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  1. ...pretty high plant .....
  2. smerchly


    Yes , larger boats come in from the lake to fish or explore . Be aware of the water depth under the bridges . Boats keep close to the east bridge pillars where the channel is deeper . Thanks Bruce . I know you have first hand knowledge on this .
  3. smerchly


    Yes , you can launch at the Beacon ramp and go under the 3 bridges to the harbour , but if the lake kicks up you may have a rough time getting back to the marina . You could then go to the conservation park to get off the water & if the park is closed in early spring , carry your canoe or yak about 150 yds. to the road (21st St.) The park allows electric motors , no gas .
  4. The Rooker's Rd.area is still open to the dam fence line and as far south to the Game & Fish ramp , then open from the white club house to the lighthouse .Lots of room for boats on weekends on the west side . During the week the barges are working the west side , wear ear muffs .
  5. The lead bullets were flying from east to west . No change this year as the east wall is still armed ......may have to use your cannon balls ,,,
  6. smerchly


    Took a trip to check out the Beacon area this a.m. I see 2 signs that said no fishing in the marina at the ramp , & launch is now $15 for boats & $3 for canoes . A much larger sign on the small shack at the gas pump says " ABSOLUTELY NO FISHING IN THE MARINA BASIN ! I can see their point if boaters were trolling ,casting near the docks or at the opening to the lake , but there are out of the way spots at both east and far west parts which wouldn't bother anyone .We are losing more spots every year .....maybe some justified because of the garbage people ..... I have a question for those who will know more than i do about our marinas .....Was public money used to dump those huge rocks at the marinas at Jordan , Dalhousie and Port Weller ? We used to spend our summers at Michigan Beach , buy fries & pop and enjoyed many summers there . Much of that beach is now paved over . It pains me to see millionaires buy our beaches and put a marina in place . The city only looks at the income from taxes etc , but I thought we still had some rights to that old "beach" water ? We had a run in with the rowing club a few years ago which after a meeting with the city , rowing club and concerned boaters , and won some rights to fish Martindale ponds . We need to know what rights we have if any , fishing in marinas especially after closing for the winter .
  7. They don't get much larger than that ! Congratulations moose/deer/slayer !
  8. Chalk it up to progress deech , the west side may not be open to anglers after the new buildings are done ....parking spots may not be available for us . Maybe some parking at the new pavilion and open to fish the west pier again hopefully . They are digging up the bottom of the harbour and I have found a lot more junk and rock has been dug up ....never had so many snags on bottom there before .....sometime next year the east side "renovations" will begin .
  9. smerchly


    I've been known to be part ape over the years .....Captain . I used a car brush with a rag tied tightly to reach the underside ....tied a rag to it & applied the cleaner , took a while , lots of scrubbing , checking , reapplying and hosing off . ....I'll pay the piper for a few days , the old back ain't what it used to be .... Anyone know about a marine mechanic in the falls who I was told today does good work ?
  10. Looks like a nice carp spot , what's the depth there Tyler ? I did the worm thing today at Port Dal. ...started tossing a worm harness in the harbour , brackish water , verrrry windy , got a small smallie and a gobie ...lots of gobie bites robbing the worms . Then I headed to Rennie , tried worms , looking for perch .....again gobies everywhere , even out 100' in 11 fow. , and one sunfish ! Tried a carp spot there with worms ....instant gobies , they are thick this year . The bass & perch will be feeding on them for sure .... no use using can corn there , must use the maize or the gobies will rob you blind . Waiting to try Jordan next with the right wind , for both carp & perch ....either or is welcome to try my treats ......
  11. smerchly


    HA ! Just finished the bottom of the boat except the center strip ....need to try a small brush with a 4' handle to reach there . On one side of the boat I tried using an old car wash brush ...dipped it in a strong dish soap (Dawn the duck cleaner)) with hot water . It cleaned some of the scum off which made it easier & faster to finish the job with the Spray Nine . It left a dull finish on the black paint on the Merc motor , ....may try to buff it up with wax .
  12. smerchly


    I buy a lot of stuff from the Dollar Tree & Dollar Store ( .5km away) They sell a lot of the same items at C.T ., Home Hardware , etc. ...same stuff made in China and 1/2 the price ! FF ...I bought some spray cleaner from the Dollar Store in Napanee that contains some bleach and mildew remover . It cleaned the top of the trailer and spots on the deck very well . We also get some groceries there as well ....chips , breads , cookies , .....got some paint trays , made in the USA ! ....saves us lots of bucks ! Big Box stores are ripping us off !
  13. Nice clean meat cutting operation ! We took our last few years of moose quarters to the Egerters on hwy 20 near Allanburg . The 4 of us would help with the wrapping in waxed meat paper and box the meat into steaks - roasts - hamburg , ect . ...had a great time doing it ! We added 30% pork to the hamburg . Our best year was 3 bull moose with 4 guys . One guy busted his ankle and was flown out by chopper while I stayed in White River to direct the rescue crew to the camp site . The 3 guys had to carry out 3 moose through 4 portages ! All hunts have a story to tell ....and remember for many years .....
  14. smerchly


    Well , I got some Marine Spray Nine today , and it's "awesome" , no elbow tax needed , just wipe on & spray off . ....worked better on my aluminum boat than the Merc motor which I did twice . Dewar and Duhamel would be pleased ..... I tried some Awesome from the dollar tree on the Merc motor but it didn't do a clean job ....maybe a few applications with more elbow grease would do it ......
  15. Congrats mooseslayer !! Sure brings back old memories .....I bagged 7 moose during my hunting days , using my 30:06 pump . I remember well carrying quarters out of the bush using a "ladder" build with branches . You will never forget those days ! You said it well surf !
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