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  1. Was supposed to go to L Simcoe, but high winds cancelled that idea, so Anna and I went to Pt Robinson for a few hours. Got a few bass,lots of pannies, and finally got my first muskie as an accidental catch, a young 2 footer. We then ran into Dee and her dog.
  2. Went for a few hours this evening, seeing as the weather will be a bit unsettled the next couple of days. Was not expecting much, just some pannies. The bass had different ideas. Got a dozen with the largest being a little more than 19" long.
  3. I've fished it a couple of times. Not much shore access. Fairly overgrown shoreline. Very shallow body of water, 1-2ft depth . Only ever caught small pannies.
  4. Got to spend an hour with the family for a little fun fishing. The smallmouth were co-operative. 4 in an hour isn't too bad for dragging tubes.
  5. Launched out of Queenston
  6. I have been sooo busy the past couple of months with the farm and with Ugliboys Baits that there has been no time for fishing. Today I took the morning off to fish the Lower with my son, Rob D. We were vertical jigging 1/2 oz ball jigs with finesse minnows. Got lots of smallmouth in the first 2 hours, then the bite tailed off to nothing by 11. Still a great relaxing morning.
  7. Shuswap on Nippissing's West Arm is pretty good. Lets face it, if you are looking for numbers go north of #17. Chapleau, Folyet, Biscotasi, Agawa are all great areas.
  8. Sadly Mr Bill, more regs and more red tape will change nothing. Banning fishing does not put an end to the problem, as a new form of trash/litter will just take it's place. Look at Martindale pond. YOu can build a small island with all the plastic bottles left lying around by walkers, joggers and rowers. The problem is mankind period. We may need the earth to live on, but mother earth would be far better off without us. No matter how you view it, mankind is constantly trying to change the world for it's own ends and convenience. Essentially, we have been at war with the world since before the industrial revolution.
  9. Being out at the farm a lot, one usually picks 2 or 3 ticks off oneself every couple of day. That has not been a problem the past 2 weeks. I'm in the tall weeds and grass and it is wet out. Skeeters still tend to like me. The only thing I can figure is what I'm doing this time of year. Same pattern emerges over past 3 years. I'm harvesting roughly 2-3 cases of garlic every couple of days. Ticks must not like the taste on my skin, or not like being around the plants.
  10. Here in Ontario there are laws for ths kind of crap harassment..Enough said. We will not be opening the floor for any rants.
  11. They are just more noticeable because they are physically different. Lots of white, redneck, Russian, Slavic, English, and French poachers around too. Look around L Gibson and Martindale pond in May and June. Amazing how many good ole boys are targetting bass on their beds. Then there are those who have never read the regs and have no clue that a closed season for pike has been in force since 2008 in Niagara
  12. I would be a bad site administrator if I started spamming NFN. Especially when we don't allow others to advertise for free. PM sent
  13. I have no time to fish. At present I am casting a minimum of 2000 jigs a week trying to keep up with demand. The family business suddenly took off.
  14. Regretably, Smerch, you're preaching to the choir here on NFN. The "ne'eer do wells" and "can't care lessers". are not interested in ethics, good manners or conservation practices.
  15. I remember the zoo that was the Food Terminal. Have not been there since the mid 90's. We have our own unique circus up at St Jakobs