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  1. mrhoss

    Notl Today

    Hey, that was not nice... the sun was in my eyes in the first pic
  2. mrhoss

    Notl Today

    Big lamprey chunk taken out of the fish in the second pic. Wish they would get rid of those things ounce and for all...
  3. mrhoss

    Notl Today

    First trip this year off the Niagara. Between 15-30 Feet of water. Two lakers before 10:30 then off home. Fire tiger J13 got both... saw another couple fish caught but nothing special. Another week or so and the Kings will be around...
  4. Saw the RCMP boat drive buy on Saturday afternoon but did not see them stop anyone. I headed to the lake. They tend to go in spurts and tend not to be out there everyday...
  5. I went last year... wish I stayed home. Only good thing was that they gave free parking on the first day given there was a snow storm there. Better off to walk around Bass Pro for an hour with a coffee!!! On the other hand enjoyed the Boat Show last year and will be going next week. At least I found that one interesting...
  6. mrhoss

    Why ?

    You should see the mess of coffee cups and plastic bags up river by Navy Hall in NOTL in the summer when bass season is open... The by-law officer could fill their litter quota there in one afternoon
  7. mrhoss

    Prop Repair

    Try Bass Pro I got one fixed at the Vaughn location once...
  8. Could not stop the bows hitting an OV spoon one day on Lake Ontario on a cheater line.... Guess they like the frosties too!!!
  9. mrhoss

    Yarn Balls

    I have used them for too many years... works for me with or without roe
  10. Have not fished over there for many years but I think unless it is a noted invasive species (especially Asian Carp) I think you are OK... I got a buddy who brings back deer no problem form New York State every year. Just tell the border guys what you got. I have a suspicion that a few sportfish is not on their top-ten hit-list for what they are looking for. However, you should be cognizant of possession limits here in Ontario and I would agree on the packaging, fishing license and skin comments in DaveC's posting above.... One more thing, since they are American made they would be duty free under free trade (LoL)
  11. That is why I bought a drift boat. Used to get crowded out by some of the 'cliques' you find at certain locations...now the get my wake (LoL)
  12. Years ago we used to not run dry the motor dry in the winter with a very old (but perfect running order) Mercury 20 hp but every time we went out the motor would not pump water out of the pee hole until it warmed up. Once we started the dry run as above we never had an issue. To each his own I guess...
  13. mrhoss


    I live in Mississauga near the mouth of the Credit and have not fished there since 2005... What a mess and a zoo... would rather spend the gas $$$ and head to the Niagara then put up with that BS... just my two cents.
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