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  1. The show was a great success! We had a tonn of kids for the casting contest, as well as the coloring contest! Congratulations to Gabby, and Keeva Anderson for winning a rod and reel combo each, they did a great job in both events! Thanks to Bill Whitehead for donating the prizes! Thanks goes out to Bill, he puts alot of hard work and stress into making this happen! As well as all the local vendors who put their time in as well, Congrats to Bill on another great show!
  2. Spot has been filled! Look forward to fishing with you Matt!
  3. Wayne D. Chute Looking for a partner for the Niagara outdoor open this weekend, costs will be $150,($100 for half the entry, $40 for fuel, $10 for half of big fish entry) if we place in the money we split 50/50! I will be there to fizz fish as well! First come first in! Must have N.Y State fishing license, one day permits can be obtained!
  4. not that bad really, just don,t touch u.s soil and you,ll be fine!
  5. WAs there as well! stayed at a private cottage rental in the flats of hay bay , we did alright, cottage was great, fully furnished and with a hot tub, way to many beers, biggest was 6 pnds!
  6. The reply we got was as long as you did not touch ground (u.s soil) run aground, or touch, or more to another boat or touch another boat on the water or anchor then you were o.k to cross and fish, as soon as you do any of the above then you have to call from a video phone with all the proper i.d required!Keep in mind you must have all required licences to fish the u.s side, they may board or check you at any time if they deem something suspicuse!They are just doing there job and insist they are not there to harass anyone!
  7. There was some video taken by the O.B.F president, All agencies showed all showed with the exception of the the canadian customs, very embarassing for them in my opinion, the u.s side gave some very helpful info !
  8. so were are a trout site now? Come on guyz really! They are following the regs and further more spending the $70 for the licence to fish the N.Y side, comments about ethics have there place, lets not bash the guyz fishing legally! If you don,t like it don,t reply!
  9. Yes we did lol ,net was too small, i cradled her under the belly and hoisted her in, being Ryans first i really wanted him to get a pic with it, 2 quick pics and she was release right away, took off like a rocket!
  10. Fished the 30 pound challenge yesterday with Diltzy from the boards here, winds were major crazy and the water was muddy as heck, we fished the entire upper niagara, candian and u.s to no avail, the bass had lock jaw!Highlight of the day was Diltzy catching a monster musky, dropshoting using 10 pnd flurocarbon and a small owner circle hook! Great catch on some finnese bass tackle, congrats Ryan on your first musky!
  11. nautilous are junk, Pete had to bail me out on the river once with them and they where only a week old, they can,t take the pounding in a boat, I,m using the interstate boat/rv batterys 27 series, i get about 4 years out of these, my cranking battery went and under Petes advice installed a walmart energizer and have had no problems all season, good batterys!
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