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  1. Was down in the 12 one evening this week. Took a few different changes in tactic, and I had to work for them, but i did find smallies. As for Martindale, there is a lot of pressure on the pike these days. Water is also piss warm. I expect a lot of fish have gone deep.
  2. Soil contaminants are a biggy with CFIA. If I visit a farm in the US, I'm not allowed to visit a Canadian farm for 7 days. Flower bulbs must be sanitized before we can get them into Canada. Potted plants must use soiless potting mix.
  3. Back on the river again today. Risk of high winds and storms made the big lakes a no go. We ceertainly had a mixed bag. Silvers, redhorse, smallies and walleye. All caught on different tactics from paddletails, jigging spoons, stick bait and harnesses.
  4. Still flooded with the dock sitting at that crazy angle. It is going to take a lot of time to bring the lake level down.
  5. We were hitting both today. One of these days I've got to get out with you for a day on the water.
  6. We got both smallies and walleyes jigging from 20-30' depth until they turned up the current. Our 1 mph drift eventually sped up to 2.5mph. Rock snot is starting to die down.
  7. Had a great morning on the river . Had planned on Erie but the winds and storms were a turn off. SO we opt for plan "B" Jigging for smallies and walters while Rob tried desperately to land his first gar. No luck in that department, but we did OK with the jigging.
  8. That's my back up camera. Haven't found one that I like yet.
  9. The river was good to us this morning. We even missed the worst of the weather they had predicted. Started to see some big wads of rocksnot. Todays success came from paddletails and Ned rigs.
  10. Good thing you went when you did.. Charles Daley Park ponds are now closed. The east beach and the boardwalk are gone. The laneway to the west pond is nearly washed out .
  11. I might be able to swing it.
  12. Not just the QEW. 406 and 58 also have multiple constructions and closures. 1/2 of St Catharines is not open for business. Same thing happened last year to Thorold. Typical piss poor planning.
  13. There is one by the root beer river.
  14. bigugli


    Ice has to clear out of the river.
  15. There are lots of dirtbags here in the West Hill. They are well known on our street. Have them on night surveillance footage snooping in neighbourhood properties and vehicles, including ours. One even has a number of pending court dates. Yet the donut patrol continues to let them roam free to do more damage. Another vehicle got stripped this week of tools and outdoor gear. A few weeks back it was a boat. Bottom line if it is accessible, without consequence, it is gone.
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