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  1. They were given warnings, ordered to do some plantings and ordered to put up a sediment barries to slow the flow of earth from the stripped hillside. There were no charges. No fines.
  2. Slap on the wrist. Property owner now has a million dollar view and the property value gets a huge boost
  3. The SCG&F is 90 this year. Lots planned or in the works for the year. First is the Niagara fishing and Tackle Swap on Feb 1st. All the spaces are already booked. A number of clubs and retailers will be present. Look to the SCG&F for further details. I know I'm gonna be there. To quote Bowzer " Be dere or be square"
  4. bigugli


    It was a roe bite in just about every colour of bag.
  5. bigugli


    THis 60 year old newbie finally got to drift the Niagara, Despite the comedy of errors in the first couple of hours, I had FUN! 1/2 a day and we went 6 for 7
  6. A very poor description of the wildlife to be found in and around the pond
  7. Sorry, but that is a secret gift for myself and my elves
  8. Was too busy filling the sleigh for the big night
  9. Got out this morning for a few hours ahead of this "storm front" martindale was a bust for perch. Still fairly muddy. Then ran up to the Welland river. Had to work hard to get a bite, but the rewards were great. Found a school of hungry crappie. Very soft bite at long range. Biggest one a hair over 13". Another couple nearby never had a sniff.
  10. My taxes pay for public roads. I am not going to pay a private company over and above that.
  11. I refuse to use the 407. It is not a public road.
  12. Too many family obligations got in the way yesterday.
  13. I was there the late 80's. I have never seen anything like it since
  14. Nothing worse than fishing the opener on the Ganny back in the heyday. 200+ anglers rubbing elbows along a short stretch of shoreline
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