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  1. Got out this morning for a few hours ahead of this "storm front" martindale was a bust for perch. Still fairly muddy. Then ran up to the Welland river. Had to work hard to get a bite, but the rewards were great. Found a school of hungry crappie. Very soft bite at long range. Biggest one a hair over 13". Another couple nearby never had a sniff.
  2. My taxes pay for public roads. I am not going to pay a private company over and above that.
  3. I refuse to use the 407. It is not a public road.
  4. Too many family obligations got in the way yesterday.
  5. I was there the late 80's. I have never seen anything like it since
  6. Nothing worse than fishing the opener on the Ganny back in the heyday. 200+ anglers rubbing elbows along a short stretch of shoreline
  7. Water fro th 12 has been fairly muddy. Noise and disturbances in the water , from construction, will have the fish spooked.
  8. The fish place across from the hospital is pretty good.
  9. bigugli


    Micro jigs, under a float tipped with a small bit of worm or a berkeley red maggot.
  10. bigugli


    That pig was a solid 10"
  11. bigugli


    Got out to enjoy some fishing before the front moved in, yesterday. What a morning. Non-stop bluegill and crappie
  12. Gotta love Canada. A country where the legal system is corrupt and the lawyers keep getting richer and richer.
  13. bigugli

    Welland R

    Better than crappie in my humble pinion. Family loves them too.
  14. bigugli

    Welland R

    Love to hear it
  15. bigugli

    Welland R

    Was a beautiful morning out along the Welland R. Big slab bluegills are starting to fatten up before the cold comes. Now back to my regularly scheduled grind.
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