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  1. The "Cronz" was living down here for a little while. We chatted a couple of times here and there. He's up in the Kawarthas now i believe
  2. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band also had the "Fish Song" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-WaykRD2JQo
  3. Glad you guys had a good day out. Got trapped here filling an order for Monday for Ugliboys
  4. If you are suffering neuralgia in your hands, even the best hand warmers will not help. My mother is an avid angler, and used to love sledding. Not any more. The pain from the neuralgia is just too much, and being out in the cold is no longer enjoyable.
  5. Nor have I. Been so busy casting ice jigs.
  6. bigugli


    Finally got out to fish. Hit the traditional smelt grounds. Saw 2 smelt around 3" Lots of dink perch around, but managed a dew decent 10" perch for the pan.
  7. More time for me to spend with "My George"
  8. It was a great day out. What we get... Maybe 5-6" tops, overnight??? Took me 20 minutes to dig out the driveway. 30 minutes for the sidewalk to the corner. Then I spent the rest of the day outdoors casting jigs. Tomorrow will be too cold for metal casting, so I'll stay indoors and paint.
  9. I'm in Rennie or Dain City
  10. A lot of the lessons of the past will have to be relearnt by the new generations the hard way. I see some really lean, tough years in the near future. Even now there are few silver lined futures out there.
  11. I have a 3 yr old grandaughter here who comes out to the farm, plants and harvests her own squash and pumpkins. She made $100 just from the sale of her squash last season. She already knows that one has to do the chores to earn the rewards.
  12. Those kids wouldn't survive in my house. Until they realized that the food doesn't get put on the table til the chores are done.
  13. An angler diary is always a great reference source over the years.
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