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  1. bigugli

    Sportsman Show

    Appears the Sportsman show is getting desperate. They are already advertising for ticket sales in December. Buy before Xmas eve for a $5 discount
  2. bigugli

    Inhouse derbies

    THe problem is in finding people willing to step up to th plate. Usuallyu, a few will chirp about the lack of events, but always step back when asked if they will volunteer. The "I want it as long as somebody else arranges it" crowd.
  3. bigugli

    Awfully quiet

    Now there's a name to put a smile on my very white face. We need to talk, catch up and fish my son
  4. bigugli

    Awfully quiet

    Lately, I would have to say a morgue has more traffic than here. Then again, the weather has not been very good the past month. Temperatures and weather up and down like a yoyo and water the richness of hot choclate. Not much of a fall. Haven't had much time for fishing myself. Been too busy making jigs and sinkers. Maybe we'll get early ice?
  5. bigugli

    Great fireworks

    THis weekend, and next, is the Cascades of Fire in the Falls. China put up their fireworks display tonight. It was pretty good. Tomorrow is Finland. If you get a chance go out and watch. It's only an hour out of your evening.
  6. It certainly was the first fish. 10 minutes after the bell rang. I'm sure I can cover your needs. Will bring along a case of the good stuff for the special needs of our friends
  7. Weight was for best individual fish
  8. Was a fun day out. Thank you to all who helped to put this on. P.S. The grandkids made off like little bandits.
  9. I be bringing da clan
  10. bigugli

    Nice to get out

    Been so busy the past month between harvesting peppers and filling tackle orders. Finally got out for 2 hours before sundown today. Lots of small bass and bluegills. Great way to relax.
  11. bigugli

    FMZ 16 regulations

    I've seen them in the streams up to Hwy #8
  12. bigugli

    FMZ 16 regulations

    These small tribs are producing young every year, be it trout or salmon. I had, in the past, posted pics of some caught while fishing pannies and some caught in my minnow net. I certainly won't publicize which streams they are.
  13. bigugli

    FMZ 16 regulations

    Many of the south shore tribs used to have extended seasons back when the15, 16, and 20 were stocked as put and take. Those tributaries are no longer stocked as they now have consistent reproduction. These tribs also used to be gong shows in the fall and the slaughter was anything but justifiable. I, for one, was glad they ended the extended season. Just as I am glad they finally stopped allowing the spearing and netting of pike in the region.
  14. bigugli

    Port Dalhousie Kids Day Sat Sept 15

    According top the grandkiids it was a great day. Regretably I was a no show with it being harvest time, etc.... All 4 made out like bandits by day's end placing in the top 10 for their age groups.Thank you SCG&F for a great event.
  15. bigugli

    Trash cleanup Day

    If you really want to see trash, drive down some of the rural roads and look in the ditches. people from the towns too cheap to pay the dump fees drop their bulk trash along the side of the road out of view from prying eyes. The end of ormond street was a nightmare. Lord knows how many times I've had to pick up crap dumped in front of the farm. That is until I bounced a couple of rocks off the one pig's truck. Pity I didn't smash the windshield.