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  1. Mike Pike

    Most recent fishing trip

    Congratulations on the capture! I've never caught one myself, but would love to add a Bowfin to my list. Mepps spinners. Is there anything they can't catch!?
  2. Mike Pike

    Awfully quiet

    That's it Jack. No knitted doilies for you! lol Can't argue with your assessment of the fishing here at this time of year. Inspirational words indeed. Good luck to all who forego the quilting bee and head out!!
  3. Mike Pike

    Perchin'-Piken Day

    Good job on the perch, Smerch, even if they weren't your target. And ditto on the love of float fishing. I definitely got be doin' more of it, because like you say, it takes you back in time and the thrill of that float signaling a bite is still the same!!
  4. Mike Pike

    Change of plans pays off twice

    A good day there Jack. Nice to get out casting for pike before the hard water sets in, eh.
  5. Mike Pike

    A Fall quickie

    Smerch speaks the truth, Jack. Carping is a blast! Bought gear dedicated to targeting the fish about 20 years ago and it's grown to become my favourite pursuit. Oh, and welcome back Jack( I recall meeting you only once many years ago perching at the rowing canal ). And Smerch, I went out to do a little carping this past Sunday on Hammy Harbour. I fit in a session between the rain( what else is new! )and was able to bank one. It wasn't big, but it was a real character. It had a deformation and lacked a full nose. The incredible thing was that a Gentleman fishing near me informed me that he had also caught the fish not two weeks before!!! If anyone else is able to bank this rather 'friendly' carp, he now goes by the name 'Snubby.'
  6. Mike Pike

    A Fall quickie

    Ya, I've seen the artist drawings of the proposed redevelopment and it looks pretty nice. It looks like there will still be plenty of access to the water, although I'm not sure about parking. I sure hope we'll be able to continue to fish there while the construction is underway( whenever that will begin ). Oh, and another thing( I think I've mentioned this in a post before ), when they show those artist conceptual drawings of what the new waterfront will look like, they always show hikers, joggers, dog walkers, etc. ...but never show anyone fishing!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Mike Pike

    A Fall quickie

    Ya, I think I'll keep at it for as long as the winter permits. In the UK, the carp guys fish year-round. Now, their winters are a little milder than ours, but they still need to break through skim ice from time to time to cast for carp. And shallow spots are still ok to fish as I think they warm up quicker. Plus, I always remember the old saying; 3 feet is deep if everything else around you is 1 foot. lol I know guys who carp fish the Hammy harbour right up until ice-up, and then pick it up again as soon as the ice is out. Some real dedication there.
  8. Mike Pike

    A Fall quickie

    Finally, a break in the weather and, after seeing the fishing friendly forecast, I called up my cousin Dan to see if he wanted to head out for a little morning session. Rather that try one of our harbour spots( as we were still unsure of the blue-green algae situation ), we opted for a smaller venue to enjoy the sun, cigars and Cyprinidae! We didn't feel the need to show up super early because, we reasoned, the fish activity would pick up once the temperatures began to rise after sunrise. That, and I slept in. One of the first things I noticed was that the lush vegetation and overgrown banks of the summer were gone now. However, the downed foliage and 'openness" of the area in the fall still had its charm. Even with the cooler temps, we spotted some 'V' wakes and bubbling, and I felt like we had a shot with the little bit of fish activity that we saw on display. The east wind kept whipping up, though, and it was hard to tell whether we were getting line bumps or if it was just the wind. Oh well, at least we weren't bothered by false alarms on the bite indicator! It wasn't until I heard the rapid clicking of my bait-runner that I knew I was in! Gotta think the little PVA bag o' goodies added to the presentation helped the fish zero in on my bait. The first thing I noticed during the fight was how frayed the old line was on my stalking rod( Wow, need to change that! ), so I loosened the drag and the fight lasted longer than it should have with this little fellow. Certainly not bragging size, but I was happy to have caught it. Thanks for the taking the pic, Dan( and for the cigar ). Nice to finally be able to get some bank time in after all the recent autumn wind and rain. And with luck, a lot more sessions to enjoy before winter's icy grip takes hold.
  9. Mike Pike

    I went a stalkin'

    Ya, me thinks you're right WC. Hey, at least ya caught SOMEthing Smerch!
  10. Mike Pike

    I went a stalkin'

