ ~~~
  11. Getting the Itch Crystal Boat Launch?

    Good shots of the lakes today ......Also shows spots where the last snow fell ....not much at the Hammer . Ice is going going ..........
  12. Bass season!

    The headline " Amazing Quality of Fish" is a bit misleading .....My first thought was "good eats" Some smaller ponds in Welland (Chippawa Park) are seeing many dead fish from lack of oxygen because of thick ice and decaying algae https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/8295238-gulls-feast-on-dead-fish-at-chippawa-park/ We have had colder winters than this one , without a big die-off like this . One has to wonder sometimes how contaminated fish can survive themselves without showing the warts and bunions etc. We caught many "deformed" fish 20 years ago , but I haven't seen many for quite a while that looked sick except for the odd picture of a few.
  13. Bass season!

    I have never fished there . The write up didn't give out many details about the lake , like fish limits , eating and c&r . We have our own "Niagarapenco" at Jordan Harbour with a large variety of fish ....with a free launch (no outboard motors) ,and free parking when the park is open . Pull over and fish from shore for big carp ,drum or channel cats or cast/troll for pike & bass . Area 16 MNR rules apply . ....Soon.....
  14. Bass season!

    Anyone fish for bass in THIS lake ? https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/8295614-quality-of-fish-in-lake-niapenco-amazing-/ Also might be a good spot to go carping .....( non release ) ?
  15. March 2

    Our street gets overdone as the plow passes by every hour until the road is dry . I see sparks from the blades as the plow pushes the snow bank another inch or two ....while the side streets don't get touched . Those people pay 4 grand in taxes and have to drive through big ruts ....and no mail delivery to their door like we do on the main drag because my street is a bus route . The street is bone dry now , except for the white crust from tons of salt .