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  1. Ice out carping

    Me thinks your baiting campaign is working, Tyler. Musta been exciting to see them in your swim, especially being March!
  2. Ice out carping

    I always think of ice out fishing for carp as a new frontier in fishing. We see that carp can, in fact, be caught 12 months of the year, even though their metabolism slows during the colder months. Another challenge, of course, is finding open water. I Hamilton, there are a few spots that are fishable in winter due to warm water discharge coming from water treatment plants but, to be honest, they're places I prefer to avoid. But, now that we're into March it's great to see the rivers( and river mouths in particular )opening up. I shall be out there myself soon!
  3. Ice out carping

    Wow, I can just imagine how may lures are on the other side of that wall, Smerch! And glad you got your rod hold back Tyler. Good luck with your baiting campaign.
  4. Ice out carping

    Good on ya for givin' it a go Tyler. Unlocking their mysteries at this time of year sounds like half the fun.
  5. Bus Trip Results Few Pictures

    That's a great group outing you were able to organize Dave! Good thing you planned your outing early. I hear the operators on Cook's are already pulling their huts off. Man, we sure don't get the winters like we used to.
  6. Carp

    All good questions Smerch. The main thing is we know that carp will feed all year long, and it's never too early to get out. It's especially nice finding open water spots and fishing the soft water again. It was always a pleasure running into Lorne fishing Hammy Harbour. He promoted carping to kids at various events, and I always consider him one of our carping pioneers. Anyhoo, you had a better day then me, as I finally got some much needed patching and painting around the ol' homestead. lol
  7. Otters in port D

    Great sighting, LImey. You're lucky to have spotted our elusive river otter. I guess they're not as loved in you homeland, eh? I read a lot of English carp publications and have come to understand they're more than just a nuisance as they can really cripple a good carp lake.
  8. Carp

    February carp. If anyone can do it, you can Smerch! Good luck, Pal.
  9. "JUMBO'S)

    Hey Fishlivesmatter, if you're fishing Cook's Bay, an 8-incher IS a jumbo! lol
  10. Protecting Great lakes from Asian Carp

    Hey, imagine the irony if the export of Asian carp becomes such a big business that that the fisherman lobby to have them protected!! lol Oh and regarding the meat being contaminated like our salmon, I read that because they are plankton feeders, their contaminate level is waaaaaaaay lower. So eat, eat, eat!
  11. Protecting Great lakes from Asian Carp

    Hey Smerch, if there is a market for them overseas, that's awesome! We've been able to drive other species extinct by overharvesting, so why not Asian carp? Problem solved.
  12. Protecting Great lakes from Asian Carp

    I heard in the South U,S they're thinking of calling 'em Kentucky Tuna. Brilliant!
  13. MA Nature making ice

    Thanks for the ice report and donut report all in one Smerch! I can't wait to try some of those freshly made donuts of theirs' and I wish them success!!
  14. Port Dalhousie Piers

    Well, you just answered my next question which was why did it closed. Timmies NEVER close. But of course, they all have drive thrus now. Too bad. Nice and handy to go get a hot coffee on those cold winter days.
  15. Port Dalhousie Piers

    If I read understood you correctly, Smerch, the Timmies at the Port has closed??? What's up with that? Timmies never close! ( Or did I misunderstand ).