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  1. You can try in about 55'-65' out in front of the crystal beach ramp from there over to point abino , Pickerel rig set up with minnows works well for me. Good luck and always check the weather first.
  2. Hey Bill tried calling you but no answer it seems your very busy for a retired Guy. Anyway is it possible to get a table along a wall near a power outlet let me know or give me a call .thx. Ken
  3. Hey Bill is the tournament still a go for Sunday ? If so have you got room for one more boat ? I know weather is always an issue just havent heard much lately, If so let me know and ill se ya there It,s still being held at The Beartie Boat club right?
  4. see ya there Bill glad to lend a hand
  5. Sounds like fun where can i find info on this tourny.?
  6. loopy

    Maps Info

    you can try www,adventurefishingmaps.on.ca i have orderes from them in the past.
  7. loopy


    Yup I guess i did sorry Dan My Mistake.
  8. loopy


    sorry guys my mistake i followed Dan's link and it took me to an article on public lands being closed off and given exclusive rights away to outfitters and lodges.
  9. loopy

    Little Doe Lake

    Over the years i have thrown just about everything at'em and always had best success with live baits mostly jig heads tipped with minnows or slowly Drifting worm harnesses when the winds co-operate in the spring and fall. For the Hard water nothing but minnow worked for me. As for fishing Pressure Both Big and Little doe get hit pretty hard both by tourists and locals in the summer months for Pike and Eye's as Little Doe has a high cottage and campground population probably explains why the numbers have dropped over the years like most places you just have to keep going farther north to more remote lakes to find the fishing we were used to years back. Hope this Helps Good Luck and Safe Trip.
  10. loopy

    Little Doe Lake

    Hendo: I have fished Both Big and Little Doe for the past 20 years or so mostly in the spring and fall for walleye Sorry to say it sure isn't what it use to be. There are still however a few spots that still produce fish On Big Doe you can try off Pickerel point at the end of Big Doe just off to the side of the entrance to the Narrows there's about 18+ feet of water there at the drop off used to be good for both Pike and Walleye (Big Minnows for the Pike)Farther down the Lake off the west side of the Big Island there is a nice drop off there (Used to be good some nice 34' holes in there ) or at the far end in the Bay Where the Baggsborough Creek flows into the lake is always good for a few Pike. Hope this helps "HAVE A SAFE TRIP" Here's a few pic's from last Spring http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc403/loopy251/Picture059.jpg http://i1210.photobucket.com/albums/cc403/loopy251/Picture052Small.jpg
  11. For All those who didn't receive this e-mail I sadly pass it along to You. I would like to pass on my Condolences to all Doug's Family and Friends. ]Tuesday I sent an email regarding Doug and Don, two of our executives, that are dealing with health challenges. Last night after Doug's operation, he appeared to be on the road to recovery. Sadly this morning Doug suffered a heart attack and passed. Our thoughts are with Shirley and Doug's family during this difficult time. Funeral details will be posted on the club site when available. Jerry
  12. I second that Bruce The Niagara Outdoor Show Always Has some good deals on tackle If your not in a hurry to buy Now The Show is on March 12 and 13 at the Optimist Club in the Falls Here's the link to there site . http://www.niagaraoutdoorshow.com/
  13. loopy

    NOS Photo Contest

    Sorry Bill I'm having trouble posting pic/s Im confused LoL Thanks Dan
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