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  1. NPCA has closed all their public facilities and passive parks. We saw a couple local St Kitts parking getting the yellow tape treatment today. How far they go with this excess?????
  2. bigugli

    Happy Man

    I can still go fishing. I'm not letting the chaos get the better of me.
  3. have to head to the deeper areas west of Long Point.
  4. I vaguely recall drinking some 160 or 180 proof stuff back in the day, but only vaguely. It's all a blur.
  5. Canadian booze won't cut it. To effectively sanitize/kill germs the alcohol count has to be 120 proof or 60% alcohol. You gottsta buy the premium imported stuff. Bacardi 151 comes to mind
  6. I'm still running my NOS $20 sale. LOL
  7. I got the message 10 minutes after posting.
  8. Niagara Outdoor Show cancelled! no back up date as yet. Peterborough show cancelled as well.
  9. Looking forward to the show on March 15th. Lots of great stuff. Deals, Casting Kids, etc...
  10. Yes it was a beautiful afternoon to be stuck at home waiting for customers who never shewed up.
  11. Depends on weather and availability of the crane and volunteers
  12. I wasn't around for that one, but I was here when they shut down the American falls. Was really neat to get to see the face close up.
  13. Apparently he was down on the lower last week. He's not there that often I know I've had lots of streamer requests.
  14. Never seems to be open any more.
  15. Tomorrow is the day. 9-1 at Laura Secord HS on Niagara st. here in St Kitts. Come have a look.
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