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  1. It's a large piece of cloth Jack so any size bait can be wrapped with it .....thinking of using minced sardines , cat food , chicken liver , corn ,etc. , either with a hair rig or on a hook ...even a large circle hook . I found some real "ripe" brown roe in the freezer and some refrozen cream corn ....rolled them up and it looks like a go !! ....corn & brown roe ..... ..........................................................Smooth Sailing...........................................
  2. That makes sense Dave , like renewing our drivers license by our birth dates .
  3. Not for us old timers but only a few weeks left to renew. Two years ago I was carp fishing with a young guy and out of the blue a CO shows up to check our license . It was March & he forgot to renew .....$155 gone ! Then a trip to C.T. to buy a license .... I could buy a nice carp rod for $155......
  4. More like Columbo . ... and a little of Red Green in my genes too ha ! Big fan of duct tape and epoxy glue to do repairs to help keep the dump sites smaller. I'll take that as a compliment Mike !
  5. I found a paper dollar bill in my back pocket stuck to a piece of Thrills gum .....👨‍🌾
  6. Jack .....a cow is a vegan .....therefore we are eating grass.......
  7. All kinds of stuff can be tied in the cheese cloth . For cats I would try ...what else...."cat food" ....some of that tin cat food really stinks . ...or when you clean fish save the guts and roll'em up ! haha There's enough cloth in the package to make a thousand bags .We also used cheese cloth to wrap our moose quarters to keep the blow flies out of the meat . Too bad I don't have some salmon roe ....it would work for both carp and cats ....larger bags , larger hooks.
  8. Slow days on the fishing front , sooooo .....some reading material for the fishing challenged ..... After buying 50 lbs. of wild bird seed today I browsed the store for the "goodies" & found some cheese cloth (100% cotton) & some bright pink parachute rope . They label it "authentic para rope" but it's just a Chinese made copy with no where near the strength of the real stuff . It does float with the core inside & slowly sinks without the core . It may attract trout if cut in various sizes up to 3" like the plastic pink worms . The cheese cloth will be used for carp to make "roe bags" . It is very soft & more porous than roe bag material , & many baits can be wrapped inside to make any size bait balls . Look out carp , dinner is coming ! Here is a picture of my madness ......The "real" para rope is super strong (500lbs) with 7 strands inside & we used it for years to hang moose quarters in the bush . A fellow worker at GM was a sky diver (2000 jumps ) & was born and raised at Moose Factory (Cree) & gave me a big bag of it .
  9. smerchly

    It's on!

    Way to go Jack , nice sleek bow ! Water looks low .....how is the viz ? Us "older gents are the best ! RJR ....hope you can find time to fish after retirement , it ain't easy .....
  10. You can... through the ice Tyler . Two rods from shore would be nice to try different baits and depths ....it would be my luck ,after waiting for 4 hours , that a pod of carp came to visit and hit both rods together ! Chaos ! Better to have a "helper" in that case .
  11. I hope it will pass quickly . Some of these people need TO BE TOLD ! I'm not against vegans , that's their choice ....but don't complain on our choice to eat meat . I just picked up a kilo of bacon today ..... 🐷 Animal abuse is another separate story .... Abusers need to be TOLD . https://torontosun.com/news/provincial/ontario-introduces-bill-to-protect-farmers-from-activists#comments
  12. Mike ...if I stare at it they refuse to bite ! When mother nature calls the alarm will go off !! It's such a lovely day today ... look at the sunshine 🎶 why am I home ?
  13. Can you take a small boat (canoe/yak) there ? You could quickly find the honey spots ...... ❌
  14. From what I've read about cold water carp fishing , I haven't been using much chum . I think they have already put on the fat for the winter and just snack a bit during the cold months . Funny how they will take live minnow through the ice . I'll have to give it another shot carping through the ice ....one rod for carp and one for perch . ....covering all angles !
  15. Back in the 60's we didn't think of seeing beavers, otters or turkeys around here .It was groundhogs , muskrats , coons & pheasants .
  16. Looks like a perfect spot for a " mirror " carp ! Nice combo pack bait Ty , do you chum with it too ?
  17. FRESH fish straight out of Hammi Harbour ? ... ...
  18. When I ice fished at Couch we knew the perch were in the deeper water , from 22 -24 fow .I had a small piece of red tape stuck on my ice rod line at 24 ' Three us us would spread out and quickly find the depth and then sat 20' apart to gab & catch perch ....fun days . Me thinks the new mechanical battery operated jaw wacker is pushing the limits of "smart" fishing ...surprised the mnr allows it ....but we know for every $100 spent the gov't gets it's $13...... There are cheap ways to jig a second ice rod like the balancing rod holder if there's enough wind to rock it . I have some very small wooden clothes pins that clamp on the line above the ice & I attach a small rubber balloon (deflated) on the line and let the wind do the jigging . Set the drag loose of course or lose the rod .....This works good for using dead baits like salties , etc. Costs about 7 cents or the price of one homemade coffee !... now hoping for an early ice season !!
  19. Although I don't use a fish finder I don't mind anglers using them . They only cover a small part of the bottom . I don't like to see guys cutting a hole , dropping in the transducer , seeing no fish present and continue drilling 10 -15 more holes all over the place to find fish , leaving unmarked holes for everyone to dodge (if they can see them if slightly snowed over .) I have fished for an hour with no bites ,then a school shows up for dinner ! A little chum may bring more dinner guest too !
  20. Ice fishing has sank to a new low IMO ! Flashers & underwater cameras are not enough ....We now have the "all new , super , automatic , jaw jacker thingy that not only sets the hook for you , but comes with 3 auto-jig discs to take the task of jigging a lure out of your hands . Lovely ! Soon to come ??...watch you new auto fish catchers from the inside of your warm hut on your phone with a built in alarm in case you are texting , watching a movie , etc etc. and maybe that camera can also be hooked up to the phone to see what is happening at the jackers lines ...reminds me of that old song "In the year 2525" which will come much sooner than that . When I see people showing off their great catches , I have to wonder if they could catch a fish without all their electronics ..... guess I'm old fashion , but I want to catch fish using "my" brain , not rely on a machine with the latest technology . ....For sure full limit catches will increase ....maybe time to use conservation limits , I would go for that .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LRNsQikejX4
  21. The otters are playful animals , and they seem to enjoy frolicking about in the water , unlike those busy beavers that seem to be workaholics chewing up trees and building houses . Your trailer JW ....those were the days !
  22. They usually salt the crap out of my street .....bus route and very busy with a shopping mall 1km away. Temp reading here is 28*C and it's freezing rain now......I did my Black shopping yesterday at the Dollar Store ....bird suet on for a buck ....got 6 of them !! QEW eastbound from Jordan Rd to fort Erie shut down . Many hurt in accident at Jordan , one fatality . Be careful out there !!
  23. Nice going Bruce , can't beat a meal of crappies . All kinds of accidents already Jack.....my street looks like a skating rink now .....hope the black Friday weekend shoppers got all their "fishing gear" ......
  24. My daughter sent this photo to me yesterday .....she has a trailer near Consecon , about 20 minutes south of Trenton . They like to spend time there on nicer days . They have heat and cook on the bbq and enjoy the sunsets etc. ....and she is good with the camera ! An otter was spending some time right near the dock and she got several shots of it , something I have never done . It was making itself at home there ....don't know how long it will stay as the cold sets in .
  25. Factories will have to clean up or move to the U.S. or China as they have been doing for years . As the population grows we will need more sewage waste plants . Who's in charge of the crap ...Ontario or the Feds ? Follow the "flow" !
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