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  1. Well .....the 12 was HIGH and muddy today ..must have got heavy rain upstream somewhere !! Went to Port and was fishing by 10:30 at your spot steelshady . I was hoping for a cloudy day but not to be ....it was soon getting hot . I was getting bites steady ...nips & bumps but couldn't hook up ....don't know what they were but they were pecking pieces of the maize off the hair . By 11:15 I hooked the first carp ....scrappy fella near 10 lbs. & had a chunk of its gill missing ....and a smaller one 30 minutes later . I used up my chum (maize) & saved a handful to try another spot in the shade of that skimp tree ....no chum ,but landed 2 more carp , one of which had a "different" scale pattern .....don't know if it could be classified as a mirror or not ?? Enjoyable day !
  2. I just picked 15 worms to try a couple spots tomorrow ....the 12 was at low tide today , maybe try for carp first & try the worms if no carp action (if the water is still down) . Plan 2 will be Port Dal .for carp & toss a few worms with light tackle for bass and ??? . Looks like a fine day to roll the dice......
  3. Nice going steelshady !... she's a fatty ! Can't beat smercho's home cooking ! Your son is saying "Yeahhhh " !! I have caught many carp there ....nice current with weed beds close by . That bag of maize should give you about 70 lbs. of bait after it's cooked ! I find the best time to fish there is from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. ,then the bite tapers off . I'll try an evening fish there in the future .
  4. According to the Welland Tribune, the Florence Spirit was heading down the canal while the MV Alanis was heading up the canal just south of Port Robinson when the accident happened. Alanis and Florence were on their phones.........distracted driving charges pending ...... ....no one hurt ....all bridges still intact ....
  5. Tiller handle broke ......
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1hrmlhJEC0 Nice clear shots of bass , walleye and musky . The River is a great fishery ! Thanks for the video Jim K.
  7. NICE !! Looking at those two very devoted anglers holding their rods at 53 degrees to prepare for the unexpected ..... Great way to get the young kids into fishing , catching pannies , cats and drum . Big drum in Jordan Harbour and they will hit lures as well !
  8. Nice shot of the "wall" between us & the U.S. snags ! ha..... Wife just showed me a picture like that spout , taken from the Seaway Mall in Welland , presumably looking south ..... Very volatile day today ....beware of sudden lightening , wind and downpours !
  9. Many shore spots are dump sites ....I wouldn't want to see the garbage that has been tossed in the water by the garbage people .
  10. That stick chucked your corn a good distance Ty , and your wide super scooper worked well for broadcasting a larger load as well . I bought the sling shot and it puts the corn out there nicely but the funnel shaped corn holder has to pass through the sling shot posts dead center ....many times it hits one side and half the corn ends up on my feet ! (practice , practice) I can fire out chunks of frozen maize 3 miles ....
  11. I have more concern and respect for the birds and animals ....including domestic animals than I have for the human entitled slobs that sadly , inhabit this planet . The reg. book should note this issue with BOLD print !! ( in 10 languages )
  12. I picked up a pile of broken glass from a booze bottle last year . I didn't want to have little kids being cut as the glass was under a shade tree where I set my chair to fish there . It took ten minutes to carefully pick up all the little shards of glass . Trashidiots !
  13. Most of our garbage comes from plastic materials ....single serve containers, etc., .. and yes, butts too . There are some who don't toss their butts anywhere they please and the others should not complain about the garbage .It would help to make all cigs without filters .... My two kids wore cloth diapers and their crap went down the toilet . How many millions of crappy "disposable" ones go to the dump now every day ?....just one example of the garbage produced in today's mass produced throw away society . I'll pick up line and that's about it .....cannot reason with pigs .
  14. Too many entitled slobs out there .....society in general had gone downhill over the decades . Hire as many people as needed to keep places clean , add to the tax bill ....I'd rather pay more than see our environment turned into a dump site . Anyone know what the trash situation is like in New York State , e,g, ? I hear their parks are kept clean ....(chain gangs lol) ?
  15. Don't get me started .... ....???...rest of my post disappeared .... watch for needles.... Maybe we need to buy a bunch of these things and hire some people to clean up our cities and parks . https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news/niagara-region/2020/07/09/photo-cleaning-up-wellands-recreational-canal-trail.html
  16. If you go back far enough , like the 50's , Port Dalhousie , 12 Mile , Gibson , were chemical , sewage cesspools . Back then , one would never dream we would be catching salmon , trout , bass , pike in those waters now. So many of my old spots are closed now.....and that puts more pressure on the remaining spots ......
  17. Good catch ! Beautiful spot to spend the day ....in the shade ! There must be some carp in there .....one of your carp spots as well ? Good eating !
  18. Charlie was an "old soul" from the "old school" who believed in being honest , speaking his mind and not caving in to the "offended " bunch out there ...e.g. the Dipsy Chicks" etc, etc. etc . Joe....he would look the devil straight in the eye and not blink !! 🎻
  19. We hunted / fished Arrow and Rose Lakes , west of Thunder Bay .....awesome !! Go west young man ........ And Bruce.....welcome back to the heat ....I hear you had great weather out there !
  20. Wow ! Some nice looking fish Bruce , I'll bet they taste better than our local fish too . You have been spoiled ...... fishing won't be the same here ..... I suspect you will be going back .....
  21. Man made does contribute to water pollution though , both locally and world wide . The sun "seems" much hotter to "me" as I age ...The skin's insulation gets older and thinner . Stepping into the shade is like day and night ! I spent much of my youth collecting UV rays on the beaches at Lake Ontario from Jordan to Sunset Beach at Port Weller .....and as a dermatologist said to me , "that's when the damage was done . Beware you sun "whisperers" 😎
  22. An old man with an old song which still holds in today's world . ....need more like him who have balls to tell it like it is ..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dyl4CG8nQgg
  23. When it's 90*F. at 10 a.m. , it's too hot to think about fishing ! But I did cut some grass in the shade areas with my old trusty 100% eco lawnmower ...the kind we used in the 50's ! I bought 4 tomato plants this year ($3.00 ea.) ,verses $3 for 6 plants 2 years ago ....Two of them were dying ...wilting up , turning yellow ....so I took my spade and relocated them to a spot that only gets 2 hours of sun , behind the garage . ...knocked off most of the old dirt & replanted them, lots of water daily....seem to be bouncing back ! They were close to my rhubarb plants ....thinking maybe they had something to do with it . Hotter days ahead ......seems a little strange .... most factories , have been closed for months , millions less vehicles on the road ..... makes me wonder about "man made" climate change .....maybe that smog insulated us from the sun/heat .... anyone have A.C. in their boat ? 🚢
  24. The "Whole Wide World" is much smaller these days .........crowds can be organized in minutes.....
  25. That would be one heck of a walk to the falls at the grist mill if they entered the stream there & some private property as well . ....many fallen trees crossing the creek , large rocks and yes , lots of deer {ticks) in that area . They shut down "Hogs Back" road at the bottom of the hill many years ago because too many cars parked there . And, when (if) you return to your car , you may find if has been towed away .....keep your phone charged to call a taxi .....
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