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  1. I just use a bolt rig with the bait( usually a couple kernels of maize )hooked onto a hair rig. Then, I simply hook the mess bag with the hook( the hook grabs the mesh nicely and I've never lost it on the cast ). Easy Peasy. There's just a bit more to rigging your PVA bags( sorry I can't help you with 'em because I've never packed 'em myself)but you're gonna master it Tyler!
  2. I'm getting hungry just looking at your keep net Mooseslayer! Looks like you had yourself a nice time up there.
  3. Don't give up on the bags, Tyler. Although I haven't used the PVA clear bags, I DO regularly use the PVA mesh bags. It's a huge confidence boost to load up a bag with goodies and know that your hook bait is nicely sitting right there among it. And what I do is make sure that whatever hook bait I'm using, I include a little of it in my bags, as well. Also, I pre-tie my bags at home. I find it a pain tying bags on the bank, like you do. Plus, while my head is buried tying bags, I'm not watching the water for signs of carp, like bubbling, wakes, etc.
  4. Lorne is still helping you catch carp, Smerch!
  5. Well your son had your back on that one Mr. Norton! That's a good looking carp and great shot of you with it. WTG!
  6. I've never fished the mighty Niagara for carp so I can't help ya much DNorton. The only nugget of info I can give is that there is only the tiniest current right on the bottom. The friction of the river bottom slows the current down dramatically, so consider that in your strategy. Tight lines!
  7. Holy Smerch, that's a real collection of interesting fish there!! It does look like a lamprey mark on the first one, eh? How on earth did the lamprey get through those scales??? The second one looks like a torpedo! Beautiful, scale perfect beauty there. And a goldfish, of all things!!! I have yet to catch one myself but will certainly remember the day I do.
  8. Congratulations on acquiring your new little piece of heaven, Smechly!
  9. Your Sis really had the hot hand, Gaza. Game on! Nice of her to at least let you have your photo with 'em. Must have been a fun day out. Thanks for posting.
  10. Dang! Yes, maybe shallower is worth a try again, Smerch. The shallower, the warmer( and we've had a colder spring than normal, so far ). Goodluck!
  11. I'll have to keep your worm recommendation in mind, Smerchly, on these muddy waters that spring brings us. I remember an early spring session last year when my maize caught squat while the catfisherman right beside me caught a carp on, you guessed it, worms! It just seems to work more often than not, maybe because rain and run-off brings worms to their dinner table at this time of year and they're conditioned to feed on them.
  12. Look at it this way Dave...they'll probably be wrong!
  13. Good on ya to give 'er a go despite the conditions, Smerch. Driving to work today, I stopped by a spot along the Grand River in Cambridge and she was running high and muddy. Also stopped along Riverside Park in Cambridge and couldn't even drive into the park as the Speed River had overflowed the bank there. Oh well, 'tis the season. What can ya do?
  14. In my opinion, I think you're more right about carp than those who call 'em "invasive." I believe the term "naturalize" best represents carp, who were stocked here well over a hundred years ago as a food fish, and are now one of the only fish that can survive in the degraded habitats we've created.
  15. Yes, thank you for passing on that info D. No FB for me either. Is the location yet to be announced, or is it at Canada Center For Inland Waters again?
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