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  1. Good thing you went when you did.. Charles Daley Park ponds are now closed. The east beach and the boardwalk are gone. The laneway to the west pond is nearly washed out .
  2. I might be able to swing it.
  3. Not just the QEW. 406 and 58 also have multiple constructions and closures. 1/2 of St Catharines is not open for business. Same thing happened last year to Thorold. Typical piss poor planning.
  4. There is one by the root beer river.
  5. bigugli


    Ice has to clear out of the river.
  6. There are lots of dirtbags here in the West Hill. They are well known on our street. Have them on night surveillance footage snooping in neighbourhood properties and vehicles, including ours. One even has a number of pending court dates. Yet the donut patrol continues to let them roam free to do more damage. Another vehicle got stripped this week of tools and outdoor gear. A few weeks back it was a boat. Bottom line if it is accessible, without consequence, it is gone.
  7. Usually full of stunted sunfish. Although flooding from the 20 will bring fesh water and specimens into the pond. My last visit there I found someone had dumped goldfish and koi in there.
  8. Was crazy enough to head out at 7am and catch some pannies before it got too crazy out there. Light rain, sleet and wind were all taking their turn at beating a few of us up. Even so, I managed a few fish in the 2 1/2 hours out. It certainly beats sitting indoors.
  9. At this time of year everything is going to depend on the ice above the dam
  10. bigugli

    Barry maz....

    Welcome to our cozy little family, Jmaz4. Your Dad was a good man. I only fished with him a few times, sadly. We did spend a lot of time talking about fishing down at the Juravinski. My Mrs and your Dad had the same chemo schedule, so we would yak away about fishing til your Dad got tired, or the session was over.
  11. That is true of every spot with a lot of fishing traffic, but usually I watch these "anglers" toss their butts straight into the water
  12. Problem with GRT is that the city puts the barrels there, but refuse to come down and empty them.
  13. A lot of these people doing the dumping in and around THorold have nothing to do with fishing. As mooseslayer said. It has been going on for years in a number of locations. Most of the messes I have seen are from DIY renovators, cheap lowball contractors and slumlords clearing out apartments. Oh, and don't forget those local garages that finally got busted for dumping tires a few years back. People too cheap to pay the dump fees.
  14. Was a chore day harvesting pussy willows today. Tomorrow I'll be cutting and bunching
  15. bigugli


    I got out yesterday for some crappie. Slow, but no white stripe.
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