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  1. Actually we were fishing a group of smaller lakes about 1 1/2 hrs from Tobin and a 1/2 hr off the #16. Biggest was Fishing L.
  2. We are always picking up stuff here and there, but not to the volume that I have to buy additional garbage tags to dispose of the waste. I do, however, pick up a few thousand bottles and cans that I recycle. It takes 30 pop cans to make 1 lb.
  3. The SCG&F usually run a tyers club through the winter months, organized y Gerry Mitrovich,but all is on hold thanks to Covid 19.
  4. There is a lot of good water in that river.
  5. The days are warm to hot, but dry, and the nights are nice and cool. We had a fair amount of rain, but it was overnight into the morning,and done by 8. That left the rest of the day for fishing. We did have one bad day. Cold front and too windy to launch the boat, so we were onshore with only a handful caught.
  6. As a gift for my birthday, The family paid to fly me out to the prairies for a 10 day fishing trip. What a fantastic time with my family. Then there was the fishing. Never hit the water for more than 4-5 hours each day, yet we were catching 50-120 fish per session. The tactics were simple. Baitholders with leeches, and our worm harnesses tipped with worm, leech or minnow. Minnow and ball jigs , with a sickle hook or casting jigs tipped with twisters or paddle tales. The fish were insane. Walleye out there were fighters, not dead weight. Pike were a lot thicker across the back as compared to pike in southern Ontario.
  7. Just finally back from my western adventure of 100 fish days. Report to follow.
  8. Different company got the Welland bid
  9. They had a floating splash pad and paddle board rentals last year by the wreck.
  10. Access to the creek mouth now has a "No Trespassing" sign posted. I guess in anticipation of the development going in along the river, tween the creek and Lincoln Ave.
  11. Well it looks like the hotel is posting the grounds as "No Trespassing" In anticipation of starting up their water park
  12. I've still got my toque
  13. By the time I finish the orders this week, I will have to replenish some of my inventory. The simple jig is still the mainsta of every Northern tackle box.
  14. I like pickerel rigs, and other times I just fish cats under a float.
  15. Despite all this beautiful weather, I'm stuck indoors. Have a mountain of jigs to finish before my fishing trip to the prairies. Just one large batch of glow jigs going out today.
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