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  1. Too bad my bank account is empty. I expect the post-registry gun shows to be good.
  2. I often hear that guys are doing better without the decoys. But I don't have any and I've never killed a turkey yet....Mybe this Sunday. LOL
  3. Congrats on the nice Turkey. I was out on Sunday. Heard some gobbling. But saw nothing. Going again this Sunday but to a different property. FW
  4. As long as the farmer allows it I would say go for a built stand for the comfort as well as one made of wood will be much quieter than one made of metal. I understand the constraints of a family, believe me, but by cutting out the midday you may be losing out on good opportunities. I don't buy into moose/deer only move in the morning & evening. In fact just today I was reading a post on Ontario Out of Doors where a fellow had patterned the deer on his trail camera adn forund >70% of the deer moving through his area, during leagl hunting time, moved during mid day. I don't hunt deer (Too long and ridiculous to tell why...Let's just say I am a man of my word!) I hunt moose, One week a year, in WMU 28. The last few years have been with my wife's uncle and a loosely formed group of 7ish of us. When I find land I hunt spring gooblers (yeah still trying to get my first...and a solid steady go-to place.) You are quite lucky to have a place with exclusive permission! Make sure you treat the farmer well!!! FW
  5. Smerch moose hunting is much different than deer hunting. Deer spook much easier. Come to think of it I have never seen a moose really spooked. I have seen them lumber away after they are tired of looking at you but never really spooked. With moose you intentionally break sticks when you walk. This is normal. Moose make noise when they walk, squirrels, grouse and other critters make noise going about theri business, sneaking making unnatural noise then *ping* your buckles, or gun on a tree "dammit" that will keep the moose hidden. Deer you need to worry about making any sound, any unnatural, quick movement, and scents. Funny Bob Fisher is having problems where the turkeys come out while he is deer hunting...I have had the opposite problem with deer comming out while turkey hunting in the spring. Bob are you sure you are out at the right time? How is their patterning on the camera, are they coming by at the same time? Make sure you are there well before the camera timestamp so you aren't "bumping" them. Just a thought. Also make sure you play the wind. I am a firm believer that wind is a much bigger factor than any cover scent, scent blocker etc. Remember that grampa was killing deer long before camo, scent blocker, cover scents etc...and deer populations were much lower back then. FW
  6. Chili, There's the problem, the police, this issue should really be dealt with by an MNR CO. The police likely wouldn't charge under the FWCA (as they don't know that act very well) they would charge under the TPA (more familiar to them). The landowner has the right to insist on the charges, I don't believe it is the cop's right to refuse to lay the charge. In that case I would escalate to his supervisor... I'm glad you gave up your silent protest. Send me a PM. I'm still looking for a place (and a partnership) for turkey in the spring (don't hunt deer)...I would be very appreciative. I didn't have much luck hunting for land last spring...One place the guy's daughter was very positive and gave me some very good vibes, but I could never get a hold of her father (busy busy farmer at a busy busy time of year...I have his number and will try again in January) I may even be available to help with coyote control if the landowner needs it. FW
  7. A turkey...any turkey doesn't have to have any special characteristics just has to say gobble. I am still after my first moose...
  8. Hey guys, Anyone know where I can get some fresh evergreen boughs in Niagara? Wifey wants some to make wreaths etc and I have no idea where I can go to collect any. Thanks. FW
  9. Chili, I have to debate a few things you posted above. 1) "No Hunting" signs d not put us, as hunters, "out of business" andy more than "NO Trespassing". Take a read off the Trespass to Property Act. The TPA states that "No Trespassing" means just that No trespassing,in other words "get permission before entering" ... While "No Hunting" allows the access to property, without express permission, for any activity other than hunting...It doesn't mean no one can hunt. Anyone with permission of the landowner can still hunt. This is often misunderstood. So "No Trespassing" (or a red circle 4" Dia) means... (without prior consent) No Hunting, No fishing, No walking, No berry picking, No picking mushrooms, no picking your nose, No taking a dump. "No trespassing" (or a yellow circle 4" dia) means No hunting (without consent) fishing is OK, walking is OK, Berry picking is OK, picking mushrooms is OK, so is picking your nose and taking a dump. 2)The landowner does not have to agree to charges "in front of armed men" other than the police. Erik - There is much more than $5000 on the line when trespassing for the purpose of hunting. Above being charged under the TPA, they would be charged under the FWCA, with trespassing for the purpose of hunting. Higher charges and a loss of the equipment used in the commision of the offence (confiscated arms, scopes, ammo, stands, trail cams, ATV (if using) truck.......) FW
  10. Dammit I wanted to sell some blood, bodily fluids and body parts.
  11. I suppose that Harper brought in the Provincial Eco Tax too? Or the health care premiums? Smart meters? shut down Ontario's Coal plants. MAde a deal with a South Korean company for Wind and solar generation? and on and on. Who's dreaming.
  12. Chili for Premier of Ontario I'll vote for you before I vote for Kim Craitor. While I hear what you are saying I think anglers and hunters would best be represented by voting for a mainstream, outdoor friendly party, and use the voice of our lobbyist groups (OFAH, DUC, Etc) to effect the changes we need. But let's get rid of people like Linday Jeffery (sp?).
  13. The next election I am thoroughly looking forward to is the provincial election this fall. I'd like to get trid of McGuinty and his taxes and out of touch nature. I can't afford him the be reelected. FW
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