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  1. I know there are several ways to store a worm harness for quick access and neatness , but how do you guys make a quick change to another harness when using a 3 way swivel with a drop sinker ? The 3 way swivel is tied to the main line and the harness line is also tied to the 3 way swivel . Tying a new set up takes time so I want to know what methods are used to change the worm harness quickly ?
  2. Good article about rotenone Mbocco ...thanks ! If they used this stuff to kill grass carp , surely it would affect all carp in the system . It attacks the nervous system and has been linked (questioned) to human Parkinsons disease . ( two of my closest fishing buddies have it) The question I have is how do they determine the right amount of this poison to not overkill other species ?? The last paragraph said ...... "http://Although, as a reaction to the studies linking rotenone to effects on humans, rotenone use has been banned in many marine systems and has come into question in freshwater systems as well." ....not a fan of poisoning our waters ....
  3. They would have to allow more `because we still toss out the same every week approx. But they might add an "extra bag fee" ....wouldn't be a surprise . They wouldn't need as many employees and if they don't pay them well they will have the same "employee absent" as before.
  4. I did a quick search to find info on the methods used to "control" invasive species such as lamprey eels and using chemicals to kill their nervous system ,etc., and found a very interesting read , with pictures , about invasive carp . There are several pages to click on to for tons of info about techniques being used and also future methods considered such as "rotenone" which is used in rat poison I believe ..... I'm not a fan of using poison in our waters .... https://asiancarp.ca/SURVEILLANCE-PREVENTION-AND-RESPONSE/Prevention-Techniques
  5. You're quite welcome ! ( guys usually buy me a case of beer for great info like that) Really though , I was just the first to see your post & answer it ....several others would have chimed in on the ramp info . Nice to hear you had a good day on the water .
  6. Wish I knew what is going on with the carp in the Gibson . ...maybe affecting the bottom feeders the most ( cats , drum , gobies )
  7. Same here Chris ...only 2 of us here & we put the recycle boxes out every 2 weeks . But sometimes , the garbage has extra "clean up" stuff tossed out . I cut up a small 4' x 16' piece of out door deck carpet , tied each piece into small 3' rolls & they would not take it . It's in a green garbage bag now ....
  8. Our garbage collector , Emterra is ending as contracts end . We may see another company take the task and they are looking at garbage pickups every two weeks . Emterra has been penalized by $150 million for infractions caused by equipment failures and labour shortages . They don't pay these guys near enough for that hard stinking job . I would rather sling burgers for the money difference than do that job . The two week pickup will likely come to pass ...... and I'm sure we will see more garbage dumped on road sides (and fishing spots) . The city can hire a "special trash unit " (STU) to clean up the country side ? Collecting recycle stuff every 2 weeks would work as it doesn't stink up the hood and attract more rats ..... lets hope we don't have more trashing of our out door environment.... https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/news-story/9600265-new-collection-waste-and-recycling-contract-will-be-split/
  9. I spent about 4.5 hours carping at Gibby yesterday and only one for one and a sickly looking one as well . I did better in the spring in a shallow back bay out of the currents reach.....which makes me wonder if "they" have used some sort of chemical like they use for lamprey eels to kill the grass carp . (maybe over did it a tad) ??... Think I'll pass on Gibby for the rest of the season & see what happens next spring ........picked a couple dozen worms last night after butchering my grass with a low setting on the mower to make them more visible / pickable ....looking for an eye/perch/pike dinner..... ....and another thing ....lots of small fishing packages left at the first spot ....name on the packs says "west end live bait" , located in T.O. Why do these pigs think it's "cool" to leave their junk here ? ..... I'll try to be nice......
  10. I decided to give some of my best Gibby spots a try this morning , about 4.5 hrs worth . Armed with fresh maize on a hair I tried some deep spots with some current ...not a sniff . I decided to try a "sure bet " spot that has a good current with a back eddy , had good luck there before but not great for walking .(rocks) I tried the maize for an hour and nothing . So I clipped the hair off & tried a corn puff ....about 20 minutes later a hookup ! It didn't fight much ...came to the surface and "rolled" in like it was out of steam . This carp looked beat up , and not healthy at all ! I fished for another 1/2 hr.and decided one sorry looking carp was all to be had . Gibby is strangely void of carp this year and this sick one makes me wonder what's going on here ? This is not what a healthy carp should look like .... ....sorry for larger photo ...it's 1/3 full size ...
  11. I always have a quick peek at this plant as I drive by . I missed a lot of "peeks" this year since being away so it's a treat to see this plant reach this height ! It' amazing that those small branches with large rhubarb type leaves holds up to some of the high winds . Do you call this plant Grace ?
  12. Erie ....so unpredictable ! no wind here at all . Chris ....would you please set up a live web cam at the lake for the anglers here ?
  13. Hope y'all enjoying the big yellow moon tonight ..... Just listened to Neil singing the great tune ..... Here's a picture at our trailer a while back , some beauty moon lit nights over the bay .
