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  1. Way to keep at it, Tyler. Got my biggest carp ever from there. Funny how some winters, guys are out ice-fishing the harbour this time of year...and then you get winters like this one where the harbour is wide open. Your pic makes me want to put on another sweater! lol
  2. Ya, that is one gorgeous fish, eh? Yup, gotta get me some camo gear.
  3. What are the most exciting moments while fishing? The sudden explosion on the surface of a top water bite. Or, your float suddenly disappear below the surface. Or, the slam on the end of your line when retrieving a jerk bait. An underwater camera would deny me all of the above, so no, it's not my cup of tea. When the 'surprise' is lost, so is the thrill in fishing, Why not bypass the camera entirely and just go straight to Fortinos for some fresh fish? lol
  4. What a gorgeous pic of your set up in the snow, Tyler. I remember fishing in the snow regularly in the winter, but it was years ago in Dundas at this one spot know to area carpers. It was a canal that never froze over and we'd catch everything from carp to goldfish to hybrids( Half goldfish half carp. They looked like a small carp with no barbels ). Anyhoo, it was a fun time and great to be able to extend carp fishing into the winter months, and taking the classic "snow carp" photo of your catch on the snow. Unfortunately, I found out the current was because it was an outflow used by an area water treatment plant so my desire to fish there ended. Now fishing isn't allowed there anymore anyways as the RBG has taken over the area to naturalize the banks and make a trail for hiking. Pretty place for butterfly and bird photographers, now.
  5. Tyler, your pva presentation is da bomb! Looks like the harbour may not freeze over this year, so a bonus for winter soft water fishing spots. And Smerch, that bivvy is bigger than my first apartment( And nicer too! ). lol
  6. Love your pva bags of goodies, Tyler. And the sunrise over the steel mills shot!
  7. Nice set up Tyler. Certainly makes fishing at this time of year a little easier, not having to worry about the weather so much.
  8. Mike Pike


    With all the catchin' I'll bet you didn't even notice the cold. Dandy fish!
  9. I think the rod passed the test, Pauly. Thanks for sharing the pics!
  10. Yes, harder to catch but still catchable. I know anglers in England will use different baits in winter. Now, their winters are not quite as cold as ours, but sometimes they have to crack through skim-ice to get at their fish. Winter carping here is like a new frontier.
  11. No carp should refuse that, Tyler! You and Smerch seem to be taking advantage of the time left before freeze up, eh? Hope you guys will be rewarded. After all your efforts, you guys would certainly be deserving!
  12. What a nice pic, Smerch. Glad you were out and give it a go. And who needs a carp pod, eh.
  13. Way to go, Slabtime. Great to spend time with your son and have yourselves a successful outing to boot! Looks like a rocket, that one!
  14. Good on ya for gettin' out and giving it a go, Tyler. A nice sunset, indeed. When you do get one out there, do your best to keep it away from the rock jetty to your right. Lots of snags, including a buoy which is a real problem when your line( and fish )wraps around it.
  15. Dang! I knew it was too good to be true. Oh well, I guess we'll just have to wait a couple hundred years 'til they start referring to carp as "naturalized" like they do now in England.
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