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  1. Ouch!!! Good on ya gettin' a few, Smerch. I hope you asked your Doctor if you could visit him sometime. His place on Martindale Pond sounds like it could be a good carping spot! 🐵 Thumbs up, Smerch! ( Your good thumb )
  2. Ya, I've seen similar poles set up like that in the harbour, however most were underwater, so I thought it was something to create cover or habitat of some sort for fish.
  3. Dang, sorry about your luck Tyler. Good on ya for scouting around and looking for 'em. It's only a matter of time til you're rewarded, I'll bet. Smerch, ya, Tyler's one pic looks like battle turrets off a battle ship, eh?
  4. I've never seen anything like that reel Tyler. And Smerch, it's a real shame that that group from Toronto comes down and leaves all their crap down here, including broken glass. Great example for the younger one they had with them, eh?
  5. Way go go Smerch and good on ya for leaving the rod in until the last moment. Ocassionally it does pay off! I went out yesterday but blanked. I even left the rod in until the last moment too but didn't enjoy the same fate as you. As a matter of fact, when I was leaving with all my gear slung over my shoulders, rod and net in hand, I looked back at my swim and saw a carp jump twice over my bait. Bugger that.
  6. A real nice one there and nice photo to remember it! Thanks for sharing your friend's success, Limey.
  7. Not a complete skunk, though, right Tyler. You banked that one fish in your photo collection, yes? Keep your spirits up. No outing is a bad outing. I've been busy for a few weeks now and haven't had the chance to get out myself, so I envy even your skunked outings!!
  8. Wow, what might have been eh Tyler? Oh well you can't beat yourself up over it( It sounds like you aren't anyway ), because I don't think there's anything you could have done differently. Nice part is, you got it right, and got the take.
  9. Ya, that's what I've considered too. Perhaps it's their diet. In the case of my poor tasting ocean fish, for example. They weren't caught in stagnant water, so I'm wondering if it is was something they were dining on that was particularly abundant at the time?
  10. Not a walleye, Dave, but I've had it with a crappie I caught years ago from the Holland River. I didn't know about all the farm run-off in that river and with the fertilizers they use the river kinda smelled. Well, that 'smell' was what I tasted in the crappie fillet so I thew it out. Also, fishing off a Florida pier, I caught a few beautiful little snappers. Love 'em and ate 'em before, but everyone of these had a terrible 'marshy' taste, and I wasn't able to finish eating them either.
  11. Enjoy your new stick Norton and may you not have to suffer the 'first time fishing with a rod" skunk! lol
  12. Hey congratz Tyler, and nice pics! Good on ya to locate that deeper water where they were hiding!
  13. That's 2 more pounds of mirror carp than I've ever caught. Congratualtions Tyler!
  14. Ya, one kernel won't 'pop-up' the bait, but I hope it will at least help to keep it on top of the silt. I like your testing method, Smerch. You know exactly what you have when you arrive at your swim, and it beats mucking about on the bank.
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