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    Beauty Monday

    Your slipping Jack ! But you hooked 4 fish which means they are feeding . I saw a beauty 8-10 lb.bow come through the ice Saturday ....beautiful fish ! It was also a gorgeous day on the ice today .....mild and low winds ....and they were on the bite as well !
  2. Thanks Steve ....it comes with reflector tape and will only be used in day hours . I have had 16 ft. lumber in my Astro van with 8' beyond the bumper and marked with a bright orange cloth . It sure will make it easier to launch my 90 lb.canoe . I also have a two wheeled dolly to wheel it over land .
  3. I found this one ....... just a minute ago ...... Trucks Handbook - Ministry of Transportation The Highway Traffic Act states that any load overhanging the rear of a vehicle by 1.5 metres (5 ft.) or more should be marked by a red light when lights are required (one-half hour before sunset to one-half hour after sunrise or at other times of poor light conditions) and, at all other times, by a red flag or red marker. www.mto.gov.on.ca/english/trucks/handbook/section1-4-4.shtml
  4. Gave Rennie a go today ...first time to ice fish there this season....Windy ! I "was' going to go to a good looking spot to carp fish , but it's wide open water ! So I set up one line with 2 hooks , one on bottom , other 10" off bottom ....shrimp , cheese cloth bag with corn , shrimp pieces, oats & chopped bread (on bottom) and baited top hook with a live minnow ( then a mangled minnow for more scent) ...and chummed with the same concoction . I baited my other rod with a live minnow & caught a nice fat perch (released) , then a small pike , also released . ....a couple shots..... my carp rig with the clothes peg on the line for free wind jigging....
  5. I have at least 1000 paper prints I took over many years . Some of the oldest are from the 50's using a Brownie camera . From there I got into 35mm and then bought a Canon AT-1 with all the lenses and filters . It's still in the bag in my basement with a film in it lol ! These pictures I posted here are simply copies taken with my present pocket camera , a Samsung snap & click with14 m.p.s I just put each picture on a piece of white paper under my 4 ft . florescent work light or use daylight in the shade . I did a bunch more today . Our best fishing trip was L.Opasatika south of Kapuskasing Ont. ...big eyes and pike ! ...my old boat , notice the fish finders ? ( about 1980 )
  6. Thanks for that info LT , I'll have to check into that . One of the pictures shows a load of long lumber well over 4ft. passed the "T" extender which is 5 ft. passed my bumper . If I allow the canoe to sit on the 5'ft. cross member about 3 ft. it would extend passed the cross member and be about 7-8 ft.passed the back doors of the van . A red/orange marker would be added , and I would not use any highways , just local roads to fish Jordan , Martindale or the Rec . If necessary , I'll have to slide it over the 5 ft wide bar and load on top .
  7. WTG Jack ....nice looking hen ! Water viz. looks good there .
  8. I could retrieve a couple of them for the mnr ...using a rope and gaff hook ,from either above or below . I don't think it's a complicated dangerous feat to get at them . As I said earlier , we should know how they died , either shot or poisoned .....
  9. Has anyone used these extenders ? I picked one up today at P.Auto , one sale for $60 . I bought it for my Astro van so that I can easily put my 16' freighter canoe in the van and have about 6 -7' resting on this steel extension . It can also sit upright over the van's roof to carry ladders , boats , etc. .I haven't seen one on the road , but it should be the ticket for me for short runs since I will need to have the back doors slightly open which causes some exhaust to get inside ..... (front windows open) https://www.princessauto.com/en/detail/collapsible-hitch-mount-truck-bed-extender/A-p8540882e?utm_medium=flyertown&utm_source=eflyer&utm_campaign=hosted
  10. Awesome time catching those silvers on light tackle JW ..... Notice all the debris in the water ...... (none of it was plastic )
  11. Exactly ! There are many places to dispose of dead animal /bird carcasses . Going back 50 + years we came across about 20 racoon bodies that were skinned for their pelts . ...don't think it was was back in the days of "Davey Crockett" ...
  12. Smerchy fishing from the same spot ...a few years back Looks like a bunch of silvers ...... handsome dude ....
  13. Not so fast with the "open water" Joe ! Ice is being made as we "speak" I need to get my money's worth out of my $100 Baffin boots . Ya gotta dress real warm in dis climate ! April 1 will soon be here and we can talk soft water then ...... Joe....how about that RBR for catching a few cats now ?
  14. all those flies make those rocks look perrty JW ! HEY !!! 🙃
  15. I don't remember this happening as I was 11 years old and was too busy fishing for suckers at the 12 Mile Creek . I stumbled across this short video (film) while looking at fishing vids.... Glad to see nobody took the ride with those humongous pebbles........ Some funny comments too like my topic line .... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SH8lsTO9Lsk
  16. Yes , this winter sucks for ice fishing . I didn't even break out my hut(s) .... I was also hoping to drop a line down the hatch for carp , but my spot may be "dicey" to tread my 145 lb mass on ....(180 with my boots) But I may try a "spud trip" near shore before ice out . A few cold days ahead might put me out there by Saturday .
  17. smerchly

    Old Reel

    Thanks for that Dawg ..... who knows , I might end up doing an eye fish on Erie . I forgot , two rods are legal , so I can also use my old Shimano Stradic 4000 . That big reel can grace my 12 ft. carp rod !
  18. I agree ...it's a BIG lake out there and the fish are on the move . Yesterdays way point may not show a thing today .. The first post was pointing out that while ice fishing with a camera , "flossing or snagging" is an easy "opportunity" to pick the fish you want ...with no controls over it ... and I doubt the mnr cares one way or another.... I mind my own business when it comes to others who fish with extra rods , or take more than legal limits . That's the mnr's job .
  19. Well the chucking did take place ...on land this year since the ice was deemed unsafe , and rubber chickens were used as well .....but they said real chickens would be used if the event was on the ice . I could have gone to fish there after all ! But I did okay at "plan B " and enjoyed a beauty day out there ! https://www.stcatharinesstandard.ca/community-story/9855589-chicken-chucking-championships-honour-neil-peart-at-lakeside-park/
  20. smerchly

    Old Reel

    Where are you headed to Capt ? I have some 500# wire clothesline I can spool up the reel !! 🦈
  21. I still have some of my old J-11 , J-13 bright orange Raps that we trolled in the spring derbies . I hooked a beauty bow in 10 fow off CDP back in the 80's on the J-11. Luhr Jensen "fire plugs" were used also .....akin to the "kwik Fish"
  22. Oh No !!!! I "was" going to fish there today ....all those squawking chickens will kill the bite !! ....back to the back side ! They usually won't do their thing unless there's 6" of ice ...I heard, and at one event I saw them tossing rubber chickens but Peetah wouldn't be amused ..... and they might go after the ice fishermen .......
  23. smerchly

    Old Reel

    The salmon fishing was huge back in the 80's . It was fun listening to all the "handles" out there . My two buddies were " Bushwacker " and "Three Finger Lewie " . there was "Sam the Barber" My cousin Jim's boat was the "Bomber A" ...We had a lot of fun out there .....
  24. Looks good for drifting a worm harness ....probably hook a big carp !
  25. Nice shot of Hammi Harb ....was that taken in July ? 😁
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