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  1. Mike Pike

    Bay of Q. colour

    Ya, I was wondering if it's algae as well. I read an article in the Spec about how the Great Lakes temps are a couple degrees warmer than average. I was fishing Hammy Harbour yesterday and didn't realize how bad the algae was until the sun came up. Yuck! Then I saw the signs were up saying; "...water polluted with Blue-green algae." It's really disgusting to fish and horrible as it collects on your line, not to mention the health risks is poses.
  2. Mike Pike

    Spooled ?

    I dunno Smerch. I'd say when you get down to the last few yards and you wrap the line around your hand, you've been spooled! lol That's a thrilling thing to have happen. Too bad you never got to see it, but this way, the story is even more interesting!
  3. Mike Pike

    Eating our catch

    Oh my gosh, Smerch, that maybe the funniest thing I've ever seen!!!!! My Grandkids just made me a cut out fish to stick on my fridge with those eyes on it. The thought of a fishmarket gluing 'em on to real fish to make them appear fresh is hilarious( Unless of course I bought one! ).
  4. Mike Pike

    Labour Day weekend carping

    Better days ahead, Smerch. Lunker season is on the way with the cooler temps, so check your line strength and go get 'em!!
  5. Mike Pike

    Labour Day weekend carping

    Hey, thank guys. The water directly behind me is only about 6 to 8 feet deep, Smerch, and the vis was 2 to 3 feet with no appreciable algae bloom at this spot. Your next purchase should be a proper carp umbrella, Smerch. I never go carping without it. Us old guys can't handle the sun like we used to, eh, so taking 'portable shade' with me really helps me enjoy the day.
  6. SATURDAY My cousin Dan and I planned to hit Hamilton Harbour Saturday morning and start our Labour Day Weekend with a bang. He hadn't fished for over a year and was pretty stoked to feel a bend in the rod. I told him how I like to be set up, with rods out and coffee in hand, by 6:00 am because if we don't end up catching any fish, at least we can enjoy a sweet sunrise. I think you have to be from da Hammer, though, to really appreciate the beauty of a sunrise over the steel mills. With very little wind, the bay was flat calm and hazy. I saw one nice fish head and shoulder right above our baited area and I thought we were in! But the morning drew on with very little to get us excited about, other than an occasional beep on my bite alarm. We marveled at the other folks who had come down to the harbour this morning with considerably more energy than us. Dan commented that he would never do something so strenuous in that heat. Then we both realized we would never do something so strenuous.....the end. lol There was a huge algae bloom that rolled in, but it looked like green algae to me and not the blue-green algae I fear. We continued fishing until the wind picked up( and dispersed the algae )but everything remained quiet, with even the bite alarm going silent. It was Miller time. MONDAY Out we headed, again, to a different spot on the harbour with hopes of different results. I was concerned with the forecast, which called for thunderstorms, but they were anticipated in the afternoon, so I hoped we had a window. Once again, we got to enjoy a spectacular sunrise. Well, red sky in morning, sailors take warning. Weather was on the way, so let's get fishing! And fish we did, with Dan opening his account with a lively 8 1/2 lbs carp, which had him buzzing after his year long fishing drought. He was ledgering his offering of maize fairly close to the pier, while I was fishing a method ball about 30 to 35 yards out. Dan had my number, though, and shortly afterwards, bested another carp; this one a little fatty of 11lbs. I wish I could show them to you but he doesn't like doing the fish pose thing and was happy taking a few photos of his catches on the mat. Finally, my rod was away and I leaned into a nice fish that kited away straight for the snaggy shore to my right. Although I began to hand palm the spool in an effort to tighten the drag, it still found a buoy line to wrap itself around! This was the same buoy that a carp I battled a few weeks ago found and used to make its escape. AAARGHHHH!!!! The only thing I could think to do was maintain pressure and just hope that I had kept it from taking too much line and there was a chance it would eventually exit the way it entered. Success! And after a good scrap, in to Dan's waiting net it went. At 19lbs, I was well please, especially after getting a chance to exact my revenge on that dastardly buoy that helped a carp escape several weeks ago. I was also well pleased that we were able to enjoy a morning catching carp before the foul weather rolled in. It's mid afternoon right now as I'm typing this and the day has almost turned to night as the sky has opened up, and the wind and rain is making it look the end times!!! Wow! I hope sailors took warning!
  7. Mike Pike

    Carpin d'Gibb

    Well you at you embracing the technology, Smerch! lol Those bite alarms are a lot cheaper now that Carp Zoom is making/importing( ? )them. Nice how they just screw on to any carp pod as they make them all standard. To me, the bite alarm has the same excitement as watching a bobber dip. Good luck and may you get a screaming run before you can say "fish on!" PS...I had an uneventful day on Hamilton Harbour yesterday. Saw a few good ones do the 'head n shoulders' thing above my bait and I thought I was gonna be in the game, but other than the occasional beep, my cousin and I had nothing to show for our efforts. :o( The algae was pretty thick but it looked to me like it was the regular green algae and not the blue/green variety. Anyhoo, we'll give it a go at another spot on the harbour tomorrow( if the thunderstorms clear through and let us ). Cheers!
  8. Mike Pike

    Eating our catch

    Unbelievable. I would never have thought the percentage of mislabeled fish was so high!!!!! Might explain why the 'tuna' I had at a restaurant a few months ago had me indisposed for a time. I know common names can fluctuate among species, but that's not what's being reported here. Brutal. I'm glad you brought that to our attention Smerch.
  9. Mike Pike

    Carpin d'Gibb

    Funny how productivity of a spot can change from year to year, eh. Figuring out the answers and unraveling the mystery is half the fun, though. And of course, that's why they call it fishing and not... lol
  10. Mike Pike

    Carpin d'Gibb

    Hey, thanks Smerch. I've always wanted to see 'The Taming of the Shrew!"
  11. Mike Pike

    No more fishing at Port Marina!!

    The Marina should be applauded for allowing fishing for as long as they did, considering all the problems. Certainly understand their decision, now, though. Sad but necessary. I do feel for those who fished the marina regularly( and respectfully ).
  12. Mike Pike

    Rod setup for carp.

    Contratz on both fish Smerch. And if I'm not mistaken, that's not your first Mirror either, is it Smerch? I'm still looking for mine.
  13. Mike Pike

    A couple carp

    WTG Guys. Looks like a nice little spot on the Thames to take on those carp at close quarters.
  14. Mike Pike

    must haves for basic tackle set up

    Oh oh oh! I just had to chime in. When you get swivels, make sure to spend a little extra and get BALLBEARING swivels. Especially since Mepps spinners are on the must-have list. This will stop the frustration of line twist like nothing else! ...ok, now I'm happy.
  15. Mike Pike

    Port Pier & Eels

    Couldn't agree more Smerch!