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  1. You don't want a spod or marker rod for carp fishing, too stiff. Stalker rods are shorter rods usually lower test curve, meant for smaller places, easy traveling. I personally like a 3lb test curve as an all around rod, not overly stiff, but still will allow you to toss a decent method ball if desired. If your interested in a carp rod Daiwa makes some decent qualtiy low end rods, but they also have a few different levels of quality. I myself own a black widow and although it's not my #1 anymore, i still use it from time to time, landed fish up to high 20's with ease.
  2. depends on the time of the year, sometimes you can never put enough bait in, other times anything more than a mouthfull and they'll ignore it.
  3. Daiwa Regal Z5000BR; solid reel, took a beating, taken into the drink a few times, still running strong. Only had it a year, but it was seriously abused. Downsides are that its very heavy and although it holds alot of line, it's not a casting spool. I upgraded to a Daiwa Crosscast X5000 a few weeks ago and I like it alot better, hasn't quite taken a beating yet as I kind of baby it. This reel can cast a mile, when short range fishing i gotta stop the cast mid air even with little effort on the cast. Also a sharp lookin reel sitting on the bank. It is not a baitrunner though, it has the quick drag feature. Takes a little getting used to, but i actually like it more than my baitrunner.
  4. Check your rigs, hook sharpness and whether it turns properly in the fishes mouth is a huge. 9 times out of 10 if your getting short runs your rigs are not working effectively.
  5. I don't know any places other than New World Carp and Carp Kit International to get carp tackle. I deal with New World Carp personally, I only deal with Carp Kit if i can't find what i need at NWC. When it comes to boilie rolling tables I only know of american companies that sell them.
  6. If I don't have to work I will be there.
  7. ALWAYS check the drag after setting the baitrunner, sometimes you forget too and you may just end up watching your rod disappear. I've been a victim of this myself and seen it happen to others.
  8. ive gotten a few small carp in there myself. it was a blast.
  9. way to go! keep up the carping.
  10. great story sir. one day it shall become a reality.
  11. hahaha im right here all y'all glad to see the fruits of my labour are working out for you my man, hopefully we can get some carping done, but i dont know if that will happen, been super busy guys, working almost 70 hours a week, which leaves me with little time for anything for that matter. but thats how things go in the pool business. my fav, flavour is the imitation banana from club house, and i dont really like using sugar, but instead ill add corn syrup to the hot water to sweeten it up a bit. there you go hahaha all my secrets are out.
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