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  1. Both ponds are muddy , shallow (3 to 4'), and wet at the shoreline ,except the sandy bank on the west pond . Hope to see y'all there .
  2. .... Good on you guys ! Good job !
  3. May have a friend who has a big freezer ....or customers who meet up somewhere ....hence the smirk on his puss ....
  4. Nice catch ! Great eating , including the cat . There must be a ton of crappie in there . I cleaned my last cat the same way I clean perch . walleye , etc .....A very sharp knife and take the fillets off . The skin comes off , no prob.
  5. When fishing Gib a few days ago I was using pack bait ...oats & cream corn . I mixed some on the spot & for chumming I mixed it a little extra wet into golf ball size which fit nicely in the slingshot . I could easily fire it out 75 -80' to where I would toss my drier mix with the puff corn . I noticed the weed line was about 75' out so I fished inside . I'm sure the puff corn was in some weeds & it floats 5-6" off bottom . I think my first carp hit the bait in the 8-12" weeds . I need to seek out methods for carp fishing in both short & tall weeds. Hoping to give it a try at Quinte this year ....weeds are 5-6' tall and very strong ( 100lb braid) ?
  6. Cliff couldn't handle a 30 lb carp ......... Bring the coffee Cliff
  7. Looks like the yotes are getting braver , no fear of humans .... This story from Apr.17 ..... https://www.thespec.com/news-story/9288732-grimsby-couple-stalked-by-fearless-coyote/ And today , a report from Grimsby , a yote latched on to a woman's leg until some guys came and chased it off .... I wonder how many turkeys are killed ....seems like easy prey for the yotes .
  8. I remember people cutting their lines when they caught an eel . I know some steel guys who like catching carp with their fly rods , just for the "entertainment" Some of those bottom feeders help clean up the bottom , like gulls do above water . Fishing for those big carp , drum and channel cats don't need a lot of tackle & gear , and bait is cheap . We have plenty of invasive species from foreign ships because of world trade ....and more to come costing us billions . (our taxes will cover it) I wonder how the bass anglers feel about the gobies now ? (8 lb smallies) Most guys who carp fish take much care in releasing them unharmed .............. it would be nice if game fish were treated as well .....
  9. Actually Ty , even though I don't fully believe in horoscopes , I seem to be living up to the Pisces predictions .... like being a dreamer , artsy & all that jazz . And ....of course there's a pair of twin fish .......
  10. Wow ! NICCCCE bird ! Great pictures ! Congrats !
  11. Gotta watch those bags , a wet mix will melt the bag quickly . I saw a vid where a guy was using can corn in the bag but he salted the corn which prevented premature evaporation of the bag .....😁 I have some pva line which can be used with a single piece of toilet paper loaded with a semi-dry bait . When it hits the drink the bag will fall apart and the line will melt away ....tried a proto type in the toilet bowl ....seems to work ..... (genius )
  12. Getting ready for higher speed limits ? Some of those ramps may need longer lanes to enter/exit the hwy's , especially trucks, ev's & schmart cars . 🏁 Talk about poor planning .....some of the spots where they place speed limit signs on many roads makes me wonder , who , how , what , ????
  13. While I was sitting there in my chair where Lorne sat beside me for our first meet up , the reality of him not with us anymore gets to you ..... When I hooked the first carp , I spoke the words " this is to you Lorne" . Yes ...I was the grasshopper & Lorne was the Master as he trounced me 5 to 1 that day ! .....and I was using HIS bait !
  14. For those who drive in or out of St. Catharines via the QEW ...... there isn't much access left as these ramps will be closed . Why so many at once ? ..... They should post a map for people to be able to pick the best way to get on or off the QEW . https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9360330-qew-ramp-closures-throw-a-wrench-into-highway-trips/
  15. I can taste it now !!! Mmmmmmm 🦃..............We always make a delicious soup from chicken bones .
  16. Congrats Gunner !! Funny how every trip has a story to tell . I hope the yotes aren't killing off many turkeys ....they are deadly predators . Enjoy ! Glad to see you guys having successful hunts !
  17. Depending on how many would be game to meet up , we need to have a spot where there's room for parking . Charles Daley Park has lots of parking but the 15 Mile (east) pond may have spots taken . The west pond (16 mile) is a 300 meter walk & has more open shore to fish .....can even fish the lake if calm . Gibson has parking also .....deep water with current ....carp should be in there .... Chime in with more spots carp connoisseurs ......
  18. Well , I went to Gibby , tried the oat/cream corn pack bait with a puff corn .....First time using the alarm this season . About 20 minutes later the alarm went off , line peeling off fast ...got a carp about 10 lbs. Half hour later , alarm rang my chimes again ...another small carp about 6 lbs . Wind was blowing into shore , water vis,about 12" , about 4 ' deep with weed beds scattered ....a little tricky to fish but they're in there . The water is still cold & the carp didn't fight as expected . It was great to try that old spot where I first fished with Lorne ( Hammercarp) using his method in that spot !
  19. smerchly

    A few pike

    "Mini" derbies are fun Paul ....toss in 5 bucks to make it "official" and the winner gets a big happy face badge .... and the status of "Legend" , Sensei , Pikeguru , Carpguroo.....
  20. Congrats KGM . You will enjoy Tom bird for supper !! After 3 years of waiting , I would make it a big meal event with ALL the trimmings ! 🦃 🍷 🥧
  21. Nice going Norton , I haven't had any "luck" on that part of Gibby yet . Water is warming up now so I'll be trying a few shallow spots with the pack bait & corn puffs . Need to spray for ticks there ! ( had another one on my arm last night) When will we meet up for your second one ? Some good spots a Gib. that have lots of carp but the sudden drop off about 30' from shore make them hard to catch without raking your line to bits . Nice to see your young man getting acquainted with carp fishing !
  22. Poor "service" by the government Chris , no reason they couldn't do it via computer links . I always went to Thorold to get my plates until they shut it down so now I drive 15 km.to hwy20 to avoid the line ups here in St.Kitts . All we see now is cutbacks .....less "service" This may soon be the next one ...... https://www.insauga.com/ontario-proposing-to-remove-enhanced-drivers-licences-used-at-border-crossings
  23. Between Carlisle & Academy St. I go to Service Ontario on hwy 20 , can they issue your license there ? I read that they are ending the enhanced license and we will need a passport .....(maybe starts 2020)
  24. I'd be happy to help get him started Dan . It can get boring for a young guy when waiting for a carp to strike . I have a rod , reel and some carp hooks, etc. he can have to give it a try . Henry can get acquainted with simple carp rigs, baits and techniques from the many You Tube vids . ...no need for the fancy stuff. We hope to be spending LOTS of time at the trailer park very soon . Come visit anytime .
  25. In strong currents a method feeder with pack bait will slowly release the bait ...also check the utube for this as well . The feeder weight will help stay put on the bottom ....but can easily hang up in rocks if it moves in the current.
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