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  1. bigugli

    went for perch caught bows

    Brought home a couple of browns tonight. They'll be our guests , later, on the BBQ
  2. bigugli

    A beautiful sunny Saturday

    Was out with the son and two of my grandaughters from well before the crack of dawn. We were on the multi species hunt at Martindale pond. The firat half of the day was great catching crappie, bluegills, perch. The one grandaughter even manage a 26" carp. Sorry for the lack of pics, but no image host and my pic files are too big to download.
  3. bigugli

    Just a few questions

    I thought I saw you there. The blue lumberjact jacket and your trademark pail are a dead giveaway.
  4. bigugli


    Welcome to the fishin hole, and don't forget the fishin pole.
  5. bigugli

    I'm getting my Ice Fishing Stuff back Out

    I've got friends up north of Timmins saying no way ice is out before Walleye opener.
  6. bigugli

    SPRING ?

    So far so good here, BIll. Going to mean late planting and harvests, which means price increases for food. Yes this month I've been fishing March patterns. Our seasons are about 3 weeks behind so far.
  7. bigugli

    Nice Day

    The weather is all screwed up right now with colder than average air and water temperatures. Normally, by now, I would have more places to hit than time available
  8. bigugli

    Nice Day

    And the pannies just won't stop biting. SOme of the slabs are a healthy 13". I'm a very happy camper.
  9. bigugli


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  10. bigugli

    Nice Day

    You old wheezers obviously don't have the pitter patter of little feet running through your homes first thing every morning. They rule the roost. Not me.
  11. bigugli

    Hola from mexico!!!

  12. bigugli

    Nice Day

    I remember those. 12 hour nights, 5 nights a week in T.O. the not so good city.
  13. bigugli

    The Standard

    That's what happens when the local paper gets bought out by a big outsider. Look at a lot of the small local papers that disappeared this year. Closed by Torstar and PostMedia. Our little town news is not important enough for the big Toronto boys.
  14. bigugli

    Nice Day

    Despite being a little nippy out there it was a decent day for some fishing. The bite was a bit tough, but i managed a decent mixed bag of crappie and perch in deep water.
  15. bigugli

    Where to fish in 70km/h winds?

    The fish tank at Basspro