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  1. Its sad to see any person or dog/cat get attacked or worst case killed but the way I see it is,,,the more we build the more we will see of them,,i honestly believe they are running out of area to live,,,
  2. You put a smile on my face with the ham & eggs comment Smerchly,he,s alive and kicking,take care
  3. I myself Smerchly have a trade and just started a new job this past week with one of the school boards(hopefully retiring there).I highly recommend a trade for any person starting out looking for a career.I have never been out of a job and can,t see robots doing my job.I,m up ladders,on roofs,in ceilings etc with my trade.All the best
  4. shadow

    Newboro lake

    Ive been to this lake a few times,a buddy of mine has a cottage on it.Lots of largemouth and a few pike is what we get(along with smallies and tons of sunfish).Since you cant target bass our pike were caught on various spinner baits(anything that reflects in the water),but we were mainly after bass.Its a big lake(I recommend a map) with a few small lakes attached to it.Our pike came near islands and weed beds.My buddy knows the lake inside and out,he was our guide.That time of year should be good,we usually go up in late July.If I remember right his cottage is at the opposite end of where it enters the Rideau,he is on a island also,other then fishing its a beautiful lake to cruise,I look forward to it every year.I might be mistaken but I think we go into a little village called Westport for supplies and a round of golf,you should enjoy your getaway,take care
  5. Ya know,I,m not a hunter(never have been and never will be)but understand it is legal.What I don,t like is when people make smarta$$ comments about killing an animal because apparently there are too many.If you think coyotes are over populated try working in the GTA area and you will see what over population is(just an example).Try and be a little more respectful before you put a DENT in their population or close their mouths quickly
  6. Years back my cousin and I went out of Brent in Algonquin.Portaged for 7 days.Caught enough fish.Its off Hwy 17.Bit of a hike but well worth it.I think they have a campground also.Search it and good luck
  7. shadow


    Thanks for the update
  8. shadow


    I think it is, i know its the only one along the parkway that i know of.
  9. shadow


    If u want to get your own i was out at the marina on the niagara parkway towards fort erie on sat and they where swimming up into my hole, i mean lots. i even filled a small bucket full due to the shortage at bait shops, so thick in the hole i was picking them out with my fingers. Just letting you know.
  10. I usually go to Log Cabin Trailers in St. Davids,they have a good assortment and are very knowledgeable,,,,good luck.
  11. shadow


    GO CANUCKS GO! 2012!
  12. shadow


    I will take your advice on weighing them in the net. Never thought of that! Dont like weighin them like that but that one i had to. Net for sure next time.
  13. shadow


    Here are some pics as of late. Got comp fixd and jus figured out how to put a pics now. Woo hoo!
  14. [i believe Pete's has some affordable rain gear.
  15. found tackle bag at lions creek at beck road bridge tuesday nithg. pm me for details

    1. smerchly


      Nice to see there are honest people amongst us

    2. fish.boy55


      any thing good???? greaT JOB 4 BEING HONEST MAN

    3. shadow


      Thanks guys. If it were mine id hope some1 would do the same. Id want it back for sure

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