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  1. Flywire

    Local B&t's Vs Bass Pro

    I find BPS is lacking in rods, on row of higher end and the rest all browning BPS and ugly sticks
  2. Flywire

    Coyote Hunting - Niagara

    It's also likely due to the fact that a lot of people probably take their dogs in there and they want to avoid accidents.
  3. Flywire


    Never use any method other than the pulling methods, burning them and trying to suffocate them causes them to regurgitate and could increase the chance of an infection.
  4. Seeing a freezer truck at the side of the road full of moose will change anyone's mind. And we wonder why us folk can't draw adult tags.
  5. Flywire

    Rod Regulations?

    Never heard of this before, whether it be a distance from shore or that you have to trolling. We need sources on this.
  6. Flywire

    Cottage Post

    report it and see if anything happens?
  7. Flywire

    Grumps Hit The 12

    Jesus, how old are all of you, shut up mind your own and go fishing.
  8. Flywire

    Fishing With Marshmallows

    God help anyone posting pics of salmon where the hook isn't hanging out their ass just to make sure.
  9. Flywire

    Big Box Store, Story-Negatory!

    I've had 3 Shimano Convergence rods, a 6'6 MH 6'0 UL and a 12'6" ML. The ultra light snapped near the tip but that was my stupid fault (shouldn't hook through your guides that's what that little metal loop is for near the handle) other than that not a problem. Compres on the other hand I've had the front guide crumble on two of them, the second time instead of it going for warranty it was replaced with a big bulky crooked eye(which throws the whole rod off) So I stick to the convergence. Unfortunately the shop I used to go to closed a few years ago and because of that, has saved me a great deal of money because I don't hang out and shoot the breeze while picking up everything in the store.
  10. Flywire

    Is The Price Of Gas Hindering Your Chances?

    Considering a tag for turkey is $28 plus calls, camo, halfway decent shells plus the course, you may as well just buy one. I did it once and factoring in the number of ticks you pick off....not worth it
  11. Flywire

    Stop The Trolls!

    My issue is more with them not owning up to their error and just shrugging it off and claiming ignorance. In that situation I say let'em have it.
  12. Flywire

    Some Great Pike Caught In Gibson

    I'm going to talk on my phone while driving and if I get stopped I'll just say I didn't know, new rule right?
  13. Flywire

    Guess What This Is?

    The abominable snowcoon?
  14. Flywire

    Point Abino

    Is pike not closed for inland waterways?