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  1. Wow, looks like some pretty high water levels there. Thanks for those pics. Looks like a pretty nice paddle you and your family enjoyed.
  2. Ya, that looks like a nice, family friendly swim to fish, Norton. When respectful anglers are fishing, the bank space isn't an issue and everyone spaces themselves at a respectable distance from their neighbour. But it just takes one, doesn't it. Anyhoo, thanks for the report and good luck to you and your son.
  3. No. It's another piece of gear on my wish list. Will also need another rod as I don't have one that would adequately do the job.
  4. Nice job Tyler. Glad the new toys got you into fish. Any session without a blank is a success, I say.
  5. Dang, I can't watch the video from this computer. I'll have to try from another one later. Anyhoo, regarding watching them crashing out in the distance out of casting range; when that happens I take a lesson from a British angler who, I read, casts out to them anyway and gets as close as he can. It seems simple but I did this last year and ended up catching my PB. And congratulations of the fly caught carp( even if it was incidental )! It does highlight just how different a presentation has to be to get them to bite, eh.
  6. Looks like a great day out to me Tyler! Congratulations on your PB and nice to see they're liking that bait mix of yours. I was out on Sunday fishing with my cousin Dan on the harbour. I flung out a method feeder at distance while my cousin fished the margins. Nothing to show for our efforts other than a few line bumps and a beeps on the bite alarm. That's three blanks in a row for me( but who's counting ), so it's great to read your success story and see pics of what carp look like! lol
  7. You got your own little piece of paradise there, Jack. Happy Canada Day to you too!
  8. I caught a carp flyfishing years ago. I was working a whoolybugger aggressively for bass when a carp hit and gave me the best fight I ever had on that flyrod. Unfortunately I wasn’t into carp then so I didn’t appreciate it at the time.
  9. I’m gonna say yes Smerch. I know they do in England and they’re a huge problem. Their lakes are more like our ponds and you have to buy a ticket to fish for the day or be a member of the club that controls the lake. Kinda like golfing over here. Anyhoo, lakes are managed very carefully and when an otter makes the lake its home the impact is devastating. Some clubs erect fences around the entire lake in an effort to keep otters out.
  10. I've not used one yet, and I can't help feeling I've been missing out on some good carping opportunities because of it. Generally, I lay out ground bait close in with a catapult( sling shot ..lol ). If I'm fishing at a greater distance then I can get my chum out to with a sling shot, I fish using a method feeder. When I'm using the method feeder, I tend not to let it sit too long without a bite, and will cast out a fresh ball more frequently and build up the swim that way.
  11. WTG Tyler. I would have killed for either of your fish yesterday. I went out in the morning to a shallow harbour spot, with fish bubbling all around and everything looking reeeeally carpy. Unfortunately, nothing but line bumps and a few beeps on the indicator but not a single hook up.
  12. No way I'm an expert in this Smerch but twice now I've experienced catchable fish during the spawn. One time, they began spawning right in the swim I was fishing! The water was churned into a froth and I had to move to another part of the harbour. There was no sign of spawning going on there and I caught a fish to boot! The other time was when I noticed fish cruising the margin. I caught the biggest fish in the bunch and while I had her on the line, several smaller fish( males )swam right along next to her, as if she didn't have enough going on. lol Anyhoo, it became obvious the spawn was on but the bite continued.
  13. That's great Tyler. Then next year we'll be seeing YOU on and episode of the Fishin' Canada Show( oh, and Smerch! ).
  14. Wow, you guys are doing great! And your son caught himself a mirror as well! Man, I've been fishing a lot longer than him and have yet to catch a mirror. Way to go Guys. They sure seem to like your method mix Norton.
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