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  1. Unfortunately, Bill, The sales features and the flyers were planned back in November for this spring. That is necessary to ensure enough material is normally available. This year, however, is anything but normal.
  2. One if it was brekkie. 2 for supper
  3. Crappie have been hungry the past 2 nights
  4. Just remember, that our parliamentary system only exists because parliament stood up to a king who tried to ignore the fundamental supremacy of parliament. Charles Ist would be executed in 1649 for treason.
  5. At that velocity and low altitude there was not enough time for the chutes to properly deploy
  6. You see the eject, but no chute.
  7. When it comes to local government assume nothing. I know St Catharines did pull down some of the barriers and signs.
  8. Please realize that the delays for opening some facilities are simply an issue of logistics. A lack of available manpower or equipment, on short notice, to make things happen. Most parks and rec departments postponed their seasonal and student hires. It takes time to get things rolling.
  9. Each local jurisdiction is also free to choose their own timetable and delay the re-opening.
  10. bigugli


    have kept a diary for years now. Great point of reference to look back on.
  11. Niagara parks is drawing the hard line. Kawartha lakes open tomorrow, Grand river CA and Haldimand Norfolk are sticking to closure. Belle R opening up a little. Windsor not yet. it's a crap shoot. Most municipalities are taking their lead from Queen's park.
  12. I was out hunting for Mr Pikie. No pike but I did find a huge school of big shiners for salting
  13. Get out the chestnuts for roasting and the popcorn for popping. What a great start to pike and walleye opener. Cold and snow flurries.
  14. Yep, there are carpenter bees and there are burrowing bees. There are also yellowjackets that have their colonies in the ground. You got them really stirred up cutting the grass.
  15. bigugli

    Fished Today

    We got out for two hours. Got ourselves another one of them trophy sized Rudd in the Welland R system.
  16. bigugli

    Be careful

    I drove by on my way home from the farm. There were a dozen cars at the end of the lot.
  17. Sadly, Sheer was also another "Bad example"
  18. bigugli

    Be careful

    If the public properties have been declared closed by province, region, municipality, whatever dept. Regardless of the reason. They committed an act of trespass. Same if you are found in a public park outside regular hours. THis is not the United States where the rights of the individual are sacred. This is Canada, where things such as fishing, hunting, driving, use of crown land, are granted as a privilege. And do not point to the "Canadian Charter of Rights" as it is nothing more than a limp wristed scrap of bum wipe with more holes in it than a piece of Swiss cheese.
  19. I don't mind a feed or two of white perch. Just have to be prepared properly. Tommy was before my involvement in the area. Have always enjoyed making the trip to Windsor when the silvers are running. Catch a hundred or so and maybe keep 2 dozen. There was a decent run of silvers in Port D back in the 80's early 90's, but have disappeared.
  20. I don't mind a feed or two of white perch. Just have to be prepared properly.
  21. AGAIN. The subject was a broken down truck and boat trailer, and the forum is fishing. Not the merits or non-merits of covid 19 rules. At present fishing and hunting in Ontario are not yet prohibited. We will not allow a constant pissing match. If you have questions or doubts, please feel free to contact the appropriate authorities.
  22. The latest on Port is that the ramp, Game and Fish property, and surrounding area are now closed by city order.
  23. Currently fines are for trespassing in closed parks/properties/ conservation areas. Also for failure to comply with the rules for social distancing. The MNRF has, to this point, made it clear that fishing and hunting have not been suspended. Whether or not that continues, who knows.
  24. NPCA has closed all their public facilities and passive parks. We saw a couple local St Kitts parking getting the yellow tape treatment today. How far they go with this excess?????
  25. bigugli

    Happy Man

    I can still go fishing. I'm not letting the chaos get the better of me.
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