  14. This is the best hunting post I have read here . The story is fit for a magazine ....congrats on a successful hunt (again) . The brothers 5 have a beautiful spot ...love that old log cabin shot . Having s(bear) ribs & fish for dinner is awesome ! You guys have a piece of heaven on earth right there ....enjoy it as long as you can . Every once and a while I go through my moose ( and one bear) pictures to bring back those precious memories !
  15. It looks like a good year for mushrooms . I usually get some in October but it may be earlier this year with the rains lately to get them started . My back yard looked like a mushroom farm a few days ago ....hundreds of these little 1 -1 1/2" ' toad stools' . They have thin stems and smell like shrooms , but I'm not sure if they're edible . They don't last long , all gone today . They may be springing up from the apple tree roots I cut down a few years ago , getting more each year . here is a small portion of them in the grass .....
  16. I think most of the exterior house paints are water based now . I got mine at Home Hardware and they put several colours in the mix to create the chocolate brown I desired . Easy cleanup with water ....no turps to clean brushes , probably more "environment friendly" as well . If the rain held off for another couple hours I would have been safe . The paint dries quickly but the heavy rain wiped out the last 2 hours of painting . The last paint job with the same water base lasted a good 20 years ....I was taking a chance and lost .... Painted the barn shed yesterday ...all went well ! Washed back 8 x10 tin shed today , free rinse with the rain , ready to paint when ???
  17. Thanks fishing king ...I think I have a little ape in me .... At 76 , I still do some tree work & roof repair . Climbing ladders is much more work and hard on the legs than stairways . I had to take some boxes and bricks up a ladder to cover 4 vents & a skylight at the trailer for the winter, after cleaning up some moss ....many trips up a ladder . I noticed my legs are shorter these days ..... BTW fishking , I had new windows & doors etc. done about 20 years ago . One window wasn't done but should have been replaced . Most companies do not want to do a single window (about 3' x 4') . Maybe you know someone who does small jobs on the side ? New trim also . ....only a 3 step ladder deal !
  18. Peter's Tackle keeps a supply of guides , might find the right one there . I have a small supply I have taken from broken rods I found discarded at fishing spots . I found the last eye (metal) on one of my rods yesterday has some grooves that can rake your line ....used a Dremel & fine sand stone like a chain saw stone to remove it & polish it with extra fine paper. Not sure , but I think some braids can cut grooves in cheap guides .
  19. I have spent several days power washing the house , decks ,awnings , etc. The last few days were paint days ( house trim , 3 gables , ) Yesterday I did the steel awnings ....the brown 5" wide strips have faded . It was a chore reaching them with various ladders , using brush and 4" rollers . ...looked real good ! Then ....it rained last night ...hard rain ...washed much of the water based paint off the awnings ! Arrrrrrgggggghhhh !!! Back to the brush tomorrow to redo much of it again ! The old legs take a beating going up and ladders for hours . Checked Google to see if they have drones that paint ....... ....interfering on my fishing time .....
  20. Well smerch , here it is Sept 12 ,2019 and the carbon tax has been added to gas and low & behold , gas at my local station (S & W , Lakeport Rd.) is $1:08 today ...cheapest on the Gas Buddy chart ....and they SERVE ! We anglers who do lots of traveling from spot to spot ( Tyler) appreciate these unexpected low gas prices which free up some extra cash for fishing needs ! As more E.V.'s come on to the scene , I'm hoping gas will get cheaper (supply & demand) . But don't count on it as the government of the day will keep adding more tax to gasoline & more ethanol which brings mileage down .
  21. Lots of rudd in Jordan , Gibson , Charles Daley . ...tough little fish , hard hitting and trick to catch . I enjoy Jordan as it's like a sanctuary for many bird species . ...lots of kingfishers , blue herons , green herons , diving terns , the odd osprey , loons , vultures , and cormorants , ducks , etc. I like to capture herons with a willow tree background , like this one . ( a little rocky in the canoe)
  22. I've been using Dollar Store epoxy for years . It sets in about 5 minutes but I give it 12 hours to harden up . I glued little knobs on my medicine cabinet over 10 years ago and it's still good . Here's the cheapest way to do it when you haven't got the proper set up to do guides . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_uBhPSSLGcY
  23. Thanks Mike , we saw a few mink running the shoreline so they would not be able to raid the mallard nests . Put there by the MNR or private clubs .....not too far from the "Owl Lady's" territory .
  24. It was very strange to see all the bait fish breaking the surface throughout the whole system and the fish had lockjaw ....or were absent . We tried everything from crankbaits , salted minnows , frozen smelts , worms , 3 way worm harness and notta ..... The habitat isn't normal with the high water level ....maybe try shore fishing for carp or tossing live minnows/worms on a float ? Strange disappearance of fish in many spots this year .... Mbocco .....hope you have some luck ....let us know if there are any fish in there !
  25. Congrats ! The smiles got larger in every picture .
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