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  1. bigugli

    Port Dalhousie Kids Day Sat Sept 15

    According top the grandkiids it was a great day. Regretably I was a no show with it being harvest time, etc.... All 4 made out like bandits by day's end placing in the top 10 for their age groups.Thank you SCG&F for a great event.
  2. bigugli

    Trash cleanup Day

    If you really want to see trash, drive down some of the rural roads and look in the ditches. people from the towns too cheap to pay the dump fees drop their bulk trash along the side of the road out of view from prying eyes. The end of ormond street was a nightmare. Lord knows how many times I've had to pick up crap dumped in front of the farm. That is until I bounced a couple of rocks off the one pig's truck. Pity I didn't smash the windshield.
  3. bigugli

    Trash cleanup Day

    It does not need to take an organized event to clean things up. People just need to clean up after themselves, and their neighbour, as needs be. I'm working on my third pile of tin cans this year. I always have a bag in my pocket and am always picking up wherever I travel and in the neighbourhood. I don't leave behind crap, nor will I allow anyone else in the family. Call it old fashioned and barbaric, if you want, but a swift smack to the back of the head does wonders. Lets borrow a proven method from our neighbours to the south and put the boys in the "Thorold Hilton" to work on the "chain gang".
  4. bigugli

    garbage pick up

    Niagara Region has posted public notices about ongoing garbage collection problems with Emterra. We had these problems already last year. Seems the region backed the wrong horse. What a surprise
  5. bigugli

    Gravelly Bay hunting

    The well heeled and affluent have been harassing hunters in the bay for years. The thing is this, the municipality has no authority on L Erie. That falls to provincial jurisdiction. Dan Andrews should be chiming in on this topic.
  6. bigugli

    Bay of Quinte

    East of Kingston is not the Bay of Quinte
  7. bigugli

    Eating our catch

    This scam has been playing for a very long time. How else do you think some of these restaurants can afford to offer a dirt cheap Friday special. There has been a few times where I've sent the plate back and walked out because the halibut on the menu was cod or pollock
  8. bigugli


    For all the effort we put in, we can't win for trying. I am truly beginning to believe there is no hope for humankind!
  9. bigugli

    Invaders !!

    Hey Bill, the entire neighbourhood has seen an increase in rat activity since they started ripping up and rebuilding the local sewers. They are looking for new homes and territory. Seen a few scurrying in the yard, other neighbours have similar complaints.
  10. bigugli

    Thieves in Welland

    With all this swampland in the Niagara region, we should be able to cure some of the problem without the "help" of the courts😉
  11. bigugli

    "Tick"ellish Situation

    We seem to be getting ticks in our backyard on a regular basis. Lots of critters roaming around on the street. Skunks at one house, squirrels in another attic. Rats and rabbits in the "natural" yard next door. One neighbour's dog has killed 2 skunks and our dogs have gotten 2 rats. OF course the dogs, and Judy have come into the house carrying ticks.
  12. bigugli

    Thieves in Welland

    I'm sure glad my 3 year old grandaughter does not behave like that here at home. George may have some fiery tantrums, but when the law is laid down, thats the end of it
  13. bigugli

    Thieves in Welland

    The big city problems of 20-30 years back are now an epidemic everywhere. The courts will never get tough on theiving because the bar society would never make any money,
  14. bigugli

    Van Go (Gone)?

    You'll be lucky to see a $1000 out of the insurance. Unfortunate and sad.
  15. bigugli

    Niagara river

    We decided to go out despite the threat of rain Sunday morning. Had the entire lower river to ourselves. Took abou an hour to figur out a working pattern on the smallmouth. Once we had things figured out it was a blast. Swim baits and twister tails tossed up into the shallows were the ticket for three solid hours of fishing. FInally, we had to give up as the rain was getting a lot heavier and the sky was getting that 'thunderstorm" black. At the end of it we had boated close to 50 bronze backs, biggest being around 3 1/2.