    Thanks Guys. Ya, the 9 foot rod is perfect for a spot like that, Smerch. Just just long enough to reach into the margins to plop baits, and make underhand casts between branches, etc. And although it may look big in the pic, the catapult is just standard size, perfect for a pouch full of maize. I've seen those huge ones, though, that fire out method balls and such. An no, no bite alarm as the stick I found never came with one. lol Ya, the umbrella kept me covered quite nicely but I got wet moving through the bushes. The fisherman's path was pretty over-grown and all the bushes were so wet, just moving from spot to spot would soak you through. I don't know the weight of the fish, Smerch, cuz I didn't pack my scale. I don't think it made 15lbs, though, but I'd bet it was double figures anyway. And happy half century to your son Smerch!
  11. Mike Pike

    I went a stalkin'

    Well, I thought it was time to dust off the ol' stalking rod today, dodge the rain showers, and get a little fishing in. The confined, intimate little water was a nice change from the open expanse of the Hammy Harbour and I was pretty excited at the prospect of battling fish at such close quarters. I haven't done the stalking thing in some time, and my little 9-foot Greys was probably feeling a little neglected. I downsized my hooks, line, etc, as I knew the carp here would be on the smaller size, then sent out my hook bait of maize and a floater kernel onto a tight little chum bed of maize. Surprising, I began to get line bumps right away, but unfortunately no runs. Then, down came the rain, but I packed my umbrella for just such an emergency. Here is the view from my little shelter. The line bumps stopped and things became quiet, so it was time to move in search of the nomadic fellows. I moved further down the bank, once the rain showers allowed, and noticed a nice splash not 10 feet away in the margins. That 'll do! I set up and once again, line bumps told me fish were honing in on my bait. But still no runs. I considered my hookbait and thought that maybe I should downsize some more, and so I removed the floater and kept only 2 small kernels of maize on the hair. Dang! The next 'line bump' was a take and a real belter of a run! Off it went straight into the marginal snags and I held my breath. I coax him away and back out into the main channel. Whew!!! Netting the fish proved to be a problem as I brought a smaller net with me thinking the carp here would be nowhere near doubles. But this was a good 'un and after a little drama, I finally brought it onto the bank. I was immediately struck by the bright yellow on the lower flanks near the tail. The rain kept up and, despite my shelter, I was pretty soaked through by this point so I packed up with a big smile on my face and headed home to dry off and type this report. A most awesome time on golden pond.
  12. Mike Pike

    Labour Day weekend carping

    Sorry to join the conversation late, but I always put the floater corn on top( next to the stopper ). Sounds like it's opposite to what you guys prefer. I think it's just a confidence thing with me, as this is the way I've always done it and it's hooked me fish. Would I have hooked more doing it the other way? I can't say for sure. Kinda why we keep doing this fishing thing, I guess. Goodluck if you guys head out. Let's see some pics of some crackers!! I've got a busy weekend ahead, but I'm hoping to get a few hours out on the bank as well.
  13. Mike Pike

    Labour Day weekend carping

    Yup, Lorne could work some magic with puffs, eh. I've never tried it myself. I mostly stick to maize( with a floater kernel ), and occasionally bollie pop-ups. Love the traditional fish and chips too, Smerch, don't get me wrong. But it has to be dipped fresh into batter and fried upon ordering. I hate when some places served you the frozen stuff and just heat it up.
  14. Mike Pike

    Labour Day weekend carping

    Ya, that presentation wouldn't last a second here in Hammy Harbour because of the gobies. It's why we need to use moderately hard maize instead of sweetcorn. Smoked eel is one of my favourite choices when I go to Sushi restaurants, Smerch! And hey, if I can eat escargots, why not carp jerky!! lol
  15. Mike Pike

    Pier Rehab

    Thanks for posting that, Smerch, and it's interesting to read the comments from everyone. It sounds like it's gonna take 3 or 4 years for all the work to be completed and there is anxiety over what the fishing access is going to look like. I'm probably anxious about that too, since fishing spots have been disappearing over the years, particularly in urban areas. Here in Hamilton, there has been a huge development of our waterfront and there are tons more places to fish, thankfully. However, Pier 8 on the waterfront is going to being redeveloped now with a park, condo, etc. I'm hopeful that there will still be free parking, access for fishing, etc, too. It's funny, when you look at the artists renderings of the various proposals by the companies who were bidding for the project, you see dog walkers, couples walking hand in hand, cyclists, etc. NOwhere do you see fisherman dunking worms! It seems we're just not in the plans...